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adidas Group Careers | Sports Lifestyle

Published June 13, 2023, 2:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

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if you say adidas adidas is a sport

we work in a sports brand we work in an

amazing sports brand so sport is the

core of of what we do so to be able to

do it

on a daily basis with so much

opportunity with so many other

passionate sports people in the company

is of course it's good for your work

life what we want to do best for the

athletes we also want to do for our

employees you know in this world where

we're so so driven by

unimportant things

materialistic things like financial


that i think it's really really cool

that um

this brand can still stay true to its

core values and i and i do honestly

believe my heart that's very very

important to success and growth and i

actually believe that if we do stick to

those things that the other things like

money like

you know etc etc will take care of

themselves in total we offer more than

200 different courses i think everyone

can find something actually after this

interview we're gonna play football

together so that's uh i think one

statement already i loved all kinds of

sports but now i'm doing try alone i

don't mind distance

so this is

basically my my main job

everyone is really excited about it they

talk about the new products if they come

out they talk about the new sports


so i think we really live this

sports and health lifestyle

well in the end i'm working in

merchandising so if you have to set up

and do

big collection for the stores and you

really feel the sport it's going to be

easier for you to to know if a product

is going to work or not in the store

go with a group of people to a

basketball game in munich or bamberg


a great atmosphere it's usually a really

nice group you travel with so for me

it's basically something that have to be

aligned with job on my personal life

sport is one of the main parts for me

and if i

not involved in any export activities i

really miss something

sport overall is something that unites

the world in probably the nicest

possible way i need the sport to to be



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