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Hallmark Movies & Mysteries - Garage Sale Mystery (The Art of Murder)

Published June 11, 2023, 12:20 p.m. by Liam Bradley

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hallmark Movie mystery - hallmark Movies - Garage Sale mystery

hallmark Movie mystery - hallmark Movies - Garage Sale mystery

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that's okay







is somebody there

okay Prince come on back to bed

all right


hey Mom hi this is Shannon we're having

a fundraiser it's gonna be so big and so

much fun too the cause is really

important it's really needed what's the

cause Tri-County Animal Shelter see me

sport dogs and cats is heartbreaking

it's our Cafe yearly charity event and

this year are you ready we're doing a

garage sale it's gonna be huge

we wanted to ask you because you're the

experts would you take charge and run

the sale Taylor's mom said that we could

use her garage and driveway uh sure

whatever we can do are you sure you're

happy too so all the moms want to get

together and have a big organizational

meeting just a mom but they don't know

anything about garage sales you'll tear

it right okay


Logan's gonna have to think about where

he wants to go uh we still got a couple

of years not really I want to set up

some campus trips maybe can find

something that's not out of state


what a beauty I had a car like this in


I remember it well that was a great car

look when it was running 65 mg chrome

bumpers which have changed in 74. wire

rim Wheels it's fantastic

when I was a kid

what year it was by his tail lights

I knew I married


what you're looking at


man when I saw that energy today

it really brought me back

tell me the truth Jay

is my uh neck getting saggy

you did like that car

work like a charm yeah


are those wire wheels beautiful

it's all I can think about

good night honey I love you too


how's it coming oh fantastic Tina I know

you hate these portraits but it's money

yeah right oh honey oh your time is

coming hmm I know it

saw the letter from the bank

they're not gonna foreclose

30 days

I'm talking to them about it I will


I gotta go to work

you guys really saved us by organizing

the garage sale is there anything we can

do to help you with the meeting oh I

think we're good are we good we're good

so this meeting is just the moms and not

the girls

it is everything we can do to keep them

away from the sale they're way into this

you've been warned

Abby have I Met Your Mother I don't know

her name's Sydney stepmom parents

divorced that remarried

not very cool I'm sorry it happens and

she tries like with this garage sale for

instance how so nothing really just

wanting to be a part of everything

well we've got to run but I wanted to

give you a heads up about tonight

okay see you later

bye Anna bye Abby


I forgot I can't make it tonight

thinking of vibration of cooking class

at the college extension vibrational

cooking yeah there's live food and

there's dead food and live food has a

higher vibrational frequency

good to know

okay okay but here's the secret to a

successful garage sale do not put prices

on your items that doesn't make any


price tags how do we know

we know if you asked the customer to

name them is that how they do it

I know it's done I mean have you heard

of that I never had a garage sale again

ladies ladies raise your hand if you've

ever put on a garage sale

all right this is why we've asked

Jennifer to help because she understands

how it's done I'm not going to negotiate

like I'm in some third world bazaars

they're doing the selling Marsha and

I've seen you angle with the best of

them please tell us why you suggest not

to put prices on the items because the

sorority will make more money and this

is a fundraiser right there we go most

of the time people will offer more than

you're asking and they think that they

are getting a great deal they never pay

the marked price anyway so it saves on

all the haggling that makes more sense

actually that makes more money check

ladies clean out your closets your

garages bring everything you don't want

uh where are we staging this my house my

husband's gonna move all his cars we'll

have plenty of room great well let's

remember this is for the girls on the

day of the sale no moms I'd feel better

if we were there you are such a

helicopter let the girls do it

I think I really appreciate you helping

me with this oh no problem at all I love

doing it and it's hard for me to say no

to my daughter oh I think Abby would

appreciate it if I wasn't so involved

I'm just getting to know it

she's got a dad wrapped around her

finger and I'm the Stepmom

they gotta go we've got class okay


um I really need to come by the shop

because I'm redecorating and I want to

find a few unique pieces of course

anytime I would love to help all right

but I think I'll wait until after the

garage sale good idea Emily we're gonna

be late

drive safely


live food living


I can feel the energy living food is the

highest vibrational source healthy human

is about 65 Hertz so if we raise our


bacteria fungi disease can't live we

become calm happy

and negative thoughts disappear

those are beautiful


this is not good vibrations

what is this oh it's a red cabbage

caboch of a cantaloupe with a Tangy

pomegranate molasses dressing all just


do you feel lighter no

or clear it no vibrationally attuned

maybe oh where are you going oh I have

to meet with the Kappa moms oh wish I

could go oh you are more than welcome to

come have fun

welcome tracks riches

can I help you with anything yeah

this was my grandmother's

did you buy this kind of thing here we


yeah this is gold-plated Sterling

this is worth a lot it's more valuable

in a complete set stray spoon would

probably fetch about 40 dollars



and I'll come back

Tina are you sure you want to do this

it's just a garage sale yes I want to

spend time with my friend who I don't

see enough I've got an hour for lunch so

we should get going oh we can still go

eat uh no no let's just go explore we've

got a garage sale to fill

hey isn't she a beaut

you know Mom already talked to me about

playing too many video games huh you

know what fine I'll just go

skateboarding get some exercise oh this

isn't about you this is about me let me

get back in shape can you pass me

nothing bolts please


you're in pretty good shape for your age

Dad I'm not let's start running too you

ever thought about doing a 10K

no we could do it together kind of a

father-son thing I need the ratchet as

well please

you know my my friend Zach's dad runs

really yeah he had to get a hip


yo we can play some video games sometime

you know just something age-appropriate

just let me know okay I will think about

it look at that

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

Yeah Yeah

see you

so wait are we are we not going to go

and say hi to your mom oh no no I think

she's at Bridge Club and if not I'd be

doing chores for an hour she fired the

handyman I'll see her this weekend and

get it done okay got it upstairs


well if I wanted junk I found it wow

when's the last time you were up here

it's been years oh

good for the garage sale perfect

this is like real Wickers

oh my goodness I remember this I had

this when I was a kid but really yeah

well here look what you want to carry it

down no yeah let's just put everything

to the middle and then I'll come back

and get it later I know you have to go

no sorry

what about this painting you know art oh

let me look

um yeah no no no don't bother like not

even for garage sale it's like pay by

numbers from a kid or something

this so look look this could be worth

something he's got the old reel on it

and everything

put it with the rest of the stuff I'll

come back and get it all right

so you're telling me that you found a

19th century Jasper cropsy in an attic

I'm serious I think it was the real deal

do you know one of these went at option

for over a hundred thousand dollars so

what did she say when you told her

I didn't tell her

oh you didn't tell her I I told her to

leave it there but

tell her what it was what was your plan

there you're gonna like sneak in in the

middle of the night and steal it I know

no what

I really use them all

I'm not a thief so right oh no okay so

why didn't you tell her then huh no I

don't know it doesn't seemed like it

would solve all our problems you know

well it would right I mean it's uh very

valuable painting that nobody knows

about and with your

Auction House

connections you could sell it to a

secret buyer and then

and then when you got caught then I

could you know come and visit you in

prison I'd make you a plastic toothbrush

make it in a little cake for me yeah



thank you





hey hey I just got a call from Abby and

she's really upset her stepmom didn't

come home last night

do they call the police they did and the

police said they have to wait 24 hours

before they can file a missing person's

report oh does anybody know where she

was going Bobby said she was going to

have lunch with an old friend and then

she was going back home to get stuff for

the sale

maybe an accident they're calling the

hospitals how can we help

this is a list of all the other moms

other friends of Sydney's it's their

phone numbers we'll start making calls

right now does she have any medical

issues like blackouts or anything like

that I don't know

oh the friend who was having lunch with

is on the list Tina Parsons she's not

one of the moms

most missing people turn up unharmed

within 24 hours


all right all right well check your

license plate see if her car got an

accident or maybe a towed somewhere

oh can you text me that address


someone thinks she might have gone to

her mom's I'm gonna check it out call me

if anything turns up on her car okay

hi I'm Jen hi

oh come on in oh don't worry about

Prince he's very friendly he's a good

Watchdog though come

Raymond her husband called me last night

and I still haven't heard anything from

her I'm afraid not

said she might have gone to your storage


storage attic why

if she were here she would have come to

say hello

do you mind if I go out there and take a


we'll go ahead I'm straight there above

the workshop let's see



I'm a police detective and I don't

stumble across as many dead bodies as

you remind me not to get on your bad

side it doesn't look like a murder

that's a first

touch anything the light switch

used to be a head injury maybe she

tripped over this object and fell and

hit her head



that pipe

yeah seems like blood right where she

would have struck her head if she had


anything else seems like she was holding

her cell phone when she fell That's Not


just let these guys do their job

first glance seems like an accident

ceased his rigor probably around 12


let's just leave everything at the Emmy

I'll attach an OT report yeah


ah now I gotta break the news to Mrs

melon I hate this do you want me to go

with you



we had planned to just have lunch but

Sydney just wanted to look for some

stuff in her mom's Attic So we just came

over for an hour

and we found some stuff and we just put

it aside for her to come back later

I know she took some stuff from our


must have been right before she went


did she say anything to you honey

no Dad she didn't know I was at school

during the afternoon

she came by the house when you were

bringing the garage sale items

did you talk to her Jennifer

it was so hectic

I saw her but we didn't talk

she said she was gonna get some other

stuff and then come back

just so normal

and then she walked out and smiled



I can't believe I was just with one of

my oldest friends and now she's dead

sorry babe

I mean how does someone just trip on

something and and wind up dead I don't


I can't even imagine

so I told Abby what you're telling me

and I thought she should talk with you

probably pretty dumb it's not

I feel weird talking about this but

it's really been bothering me it's okay

Abby tell her what you were telling me

my stepmother was a dancer

her whole life

she took classes twice a week so she was

good on her feet I just don't see how

she like stumbles or trips or whatever

it's her head and just eyes oh that

seems to be what happened they gave us

the personal effects

and I looked at her phone it was asleep

so I woke it up and

it seems like she was trying to make a

call she fell but

she only dialed One Number Nine

was she trying to dial 9-1-1


she could have been conscious after she


was she trying to get medical help

no that's not right

phone ended up four feet away from her

she had been conscious after the fall

the phone would have still been in her


she tried to make this call before she


I'm just happy that we can have a lunch

without a murderer discuss it it is nice

social lunch right a no murder lunch

Jason oh he's good he's got a big

birthday coming up oh wow

all right

let me ask you a question about Sydney


time of death

humor me sometime around 10 30 p.m give

or take Sydney's stepdaughter Abby

let 10 24 PM but she only dialed one

number a nine okay she fell and hit her

head to remained conscious long enough

to dial 9-1-1 passed out before she

could finish then the phone would have

been in her hand or nearby

assumed she was trying to dial 9-1-1

because the killer was waiting for her

waiting for her to come up to the attic

and whack her in the head I know I know

the blood on the pipe no that too my

professional opinion here's the likely

scenario she was calling someone on her

phone as she was about to hit the first

number she trips presses the nine by

mistake Falls hits her head

so she didn't intend to dial the nine

she meant to hit a five or a four

instead yeah or another number okay uh

oh this is my treat okay only because

it's a social bunch

and it's a social lunch because he has

no crying to talk about



yeah I'm gonna have the grilled cheese

special I love it

how was your cooking class last night oh

we got our final assigned dinner for six

with a high vibrational menu that sounds


kitchen table you could have the party

at my house

we couldn't do that oh it'd be fun

okay I was thinking Frank and Susan

Linwood and you and Jason and Hannah and

Logan what China

the Noritake




mom yeah

what are you doing

kind of visualize what happened in that


supposedly Sydney was on her cell phone

and distracted she trips balls hits her

head on a pipe the impact is so strong

it flips her over and she lands on her


you help me for one second

don't move


take this deck of cards pretend this

deck of cards is a cell phone

I want you to uh you stand right there

I'm gonna use this as the doorstop I

want you to pretend you're on your cell

phone you're distracted you trip over

the doorstep and you fall onto the



I'm getting too old to do my own stunts


I feel really stupid


you okay oh

only hurt my dignity

what did you learn

get back to you on that


I love your mind I do

is that a compliment definitively I will

be your Watson anytime you want

can I go back to bed now oh yes of

course please go back to bed thank you I

love you I love you



asphyxia due to cerebellar Hemorrhage

completed at

um 10 46 A.M

on Wednesday

broad coffee

just any coffee my friend caramel


oh did you hear about the chickpea

farmer who died at dinner the coroner is

ruling it up homicide

it's a homicide oh this Crown is oh boy

so you have come here to ask me about

Sydney wedding

what do you think accidental death she

fell down hit her head it happens more

often than you would think okay but when

someone trips and goes down their arm

automatically shoots out in front of

them to break their fall right that is

correct instinctual movement and

therefore City's arm would have hit the

pipe protecting her head well usually

but in my business

take a look at this

do I have to

he fell off the fourth floor balcony

he looks better than me

my point is that my business usually is

proven wrong every day

in case of Sydney wedding pipe matches

the indentation in her skull her

momentum was sufficient for a fatal


accidental death

thank you and good good night

this is it

thank you

a car like this in college

same color same year you

know your birthday coming up

give myself a little present may I



it's a little tighter than I remember

how much ten thousand dollars

that's more than the cost was brand new

or an investment


time should a teenager devote to a video

game as long as it takes to get to level

six but I just crashed and burned

actually oh that's my fault

no I normally can't get past that spot

anyway so hey what's going on with Dad

he's getting kind of weird

what do you mean

mid-life crisis or something I mean he

put a gym in the garage and he said that

he wants to start running 10ks well he's

got a big birthday coming up it's only

normal to worry about getting older

I think he's being silly

yeah I definitely don't want to start

running anything

I've got a plan

you want to help


what do you know about Toy Soldiers

you buy on your selling

what would this be worth

oh they're in good condition about 30 a


well this is kind of odd but Elizabeth

Mellon Sydney's mother

she claims she had a burglary in the


the thief supposedly broke in and stole

two toy soldiers well she thinks they're

worth five grand a piece

is that even possible well it's possible

certain rare pieces can go for a lot of

money when did this happen

she's not sure

you find it strange that this happened

in the same house where Sydney had her


I do

can you meet me up there later I like

you look at these Toy Soldiers because

if they are worth that much it's a




Sydney loved these little toys they were

her father's when he was a boy

they were so special to her I was

reminiscing and I noticed the two were

missing in Washington

and the George Cornwallis

they're very valuable to me I want them


these are lineal

very collectible

do you have any information on the

missing pieces

how old they are so on and so forth

Richard my late has been documented


all of our artwork all of our valuables

um there those two

these Arbor here

you think someone broke in when you were

here I know who it was it was Sam

Briscoe he was my handy

sure he was the one who broke in and

why are you sure because Prince would

devour any stranger who came in this


but he knew Sam caught him giving him


the door in the kitchen doesn't lock

properly I asked Sam to fix it he didn't

so did you fire him yes he was always

looking at the painting So Who's the

artist or how old is this we used to

rotate the paintings in the house with

the ones in storage in the Attic Sam

knew what we had up there do you have

his current address no no I don't

so some of the paintings are in the

house but some are stored that's right

next door in the

in the Attic

Elizabeth thinks that Sam knew she had

valuables in the Attic we didn't say

anything about valuables when you were

up there no that was a little distracted

by the dead body on the floor

what is Sammy was in the Attic stealing

something and Sydney discovered him

gen everyone but you thinks her death

was an accident I mean people do have

accidents I know but when Abby came to

me with her doubts it got me thinking

okay I can help

tonight's my cooking class why don't you

come with me it'll be really really fun

and it'll take your mind off things oh

thanks but no I get enough vibrational

cooking from my microwave

Tina I haven't been here before you have

a really wonderful shop oh thank you

yeah I need to come back when I can

really browse

listen to you maybe have time to grab a

cup of coffee or something

I just can't seem to shake it you know I

told her I had to go back to work

maybe if I would have just stayed and

helped her then Sydney wouldn't have

gone back and she might still be alive

you can't blame yourself for this Tina

I heard about the handyman

so well that he was in the Attic when

Sydney went back and anything's possible

Dr linwood's going to talk to him as of

now all we know is that Elizabeth is

missing some toy soldiers from her front

room and she thinks that her handyman

Briscoe took them


not all I saw was junk in the Attic what

does Elizabeth think is out there well

she said some artwork there's a binder

that has everything documented but even

if something's missing who knows when it

was taken could have been years ago

I guess it doesn't make a difference

either way does it

Sydney's not coming back

makes a difference if it wasn't an


someone is getting away with murder



Frank Linwood

and if I have a word with you

I just got this job

won't look too good a police are out

here would it be okay if I met somewhere


look there's a coffee shop over onto Elm

Street can I meet you there when I could

take a break in an hour

I need this job

all right I'll see you then


it's only been a few minutes Sam

coffee shop is in the other direction

all I wanted to do was have a little

conversation running from me

why nothing good ever happened whenever

I had a conversation with a cop

am I underest not yet

you want to be


let me show you something


I want you all to live what I'm teaching

you know

there's an energy shift happening across

the entire planet

you feel that it's like wait we put out

we get back exactly


so what foods have the highest

vibrations raw fruit ideally picked

right from the tree you eat nothing but

raw fruit for three days then see how

you feel

do you think it's a good idea to give

the final dinner party for

people who eat unconsciously

these people

eat processed

refined food no nutritional value packed

full of white flour preservatives and



you're gonna love it

'll be like they've never eaten before


you were on your way to health happiness

and prosperity Danny

we've got the glow


hey guys I'm home


since when do you play

oh well I'm don't

but I mean I'd like to learn I borrowed

these clubs from that I never said a

word about wanting to play golf before


I mean you know you start talking about

those 10ks and

you know

it got me thinking that maybe you and I

should have some sort of Father and Son


I was thinking something a little more


like playing hoops

I didn't play golf with his granddad so

he's created really

come on it's relaxing

I mean nobody gets hurt right you sure

about that

what happened to the diet what day

I just wanted to drop a few pounds I

work out harder

I thought your son was playing golf

I wonder why

I think some getting older and uh he

wanted to find some kind of activity we

could do together

oh have you ever thought about playing



I thought about mountain climbing or a

direman or playing an immense basketball

league well I hear they have a Senior

League at the


honey look at you if you're getting old

what does that make me

we are not getting old

you know I think I think we're exactly

the same as we were in college we are

hey didn't hear you come in

hey you know I I was just bringing the


why are you looking at cropsy paintings


how long until they foreclose

three weeks three weeks yeah

where are we gonna go

I don't know we get an apartment

find someplace smaller

how's that going to work

I mean how am I going to paint in some

little apartment how are we going to fit

our life into some little apartment

I thought you were going to talk to your

connections and see about working out a

show for me I I tried I mean I'm in the

restoration Department I'm not important

push it

he loved your work

man and a pinstripe soup just

killing me

believe me I know

we just have to hang in we're luck is

going to change

maybe it already has


what do you mean


to be insensitive but your friend

Sydney is dead

you know there's nothing you're going to

be able to do to bring her back but that

painting is still sitting there we can

we could go get it no no no

I'm sorry it even crossed my mind

nobody even knows about it

or if ever

quietly went and got it we could beat


in the southwest family within the month

no you're gonna be fine

you recognize this house

yeah nice to work here

I left it

left or fired Mutual

the smell is paranoid always accusing me

of stuff

and she has a vicious dog fight someone

someday yeah thanks for the heads up I I

don't like aggressive dogs all right be

careful with this one he went after me

one day hey yeah you ever been out to

the workshop oh yeah that was a handy

man tools and things are kept back there

miss Mellon would sometimes have me move

things around she has a hard time

keeping staff

well Mrs Mellon doesn't wish to see you

let me show you something

you see anything missing here

how would I know

no the back door doesn't lock properly

must have happened after I left I don't

leave things broken right

Jennifer can you join us please

you keep a hold of him let him go

Sam that's not a normal dog

it's a lie detection duck

you're under arrest for burglary

you can see the energy coming off this

guy he eats nothing but raw food he

doesn't cook well no I mean you can cook

but only a little because he actually

kills the food

so this dinner party you're having is

gonna be Raw it's going to be wonderful

oh hi Tina hi Andrew this is uh Danny

and Jen they own this wonderful store

Tina tells me you're an artist oh well

I'm working at it go stop he's very

talented well you're kind of biased what

kind of stuff do you do I'm a painter

abstract expressionism you're called I

guess we really should see it I mean

we're trying to put together a gallery

show oh well we'll be there ah great Hey

Hey listen I heard that the handyman got

arrested oh yes he's in jail had a

couple of old warrants assault petty

theft linwood's trying to connect into

the thefts at Mrs mellon's house so

could he have been there the night of

Sydney's death maybe he's got a pretty

shaky Alibi well where did he say he was

at his apartment with his girlfriend


remember Jen spring break

stay at your parents house oh you went

home for spring break

what a concept I had that amazing blue

mg sports car

and we went on that date

except we never make it into some movies

we went to this great spot up

overlooking Taylor Lake so pretty all

over sign yeah still there


um we had a wonderful time just talking


and then we're gonna go home the car

wouldn't start remember I had to call

your dad to come with us

was that fun wait no there's something

fishy about that story really

there was no cell phones back then no

they were called headphones and we had

to walk half a mile to find one

I'd rather not say

hey guys um

I'd like to put something out on the

table here

we all know my birthday is coming up


I don't want to party

I don't want any gifts if you want to

make me happy

let's just ignore it

okay honey sure Dad no problem good good

you're done you know how you've given me

all that advice over the years

can I give you some sure go ahead

when someone goes through a lot of

trouble to get you something really

really cool they put in a lot of effort

and a lot of planning get it I figured

your mother was up to something so when

you were playing golf the other day she

was behind that right

she thinks I'm getting old

she's getting me golf clubs

look just whenever she gets you be very

very happy okay of course

I didn't steal anything from that house

I'm falsely accused oh first time I've

heard that horns you got me on

petty theft you're in jail because you

skipped a court dates and a soul Church

that Gardener that was self-defense he

swung first and you skipped that court

date too but that's not what I'm

interested in breaking into a house when

the owner is home

is a felony at Grand Theft there's a lot

of valuables in that house

in the Attic too I've been up there a

bunch of times

there's nothing but junk

let's talk about March 5th in the


judge won't give us a search warrant

because we don't have any actual

evidence that he committed the robbery

aside from the dog's testimony

I've been looking online for the stolen

Toy Soldiers but nothing's turned up

well Briscoe still maintains he didn't

Rob the house and that he knows nothing

about anything of value in the Attic

what about Sydney's death aside from

your feeling

why isn't this anything more than a

tragic accident

Abby Sydney stepdaughter

came to me and told me that Sydney was

strong and agile she was a dancer

well an athlete like a dancer doesn't

just fall

and body control

and a dancer isn't going to fall head

first and not do anything to protect

themselves or break their fall

I had Hannah pretend she was talking on

a cell phone and fall into some cushions

the minute she fell her hand naturally

went out in front of her to break her

fall so why didn't Sydney's

nine she dialed that got me thinking I

know it was probably a mistake

how long will Briscoe be in jail he can

easily be in there 30 days for skipping

his previous warrants





I got it that wasn't too hard kind of

scary what's online so you got his

address now what well I'm gonna go talk

to his girlfriend see if she has any

valuable Toy Soldiers to sell I don't

like that oh she's not a criminal I'm

just gonna chat with her

so I'm going with you

update it if it's two of us

all right suit yourself there Watson

five minutes


what do you want my name is Jennifer

Shannon I own an antique store I heard

that Sam might have some items he'd like

to sell I don't know what you're talking

about in my business discretion is very


I brought cash

come on

Sam's a jerk

I need to get away from them

police are asking all these questions

about where he was what he did all over

some things they think he stole what do

you think I don't want to be around when

he gets out

God I always end up with such a losers

if you have anything that you think

would be right for my shop I'd be



at least

my life's a mess

I asked him if they were stolen and he

said no I know better

Peggy I don't want to buy these

I want you to give these to me so I can

return them to their proper owner I

really need the money I know that you do

but if you give these back because it's

the right thing to do you'll save

yourself a lot of trouble

fine take them I don't want any more


I would like to buy this

that's junk it's worth nothing

actually I think it's worth two hundred


please Frank

brisco's girlfriend wants to return the

stolen property

you went to see it


she feels badly about the theft she

doesn't want anything to do with Briscoe

sounds like an accomplice to me Frank

she returned everything

I I don't think she was involved

please can you just trust me on this one

okay okay yeah she's uh and I'm standing

citizen a return stolen property

it could have been dangerous you know

that oh I had Danny waiting outside in

the car

uh love them both for the melon case

Frank for what it's worth riska wasn't

with Peggy the night that Sydney died

she remembers because it was her


he came home late Andy had been

in trouble okay good now you can start

solving burglary system murders

step in the right direction

we're all on call Saturday for Danny's

dinner party honey hostel I'll be done

in a sec mom she's got some strange

eating habits okay I'm scared so we all

love Danny but I've had her smoothies

we're gonna eat her food and tell her

it's wonderful I fit pretty good off the

rack I know you don't want to celebrate

your birthday but you do need a new

sport coat what kind of cooking is it




foods have

higher and lower vibrations you're

wearing Coats Tire these days I'll be

down a few pounds when the birthdays so

on your ice cream diet


handyman and I went back to square one

could he have something to do with her

death did you know Sam Briscoe


I saw him when I went to my


I don't like them


I don't know

it was creepy

if he killed her


your grandmother said there were some

valuables in the Attic Sam might have

known about them

so he's up in the attic when Sydney

shows up she catches him in the act and

he kills her that's just a wild idea

okay just a possibility Shannon I really

appreciate you helping me try to figure

this out

I miss her

said that she's gone

I mean I knew she loved me but I didn't

think that I loved her

I blamed her

for my parents divorce

but it wasn't her fault

and she tried

is she really tried

I didn't know I cared so much

it's okay


hey hon I forgot my lunch

gotta get my protein and veg


so we have a motive robbery Sam broke

into the main house stole the toy


sometime later he returns to hit the

storage attic

Sydney shows up finds him there wrong

place wrong time

what was in the Attic that's worth

killing over we don't know Elizabeth is

doing inventory on all her artwork okay

so let me get this straight Sydney and

Tina go there together in the afternoon

and Sydney goes back by herself that

evening right what if Sydney stayed in

the Attic what did Tina killed her huh I

thought about that but it doesn't work

because I saw Sydney later that

afternoon after she dropped Tina off at


oh that's a good scratcher anyway would

you like to share what we will be eating

at your vibrational dinner party tonight

no that's surprise but

we will all feel lighter oh healthier

and more attuned when we are finished



you see that

thank you

oh hey Jen oh hi Tina hey did the police

get that warrant not exactly but they

did recover the stolen toy soldiers

was it the handyman Frisco uh possibly

they're trying to connect him to the

attic Elizabeth thinks she might have

had some valuable paintings up there

she's not sure not yet but they're

looking through everything if

something's been taken they'll know

yeah are you okay yeah I'm just sleep

for work thank you for the update

oh Jen these are really nice diamond

earrings and a tennis brace the stuff I

just don't wear anymore

how much you're gonna get for it well I

don't know but I hope a lot I'm gonna

see Cali at tomorrow she's going to give

me an appraisal and then a check

she owes us remember we gave her that

deal on that Shaker Hut she wanted oh

good point a reminder

your husband is a very lucky man I keep

telling him that

this is sliced Brussels sprout with

tahini garlic drizzle

good oh yeah

amazing is it okay


Jason very it's

well you don't like it I don't know no

it just takes a little get used to it

Jen wow

that's really

raw but yummy oh good okay now the main


you'll need your forks

so this is the name of course

super high vibrational

it looks good you start with a nice


not cooked oh a little it's as live as

it can be Ginger

basil wow


you guys hate it


hate is such a strong word it really is

yeah I think I feel the vibrations

hey Logan can you get that yeah sure

that's okay that you don't like it to


that's all I had to do was have the

dinner party and you had to taste food

so I figure mission accomplished oh yeah

it looks like the calvary's here oh

Pizza we ordered back up

what do you think the vibrational

content of a slice of this double cheese

veggie extravaganzas I wouldn't know Jen


meant so much to Sydney

so glad they're back thank you

did you complete the inventory of the

artwork was there anything else missing

Yes actually there was a painting come

I'll show you

it was from my husband's family you have

no record of where it's supposed to be

stored no things got moved around do you

mind if I go back to the attic and take

a look




I don't know


check this out

stumped I don't know

you know Elizabeth did an inventory of

all the paintings in the binder one of

them was missing what you're looking at

is an outline left in the dust after it

was taken

what painting's missing oh it's a 19th

century landscape by an artist named

Jasper cropsy

what's it worth a hundred thousand

dollars a hundred thousand the size of

the dust in print matches the dimensions

of the frame

the cropsy was in the Attic Frank and

someone took it yeah but that could

happen a day or a week before sin even

got up there

all right

what's your Siri Sam Briscoe could have

known about the painting he previously

robbed the house and got away with it so

maybe he went back for the painting

Sydney caught him in the act and he hit

her with the pipe to try to get away

hold on hold on there was a pipe in the


so how did the blood get on the other

pipe attached to the wall

there are a bunch of pipes on the other

side of the attic one of them could

easily have been the weapon

so now

it's burglary with the resin it at home

it's a special circumstance it's minimum

six years baby I get a year

well adding murder changes everything oh

no that isn't gonna happen

I didn't kill anybody I didn't see

anyone yeah I took some Toy Soldiers big

deal you're not gonna pin a murder on me

you can't do this to me I didn't do it

I'm out of here


you're back

what looks good today the mg the robin

egg blue mg with the chrome bumpers

that's what looks good today where is it

bought shipped and gone but we we have a

fantastic Ferrari 348 65 mg that's what

I want have you ever driven a Ferrari

what about a Ferrari 360 Spider

not an mg

I like the one I had

we had a problem whenever briscoes Alibi

in the night of Sydney's death he claims

he was at a friend's house drinking

bought some things at the liquor store

on his way over

but so here's some security cam footage

store that night

and look at this

this is way over at ridgeside Falls

10 45 at night

so Briscoe couldn't have been in the

Attic with Sydney nope


oh hi this is Jennifer Shannon I was

wondering if you had time to meet for a

quick cup of coffee

you're saying the painting was removed

from the attic yes and very recently

my guess is it was taken the night that

Sydney died

the handyman no he has a solid alibi

I'm trying to put together a timeline do

you remember when Sydney dropped you

back at work

why are you even rehashing this over and

over what are you the police are you a

family member I mean who made you the

chief investigator in my friend's death

sorry I thought you were coming out

and I'm sorry

this thing's just forgotten really

stressful at work you know they come

back my hours and I have this balloon

payment on my home loan it just feels

like everything is happening at


I just can't recreate that afternoon

with Sydney again

sorry I stopped

after me it's hard to take everything in

you know

so if the handyman didn't do it then do

they have any idea who might




hey hey have you left yet

no it's just traffic is crazy so I I

thought maybe you know you should just

grab dinner there and come home later

yeah no other words you're just gonna be

sitting there like bumper to bumper


yeah okay no I'll see you later

yeah I love you too

thank you



thank you





does anyone else know

Danny I just got a message from Tina

about the painting what about him I'm

not sure but she wants me to go over

there she didn't say why

my guess is she knows where it is

you said you were in the city I lied

about that

we can just give the painting back


and if you killed Sydney

you didn't mean to right

that's right okay

so that's not murder


I can't spend a day in jail

I had to buy for the painting and I'm

gonna sell it and then I'm gonna


did you go

you're going I want him anyway please







hey hiace is Tina here yeah should we

should be right down one and I'll show

you something stuff I've been working on

oh thank you

this uh Tina found out about that missed


what did she find out the whole story I

guess somebody brought it into the

auction house let's try and sell it

so this is uh this is the stuff that

nobody wants to buy

they're amazing you're very talented I

mean I don't know a lot about Modern Art


these are powerful

that's right here well here check this


I I think the composition is


yeah that color red

it's the hardest thing to duplicate

what did you do with Tina


you want to see it



what's that

that is worth more money than I have


in my lifetime

mine will

mine are worthless

I didn't plan to kill anyone

no you didn't

you just wanted the painting

Tina told you about it

and all you had to do was sneak in the

attic and take something that no one

would ever Miss

you worked in the dark

probably with a flashlight until you

found it




somebody there

you didn't mean to kill her



the police


she wasn't moving and you knew that she

was dead

and make it look like an accident you

saw the hype on the wall about the same

size as the one you hit her with

what if she fell

and hit her head

why would she fall

she tripped

and now for the last touch that would be

would make blood on the wall pipe

but you're an artist

so you don't just rub it on

apply it

as if someone hit their head when they



to get rid of the murder weapon

you can't take it with you why not hide

it in plain sight

all that's left is for you to take the


get out

it's like you were actually there

you know what happens next

you said you wanted to see Tina don't

make this any worse oh it couldn't get

any worse

come on come on upstairs




all right just just wait here








come upstairs to it

hang in there Tina the EMG say you're

gonna be okay so I'm so sorry it's okay

you had no way of moving

what you did was really courageous

I'm not even trying to explain this to


you're on your own

so he never intended to kill Sydney no

he thought he'd get in and out and no

one would ever know but he sure did

intend to kill Tina and you walked right

into the middle of it so do you think

maybe perhaps it's time to have shut it

down dad



it's Elizabeth

why are they here

Elizabeth wanted to come by and thank

you in person you are amazing you're a

very lucky man your wife is tenacious

and smart

and very brave and maybe a bit Reckless



I want to thank you from the bottom of

my heart

what happened to my daughter

should never have happened

but at least there's Justice

I only wish Sydney were still here

but Abby and I

Drew this together

Frank how is Tina she's very lucky

but they expect a full recovery oh

that's good news and I'd like to

officially announce that Jen will be

retiring from crime solving


actually I made that up something to

consider fine

I'll consider it see that means she

won't well I can't help it if an

interesting case comes through the door

she cannot

happy birthday honey

no balloons no party no big deal just

like you wanted good that is good so why

I feel like you're up to something come

on make a wish there

would you wish for

golf clubs oh I should be outside let's

check it out really oh


no what this this is this is the car

this is the car this is my car this was

my car this is the wait you deserve it

this is my car yes



I don't how much is cost well I had my

own little fundraiser hey how about you

take me for a drive

that's a great idea I love you happy



see who says we're getting old not me

I think that we are as good as we ever

were me too


I guess we should be getting home


no no no no no no

just like your old car

well at least we got a cell phone yes we

do yeah

yeah I'll call Hannah

hey Hannah it's Mom uh we're

in trouble would you mind picking us up


we're at Taylor Lake


I'll see you in about half an hour okay

thank you


maybe I should have called my dad

my dad

pop sensation Jewel and Colin Ferguson

star in Hallmark movies and Mysteries

World premiere movie framed for murder a

fixer-upper mystery this thing sat empty

for 15 years she fixes homes this is

gonna be the biggest job I have ever had

but can she break a case I'm not letting

this guy get away not a reason to

suspect murder I'm a contractor it's my

job to notice these things framed for



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