July 20, 2024

RUMORED Additions for DISNEYLAND PARIS After FROZEN? - Disney News & Rumors

Published May 14, 2023, 5:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Hey there, Disneyland Paris fans!

There's been a lot of talk lately about what's in store for the park after the huge success of the movie frozen.

Now, we can't confirm anything just yet, but we've heard some pretty exciting rumors about possible additions that would be sure to please any fan of the film.

First off, it's said that anna and elsa will be getting their own meet and greet location in the park. This would be a great opportunity for guests to get up close and personal with their favorite characters from the movie.

There's also been talk of a possible frozen-themed parade making its way down Main Street, USA. This would be an incredible sight to see, and we can just imagine how popular it would be with guests of all ages.

Finally, we've heard rumors that a brand new ride based on the film is in the works. This would be an amazing addition to the park, and we can't wait to see what it has in store for guests.

We'll be sure to keep you updated on any new developments regarding these rumors, so be sure to stay tuned!

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five years ago it was announced that

Disneyland Paris was to receive 2.4

billion dollars to expand and transform

Walt Disney Studios park and now five

years later with Marvel's Avengers

campus open and construction on the

Frozen themes land in full swing let's

look ahead to the next five years of

what the future may hold for Disneyland

Paris after Frozen


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description box below hi there welcome

is I'm Jack and this is DS1 newscast and

let's get straight into the topic as

when the multi-year transformation of

Walt Disney Studios park was announced

all the way back in February of 2018. it

was understood at the time that this

expansion would have a phased opening

timeline beginning in 2021 with a

majority of the expansion intended to be

complete and open ready and time to

capitalize upon the increased tourism

expected for the 2024 Summer Olympics in

Paris however then the pandemic came

along and it delayed construction beyond

that of the usually slow construction

pace of Disneyland Paris projects

however judging by the recent

construction footage released by Disney

along with aerial images from DLP report

on Twitter and Disneyland Paris works on

Twitter unfortunately it does seem

increasingly unlikely that the Frozen

expansion of a seven acre Lake Area will

be able to speed up the construction

pace and catch up to be complete in time

for the Summer Olympics of 2024 as

instead it's looking more likely that

it's on track to be complete by late

2024 if not summer 2025.

after the Frozen themes land and the

lake area opens the big question that we

all want answered is what comes next and

well the answer to that question used to

be in a galaxy far far away but that

might not be the case anymore as for

Star Wars component was targeting a

completion date of around 2025 to 2026

but over the years there have been hints

that it had been postponed substantially

with the first sign being that there

were no specific detailed permits filed

for the land beyond that of the initial

documentation in October of 2018. as in

comparison there were additional

detailed permits published in early 2020

for the Frozen themed land with

construction beginning not long after

that then on top of that probably the

most telling piece of evidence so far is

that any mention of the Star Wars land

has been completely omitted from

numerous marketing materials since 2019

to such a degree that even the president

of Disneyland Paris Natasha rafalski has

stated that they are still working on

the theme for the third land which could

be interpreted in one of two ways with

the first being that Disney is still

planning a Star Wars land that they are

still yet to settle upon an exact Star

Wars theme or timeline so that it can be

made different from that of a Galaxy's

Edge found in California and Florida all

the other and more obvious way to

interpret this is that Disney are still

a setting other intellectual properties

that would be suitable to be included as

part of the lake expansion as although

there are two expansion pads around the

lake it is this plot of land here where

the Star Wars land was intended that is

the most favorable as it's much larger

and it is easier to reach with

construction activity now before we go

any further I just want to make it very

clear that everything else in this video

from this point onwards is very much

rumor based and is in no way confirmed

by Disney until they officially say so

but it does still offer some very

interesting insight into what might be

in the cards for Disneyland Paris over

the next decade as the reason why Star

Wars May no longer be under

consideration for Walt Disney Studios

part is because rumors have been

swirling recently that indicate that a

brand new Star Wars attraction just

might be in development for Disneyland

park instead now obviously these are

very early Blue Sky plans but it's

definitely worth discussing as if true

this will Mark the first time in 28

years but Disneyland Park will receive a

brand new attraction built from scratch

that didn't replace an existing

attraction and if you're wondering

whereabouts this supposed Star Wars

attraction could be located well it's

said that it would be at the back of

discoveryland neatly tucked away behind

Space Mountain on the other side of a

railroad to the side of a discoveryland

theater which is a well-known partially

used expansion pad for Disneyland Paris

and the reason why I say partially used

is because back in 1997 Disney quickly

built the lackluster themed Pizza Planet

restaurant to capitalize upon the

success of Toy Story then in September

of 2016 it was revealed by the CEO of

Disneyland Paris at the time Daniel

downcourt that Pizza Planet was to

remain closed for Good with Dell Court

even going as far as to call it Unworthy

of a Disney park and so with Pizza

Planet long gone it means that the

expansion pad is available yet again and

this area here is actually around four

acres in size which is obviously not

enough space to fit an entire 14 acre

Galaxy's Edge like what's seen over in

Disneyland and Disney World but there is

actually enough space to accommodate the

entire rise resistant show building and

surrounding area albeit with a different

configuration but apparently this

rumored attraction isn't going to be

another rise of resistance but instead

it is said that Disney is considering a

Speeder Bike roller coaster that could

take place outside which this four acre

plot of land would provide more than

enough space for an exciting Speeder

Bike Chase and if this is true then it

seems logical that this would likely

make use of the same ride system that

Disney has used for the Tron light cycle

run attraction that was manufactured by

the Dutch company of the coma but even

though this is all Rumor for the time

being you're probably still wondering

why would Disney be willing to put two

Star Wars themed roller coasters in the

same exact area as after all the

hyperspace Mountain overlay was only

meant to be temporary as part of the

season the force and the 25th

anniversary celebrations of Disneyland

Paris in 2017 but it has ended up

becoming semi-permanent still in

operation six years later however that

may not be a problem for long as

apparently as part of the second part of

this rumor Space Mountain would be set

to return to its original Jewels burn to

the Moon theme with it being tied into

the popular Disney Parks mythology of

the Society of explores and Adventures

instead and there is a precedent for

this as this would be the exact same

approach that Disneyland has recently

taken towards Tarzan's Treehouse

re-theming it to become the Adventure

Land tree house which is using the

Society of explorers and adventurers as

the narrative and backstory and if this

does end up happening then it would

follow the same pattern of the Discovery

Land Space Mountain undergoing a major

change roughly every decade which is

something that I would love to see as

although I'm always going to have a soft

spot for Magic Kingdom Space Mountain

indisputably the Paris version of Space

Mountain is the best iteration of the

attraction in terms of effects ride

system and thrill Factor but then after

having said all that where does this

leave a third themed land for Walt

Disney Studios park if it's not going to

be themed to Star Wars and well it's

said that there are two options under

consideration with the first rumored

concept not coming as any great surprise

but Disney is apparently more serious

about building a Pandora of the world of

Avatar as with a franchise proving yet

again to be a box office juggernaut with

Avatar 2 the way of water crossing over

2.3 billion dollars of a worldwide box

office and the fact that there are many

Avatar sequels on the way over the next

decade it seems that Avatar would be a

logical choice and one that has

reportedly been earmarked for a future

expansion and in my opinion I think that

this has the most potential as after all

the way of water was beautifully set

within a water environment that could

offer imagineering an opportunity to

create a different type of Pandora

themed land there would not just be a

complete copy and paste clone of a

floating mountains at Walt Disney World

but instead maybe they could lean into

the second move even more with the

malmoch stone arches accompanied with an

attraction a restaurant and a couple of

shops as a smaller version of a Pandora

land then for the next room would land

I've got to say that I am a little bit

skeptical about this and it will

probably catch you off guard as well but

insiders have claimed that a land themed

to the lion Lion King is also said to be

under consideration now certainly The

Lion King is definitely deserving of

recognition as it is undeniably one of

the most popular animated franchises of

all time but admittedly I'm still having

a little bit of trouble understanding

exactly how this would fit thematically

as the Lion King's Story takes place

from a pride lands of Africa which is

Loosely based on Kenya and Tanzania and

more specifically the Great Rift Valley

and hell's Gates Gorge and although both

Kenya and Tanzania do technically have

Coastal borders with the Indian Ocean I

think most would find it a little

strange to think of the pride lands

naturally being just off a giant body of

water but if this is true that Disney is

considering the Lion King as an

expansion land at Walt Disney Studios

park then it will certainly be

interesting to see how imagineering

approach such a concept as after all

despite the popularity of the franchise

over the past three decades it has never

received a applied to attraction which

might be to do with the story and the

characters not lending themselves

naturally to a ride through format

besides that of the obvious book report

style Fantasyland attraction that they

could make so maybe they could go in the

direction of having a festival of The

Lion King type show instead and so in

conclusion as is often the case when

dealing with rumors some of this might

become a reality and some probably will

not but it is certainly encouraging to

hear that investment is being discussed

beyond that of a frozen expansion as it

will make for a very interesting next

decade for Disneyland Paris but now it's

over to you if Walton and as I would

like to know what are your thoughts and

opinions regarding this rumored news for

the future of Disneyland Paris and what

would you like to see as part of that

third theme's land for Walt Disney

Studios Parks expansion and so if you've

enjoyed this video for today then be

sure to give this video a massive thumbs

up subscribe down below if you haven't

already and check out the rest of our

videos on this channel and also so

consider joining the official Walt

Disney Club over on patreon and I also

want to give a thanks to all the Wolves

near Gold members here as well and with

all that being said I've been Jack

you've been you and I'll see it real




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