April 15, 2024

How I Watch EVERY Live NFL Game Without Cable THE SMART WAY (2023)

Published June 13, 2023, 7:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Check out how to watch EVERY NFL game with NO Blackouts, No Cable and NO Satellite. The SMART WAY to watch football!

Get Express VPN Here! https://www.expressvpn.com/Director

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Step 1: Get a VPN. I highly recommend Express VPN as listed above.

Step 2: Set your VPN to a country outside the US. I like SIngapore and the UK.

Step 3: Sign up for NFL Gamepass https://www.nflgamepass.com

Step 4: Make sure your VPN is running when watching the live games and you're good to go!


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today's video is going to be a little

bit different okay guys because we've

got a serious problem one i know almost

each and every one of you struggle with

every single year how do i watch

football i simply want to watch football

okay let's google it i mean look at this

why does it have to be so complicated

nbc sports sunday ticket fox of course i

could just sign up for satellite tv for

like 70 plus bucks a month then i could

add a sports package with a hefty price

tag of like 300 bucks

no stop because i'd be stuck with pain

for live tv that i don't even use for

eight months out of the year but i want

to watch football but i don't want

satellite too i mean we live in a

digital age netflix hulu prime i'm good

bro no i will not conform to paying for

an over excessive service just for

football not for me but still i want to

watch football

wait no there's another option sports

fans one that i discovered last year one

that guarantees i can watch every game i

want without the fear of blackouts or

channel surfing one that breaks the

shackles of conformity one that

harnesses the awesome power of the

internet and its name is nfl game pass

right so you're telling me that there's

a service that allows me to watch any

game i want with red zone nfl total

access condensed replays and nfl

original content like hard knocks and

even more and you're telling me that i

can finally pay for just football that's

unbelievably cheaper than paying for

satellite year-round yet this is it

this is the answer this is what i've

been looking for oh wait except for one

thing one major heartbreaking

earth-shattering thing you can watch all

the games you want

but not live

but hang on let me finish there's a way

around this a way that will lead us to

the promised land of watching live games

using the nfl game pass in combination

with this vital tool a virtual private

network or vpn for short okay i lost

some of you guys i can tell just wait

what is a vpn well in layman's terms

it's a legitimate service that allows

your internet connection to appear like

it's coming from anywhere in the world

you see certain apps and services are

subject to a thing called geo

restrictions for example netflix has

movies and shows that you can only watch

in certain parts of the world so right

now there's some dude in the uk watching

your favorite show that you don't

currently have access to in the states

but with the vpn we can change that and

there lies the answer by using a vpn we

can bounce our signal from other parts

of the world to grant us access to the

nfl game pass to allow us to watch live

games but director we sure this is legit

quick google search completely legal we

did it guys this is the answer this is

what i personally have been using for

the last two years and i felt it was

finally time to share this method this

is an awesome way to navigate the nfl

season and one that i plan to use for

the foreseeable future and it is super

simple to set out guys here's a quick

rundown step one choose a vpn provider

now there's a few vpn providers to

choose from after trying a few of them

out myself i recently found

expressvpn to be my unquestioned

preference to put it simple it's the

fastest connection like by a lot and you

want fast speeds when you're watching

live games trust me it also allows you

to install it in a number of different

devices i personally have it on my phone

and fire stick so i can watch the games

on my phone and tv now be sure to check

out the link in the description if you

want to use expressvpn like me i was

able to secure us some special deals for

the bolt fam it's super cheap ranging

from like eight bucks a month to 13

bucks a month depending on your

subscription now step two install your

vpn and fire it up once you signed up go

ahead and launch your vpn it'll look

something like this just connect to a

country outside of the states i like to

use singapore or the uk and you're good

to go but make sure it's connected

before you go to this next part sign up

for nfl game pass this is simple enough

make an account an nfl game pass you can

use your location somewhere else if you

want to go the extra mile once you're

signed up you're going to want to choose

your subscription i always go with pro

p.s don't let the price tag scare you

yet more on that in a minute next you're

going to enter your information and

create an account now like i said don't

worry about the one-year deal it'll try

to make it look like that's the only

option but if you click down here on

modify you can change it to weekly which

i personally prefer lastly gonna set up

your payment method bing bang boom

you're good to go now last few notes

before we wrap this thing up make sure

that you fire up your vpn before trying

to watch the live games otherwise it's

not going to work and remember i do this

all the time you can fire up the vpn on

the big screen too using something like

a chromecast or a fire stick i

personally use it on a fire stick myself

you can download expressvpn app on there

too just log into your account using the

nfl app while the vpn is activated you

should be good to go if you run into any

trouble with the app go ahead and fire

it up using the web browser on your

device that usually works great for me

too and lastly a shout out to expressvpn

a new sponsor of the show guys remember

a vpn can be used for a lot of awesome

things you can use it for other stuff

like netflix amazon prime hulu and more

be sure to check out all the content

from all over the world it's an awesome

tool and on top of giving you

unrestricted access to streaming

platforms it protects against hackers

spies gives you safe web surfing and

most importantly live freaking football

now i the tech savvy egghead i am use a

vpn on a daily basis year round and it's

something i'm excited to share with you

guys remember you can nab three free

months using the link in the description

a special deal just for the bolt fan

this is a service i was super stoked to

share with you guys again one that i use

on a daily basis and i'm really excited

to see more people break the shackles of

conformity leave behind the satellite

and experience football the way it's

supposed to be it's football season baby

no blackouts no restrictions


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