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Published June 11, 2023, 4:20 p.m. by Bethany

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what's going on guys welcome back to

another episode of healthy or not today

we're gonna be taking a look at the Vega

sport bar now this is a bar that most

athletes definitely most vegan athletes

have at least tried once in their life

this one is the chocolate coconut

flavoured Vega sport bar and you know

when I first got into veganism didn't

have these Vegas pork bars but they did

have the Vegas sport like powder that

you could just put in your smoothies and

drink and those things like rocket fuel

man they were super high caffeine and

crazy stimulant and they man those

things were not healthy at all it was

just like a bunch of different plant

powders and different types of caffeine

in there and make you fly off the rocker

but this Vega sport bar I don't know if

there's caffeine affined out we're gonna

see what the deal is where you take a

look under the hood right now now it's

not hard to tell if a food is healthy or

not all you gotta do is look at the

ingredients and ask yourself is this

ingredient healthy would I make a meal

of this ingredient would I consume a lot

of this ingredient and still consider

myself healthy so let's take a look

first ingredient complete protein blend

then it goes into detail and says what

that complete protein blend is but we're

at the bat it's good to know that

everything is a complete protein

everything whether it's an apple or

whether it's a leaf of kale early for

spinach or a celery stick it's a

complete protein if it's a living plant

there it has all the amino acids needed

it has all the essential amino acids

otherwise it would be alive it has to

have all the amino acids so you don't

need to combine things to make a

complete protein but anyways complete

protein blend I digress is made up of

organic sprouted whole grain brown rice

protein pretty cool for first ingredient

honestly its organic it's sprouted it's

whole grain it's brown rice protein a

lot of nice words in there that make us

think oh this must be really good but

honestly when are you ever gonna go make

a meal of organic sprouted whole grain

brown rice protein on its own you

wouldn't if I to mix it with a bunch of

other things so let's see what they're

mixing it with here but we'll put that

on the healthy shelf alright because it

means it's organic is sprouted they went

the extra mile there's whole-grain it's

brown rice protein it's healthy sure pea

protein is next sure again I wouldn't I

wouldn't say pea protein is evil we'll

say it's healthy first two ingredients

thumbs up next up Organic tapioca syrup

ah not healthy man definitely not


you've never gonna take a root and then

extract the starch from it and make a

syrup out of that and say oh we've got

this healthy product now it's highly

highly processed not optimal human food

at all

next up we've got organic brown rice

syrup ah yeah I don't care if it's

organic Honecker if it's brown I don't

care if it's rice its syrup man highly

processed not cool not okay way to hide

sugar in insane insane amounts of sugar

you have a maple syrup I wouldn't be


here we go next up organic cane sugar

couldn't be worse honestly maybe if it

wasn't organic but a straight up cane

sugar that's as low as you can go that

as low as you can go it's organic though

so it makes you think Oh can't be that

bad it's just sugar it just didn't get

sprayed with pesticides the same harmful

effect on your body when people give

sugar all this criticism they're not

knocking the pesticides and herbicides

and fungicides that are sprayed on the

sugar they're knocking what sugar is

just because it's organic doesn't mean

any better it just means it hasn't been

sprayed with the toxins that no one's

even carrying what in the first place

yes organic sugar it's gonna wreak havoc

on your bodies whenever you consume

sugar your immune system gets


next up we've got organic dates yes baby

best ingredients so far if this bar was

made up of dates from the start there's

the first ingredient

we'd be different story already man I'd

be I'd be super high viable on this one

but at least the last man it's it's on

the first line of the ingredients

Organic dates awesome not sure what kind

eighths they used but kudos to them

props to them I know Brendan brazier the

formulator of Vega in the first place

huge fan of dates he brought with him on

all those runs and training rides when

he's neutral on but uh yeah I'm glad to

see they made an appearance here Organic

dates Rat Man but followed up by palm

kernel oil palm kernel oil any kind of

oil even if this was coconut oil you

wouldn't want to mix dates with oil they

took the highest sugar content fruit not

to mention its

so right beside cane sugar which is

potent piercer and brown rice syrup and

all that crap but if you mix oil with

sugar there you're gonna you're asking

for disaster you're asked for diabetes

if you want diabetes that's how you get

it you mix oil with sugar if you want

diabetes eat a whole bunch of these bars

I'm pretty sure they could make a movie

called 30 days to diabetes and all the

person have to eat is a bunch of these

bars and they'd have diabetes by the end

of it because he's never want to mix oil

sugar deadly combination oil is is is

just like a sludge it covers all your

cells and we eat sugar how's the sugar

supposed to enter the cell and get

digest and get assimilated they can't it

pills up to the bloodstream we get high

blood sugar end up with diabetes

eventually I won't be right away we'll

eat one bar I get diabetes I mean you

gotta stack these things on top of one

another but still deadly combination man

deadly combination next up is cocoa

powder and cocoa powder is a stimulant

he's got theobromine in it it's highly

processed not cool not not okay wouldn't

say it's a health food just because it

comes from a fruit the cacao fruit

doesn't mean it's healthy highly

processed next up is unsweetened

chocolate unsweetened chocolate as if

chocolate is sweet have you ever tried

chocolate it is bitter bro it is bitter

so I guess unsweetened chocolate they

just like saying oh we didn't add sugar

to the chocolate thanks

yeah added sugar in the previous

ingredients anyway so you got yourself

covered there next up is dried coconut

hey not bad manager I cook it I will put

that in the healthy shelf you can eat

what - dried coconut what I'll do is

I'll add some water I'll rehydrate it

it's almost like fresh coconut meat

again it's good to go

you know sprinkle a little bit of that

and your smoothie or something or speak

a little bit of that in your little

fruit bowl or salad it's fine dried

coconut will say that healthy nice to

see that making an appearance here next

up is Sachin Chiu oil which is just some

seed and it's got a fancy name it's just

the oil of that it's just the pure fat

but think of what oil is it's pure fat

there's no vitamins

there's no minerals there's no proteins

there's no fats


fast there's no carbohydrates it's pure

fat it is pure fat the thing about oil

is that it's pure fat 100 cent pure fat

there's no vitamins there's no minerals

there's no protein so there's no

carbohydrates it's only fat it's only

fat and that is actually not Kula is not


next up we've got inulin from chicory

root which is just like a thickening

agent so you know you know I wouldn't

say it's like super unhealthy but let's

say it's like healthy we'll put our

weight in the middle it's something that

you can get away with and I don't know

any issues that come with having a

little bits of chicory line it's just a

bit of fiber helps create some stool

next up we've got a Gavi syrup organic

agave syrup just because it's low

glycemic index doesn't mean you need to

add this bar I mean this bar is sweet

enough what the hell are you doing at an

organic agave syrup to it man you've

already got brown rice syrup and cane

sugar and dates and tapioca syrup what

are you doing add an organic agave syrup

either I think people just see that like

oh that's healthy must be good look at

the bar it's like right in the middle

when you read the ingredients here but

it's not a health food you don't want to

add it to anything organic toasted

coconut flavor ah not healthy

what are you doing toasted coconuts man

getting that will flavor how you play

getting that flavor are you getting that

flavor just use like some paprika or

something next up they've got natural

vanilla flavor see now if they just use

vanilla bean I'd say yeah awesome

healthy I add that to my smoothies all

the time little vanilla bean but natural

vanilla flavor what is that why you just

use the like you only need a little bit

of vanilla bean to get the flavor

leaving a little bit vanilla bean powder

to sprinkle in that'd be cool but

natural vanilla flavor I don't know what

that is we're gonna say it's not healthy

it's definitely synthesized somehow or

something next up sunflower lecithin

which is the fat from sunflowers ah not

healthy man

skip it just add some sunflower seeds

honestly that would be that'd be cool

next up we've got organic vanilla


extract no that usually contains a

little bit alcohol or something in there

no extract that's kind of like the the

inulin from chicory root thing like it's

not extremely unhealthy if you have a

little bit of vanilla extract and it's

not like super healthy so it's kind of

like a mood thing it's the last

ingredient the last ingredient on any

bar unless it's salt they pretty much be

overlooked you know it's like an animal

product or something then you definitely

skip it but something like vanilla

extracts a little bit of flavoring it's

so my nude man you probably inhale worse

things walking from your house to school

every day or something just in the air

so we'll say it's right in the middle

it's it's not an issue but then here

we've got something crazy allergen may

contain traces of milk milk Vega milk

from cows not like may contain traces of

almond milk

no may contain traces of milk I'm

surprised they don't say cow milk right

on there let people know what's up I

would expect better from Vega you know a

company is representing vegans man why

are they sharing the same factory as

other companies who are using milk

products supporting the slaughter

industry that's not cool man I wouldn't

support that at all

Vegas got money Vega can easily afford

to get their own factory and be making

this stuff in a pure vegan factory they

could easily make a bar that says

allergy notice our bars will never

contain traces of milk that's what they

could say on the bars but they're cinta

now they're trying to be cheap translate

their pennies and they're sharing the

same factory obviously is another

company who's making a milk products

using animal products so that's pretty

wack you walk into my kitchen and you

take a scientist and you swab down in

the kitchen to swab down the whole house

you will find no traces of milk this is

a vegan house this is a vegan house we

stand for that you don't walk through my

door with animal products this is a

vegan house and it'd be cool this was a

truly a vegan bar no animal products may

never ever ever ever contain animal

traces that is sweet

but whatever again I digress here

peanuts may contain traces of peanuts

bro people are deathly allergic to


what are you doing say making

traces some people are deathly allergic

one boyfriend ate a peanut butter

sandwich one time peanut butter jam

sandwich kissed his girlfriend

girlfriend dived boom she was deathly

allergic to peanuts making out with her

boyfriend killed her not not not cool

man they should put that the very start

of the ingredients man people miss

people that may not read that said the

very very end here and then we also may

contain tree nuts and sesame and soy soy

being GMO soy because if it was the

thing about soy is if it's organic it's

not GMO and if it's all organic

it's definitely GMO so it may contain

traces of GMO soy and it may also

contain fruit pits or nut shell pieces

fair enough yeah oh and also it says

right here on the cover it's got two and

a half grams of BCAAs two and a half

grams what we decide to do people like

take scoops with 20 grams of BCAAs in

their smoothies if they're serious about

pca is two and a half grams I can do

squat next up two grams of glutamine

which is just another amino acid so what

to do - Gramps and then oh one gram of

omega-3 one gram one gram of a mega

three it's just those keywords you all

of those hot phrases Omega 3 people see

that read the pattern oh I'll take it

not gonna do anything for you man it's

like finding out the bananas are really

healthy and then someone giving you like

a little sliver of a banana you eating

anything like oh I'll be healthy now I

had a little bit of banana you gotta eat

bananas a lot of been asked at the

exclusion of other food if you want the

true benefit from bananas and then a

calorie breakdown we've got 9 grams of

calories from fat which means you're

getting to about 81 calories from fat in

this bar it's that's a good amount of

calories from just fat no oil was in

there so 81 calories from fat and about

120 calories from carbohydrates iron 20

calories from carbohydrates and 81

ground 81 calories from fat yes that's

like I don't say half 50-50 but I mean

this is a high fat bar this is a high

fat bar and there's 250 calories in the

whole bank thing

right yeah 250 calories on the home bar

this is it right here if you want tuna

50 calories of health food go eat two

and a half bananas if you want two and a

half calories to it

250 calories sorry of health food to an

F banana or go eat an avocado avocados

are typically about 300 hours so you got

a choice you want you on something

high-fat go eat an avocado on its own

don't be mixed in well as oil and Kraft

if you are sugars and what not and if

you want sugar go eat two and a half

bananas are just three bananas and

you've said you're good to go

if you can't eat three bananas you think

it through and as is too much then

they're not ripe enough you're probably

eating them green you probably eat them

yellow you're probably hearing them when

you peel them when you peel a banana you

shouldn't be able to hear that it should

be sound the skin should be spotted like

a cheetah it should just fall off load

up on the ripe fruit if it gets too ripe

in your counter no worries mate put it

in your fridge put in your freezer let

the thought when you want it put in the

smoothie drink it back easy if you're

not a huge fan of bananas get some dates

blend up some dates and water just drink

that back if you want something sweet

but otherwise you want something fatty

get a durian get some coconut meat eat

some avocados and enjoy yourself but

avoid this crap avoid this crap it

people say oh it's convenient it's a

little pocket-sized I can put my pocket

and go for a big walk or run you can

also take a ziploc bag add a bunch of

dates in there and not a bunch we had

like five dates in there and you're good

to go take the pits out of the dates so

you don't need to worry about the pits

when you're eating them and you just

have pure date bar in your pocket by the

time you've put a bunch of dates in here

close it up stick in your pocket the

dates are getting all jammed together

gonna create one nice big food bar for

you just a date bar easy done hope you

got some in this video peace out from

Burnaby British Columbia right where







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