June 20, 2024

Smart Technologies for Workplace Wellness

Published May 22, 2023, 4:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

The way we work is changing. With the rise of the digital age, more and more of us are working remotely or from home. This means that the traditional 9-to-5 office job is no longer the only option.

However, this also means that we are at risk of becoming more sedentary and isolated. In order to combat these risks, we need to find ways to incorporate wellness into our work lives.

One way to do this is to use smart technologies for workplace wellness. By using devices and applications that promote healthy behaviours, we can make our work lives healthier and more enjoyable.

Some examples of smart technologies for workplace wellness include:

1. Activity trackers

2. Standing desks

3. Ergonomic chairs

4. Healthy snack delivery services

5. Fitness apps

6. Meditation apps

7. Sleep tracking devices

8. Wearable devices

9. Virtual reality headsets

10. Connected fitness equipment

Using these smart technologies can help us to be more active, productive and healthy. So why not give them a try?

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next to our home the office is a place

where we spend most of our time

a conducive and healthy working

environment that ensures our wellness

and work productivity is of utmost

importance especially during these

pandemic times

how do you like working in an office

that boasts smart technologies that can

monitor and assure air quality

boost up your energy levels

add to your mental wellness and enhance

your overall productivity at work

let us walk you through the features of

a smart office

let's begin with what we call the smart

environment control system that has a

digital twin capability to improve the

performance of our smart office system

the digital twin is a powerful virtual

reality tool to monitor iot sensors

verify the operational iot actuators and

make simulations for optimal facility


what the smart environment control

system does is it monitors the key

environmental data using the iot sensors

and execute corrective action to poor

air quality caused by low humidity high

dust content and carbon dioxide levels

in an air conditioned environment dry

air caused by the low humidity can cause

true irritation

when the humidity is too low the

humidifier will return on automatically

the air in the office can also have high

dust levels which can contribute to

nasal discomfort causing one to sneeze

as well as chronic heart and lung

conditions in this case an egg cleaner

is automatically turned on triggered by

high pm 2.5 or pn10 dust content

high carbon dioxide levels in the office

can induce sleepiness

when the high co2 level is detected

window will open automatically to let in

fresh air

with this improved air quality a worker

will no longer be lethargic

in fact they could take a rest or go off

for some exercise

over all this you don't have to worry

about the high power consumption as our

smart office also have a smart

capability to monitor and optimize

energy usage

hence no more worries about the high

energy consumption

so let's share with you the next smart

energy monitoring features of this


this is miniature smart gauge msg

developed by singapore polytechnic with

this gauge our consumption data is

collected and sent to a cloud by

analyzing this data can generate

real-time alerts automatically when an

abnormal event is detected

this project has been an eye-opening

experience for us we are proud to have

completed a highly smart capable system

it has been an excellent learning

experience for us to have acquired a

broad-based range of knowledge and

skills in using smart technologies for

solving real-world problems



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