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Craziest "1 in a Trillion" Moments in Sports History

Published June 13, 2023, 12:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Craziest "1 in a Trillion" Moments in Sports History


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we're coming back

is that a catch

it's in his mask

ball never hit the ground on a foul tip

two strikes


i got it

and i'm going to keep my eye on the ball

like velcro well

i can't believe that true willie just

placed that right in his arm







a few years ago i mean

this goes through yeah that looks good

and then out

here's the pitch it's a shot to deep

right center it's going going oh my god

that's unbelievable



mariota to the line of scrimmage maybe

across the line at the flex back to him

for a touchdown for the moment

he says therefore he's an eligible


it is a touchdown

very close

it's you can tell he's talking to


that knocked

the players are coming off the field

whether they want them to or not yeah

holy cow willingham the first base went

down on all fours i don't blame him

wow and knocked me down

that thing came out of nowhere sure did


steps up

fires mike sims walker

knocked down


unbelievable my thomas touchdown james


50 yards gonna go up for it but it's

knocked to the ground

right into the hands

of mike thomas

glover quinn knocks it down with both

hands like a volleyball player spiking

it over the net

right field langworthy deep





disrupts it

glam has to throw it up oh my

it goes

it goes


desperation three

from lamb


can the receivers get far enough down

the field


in trouble

it's going to get there he turned 32

yesterday does he have a vintage moment


in the end zone it is caught for the win

richard rogers

with a walk-off touchdown

a game ender for the packers

during overtime's popular personalities

calling the action

as james hits the floor and the ball

gets stuck between the rim and the


yeah he couldn't do that again if you

paid him i'm saying he's trying to duke

the official into a foul right here came

close they will jump it up at center


yeah anyone can jump see robinson very

close there to a foul

bourne goes from second the oh the throw

hits lee and goes all the way out to


see he didn't move didn't go out of the

way and you know the lucky finger

he got rid of the ball

every single day you see something in

this game michael you haven't seen in a



oh yeah that's the way to do it oh hold


oh that's hard to do

with an assist




bouncing ball fielded at the 25.

oh you got to be killed oh look at this

this is dan connolly the right guard

the right guard

still going to the four-yard line


that's unbelievable

as soon as somebody hits me i know

nobody hit me there now it didn't happen

but remember what mike mccarthy told us

he said all the injuries we've had on

defense the biggest issue we've had has

been on special teams and boy did it

show up there

look at the big guy with the move he's

going to cut back

that is the loaf of bread carry

there goes the runner that one is looped

in the air to shore and it's going to

fall in for a base hit well here's

another curveball now watch this swing

and that ball bounces so here we go

here's your kind of like a drop kick but

with a back



oh it goes in

westbrook with a big smile

well the boys in the audio room

yeah that's on you

it's it happens

that way back in october here's


you've gotta be kidding me

even though he's having a good game nine

to 15.

the 2-2

got a piece of it good got a good piece

of it and asked you had a real good


look at this there go the sprinklers

the sprinklers have fired just on the

infield but pedro

soaking wet

has to walk right through it


here it is yep that was right that ball

went in it hit his chest and came right

back up still on his feet


out of bounds

brian bremen

didn't have his helmet on

no helmet bremen you got a tough defense

and leads with his

now is that helmet the helmet or not uh

i technically know


that was a collision

oh my goodness


and maybe not even then

look at that

did that uh

that breaks something on his mask


that's something you see every day

jump ball with darko milicic

as many days five on the season and

there's a drive toward right field

turner ward going over makes a great

diving catch

and we lost turner ward he goes up and

through the wall apparently

possibly he went through a door out

there in right field but literally he

was gone


that much room over there as rizzo gets

on the tarp he makes a catch

he's being called no catch but wow come


but that was a thing of beauty

let's see

the tarp

leaning top of the wall

again here comes westbrook



that's gonna count

that thing took forever

strike one so the first pitch was fouled

where did it go


easter egg hunt

a little late

right into his pocket

did he just hand it right back

why not

that's great touchdown romo back with

time deep middleweight and there you go

now he needs three lost his helmet keeps

running without a hat 15 to the 10 to

the six

and they'll get quinton michael is 5 10.

okay jason witten is six five

so when you go helmet to helmet you

gotta go up a little bit chrissy scales

nfl films is gonna love this whit and


high fly ball right field deep canseco

back to the track look it up it is off

his head it looked like and over the top

it looked like it can sit over the top

of the head we'll have to check the

replay oh he did ball in the ball

reaches up

you see right there he goes over the top


it gets sicko in the head and bounced

over the wall for a homer look at that

two seconds remaining

off the boss goal he was flush the shot

wouldn't drop





you see what joe mower just did watch

this okay watch this a little peek over

the shoulder yeah

then put the glove out and just this way

i got

here's edelman broken up and the pass

is no sign yet

edelman comes down with a football

they're saying it's a catch

let's see who comes down with it

oh that's a catch

oh my god


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