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Why does Venezuela claim over half of Guyana? #shorts #geopolitics #history #maps #politics

Published May 14, 2023, 4:20 p.m. by Monica Louis

Since the early 19th century, venezuela has claimed the area of present-day guyana, which it calls Guayana Esequiba. This claim has its roots in the disputed 18th-century border between the Spanish colonies of venezuela and New Granada. venezuela bases its claim on the Treaty of Madrid of 1750, which defined the border between the two colonies. However, guyana argues that the treaty was never ratified by the British Crown, and therefore is not legally binding.

The territorial dispute between venezuela and guyana has been a source of tension for many years. In 2015, venezuela began construction of a military base in the disputed territory, which led to protests from the government of guyana. In 2016, venezuela seized a ship belonging to a Guyanese company that was exploring for oil in the disputed territory.

The territorial dispute between venezuela and guyana is a complex issue with a long history. Both countries have valid claims to the territory, and there is no easy solution. However, the situation is made even more complicated by the fact that venezuela is currently in the midst of a political and economic crisis. The Venezuelan government has been increasingly authoritarian, and the economy is in shambles. This has led to mass protests and violence in the country, and has made it difficult for the government to focus on the territorial dispute with guyana.

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why does Venezuela claim over half of

Guyana when itsoila has been climbing

the area west of the esikipu river known

as Guyana esikibo for more than a

century in the 16th century the area was

colonized by the Dutch however they

clashed with the Spanish multiple times

who claimed the area in 1814 the Dutch

colony was transferred to the United

Kingdom by the Western border of what

was later called British Guyana was not

clearly established which led to the

dispute with Venezuela however in 1966

Venezuela and British Guyana signed the

Geneva agreement in which they agreed to

find a permanent solution for the

dispute however after not being able to

find a solution for more than 50 years

the case was sent to the international

court of justice the funny thing is that

Guyana has another border dispute with

Suriname at its south eastern border

which means that only 20 percent of

guyana's area is not involved in a

territorial experience


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