April 21, 2024

Frame TV Art: 6 Hours of Ocean Photography | 4K Ultra HD 2160p | Samsung Sony LG

Published June 13, 2023, 1:20 p.m. by Bethany

Turn your samsung Frame TV into a work of art displaying 2160p 4k Ultra HD beautiful Ocean Photography Prints, all completely FREE. No need to pay for subscriptions to samsung The Frame Art Store or download any apps.

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Loopable 6 hour display, 30 minutes per artwork.

Suitable for:

- samsung Frame TV: samsung The Frame TV

- LG Frame TV: LG W9 Signature wallpaper TV with Design on Wall | Picture on Wall | LG Real 4K NanoCell TV

- Sony Frame TVF: Sony X900F

- any brand high definition OLED TV / LED TV / LCD TV

- or simply as a stunning wallpaper gallery slideshow screensaver for your computer or device.

This Ocean Photography Prints series features artworks by (in order):

1. Josh Sorenson

2. Kenneth Carpina

3. Aleksandar Pasaric

4. Matthew Barra

5. Gui Basto

6. Pok Rie

7. Damon Hall

8. Sebastian Voortman

9. Pixabay

10. Griffin Wooldridge

11. Matt Hardy

12. Spencer Davis

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