June 23, 2024

DIY Wood Wall and Floating Shelves

Published May 28, 2023, 7:20 a.m. by Liam Bradley

When it comes to entertainment, there are many different ways that people like to spend their time. For some, this means going out and about, while others prefer to stay in and relax. However, there is one activity that seems to be enjoyed by all – DIY.

DIY projects are a great way to spend some time, whether you’re by yourself or with friends. They’re also a great way to save money, as you can often find everything you need for a project at a fraction of the cost of buying it new.

One popular DIY project is creating a wood wall. This can be done using a variety of different materials, but the most popular is pallet wood. Pallets are easy to find and relatively cheap, making them the perfect choice for a DIY project.

To create a wood wall, you’ll first need to gather your materials. You’ll need pallets, a saw, screws, nails, sandpaper, and paint or stain. Once you have everything, you can start putting your wall together.

Start by cutting the pallets into the desired size and shape. Next, sand down the edges to make sure they’re smooth. Once the pallets are ready, it’s time to start screwing or nailing them into place.

If you want, you can stop here and simply enjoy your new wood wall. However, you can also take it one step further by adding floating shelves. These are easy to make and add a nice touch to any room.

To make floating shelves, you’ll need some wood, screws, L brackets, and paint or stain. Start by cutting the wood into the desired size and shape. Next, screw the L brackets into place. Once the brackets are in place, you can screw the wood onto the brackets.

Once the shelves are in place, you can add whatever you want to them. Books, plants, pictures, and other knick-knacks all look great on floating shelves.

DIY projects are a great way to spend some time and save money. If you’re looking for a project to take on, consider creating a wood wall or floating shelves.

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this week I'm moving back to my living

room to take care of this boring wall as

you can see the television is not

centered the wall is left unpainted and

it's just it's just a little boring so

to spruce it up I'm gonna be adding a

wood wall with some floating shelves I

first got started with centering up the

television which was as simple as

removing the bracket finding Center and

then reattaching it after giving the

wall a quick coat of paint to match the

other existing walls I then used a level

to draw a level line where I wanted my

wood wall to stop now I'm not gonna be

carrying the wood wall all the way down

to the floor because one the

entertainment center will be blocking it

but then too I have all these outlets I

did not want to mess with moving back up

to the bracket I was not going to be

able to but the paneling up against the

bracket or the mounting hardware for the

television would not be able to go back

on so I held the panel in place at a

safe distance and made a mark then also

repeated the process for the lower end

of the bracket I once again used a level

to draw a line all across the wall

before throwing up material I first

located and then marked all my studs now

I have seen plenty of these walls that

are made from real wood pallet wood

reclaimed wood all sorts but I'm

personally going to be going with a faux

wood panel that you can find at Rockler

it is a urethane composite material that

is very lightweight but has an

unbelievable real wood look to attach

these boards to the wall I'm personally

going with construction adhesive now

this does mean if I ever want to remove

the panels and I'm gonna have some

drywall repair to do but that doesn't

bother me since I do plan for this to be

a permanent feature after applying the

construction adhesive to the back of the

board I started applying the wood to the

wall I took my time with this first

board making sure that the placement of

the right alignment was exactly where I

wanted it to be since the rest of the

wall will be lined up to this one then

of course made sure that it was level

with that level line I drew on the wall

earlier I am using an instant grab

construction adhesive but even so I

decided to come back with an 18 gauge

brad nailer and attach it to the studs

while that construction adhesive had

time to set up a little bit things look

good so I repeated the process

I would use a tape measure to measure

what the next board needed to be cut out

cut it and then put it up on the wall in

the same fashion the panel said I'm

going with actually come in two

different sizes a wider and a narrower

so just make sure if you're using the

same panels that one you vary up your

rows to just add a random looking wall

but then to you say consistent with the

board size you're using throughout the

entire row so I said earlier that if I

ever want to take this down I will have

drywall repair work to do if you want to

tackle this project and want the option

of taking it down later then I would

recommend first laying down some

quarter-inch hard board to the wall I

would do this by attaching it to the

studs then you can come back and use the

construction adhesive to place the

paneling on top of the hard board for my

wall I tried to vary up my seams as much

as possible so sometimes I would start

off with a full board and then other

times I would start off with a cut off

this stuff cuts very easily

I personally was using a projects all

that Tritan tools makes for flooring it

works great for anything thin like this

but this paneling also rips really well

at this table saw whenever I got near

the top I had to rip the boards down to

fit and I ran them through my table sole

just like I would any other board after

getting the top done I repeated the

exact same process for the sides as well

as the bottom once again making sure

whenever I got to the bottom that the

board I was about to place was not going

to interfere with that television

bracket and I must say this is by far

the easiest project with the most

drastic change I've ever done so I

definitely recommend taking it on if you

have a bear wall or just looking for a

good beginner project with that done I

could then mount the television of

course with a little help and then

Center it on the wall and I really could

have stopped here but I thought the wall

was still a little plain and it was also

very dark so I decided to add a few

white floating shelves however I didn't

want the space to look overly crowded so

I decided to add one floating shelf on

the left but three on the right since

I plan to paint the shelves I'm making

mine from a 2x8 pine board I set up a

stop block at my miter saw and first cut

all of my boards to length I use my

router to apply a Roman ogee profile to

the bottom of the shelves then gave them

all a quick sanding before sealing the


remember if you paint anything white and

don't seal the knots they will

eventually bleed through

so attach these to the wall I'm using

some hardware specifically made for

floating shelves I first located the

studs and attach two mounting brackets

to the wall using a small level to make

sure that they were in line with one

another and if you'd like more

information on anything I'm using in the

video I have lefty links down in the

description after getting both of the

mounting brackets attached to the wall I

transferred the marks over to the

floating shelves

I took the shelves back to the workshop

and clamped them in my super jaws then

used a router with a straight bit to

mortise out where the brackets would

fall on the shelves this will allow

these brackets to be sunken to the Shelf

three won't be able to see them if you

walk up to the shelf and look down on it

this hardware comes with two rods that

attach to those mounting brackets so

next I drilled the corresponding holes

for these rods to go after we repeating

for all of the shelves I could then

attach the rods to those mounting

brackets and then start hanging my

floating shelves and the very last step

was to decorate the shelves with some

knickknacks personally I'm really

pleased with the project not only with

how easy it was but also just how much

it changed the look of this space

now that I finish this wall is dying to

build an entertainment center isn't that

the way things go but I hope that you

enjoyed this video

big THANK YOU to Rockler for supporting

my channel and the OLC o on whatever my

next project is


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