April 21, 2024

"HEALTH BENEFITS of Standing Desks at Work" | BBC TV

Published June 13, 2023, 2:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

"How To Stay Young" BBC One TV show explains the health BENEFITS of Standing Desks at Work and visits one of our customers POWER TO CHANGE #moreactive #morealert #weightloss #standingdesk #health

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studies have shown that how will you do

on this test is a powerful predictor of

late health and how long you'll live it

clearly shows rich needs to urgently

increase his activity levels but that

isn't going to be easy

Rich's knee injury limits what activity

he can actually do and he has a desk job

which means he spent all day sitting

down like 80 percent of us in Britain

Richie's office based and this national

epidemic of sitting down is literally

killing us there's buckets of research

linking a sedentary lifestyle to type-2

diabetes obesity and other really

serious health conditions I have an idea

for a lifestyle change that will

decrease Rich's amount of time sitting

and increase his activity levels at the

same time and it shouldn't a graze his

bad knee now rich what do you notice

about this office everybody's standing

didn't release their thing everybody's

standing up which is which is weird

isn't it yes very much so

so there's an increasing amount of

scientific evidence that this is good to

you what these people are actually doing

is clusters light exercise this may not

look like exercise but standing up takes

a lot more effort than you might think

if you want to stay young sitting less

and standing more is one of the easiest

things you can do in standing up you

have to make little adjustments to your

body to hold down your bones are bearing

weight and the muscles are bearing

weight and it's it's stressing your body

in a very positive way



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