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25 TIPS TO GET BETTER At Anime Dimensions

Published May 14, 2023, 3:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

anime is a great way to escape the reality of our mundane lives and enter into a world of fantasy and imagination. However, like with anything, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Here are 25 tips to help you get the most out of your anime experience and improve your overall health in the process!

1. Get enough sleep: A key part of any anime fans’ routine should be getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to a number of health problems, including fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Make sure to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night to stay healthy and avoid any potential health risks.

2. Eat healthy: Just like with sleep, eating healthy is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Eating junk food and sugary snacks will not only make you feel sluggish, but it can also lead to weight gain and other health problems. Instead, focus on eating healthy foods that will give you the energy you need to get through your day.

3. Exercise: Exercise is important for both your physical and mental health. It can help to improve your mood, increase your energy levels, and reduce stress. Take a break from watching anime and go for a walk, run, or bike ride. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel afterwards.

4. Limit your screen time: Spending too much time in front of screens can be harmful to your health. It can cause eye strain, headaches, and even neck and back pain. If you’re going to watch anime, make sure to take breaks every 20 minutes or so to give your eyes a rest.

5. Drink plenty of water: Drinking enough water is essential for your overall health. It can help to improve your skin complexion, regulate your body temperature, and flush out toxins. Make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated and healthy.

6. Stretch: Stretching is a great way to prevent injuries and relieve muscle tension. After sitting in the same position for a long period of time, your muscles can become tight and sore. Take a break from anime and stretch your arms, legs, and back to keep your muscles loose and limber.

7. Take breaks: It’s important to take breaks throughout the day to avoid feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. If you’re feeling bogged down by work or school, take a few minutes to relax and watch your favorite anime. Once you’ve had a chance to relax, you’ll be able to focus and be more productive.

8. Connect with other fans: One of the best things about anime is the community of fans that surrounds it. There are numerous ways to connect with other fans, including online forums, social media, and conventions. Connecting with other fans can help you make friends and feel less alone.

9. Join an anime club: If you’re looking for a more social way to enjoy anime, consider joining an anime club. Most clubs meet on a weekly basis to watch and discuss anime. This is a great way to make new friends and learn more about the anime community.

10. Attend conventions: anime conventions are a great way to meet other fans and see your favorite shows and movies. These events are usually packed with activities, panels, and cosplay. If you’re looking for a fun-filled weekend, consider attending an anime convention in your area.

11. Buy merchandise: Show your love for anime with some official merchandise. There are a variety of items available, including t-shirts, hats, keychains, and figurines. You can usually find merchandise at anime conventions or online through official retailers.

12. Collect items: Some fans like to collect items related to their favorite anime series. This can include items like keychains, figurines, trading cards, and DVDs. If you’re a fan of collecting, consider starting your own collection of anime items.

13. Read manga: In addition to watching anime, many fans enjoy reading manga. Manga is a Japanese comic book that often tells stories that are different from the ones in anime series. If you’re interested in reading manga, consider checking out some of your favorite series.

14. Listen to music: anime often has an amazing soundtrack that can help set the mood for the show. If you’re a fan of the music in anime, consider buying the official soundtrack or downloading songs from your favorite series.

15. Learn Japanese: If you’re really serious about getting into anime, consider learning Japanese. This will allow you to watch shows without subtitles and understand what’s going on without relying on translation. Learning Japanese can be difficult, but it’s a great way to immerse

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hi you probably click on this video

because you want to improve in the game

anime Dimensions or you just clicked on

them because you like my videos but I

think the formal one is the most likely

option maybe you want to be able to kill

a raid boss or maybe you want to speed

run a dimension as fast as you can

either way I think you'll learn

something that you didn't know no matter

how long you've been playing it doesn't

matter if you're a top player or if you

just started playing the game you'll

probably learn something that you didn't

know and that will help you improve at

anime Dimensions oh and also I am making

a nuke Pro Series currently you can

check that out over Shadow and it will

help you to improve the game if you're a

starter as well and I'm also making a

giveaway at 15 000 subscribers I'm

really close so please help me make that

goal and let's just get into the video

number one use characters that are good

at everything at the start a lot of

characters have specific uses for an

example the well-known

Dimension clearer kokoshibo he is very

good in dimensions and he's not as good

in raids

if we have another example Gojo who's a

very good boss killer but he's not a

very good in dimensions

you won't have a character that's good

in both aspects so you can say your gems

and say Your Boss Rush tokens and raid

tokens as well so you don't have to buy

two different characters this especially

goes to starters who are just starting

out number two don't buy stuff that you

can get for free some stuff you can get

for free and I mean like drops that you

can get as a rare drop in for example a

dimension this type of Animation I can

get sock rate for example that means

that you should not buy characters like

Sakura and you can check everything and

what you can get in every Dimension

don't buy these generally number three

use all codes and continue to do so

there are a bunch of codes most of the

time they're slowing down now because

the game isn't as popular and don't

unlock as many codes anymore but all

these codes give a lot of boosts they

can get for free literally just for free

so there's no reason not to use this

number four don't spend gems on traits

traits are always good and as you can

see here on Janus but for example Aya

vicious and I can spend 100 Jam or 400

gems to get a 100 legendary spin

now legendary spins are legendary traits

are what you want

um and it's really rare to get it just

spending with the blue tokens I said two

percent but it's not worth it doing it

for 400 jumps sure it might take a lot

of blue tokens but as long as you do

speed rates and a few internets perhaps

then it's not going to be that hard

actually number five don't spend Gems or

rate tokens on Boss Rush tickets Boss

Rush is really good to do but doing the

daily ones are more worth it than

actually buying any of these these

tickets you can also get them for free

as a drop in infinite and raid which is

where you will get these tickets most of

the time and don't buy these number six

don't buy cards or accessories in most

register now if we go back to the Buster

stop again you can see that you can buy

an accessory and my card don't buy these

these are not worth it try to buy the

characters instead number seven don't

owned by costumes unless it's Kana

costumes obviously don't help you in

games the costumes you usually don't buy

them unless you really want to play as

your favorite character there is one

costume that you can buy that actually

is fine and those are the Kana skins so

let me find this kind of skin that you

can always buy this is a kind of skin

that you can buy that is unlimited this

skin is classified as a short skin short

Skins are always good to buy because you

can Dash further with them number eight

don't open random capsules pets are

really good but make sure to not buy

random things because these are really

expensive as you can see in these Ray

capsules is 0.8 chance to get one and

then there's a 15 000 Ray token gap

between uh you from zero and mythical

pity at guarantee Mythic and don't open

these unless you can get it guaranteed

because think about this if you have 91

out of one 100 and they go off like the

limited time is gone you won't get a man

ever and you wasted a lot of tokens on

not even getting them uh the Mythic also

random ones these like unless they're

good you can check if they're good

before you actually get them from

someone else kermi is the best so yeah

number nine do your dailies and weekly

quests as they help you with the battle


this might sound like an obvious but

it's actually really worth it doing

dailies are actually a really good way

to get gems as well very easy and a pet

capsule weeklys give you a lot of gems

as well but the thing the why the reason

why you want to do this is because of

the EXP you get from the battle pass and

these rewards are really good especially

if you buy the battle pass it's really

good it's really worth your Robux if you

get all the way to 30 and you won't get

all the way 30 so do your quests number

10 don't play race that you already have

the character of yes you do have this

100 damage buff but it doesn't like it

isn't enough for you to not play the

other raids if you have a character

already then you don't want to play that

raid anymore because you can't get a

rare drop that's good if you do get a

red drop of the character again you get

a duplicate of 100 uh Ray tokens which

isn't good enough you'd rather have that

drop be an actual character in another

raid and save you 3600 tokens so you

actually don't want to like utilize that

100 damage buff because it doesn't

actually give you that many more rewards

because it's 100 more damage not 100

more rewards number 11 subsets are

everything let's talk about what substas

are first subset of something you can

get on your cards and accessory and your

pets and these are basically like extra

percentages that can boost your

um sub stats here you have your main

stats and you have your sub stats main

sets is what you get from every card

basically substance you get five of the

mythical ones the good ones are the ones

that affect your damage so it's cool in

induction pretty little chance attack

critical damage from The Cisco reduction

the best being orange then blue and then

gray you obviously won't have orange

ones but that isn't the main thing

subsets are everything because you want

to have a lot of subsets the difference

between a good level 113 and a bad level

around 13 are the sub stats because

every main stat is the same of the same

level of the same Rarity basically and

so why do I get 6.6 billion damage for

example while you get I don't know like

1 billion damage even though we have the

same level cards it's because of my

substance being better so basically on a

card you want these four Subs as colon

reduction including Roshan's attacking

critical damage and then as a side

effect you can also is Corner action but

this isn't the best one this is just

better than the other ones but keep

these four as a priority this one as

um like side note so if a card had an

orange uh critical chance and an orange

crystal damage that would be better than

a car that had a gray cruel chance gray

critical damage and a gray assist Coral

reduction for example even though uh one

card has three subsets that are good and

with the other had two the the one with

two had really high percentages because

the percentages are basically from a

different value and the one or three

substance shorts I have three subsets

but they are gray and the ciscoon

reduction isn't that important the thing

is if you have three gray ones like

attack critical chance and critical

damage then that's going to be better

than uh two orange ones it just I can't

like say in general what's better than

what but you just have to you can check

in testing what's deals the most damage

like with your moves you can easily go

into character testing and check

everything out number 12 get a level 50

kermi or nightmare pets to go back what

I said with pets before the best pet in

the game is kermi and you can get this

pet from The Raid capsule just regular

great capsule and there's a 0.4 chance

to get it and pity is 100. you can also

get this Aqua pet which is the worst

Mythic pet in the game this is a gamble

you either get the best mythical pets or

the worst mythical pets at 100 pity you

can also get it by luck but yeah it is

actually still worth it to gamble for uh

kermi because you can still get other

good pets like Levi Levi is one of the

best legendary pets it's also

simultaneously if you have extra gems

you can try to go for the stall for pets

because I stole food pets is the best

legendary pets so if you have a soul for

pets it's definitely worth the gamble or

kermy kermi is going to help you so so

much and currently is the best pet in

the game by far number 13 get a maneuver

gear for raids Boss Rush and speed rates

and get a mantle for everything else now

we've talked about cards and pets let's

talk about accessories

um the best accessory for dimensions and

basically time Challenge and infinite or

anything is basically the sun God's

mantle now Sun Goes metal Mains that is

10 and it's the best it's just so

good so high coolant reduction literally

and the best for rates Busters and speed

rates is the maneuver gear also tied

with the devil wings because they have

the same and stat and this is because

it's 15 boss damage really high boss


now keep in mind that the important

thing is still the sub stats so for

example even though these are the best

ones this accessory the sword of the sun

even though it's not the best it still

might be better than your sun God's

mantle because of the subset being

better so keep that in mind that keep

the main subset as like another sub

stats just slightly better than one

substance except for like

um glacial wings that give you critical

damage for 70 Which is less than one

subset most of the time number 14 don't

buy any cards until your max level

despite what everyone says it's not that

bad to buy mythical cards because you

still get a good main start the thing is

you should not buy it if you're not

above the highest Dimension currently

that slide Dimension nightmare which is

level 113 because otherwise you're gonna

have to replace that car with a new card

very soon number 15 level up your cards

using gold all of you guys probably know

this but you can level up your cards

with gold as you can see here I can

level it up and yeah it just the main

set is going to increase and increase

getting better and better as as you

upgrade it as you can see here this is a

low 106 card upgraded to loan 25 at 12

000 main attack this is not upgraded and

9700 you do get a lot of main stats from

upgrading your cards number 16 with

extra gems you got you can buy stuff

that you can't drop for free so I said

that you shouldn't buy stuff that you

can get for free so you should buy stuff

that you can't get for free basically

this means like stuff that you can buy

you can buy pets with gems which is

really good you can buy you can get a

solfo you can also buy characters uh

that are like a buck ago saber stuff

that you can get for free in any

Dimension or any or else number 17 do

rock grades it takes a very long time

but it's very good you can in one of

these Corners you can see stat bonuses

and you can see these things and these

gives you so much so many percentages

for all your sub stats the thing is it's

going to take a really long time for

most of these but it's really good you

get a lot of stuff from these so it's

really worth to do this number 18 if

you're struggle in a dimension just play

an infinite or time challenge let's take

a scenario where you're a level 20 and

your friend carried you to level 120 now

you only have level 20 cards which you

can't you still get cards from the

playthrough but let's say that you only

have level 20 cards and you'll now level

120. rates are so difficult you can't

get in damage You Can't Kill Boss Rush

you can't do speed raid there too much

health you can't do your Dimensions

because they just have too much health

the fastest way to do this is to get

level 113 cards first

uh you do that by playing for example

time challenge or infinite because these

give you cards like and you don't have

to be that good the primary thing is

probably going to be infinite because if

you can't beat dimensions then you

probably can't get a lot of kills in

time shot either so infinite doesn't

scale with your level either way so you

can play Infinite and get better cards

and that way you can beat the dimension

and you also don't have to beat any

Dimension you literally just get levels

just by killing mobs so you don't have

to beat it either way you just have to

get your next Dimension and once you

love one or 13 then you're gonna try to

get uh good stuff in raids anyway you

won't need to play Dimensions anymore

number 19. do raids and speed rates

every hour that you can even if you

can't complete speed rates fast and if

you can't get a lot of rewards in raids

it's still good to do these they give so

many array tokens combined and

accumulate fast and getting enough brake

tokens you can get one of the best

characters in the game currently like

Naruto would be really helpful for you

if you had a really good character that

would help you through the gameplay so

much so doing raids and speed rates as

every time you can is so good number 20

AFK while you're not playing obviously

not everyone can do this but the best

way to get a progress when you're not

playing is obviously to AFK in the

chamber here sure you might not get a

lot a lot but it's still gonna stack up

if you do it for like a week when you're

sleeping you're definitely gonna get

enough to buy something that you that

can help you and it's actually really

good doesn't matter if you AFK Gems or

Raid tokens both were really good as

long as you know what to spend them on

number 21 don't buy Shadow characters

that aren't Shadow Monarch Speedway

tokens are a pain to get I know but

buying anything except for shadow

monroec here is really a waste buying

these characters they aren't that like

the only one that I can say that it's

kind of good is like Shadow expert and

Shadow Shanks when he comes out and

maybe shout out hanging as well the

thing is

they're just not on the same level as

Shadow Monarch and it's not going to

take that much longer if you've already

grinded for 2500 2700 tokens

pets sure the pets are really good but

it's gonna take so much it's gonna take

so much uh it's gonna take so many so

much Roblox to get these pets and kermi

is still better than them so yeah number


play with the worst characters in speed

raid first because it gets harder and

harder every new character when you're

playing speed raid after every after

every time you beat it it gets harder

and harder which is why you should start

with your worst characters so when it

gets harder you can use better and

better characters so I would go from

bottom to up unless you have like a

shadow character which is going to be

quite low down for some reason uh but

yeah go from the bottom to the top

because this gets harder and harder

which you can equalize by just using

better and better characters number 23

get vicious legendary on raid characters

and speeds are legendary on Dimension

characters do you guys remember what I

had on my boss killer and my Dimension

clear kokoshi one Gojo

okay so I'll show you because she will

as I said was a dimension clearer so I

have speed straw on him Speedster

legendary is the best way to get on

Dimension characters and in Gojo I had a

different rate it's vicious vicious eats

the best traits for uh raid uh raid boss

Killers basically so have a vicious on

rape or basically boss killers and

Speedster on Dimension players number 24

use assists that affect your sub stats

assists don't actually deal that much

damage they're just a stronger these

moves with much longer cooldowns that's

why using assists that affects your

actual stats are the best I'm implying

Shadow Monarch that gives you 200 25

crit uh rates and then also the

Awakening characters that also give you

an Awakening bonus so these assists are

just the best ones and last off number

25 don't buy possible drops in rates

lastly I just want to say that you

shouldn't buy stuff that you can get as

drops and rates now basically let's see

Shanks rate shankly you can get Shanks

and you can get the empress cloak don't

buy any of any of these don't buy Shanks

uh character Shanks accessory you only

buy him if for example uh Shanks goes

away really soon and you still haven't

gotten him as a drop then you can buy

him but if you remember you don't really

play the shanks rate anymore if you buy

shacks and or if you get Shanks you

should play another raid so buying

Shanks would just mean that you don't

play as raid anymore but that's just a

waste you can still just play his raid

while he's there so buy Shanks only if

you haven't dropped him by the time he's

right about to go away and every time a

raid kicker is about to go away it says

for example here shank rate and shank

and Shrine costumes will be removed on

October 10th

now for you guys who have stayed for the

whole video I am going to talk about

what you can spend your ray tokens on

what you should spend your boss tokens

on what you should spend your gems on

and basically some general good to know


quickly gems gems you should try to get

one good character first and then you

should try to go for a slow for pets so

the sofa pet is basically in the Shop

pets and Captain series one this is a

stolvo the one at the right it's he's a

really good pet and that's the jam pack

you want so first get a good character

with gems then just straight up go for a

stolfo then you can buy more characters

but one character is enough and the

character you can get is you have a lot

of options you don't need to get

necessarily the best one the best one

would be like misaka bearing Diablo is

good but you can get them for free so I

wouldn't recommend it you can also genos

which is really good assist and Main

saber is a good assist not that I'm good

for Mane you can you can get quite a lot

of characters but I would recommend a

misaka with boss work token I would 100

recommend you to get kokoshibo the

kashiba is a really good character for

assists and raids and dimensions mainly

for dimensions but it's still viable in

raids if you already have a very good

character for dimensions and you know

you won't use them for Dimensions

because you have a better character then

you can buy Gilgamesh because he is the

best assist out of these four if you

have all characters you can you can buy

um trees because the card is so

expensive here Ray tokens are very

complicated yes you shouldn't try to buy

uh characters that you can get for free

for example Naruto you can drop in in

North charade so unless you really want

Shanks right now then don't buy him

until the end shank is going away really

soon so now would be a good time to buy

him if you don't have him already

otherwise you can spend it on characters

that you can get for free for example

Naruto 6 paths he's a really good assist

and you can't get anywhere else buying

accessories is not that worth it 2500 uh

tokens were not a guaranteed good

accessory even if you buy like a

maneuver gear which is the best

accessory for raids you don't guarantee

good subsets same with cards it's not

the best

after you have good characters you just

want to continue to do raids to get rid

to get uh the chance of getting car

drops and accessory drops but and the

one thing you want to spend your ray

Targets on later is Pets

um it's a huge investment you need a lot

of great tokens but getting kermi is

important after that of the currently

you don't really need anything else you

just have to continue to get good


a commonly asked question is how to get

gems and speed and rate tokens fast

basically you just have to continue

grinding raids raids give you a lot of

rate tokens and a lot of gems as well

Speedo tokens or speed rates also give

you a lot of gems and a lot of Ray

tokens and that's the fastest way the

absolute fastest way to get these

currencies are playing a raid after that

playing a speed raid then afking in the

AFK chamber until the next raid again

that cycle would give you the most

amount of stuff in one hour but yeah I

have a venue on this so you can check

that out as well but yeah that's

basically it those are the main tips I

would give to starters and mid game

players to become end game end game

players you might not get a lot from

this video but mainly this is focused on

those who want to become one of the

better players so I hope you enjoyed

this video and see you in the next one

thank you



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