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Wheel of Time series fans respond to TV Series, my videos

Published June 13, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Bethany

Direct feedback of the audience impressions of WOT posted to the three videos I have made regarding the Amazon Prime adaption of Robert Jordan’s beloved ‘Wheel of Time’ book series. Thank you all for the views and your authentic, uncensored comments!

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amazon has screwed the pooch in ways

that we could not even have imagined

when it comes to fans

who love robert jordan's the wheel of

time book series now i'm not going to

say i told you so because

i didn't tell you so i expressed my

concerns reading the reviews from

variety the verge

forbes bloomberg

and most troubling of all from the

showrunner himself rafe judkins i guess

personally what i did not expect was

just how


they had mutilated a beloved franchise

with over 15 books

now for those of you not familiar with

the wheel of time series i'm going to

try and use an analogy imagine if when

peter jackson had created his lord of

the rings trilogy he had done everything

that he could to make

it instead martin scorsese's goodfellas

gone would be tolkien's good sweet

natured love of nature

instead we'd have a lot of violence

infighting and above all gore and murder

at every turn it would be a study in the

darkest parts of the human psyche it

would show every vice and violence

in lured detail

it would deviate in every possible way

from the tolkien source material so much

so that we wouldn't recognize frodo sam

gandolf aragorn anyone

that's pretty much what amazon did

to the wheel of time series

all while hammering in intersectional

feminism woke agendas current your

political narratives

and also changing the fundamental canon

of the main character of the entire 15



i kind of figured that out within 20

seconds of watching the first episode

when moyrane's voiceover had me spilling

my bourbon while i stood up cursing


what the hell am i watching

i had no plans to make another video

full disclosure after those first


but when i woke up the day after the

premiere i was astonished by the

feedback to the videos i had made by

people who had the exact same reaction

just how irate pissed off and

heartbroken are fans of robert jordan's

wheel of time series

let's take a look

warning we are going deep into spoiler


also things are going to get real damn

spicy real damn quick just a heads up

red patriot

wrote as a fan of the books i can tell

you they absolutely effed this up


you'll get no argument for me

8 bitten commented i wanted to do an

after show live stream tearing apart the

out of this show but i'm not sure i

want to punish myself watching it you

know eight bitten that is why i was

gonna walk away from all this

but i think your voices each of you who

have commented and expressed what you

felt your voices need to be amplified

and just maybe maybe these corporations

will hear us


onofrey says in my humble opinion the

show butchers the books characters and

ideas robert jordan is probably turning

in his grave very unhappy face

alexandru you're not wrong robert jordan

himself said that he wanted to make a

book series that appealed to the fans of

the lord of the rings and tolkien's


amazon has gone the complete opposite


uber malice wrote they've strayed too

far from the source material at some

point adding scenes that never happened

in the books perrin being married and

killing his wife never effing happens in

the book

the problem

of which i mostly agree is that jordan's

story is beloved all they want is a

faithful adaptation is that too much to


judicator wrote this show is pure

social engineering

garbage and gives examples

nadine ellicott this is absolute garbage

i can't believe they did that to my

favorite scenes

another comment i tried watching it as

well couldn't get through the entire

first episode they have destroyed

another great ip on the altar of woke

they had to add in toxic men and make

sure that the women appear as strong and

powerful and perfect

not to mention all of the swaps

just an absolute piece of garbage oh

heck pulls no punches i couldn't even

finish the first episode i honestly

cannot effing believe that any fan of

jordan's story would give the show one

second of their time let alone praise it

or give excuse for its bloody existence

i have never seen anything like this it

makes battlefield earth look like a

faithful adaptation


that was

savage arght the studio they have

completely removed all the style and

logic from the story that robert jordan

painstakingly instilled

there is no epic sad struggle of

willpower has ran drags his dying father

through the entire night to town to save

him these are iconic scenes what

rational writer cuts this out instead we

get this goofy scene glorifying women

for no reason nineveh cleaning rocks in

a pond why is she washing rocks

yeah it it breaks my heart

that first book introduces us to these

characters like rand matrum

perrin their innocence their


i think that's a major part of the

problem with rafe judkins aging these

characters up not to mention completely

destroying what they were

and one last one

this is from andre

they've got so many things wrong in 15

minutes that i made a list laugh out

loud funny fact is i tried to post this

on other reviews and it got deleted in


that doesn't surprise me and here's what

we're going to see

the same thing that we saw with star

wars star trek doctor who

any any genre movie at all where we have

seen the same changes the same agendas

the same narratives

with the same now predictable outcome

from those who were fans of those


by now it's a pretty well-worn playbook

we're going to be called racist


russian trolls

trump supporters

alt-right whatever

it's it's the name-calling time

we'll probably also see shill media

continue to call it a triumph celebrate

what it is and focus on those factors


we has a core audience and people who

love the source material don't like

i said it in an earlier video but these

revisionist air quotes progressive air

quotes tropes that are being jammed in

with a broom handle into every former

intellectual property we love in genre

at what point

do we start calling it what it is and

that is


social engineering

now these studios whether they be amazon

disney warner brothers they have to see

this impacting their botting line yet

they're not making a course correction

and they've had years to do it

so why do they keep doing it

no i got no time to sit around making a

tinfoil hat i'm just saying

it's been long enough

i want to thank everybody who commented

on my videos and gave them a watch all

three of the ones that i have done now

on wheel and time including this one

also for those of you who hate it on me

i'm gonna monetize that hate in every

way that i can and allow people who

do love source material much like i have

in this video to comment and offer their

own experience

i've said it many times when it comes to

the wheel of time i wish

this was good i wish i was excited i

wish we all had something that every

week we could tune in and watch and get

excited about

wheel of time on amazon it's not going

to be that

has ever

i am salty texas c

this is coreydb

if you like what you heard please

consider giving me a thumbs up and a

subscription i really do appreciate it

regardless i hope you have an awesome



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