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Astrill VPN In China - How good is it here?

Published June 13, 2023, 1:20 a.m. by Bethany

I use Astrill vpn, but sooo many of my friends use Express vpn! 👇🏾👇🏾

Express VPN:

Astrill VPN:

Nord is good. It's just not very good in China.


My Fav Chinese Book List: 📚👇🏾

Living Language Chinese:

Get Talking Chinese:

Mandarin Companion Graded Readers:

The Secret Garden:

Free Audio Version:


Good VPNs, because internet security!🙌🏾


Express VPN

Astrill VPN



Apply To Legit Jobs In China:


Learn the useful Chinese phrases for day-to-day life.

AND get your Mandarin tones right!!


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Elementary Chinese was created by Kwadwo Sampany-Kessie to help expats living in China learn everyday Mandarin so they can communicate what they need.

In this video, Kwadwo Sampany-Kessie shares his personal experience using Astrill vpn in China. Is it the best vpn for China or is Astrill vpn not as good as Expres vpn?

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it's a stroll any good anyway I've used

it in China since September and now

we're in almost May of 2019 by the way

though let me give you context my name

is Kwai Joe I'm the creator of

elementary Chinese dot-com I teach

expats in China how to learn that

everyday Chinese you need so I'm a bit

of a pro user meaning that I rely on

astral uploads safe IP to the content

Instagram a week let's go live streaming

twice or once and it's gonna week I'll

hold a video to YouTube a week and I'd

be watching the occasional Netflix and I

download stuff from iTunes that's my

experience my business is the only way

I'd make income awesome folks teach to

get their visa and stay in China but I

have my visa through my business I

camera my business I can't be when I

first got astral on my phone iPhone 7 it

didn't quite work when I first put

expressvpn on my phone express it and

quite work either I never got expressed

to work but astral their tech support

gave me a few solutions I tried them and

it end up working so I still use astral

now if you want to know more about

Xpress click the link below because this

is not an Express review you can go to

their website if you want to know more

about astral click the other link below

I go outside my livestream on astral

from my phone a livestream works great I

rely on livestream to engage with my

audience on Instagram I really like how

Astra has the speed test I click a

button and astral goes through its

various servers and pings them and then

download something from them and so it

gives me a ping speed rating and a

download speed rating and then I always

know what's the best server to connect

to that's the game you're gonna play

here in China at least for me here in

Tianjin China where I live okay it might

not be the same for you so don't leave

hate down below that this is China

censorship is real okay and they are

good so wherever you're at whatever

internet connection you're on you're

just gonna have to go to Apple tech

support and get some help if you're not

in China yet check out my online course

speak everyday Chinese calm because you

need to learn the day to day Chinese to

communicate what you want in the taxi

getting Street food buying groceries

paying for stuff link in the

descriptions below get copy be in before

you get to China okay because you won't

be able to

to get the GPA once you're in China

interesting thing about Netflix is if

you connect to a Japanese server to

watch Netflix you won't see the same

offerings and yes they aren't English is

not like Japanese but you know as you

would if you connect to a u.s. server

expressvpn seems like their marketing is

a lot better I have plenty of friends

that use expressvpn but you know what

their BPM Scott hey cuz slow when the

government meetings happened in China

government meetings happen like two or

three times a year

when that happens Beijing puts the

squeeze on your internet so far a stroll

has done well for me there was this time

and it was actually just last week when

I went to livestream at an event as soon

as I got to Beijing I live in Tianjin I

take a 30-minute train to Beijing as

soon as I got to be a gene my VPN

stopped working I have no explanation

for that it's working now it's working

great just let me tell you though every

VPN that I've ever heard anyone using

here in China has its ups and downs if

you're using a cheaper VPN than astral

or Express you're gonna have more downs

than ups like some days you just can't

connect at certain times if for some

reason you don't want to astral compare

it with Express links are below don't

use any other VPN besides astral or

Express because you don't want to waste

your time and when I say other VPNs

could be cheaper you're really only

going to save what like two dollars a

month if you get a free VPN you get what

you pay for

click or tap the screen right there if

you want to see another video from Nia

Elementary Chinese click the top the

screen right there until next time this

cuejoe I'm quite eachother teaching you

that everyday Chinese you need to

communicate what you want good good

study day they up


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