May 21, 2024

creative vs inventive

Published June 13, 2023, 1:20 a.m. by Bethany

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I just talk about technology / inventions / gizmo / gadgets / innovations / whatever in this one. I think technology is cool. With all of the information we have we can learn to create whatever we want. I love watching youtube videos of new inventions and technology but I can't really participate in that world, only observe. I found out when I was young that I am much more creative than anything. I love being creative and pursuing art so I am happy, but still can't help but to be dazzled by the science world. I love thinking of invention ideas though. I often day dream invention ideas with absolute no regard to if it could actually work. It's just for fun and a good way for me to kill time/procrastinate.

This video was made in kind of a sloppy way but honestly I think it might be my best I've made yet? Regarding jokes at least I feel I did pretty good. I have a problem where I ramble on when I tell stories in other videos, and I think I went the other direction in this video where I did less rambling and more funny honk honk. Hopefully It didn't come off as to directionless though. I showed some of my friends and they seemed to like it. hope everyone else does too :)

This video was just prompted by day dreaming. It's more stream-of-consciousness rather than a big story. I kind of liked doing that because it gave me a little more wiggle room to be creative in a different way. I might try that out a bit more. just short goofy stuff. I hope you don't mind that it's shorter. I felt if I tried to make it longer it would just end up being rambling. Short and sweet is what I was trying to go for.

I have another video I'm already working on that will come out really soon. I am pretty pumped about that. I am bad at upload schedule and uploading in quick succession is something I'm excited about.

Stay safe ❤️ see you next video.

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people by nature are inventive even you

have the capacity to imagine things

that could change the world observe

a hat that produces more hats which in

turn produce more hats that can produce


i would invent a mouth-seeking pretzel

launcher a sandwich

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ball 2.0 hot ice cubes

thought slash dream to video converter

you depression powered car

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i think it's absolutely mind-boggling

that the best technology we had at some

point was something so basic

we didn't even give it a second thought

like the wheel and now we have

technology so

amazing people from 300 years ago would

think it was sent by god

like minecraft once we got agriculture

down things started going

off i'm talking paper theater stores

cars planes computers and before you

know it people started doing amazing


we got to the moon we weren't supposed

to do that humans can't even fly let

alone escape

earth's gravitational pull but all the

smart people got together and were like

nah i'm doing it anyway i've always been

interested in that kind of

thing innovation and inventions ever

since i was a kid i watched bill nye

i had all the science experiment barks i

had it all i even met bill nye himself

there i am right there it's me i even

got the signature learning about all the

things that people invented in the past

and in the present and how anybody has

the ability to imagine and invent

whatever they want

inspired me one day i went into my dad's

workshop filled with determination

to create something wood nails rubber

bands and with a little ingenuity

i created garbage i remember i meant it

to be a card swiping machine

but it was just wood that you could put

a card into and it had

no practical use more modern art than

modern science

i learned an important lesson that day

oh i have to be smart

to make stuff oh oh that's a bummer

i still like to watch youtube videos

about cool inventions that are being


or michael reeves terrorizing his


but i also learned what i'm good at

which is i would say to stare at

whatever the heck this is and go yeah i

get it that is to say

i thrive with creative challenges rather

than technical ones

in contrast if i look at a math problem

that looks more like a demon's hex than

algebra it would boggle my mind to such

an extent that i would just cease to



i'm more of an idea man anyway that's

the ideal job for me right there

i get great ideas all the time here's a

couple of you could just have a couple

freebies for you a dog petting machine

so your dog doesn't get lonely i'll be

petting machines so i don't get lonely a

tattoo machine that works like a printer

only frosting oreos big corn dog a


bag that you break like a glow stick and

then it makes your popcorn

joy cogs without drift how hard is that


dishware if you need any more good ideas

let me know

here's my card hey thanks for coming to

my ted talk

this one was kind of short but it was

fun to make i just kind of wanted to

ramble about

whatever thank you for helping me with

the tweet part of the video

that was my favorite part to animate so

thank you if you haven't subbed yet

doors are open

welcome to all the new subs uh make

yourself at home i have a fanta

if you want i only have one but we can



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