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✈️ TRTL Travel Pillow Review: Is it Better Than the Rest?

Published May 23, 2023, 4:20 p.m. by Monica Louis

If you're in the market for a travel pillow, the TRTL pillow is definitely worth considering. It's more comfortable than most other travel pillows on the market, and it does a better job of supporting your head and neck. The only downside is that it's a bit more expensive than some of the other options out there. But if you're willing to spend a bit more, the TRTL pillow is definitely worth the investment.

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welcome back everybody today I'm taking

a look at a product called the turtle

travel pillow this is supposedly some

sort of a next-gen travel pillow I

brought it all the way from Las Vegas to

see if it really works so let's find out

in today's video


so I'm on the big island of Hawaii and I

brought the turtle travel pillow with me

and I've used it all along the way and

I'm still kind of on the fence about it

but before I give you my results let's

Splash Back to the unboxing of my first

use back in Las Vegas to see how that

went all right let's crack open the

turtle pillow now I paid 49.99 for this

it currently has a 4.0 star rating among

over 30 000 reviews on Amazon

gonna put a little white back on here so

you can see it now the claims are they

say it's over 1 million sold they say

it's scientifically proven to keep your

head in a better position when sleeping

upright so soft fleece which it is

pretty soft here combined with internal

support and I do feel something kind of

springy inside there it's available in

four colors can be attached to your

luggage so it doesn't take up any extra

space machine washable perusing the

comments a lot of people said they can

sleep with this one on even though they

couldn't with a normal neck pillow some

people said it gets hot and some say it

doesn't work very well with earbuds

alright so I read over the instructions

I looked at their how-to video let's try

it out first before I actually hit the

road step number one separate the velcro

pull that apart easy enough I've already

got dog hair on here I haven't used it

yet step number two is extend it to

arm's length my thought is if I'm on a

plane I'm not gonna hit my fellow

passengers I don't know but it is

extended to arm's length step number

three is to place it behind your neck

I think it I think this this goes right


and then you're supposed to just wrap it

around there's some velcro right here

velcro right there that's supposed to

connect and


is that right I guess you don't have to

cover your mouth but I guess that's

right but let me try it again some

people seem to cover their mouths some

people don't I'm going to start off with

my mouth covered

well I guess if you're sitting next to

some smelly passengers this will be

helpful to keep the smell out can't

really talk very well

now I should be able to rest my head

that way and it'll stay up

maybe not bad really I don't think this

will be interesting to see how this

works on an actual plane on an actual

long flight because I got a six hour

flight ahead of me

all right well first use is different

it's unusual it's it's it's kind of

bizarre all right so it's one thing to

sit on a couch and try for a few minutes

let's try it on an actual airplane for

something like oh six hours and see how

that goes




so I did use it on the airplane although

I wasn't actually able to sleep while

using it it's a little bit awkward

because you have to stretch it out

horizontally and you've got people on

both sides of you I also wasn't really

sure if I should cover my face cover my

nose my chin under my chin they show it

as being across the chin as the proper

way to do it but people online were

saying they use it all kinds of

different configurations so I wanted to

try all of them to see which one worked

best for me in fact I did find out that

covering your face on the airplane is

kind of nice if it's someone nearby has

some smelly food or they're wearing too

much perfume that's kind of nice to

block out the odor just a little bit I

actually used a little bit longer on a

layover on Honolulu so I'll show you how

that went and by the way if you see some

marks in my face I had some things

removed nothing serious but you know how

YouTube comments are but I'll Splash

back to my use in Honolulu and see how

that went

see how fast I can do this oh this

thing's coming out look at this what's

up with that

what is going on that that is coming out

of there there's a velcro here that

supposedly holds that in place but it's

not holding very well

do I want to cover my face I don't know

maybe I'll leave my mouth out with you

guys think

all right let me see can I actually take

a nap in this thing

I feel like a bobble head like it's kind

of balancing on my shoulder it kind of

pushes on my cheek too I feel like I

just got back from the dentist because

one side works one side doesn't but let

me try I miss you maybe I can take a nap

let's see

if your head Falls forward

no not bad

it might work so I continue to use it

here at the resort on the balcony even

though I didn't really need to but I

kind of want to keep using it to see how

I liked it




so in the end I'm kind of on the fence

about the turtle travel pillow so I'm

just going to give you my pros and cons

and let you decide from there I will say

there's two pros and two cons the first

pro is that it's actually pretty

comfortable the insert is springy the

material is soft it's not uncomfortable

whatsoever the second Pro is that it's

very light it's lighter than a regular

travel pillow it's easy to pack away

cannot you can even use the velcro to

wrap it around your suitcase strap so

it's actually quite convenient as far as

traveling goes now as far as the cons go

you're kind of limited onto which side

you can put your head on

I'm a little bit OCD about having my

head off to one side the entire time

while I'm resting I kind of want to go

back and forth you can't really do that

very easily with the turtle travel

pillow the other con is it requires

space to kind of unfurl it and put it on

and if you've got people you don't know

on the sides of you you're kind of being

encroaching on their space I was kind of

able to get it working with my hands

kind of off to the side like that but

it's not really ideal when you got

stranger sitting next to you something

that's neither a pro or con is that it's

not really as soft as a pillow you do

feel that kind of springy insert in

there it's not unbearable it certainly

was doable but not as soft as a pillow

so in the end if you haven't had a lot

of luck with traditional travel pillows

this is certainly something worth giving

a try I don't think it's a perfect

solution for me because I don't like

having to be off to one side the entire

time but it does have as fans and if

you're looking for a travel pillow and

it's not the typical design this would

be worth a look but that's all I've got

I'm going to conclude this video with a

few scenes from my travels here on this

beautiful island I appreciate you

watching and I'll see you next time








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