June 8, 2023

BACK TO SCHOOL DIY HACKS AND ORGANIZATION || How To Customize, Ideas and Crafts by 123 GO! SCHOOL

Published May 25, 2023, 5:20 a.m. by Courtney

When it comes to getting organized for school, there are a few key things that can make a big difference. One of the best ways to get organized is to use cartoon DIY hacks. These hacks can help you customize your school supplies and make them more fun and functional.

Here are a few great cartoon DIY hacks for back to school:

1. Turn old notebooks into new ones by wrapping them in duct tape. This is a great way to add some personality to your notebooks and make them last longer.

2. Create your own pencil case using a toilet paper roll. Just decorate the roll with your favorite characters or designs and fill it with pens and pencils.

3. Make a fun and functional backpack using a cereal box. Just cut out the front of the box and decorate it however you want. Then fill it with all of your school supplies.

4. Keep track of your keys with a keychain made from a popsicle stick. Just glue a popsicle stick to a key ring and decorate it with your favorite characters.

5. Make a cute and unique lunchbox using a shoe box. Just decorate the box with your favorite designs and fill it with your favorite foods.

With these great cartoon DIY hacks, you can easily get organized for back to school. Just have fun and be creative with your customization. Your school supplies will thank you!

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Life dishes out some sticky situations.

Whether you handle them with grace

or stumble your way through

We’ve got hacks for ‘em all!

This video is seriously awesome.

I can barely take my eyes off it!

You earned my like, for sure!

You may wanna look at that spoon, Madison.

Mmm, this cereal’s so good.

But it’s kind of hard to chew.

What on earth??

How’d this thing get in there?

I suddenly lost my appetite.

May as well change!

Milk free’s the way to be, right!

This sweatshirt has drawstrings too!

I’m doomed.


I can just wrap it around the spoon!

After a few loop-arounds,

Pull out the spoon

And put the loose end back through.

Keep pulling until they look like this.

Now they won’t drop into your food!

Ok, where was I…

Man, is this video relatable or what?

Today’s going to be the most awesome day.

And now my pearly whites are smile-ready!




Now it’s covered in hair!

This thing’s not going near my mouth.

Into the trash it goes.



Maybe this little guy can help!

I knew it’d come in handy one day.

Want to keep your brush from falling?

Use the old clip stand trick!

Aren’t they adorable?

Problem solved.

Nothing like chompin’ on chips on the couch.

Why do I always eat these so fast.

Any crumbs left?


Madison has tons in her bag!

Care to share?

Way to be greedy, Madison.

And really messy.


These chips are more filling than they look.

I think I’d better call it quits.

So now can I have some?

You crazy?

I’m saving them for later!

The chip shop is now closed.

I’ll snack on these later.

Hey, Jen,

Keep those hands off that bag, ok?

Madison, wait!

Oh man!

How’d that even happen?

I’m so stupid.

I think it’s hilarious.

You’re always laughing at me.

But let’s see who’s laughing now!

Can I see that for a sec?

Watch and learn, my friend.

To make sure your bags stay closed,

Cut a plastic straw open like this.

Set it aside and grab your bag.

Take the second straw and wrap it like this.

Now cover it with the straw you just cut.

Holy cow!

I’m a packing genius!

Let’s test it…



If only I had thought of this sooner.

It’s awesome, whatever.

Let’s press play, shall we?

It’s Saturday,

which means all snacks, all day.



He can’t see me like this!

I’ll sweep later.

Look alive! Look alive!

Hey, babe!

Aw, isn’t he cute?

I hope he can’t see the crumbs to my right.

While things may look calm now,

One move can change everything.

Uh Oh…


That had to hurt!

Now I have a throbbing headache!


Is he still on the line?

He hung up.

This stinks.


I think I know how to fix this!

To prevent dropping your phone on your face,

Put a scrunchy over an empty phone case, longways.

Then stick the phone back in.

It’s like your own handle, see?

Adam? Is that you?

Sorry about that, I’m such a klutz!

No phone-dropping here!

Moms and their romance novels.

You can’t tear them away!

She doesn’t even notice Jennifer!

C’mon, I gotta fit these all in here!

Honey, what’s all that racket?

I just can’t fit all the paper I need in here!

Stop, you’re wrinkling them all!

I know I’ve taught you better than that…

Give me that.

This is no way to treat your school work!


Why don’t you use the folder I bought you?

It wasn’t free you know.


Perhaps this thing’s more versatile than we thought.

Take a folder like this,

and slice off its top.

Then fill in the dividers however you want.

Stick your papers in for easy access.

Don’t forget this one!

You can thank me later.


This is actually really cute!

And all my papers are in here!

You always know what’s best, Mom!

I just hope I can keep all this organized.

And the best part?

I can find the papers I need within seconds!

Where’s that important molecule chart?


I’d better hurry before I’m late!

I’ll let you know how everything goes, Ma!

Finally, I can get back to my exciting read.

Mmm, smoked turkey’s the best.


I’m due at the gym in 15 minutes?!

Perhaps my sandwich will have to wait.

I’ll just bring my gym clothes with me.

But I wish I could just stay home and veg out.

Do I really need new muscles?

I’d better eat this bad boy later.

Who knew there was plastic bag in here!

See you soon Mr. Sandwich!

You’ll taste even better after my workout.

Can’t forget my shower gel!

I hope all my stuff will fit in this thing.

You can stay home.

Lotion? Yes!

Get in there…

Why does it feel wet in here?

Oh no…

My sandwich turned into soup!

Mushy, soapy soup!

Oh man,

You can’t even smell the turkey anymore!

Note to self: screw on caps tightly!

Now what do I do with all this stuff?

I know!

To keep your stuff safe from nasty spills,

Unscrew the caps before you pack them.

Then slide a big sandwich bag over them,

And screw the caps over the plastic.

Check this out!

No spills happening in this backpack!

If only I thought of this before I packed my food.

Now off to the gym!

Stuffing your face again, Madison?

I just ran five miles!

Whew, I’m parched!

Hey, there’s not a drop left in here.

I’ll just pour some more in there.

Let’s test my incredible pouring skills.

You’re supposed to go in the bottle!

C’mon, focus!

Now I’m seeing more clearly.

And pour!


It’s getting everywhere but in the bottle!

This is insane!

That’s hardly enough for a real sip!

I don’t wanna get dehydrated here.

Hey, gimme one of those chopsticks!

This thing is the answer to my thirsty prayers!

Just pour water against it over the bottle

And it’ll go right in!

Pretty awesome trick, right?

Woah, where’d you learn how to do that?

Let me see if I can do it!

I’m gonna put my orange juice in here.

It works!!

It’s as if the liquid sticks to the stick!

Making drinks on the go just got way easier!

Couldn’t get enough of these awesome life hacks?

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