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Cody Gakpo SHOCKING Lifestyle HOT Girlfriend

Published June 11, 2023, 4:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Cody gakpo Liverpool,highlights,skills,world cup,debut,goals,interview.

Having just been signed by Liverpool following his dazzling performances at the world cup, the current dutch player of the year, Cody gakpo is having the time of his life on the pitch but he has taken it a notch higher off the pitch. Let’s uncover his enviable lifestyle.

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Having just been signed by Liverpool following  his dazzling performances at the world cup,  

the current dutch player of the year, Cody  Gakpo is having the time of his life on the  

pitch but he has taken it a notch higher off the  pitch. Let’s uncover his enviable lifestyle.  

Cody Mathès Gakpo was born on 7 May 1999  in Eindhoven, Netherlands. He was raised  

by his athletic parents, Johnny and Ant in  the district of Stratum. His dad, Johnny was  

born in Togo and is of Ghanaian descent. Johnny  Gakpo was a former footballer who played for the  

Togolese national team and PSV’s second team.  His mum, Ant Gakpo, was a former Dutch rugby  

player. Wondering how his parents met? Ant went  on a vacation in Togo where she met Johnny and  

fell in love and the rest they say, is history. Cody’s parents resolved to raise him alongside his  

2 siblings, Sidney and Duc in a sporting family.  As a result, they often took the kids to PSV’s  

Phillips stadium to watch matches. Even at home,  there were PSV decor, posters, and magazines in  

Cody and his brothers’ rooms. The homegrown  football star was always passionate about the  

sport and would often compete with his brothers  and friends on FIFA while playing with PSV.  

Today, the winger, his elder brother  Sidney, and his younger brother Duc,  

are all professional footballers. Sidney plays  for RPC Eindhoven while Duc is on an internship at  

PSV. But how did Cody develop his special skills  that earned him the nickname, “EinTovenaar.”?  

The 23-year-old is a left winger who often  uses his speed and dribbling skills to get  

past defenders, cutting inside on his right foot  to either attempt shots on goal or create space  

for teammates. But before he became the player  that he is today, he had to pass through PSV’s  

academy. Cody’s journey began when he was only  4. Little Cody was technically gifted and at  

that age, he was already playing soccer with  EVV Eindhoven, a team in the neighborhood.  

At 6, Cody was already going for  trials with PSV and shortly after,  

he got enrolled with their academy. Along  the way, he would meet his first trainer,  

Twan Scheepers who ingrained mental resilience  into young Cody. Still in his youth, Gakpo  

survived terrible injuries to his calf and ankle,  which kept him out for several months. At 14, he  

had the opportunity to meet Dutch and PSV legends  Ruud Van Nistelrooy and Mark Van Bommel which gave  

him motivation to improve his performances. On 25th February 2018, he made his first-team  

debut for PSV and the next few seasons saw  Gakpo steadily improve his game. He always  

looked to emulate Van Nistelrooy, Diego  Maradona, and Thierry Henry all of whom  

he considered his idols. He won the Dutch  player of the year for the 2021-22 season  

after scoring 21 goals in 47 appearances for  PSV and received back-to-back Eredivisie player  

of the month awards in September and October.  He also scored the winning goal against Ajax  

in the 2022 KNVB cup final. He followed up his  club performances with a goal in each game of  

the group stage for Netherlands at the World  Cup in Qatar having made his international  

debut a year earlier. Behind the success of the  football player is his stunning girlfriend, Noa.  

Noa van der Bij is Cody’s heartthrob and she is  all shades of amazing. Born on July 1st 1999,  

she is only about 7 weeks younger than her  boyfriend. Although not much is known about  

her parental background, she is Dutch  and has an older sister named Noortje.  

Noa studied management studies at Avans  University of Applied Sciences and has  

worked as a hostess in the past. Now a  model, she’s enjoying a life of luxury  

with Cody and often shares romantic pictures  of themselves at different exotic locations  

with her 30k+ followers on Instagram. Before  they began dating, the two had been long-time  

friends. We wouldn’t be surprised to hear the  sound of wedding bells in the near future.  

Cody is pretty much reserved and doesn’t have  much social media following for a player of  

his caliber at the moment. But that could very  well change now that he is a Liverpool player.  

His Insta page is mostly about his football  career and a few about his girlfriend Noa. He  

spends his holidays with his lover at exotic  destinations such as Ibiza, where they go on  

speed boat adventures. The couple appear to be  taking things slowly as they have no kids yet.  

After experiencing serious injuries as a teenager,  Cody has since started to pay more attention to  

his body. The Dutch star complements a healthy  diet routine with lots of strength training.  

The Dutch winger lives a modest lifestyle off  the pitch and is not one known to party or live  

at large. He seems pretty much focused  on his career at the moment and is not  

entertaining any distractions. His coaches,  teammates, and everyone else around Gakpo  

have attested to his humble personality,  which reflects in his personal properties.  

Before his transfer to Liverpool, Gakpo had been  living in Eindhoven all his life. In his early  

days as a professional, he continued to live  with his family until 2019 when he moved into  

his new house. Cody revealed that although he  enjoyed the freedom of staying alone and could  

play loud music whenever he wanted, it was a bit  difficult as he had to do everything himself.  

Gakpo didn't reveal much about his  house at Eindhoven but no doubt,  

it was comfortable for the Dutch man. Now at  Liverpool, he'll probably be house-hunting,  

so we will be on the lookout for more gist The 23-year-old loves exotic rides and is a  

big fan of BMW. He was spotted driving one  in October last year when he visited a car  

wash to get it cleaned up. That is as far as we  know about his car collection. Would be hard to  

imagine Gakpo not adding many more vehicles  to his garage over the course of his career.  

Currently, Gakpo has no tattoos on his  body. His strict and modest parents  

could have rubbed off on him, leading to  such personal decisions today. Perhaps,  

he might have some plan for his skin in the  future but for now, the 6-foot-4 attacker  

isn't getting inked. For all the excitement  and hype, how much is Cody Gakpo worth?  

The Dutch man has a net worth of around  million €5 million. His annual salary at  

PSV doubled every year until this year when he was  earning €1 million. According to Fabrizio Romano,  

Gakpo will earn about £120,000 every week, which  adds up to about €4.5 million for every year he  

spends at Liverpool. What does this mean to the  football world? Gakpo's net worth is going to  

increase exponentially considering that he still  has his whole career ahead of him. Although he is  

on a 6-year contract with the Merseyside outfit,  he also endorses two companies - Phillips and ASML  

on his social media account. It is almost  certain that he'll get bigger sponsors and  

endorsements. He'll also be looking to invest  some of his wages into other businesses.  

Not a controversy per se, but just before he  signed for Liverpool, Cody Gakpo was rumored to be  

making a move to Manchester United but in a swift  turn of events, Liverpool got the upper hand due  

to United’s inability to compete financially at  the moment. Gakpo isn't known as one to get into  

trouble. He keeps his head down at all times and  is open-minded. It would be rather surprising to  

see him get into trouble. But before we round off,  here is something you didn't know about Cody.  

When he was still a little boy, Cody Gakpo formed  the habit of being among the first persons to get  

a seat at the popular ZZ section of Phillips  PSV stadium. There was a reason for this. The  

enthusiastic Dutch player wanted to get a direct  view of the biggest soccer stars when they got  

onto the pitch and when they were leaving. Fortunately for little Cody, he got to meet  

Legends such as Patrick Kluivert, Mark van  Bommel and Arjen Robben. How ‘bout that  

for a life hack? It is worth noting that  Van Bommel later played an instrumental  

role in Cody's youth career as he noticed his  talents and promoted him to the first team.  

Now looking to settle down and ply his trade at  Liverpool, the expectations from the 23-year-old  

would be bigger than ever. Would you place  a bet on him to make an instant impact?


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