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How to Install APK on Amazon Fire TV Stick

Published June 11, 2023, 8:20 a.m. by Bethany

How to Install APK on amazon Fire TV Stick

How to Install an APK on Your Fire TV

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hi friends this video shows how to

install APK on Amazon Fire TV stick

so first go to settings

then select

My Fire TV

then select developer options

then enable these two options

ADB debugging and apps from unknown


after that

go to

search screen then search for


then install this downloader app

so it's downloading downloader apps

it installing now

so please wait

okay done then open

so in this downloader app

in this text box we can enter the URL of

the APK which we want to download

we can also search here for example I am

going to search

for example Kodi

Kodi app

you can see searching

so it open it opens a browser so please



so let me select this first link

I am going to download this


seeds connecting

so this way we can

Google it and Google and download

any APK file

so it's showing connection error

so let me go to

these downloads slash download


go down and select



then select this


click on this button

so it will download

Kodi APK

please wait

say it started downloading

see download completed

so now it's showing

install option select installed

see now it's installing Kodi from APK


similarly we can

install any APK file just Google it and



Amazon Fire TV stick and install it

see installation installation completed

so let me open

see it's working

so this way we can install APK on Amazon

Fire TV stick

we just need to install installed

downloader app

then browse it browse and download APK

file then install it that's all

so I hope you enjoyed this video please

subscribe my Channel please like and

share the video

so if here if you want to delete the

downloaded file you can delete here


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