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The BEST IPTV Sports Package in the world!

Published June 11, 2023, 3:20 p.m. by Liam Bradley

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WatchYa TV is the best IPTV service in the world, with 8500 Live TV channels and a huge VOD library as well as our new multi-view app you can watch up to 4 of your favorite channels at once and the best part is our prices start at only $10! WE have a second service with great live sports for only $5 extra!

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hi guys this is David from watch a TV

again I just wanted to show you our new

add-on it's a sports add-on specifically

for UK and international sports it's an

additional package on top of the regular

watch a TV package you can go to

accounts and you can add that package

name under accounts you can log back and

forth from the regular watch a TV

package to the sports add-on at your

desire it operates the same way as a

regular watch a TV package and once we

go into the interface it looks exactly

the same the only difference is it does

not contain VOD or TV series I went

ahead and saved a few favorites so I

could show you for this demo but we have

US national sports all the regular

sports that you you like ESPN's and

baseball MLB whatever you'd like so in

order to save a favorite it's pretty

simple let's say for instance I wanted

to save ESPN news

go ahead and hold the ok button on my

remote for a second and you see the

yellow star populates right to the left

of the name that's how you know it's a

favorite and conversely you can hold it

down to reduce release the favorite as

well we also have some Spanish and other

international language USA channels fox


Deportes as you can see it's really good

quality I think we have programming

pretty much for every sports aficionado

from golf to tennis to whatever you

really like we have sports regional

sports all over the USA Fox some of

these regional sports networks we have

channels from Canada different you know

types of channels we also have the big

one is the UK sports

has all the EPL rugby different channel

packages Sky Sports 11 sports being

sports we have some I'm a big f1 fan so

as you can see we can watch some of the

classic f1 races on the Sky Sports f1

Channel I also like to watch a lot of

cricket and golf and tennis so I have a

good mix of different games and as you

can see the quality is really good and

we have a wide selection this is one of

the you know regular EPL channels

nothing's on right now so it's not

actually showing you a live game but it

shows you what is coming on in the

future we do have some 1080p channels we

also have some specific channels that

are actual EPL teams if you're you know

Chelsea fan or whatever you could go to

the actual Channel we also offer all the

pay-per-views UFC boxing WWE anything

that comes out in the future will be

included and watch a TV package whether

it's a regular package or a sports

package we also have a lot of specific

league's MLS NBA these are all available

once those seasons start this is one of

my favorites the f1 Channel cam we also

have another one of my favorites which

is the NFL Sunday Ticket all the games

including pre season and postseason will

show up here once those games are are


so you know it's really nice quality as

I said we also have a whole bunch of NHL

international sports in Arabic in

different international languages if

you're like me I'm a bar Barcelona fan

so even though I don't speak Spanish I

could go ahead and go to the Barcelona


team page and see what's going on we

have a lot of channels from other places

in Europe different leagues Bundesliga

La Liga etc etc so let me also show you

the multi-view the new exciting multi

view screen you can watch up to four

screens you know if you're like me you

like to sometimes mix up what you watch

with this multi view you can either have

all the audio playing or you can mute

which ones you can put four different

ones in a box you can change up how it

looks if you wanted you know the four

equal boxes or if you wanted to to have

one dominant game maybe towards the top

I'll show you that in a second but this

is a real game-changer in our world so

we're very proud of this app and as I

said you can make it a dominant channel

towards the top so that's the sports

add-on with watch a TV we hope you

become a customer visit us at



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