April 22, 2024

Android TV installer des applications ✅ automatiquement depuis votre Smartphone

Published June 11, 2023, 3:20 p.m. by Liam Bradley

Tu as une android tv cette video est pour toi tu te demande comment installer des applications sur ton Android tv directement depuis ton telephone !


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Translated titles:

Android TV install apps automatically from your Smartphone

يقوم Android TV بتثبيت التطبيقات تلقائيًا من هاتفك الذكي

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no offer friends i hope everything

the world is fine and you spend a

excellent evening welcome to your

infobox dog in the video today

my friends we will explain to you how

install applications or

applications that is on your

phone directly to your android

tv without going through a download and

saved on a usb stick you don't have

more to do this you go straight

install applications from your

phone and she gon' appreciate and

install directly on your

android grounded and it's a very good one

method which is really very

interesting for people who have

the devices the setting box tic it is safe

waders that one of the three sticks is there

but cool 15.5 stick so mi cool

cadets 5 stx and the one we go to you

make the presentation in the next

visio so we are going to test this

hdtv stick of cadiz 1/2 tsp which is

of course certified netflix so you

no more worries with netflix

other mummies friends we will move on

nowadays so how to install

automatically applications on

your android tv through your

phone so stay with us we want

comes back right after this short blowjob

so my friends to start everything will be

go to your phone first

so you go flying gold on the

google and sports

you will look for the easy application

fire all the easy fire tools so you

must install this app on

your phone so they failed

at all you click install it

is available on the google earlier

once you have installed

the app you are going to open

the application in question and you follow

the steps that were mentioned to you

at the application level thereafter

you go

make a small configuration on the

TV so now we're going to do

a small configuration on the TV by

then we'll come back to the phone

and show you how it will come

once you have installed

the application on your phone well

sure you go your london on

settings of your android tv then

device preference you

go click about you go

drop down to build once on

bild to go click this time or

well clicked until you see

here developer mode active and so there

must switch to developer mode once

that you are you saw the message

so it's all done then you go

go back and you go you

surrender on option for

developers and when you see it

now I'm in developer mode

so you go down and you


check the following option

it is necessary to activate the same parameters as

I just mentioned in this video

good guys and sb that's you

want to use a cable it's at

your choice

so here is activate the options for

developers once you have


the developer mode you will exit

now look what i got

in the applications so we will tell you

see I don't have the aida64 app

ok so I close

the applications and I will surrender

on my phone

months then put once you have

do the configuration on your TV and

of course you did it too on

your phone you will click on

the following icon which are located here there

will look for all the devices that are

is at the level of your house so

discovering invaded the bowl of suitcases

Ignore so here he detected the mi

cool km3

so i click mi cool km3

then a very important thing at

to do it is necessary to click on both

taken here it must turn green

for the connection to pass between mi

cool and your app

then you have to confirm or else

accept itpermissions displayed

at your android tv once

that you have done all these steps there

Now all we have left is

to test and of course to install a


directly from the phone to

the android tv so we will choose by

example the fda food aida64 be an internship


so we see the installation


installations 1 are progressing so we'll tell you

did you see it i don't have this app

on my angel romiti operation what this

pole is so now she is

installed in all my friends it's very

important to follow the instructions

when mentioned you once you


application to install that you have it

installed as I just did you

go to application here

I go down down down down down

and when you see it aida64 is beautiful and

well installed when you see it

the program is indeed installed and

I can also install applications

suits apica file so des

apps that happen to have

downloaded for example on my phone

and I'm select son like this and you

go find the applications of your

applications you have downloaded

and makes you the installation of the same

way so you have two possibilities

to install applications those which

are already installed on your iphone is

the one you downloaded to your

telephone and who is in the

memory of your phone you could

install them directly and

automatically from your phone

to your android tv so you can

do this method for all

other applications you want

but please note my friends that there is

some applications that are not

compatible with android tv car

they are designed especially for

that it works on small

devices like phones including her

is really designed for a smartphone and

she really can't be well

work on android tv but you

can use this method there in order to

install other apps that

are compatible with android tv and

this directly by downloading it on

your smartphone or simply if

the application is really compatible

you can directly install

the application that exists on your

smartphone so here it is my friends it was

just to do this little experiment

and this magnificent tricks in order to you

facilitate the installation of


directly from your iphone

otherwise let it be known if you have

liked the content by leaving a


and of course don't forget to read the

video enable notifications for

receive all the videos we go

share with you otherwise it is

time that I tell you see you very soon

thank you all and enjoy





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