July 20, 2024

Anime Is Satanic And That's My Emotional Fact

Published May 14, 2023, 3:20 p.m. by Violet Harris

anime is a dangerous and satanic influence on our youth, and its time we took a stand against it.

This so-called "entertainment" is nothing more than a gateway into a dark and twisted world of violence, depravity, and occultism.

Just take a look at some of the popular anime shows out there today:

Attack on Titan features graphic scenes of bloody violence, while Death Note glorifies murder and suicide. Naruto is full of sexual innuendo and perverted humor, while One Piece features graphic nudity and sexual content.

These are the kinds of things that are being promoted to our children through anime.

And it's not just the content of the shows that is cause for concern, but also the way they are animated.

anime is often extremely fast-paced and full of flashing lights and bright colors, which can be extremely harmful to young minds.

Studies have shown that exposure to this kind of stimulation can lead to attention disorders, anxiety, and even depression.

And let's not forget the fact that many of these shows are based on Japanese culture, which is steeped in paganism and Shintoism.

These are false religions that promote pantheism and the worship of false gods.

By allowing our children to be exposed to anime, we are opening them up to all of these dangers.

It's time to put a stop to this satanic influence in our culture. We need to protect our children from this evil influence by banning anime from our homes and schools.

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yesterday on the show I briefly

mentioned a controversy that had at the

time only recently started simmering it

was a controversy surrounding comments

made by The Humble host of this very

podcast and if you've been paying

attention at all you know that when my

comments spark controversy it's always

because I have broached a very important

subject and raised an issue of urgent

National importance such as of course

the backlash over my advocacy for the

rights of translucent mermaids the topic

this time around isn't quite that

serious but but almost


as I detailed yesterday during an

all-access live chat this past Friday

I was asked to give my opinion on the

subject of anime and I spent about 35

seconds on the subject in which I stated

that from my vantage point anime is

satanic now I acknowledge that I have no

argument to support that view I have no


reason or justification for it it is

rather as the kids say A vibe anime has

a satanic Vibe that's all have I ever

seen anime

do I even know exactly what anime is

these questions aren't relevant all that

matters is that as I said in response to

a live question someone asked anime is

the work of the devil that's that's my


that I live in every day

now there are those there are some who

might assume that

this comment was simply a half-assed off

the cuff joke about cartoons and that's

all now there are some who might have

observe that I've also argued for

cyclists to be imprisoned I've said that

people who leave their shopping carts in

the parking lot are morally equivalent

to serial killers and should be executed

on the spot I've called for legislation

out long small talk and elevators and

the use of emojis by males over the age

of 18. I even spent three months on this

show attacking my own employer over his

refusal to give me a giant stuffed


so you might assume that my theories

about anime's satanic Origins

should be taken in the same Spirit as

all those other sorts of comments

and you're right because I'm totally

serious about all of it

it's good then that social media took it

with the seriousness that it was

intended I was one of the top trending

subjects on Twitter Nationwide yesterday

again this time due to my controversial

stance on anime a great many accounts

with anime avatars expressed their hurt

and anger over my opinion leading me to

believe that maybe I was wrong about

anime causing demonic possession maybe

it actually just causes you to become an

extremely whiny dork that's another

theory meanwhile the news media jumped

into action my randomly muttered hot

take about anime made it into the

headlines of several major news outlets

Yahoo news reports daily wire troll Matt

Walsh denounces anime as satanic though

he doesn't know why

denounces I denounced it

mediaite says Matt Walsh declares anime

satanic but admits he's not sure why

the independent says Matt Walsh says he

thinks all anime is satanic and adults

shouldn't be watching cartoons

Newsweek takes a slightly different

angle they say daily wire host who

called anime satanic blasted by real


oh well if real satanists are angry

about it then

I guess I'm more right than I ever


so I can now with more confidence than


say that that I stand by my comments

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and help support the channel

um anime is satanic

and it leads to demonic possession in

upwards of 87 percent of cases studies


recent reports suggest that hat listen

to this listen to this

half of all Pokemon fans will become

Mass murderers

the other half will also become Mass


if any of my critics had ever studied

history they would know that Adolf

Hitler Genghis Khan Caligula all were

anime fans or would have been if it

existed in fact and this statistic is

the most shocking of all

I want you to listen closely to this

nearly 100 percent of all violent

criminals in the country

have seen Dragon Ball Z

or have heard of it

or know someone who has seen or heard of


the numbers speak for themselves

though In fairness there is perhaps no

reason to single out Japanese animation

in this way sure it's especially weird

and unsettling but it's from Japan after

all so what do you expect really though

every cartoon is satanic that's the only

clarification all that I'll offer here

every cartoonist look at PAW Patrol for


talking dogs with dead lifeless eyes who

engage in all manner of sorcery

the whole town of Adventure Bay cowers

in fear under the tyrannical regime of

these beasts even the mayor who's really

a figurehead obeys their every whim

there are no checks and balances in this


the PAW Patrol are given free reign to

be judged jury and potentially


now when you consider that scripture

often uses wolves to symbolize the

forces of evil you begin to see in the

PAW Patrol sort of perverse satanic


and this is still one of the Tamer shows

what about Coco melon a bizarre deranged

plotless hypnotic spectacle which places

toddlers into an insensible trance-like

state where they mutter incantations

summoning dark Forces that they don't


these are yet more cartoon related

opinions that I am seriously stating in

which I hope will be taken as seriously

as I mean them

of course hypothetically

as a thought experiment if you were to

pretend for a moment that with my

Infamous anime commentary I was actually

just making a random spur of the moment

joke about a subject that I really don't

care about at all and that Media Matters

is creating a controversy over something

that I forgot I even said 45 seconds

after I said it

then in this alternate universe one

might make the following observation

it is sad that we live in a culture

where you can't speak off the cuff or

offer an opinion even ironically or

ingest or only half seriously without it

being clipped and isolated and turned

without your consent into your die-hard

Mantra or fundamental belief system I

had people yesterday demanding to know

why I've chosen to die on this hill why

am I ranting about an anime why do I

care so much about what other people

choose to watch well am I dying on a

hill by making a flippant hyper

hyperbolic remark on a subject that

someone else asked me about

is literally everything you say a hill

you're dying on

Are you seriously pretending that you

never exaggerate or engage in hyperbole

or say something outrageous for comedic

effect are you pretending that you've

never articulated an edgy or weird

opinion maybe seriously maybe as a joke

maybe as some mixture of the two are you

pretending that you don't understand

these methods of human communication

that are utterly commonplace in a

feature of nearly every conversation

you've ever had in your life

yes you are pretending that you are

pretending so that you can score

whatever point you think you're scoring

here and the effect over time is that

authentic conversation is stifled and

people feel as though they have to

constantly speak like they're reading

from a press release written by a

corporate PR firm the color and flavor

of human conversation the stuff that

makes it fun and interesting just kind

of Fades away

these are all things that you might say

if you believe that I was not being

totally serious when I declared all

animation made in Japan satanic

but again I was serious

I'm serious about everything

if I was joking I would laugh

deadpan humor has never been my thing as

you well know

and that is why

in the end

with all that said anime is still


and cast back down into the fiery hell

Flames from whence it came

that'll do it for this portion of shows

move over to the members block hope to

see you there if not

talk to you tomorrow Godspeed

thank you












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