April 22, 2024

SEND HELP! My husband won’t talk to me about reality TV 😭 #intimacycoordinator #theultimatum #netfli

Published June 11, 2023, 11:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

SEND HELP! My husband won’t talk to me about reality TV 😭 #intimacycoordinator #theultimatum #netflix #seagull

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Christine from the ultimatum has a

surprising example of one of the tricks

we use to make spicy scenes look real on

TV and it has

it has the actors and everything to do

with this seagull just watch for context

these two are in a pretty emotional

conversation when all of a sudden

there's a seagull on her lap but from a

different angle it's clearly he's pretty

far away okay so when it comes to spicy

scene half of our job is making it look

like two things are in contact when

they're really not let's say for example

we're trying to make it look like

someone's mouth is in contact with

someone else's downstairs bits the two

actors can be pretty far away from one

another but just like the belly of the

seagull looks like it's in contact with

Lexi's knee so does someone's mouth look

like it's making contact in a different

place it's because of a trick like this

that we can actually use really large

foam barriers or even deflated Pilates

balls to make sure that actors private

areas are never in contact with one

another stomp coordinators also use

tricks like this to mask things like

punches or kicks anyway I'm obsessed

with this show and this seagull and my

husband doesn't like to talk about

reality TV with me so I need someone

else to talk to if you're watching it I

gotta know what you think


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