June 23, 2024

VPN MegaBytes REVIEW: Up Your Game With Gummy Bytes

Published June 12, 2023, 9:20 a.m. by Naomi Charles

⭐ OVERALL RATING: 8.0 / 10.0

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📰 Overview of VPN MegaBytes

VPN Mega Bytes are a fun and tasty way to get some Nootropic and Eye Health ingredients in. They certainly give a noticeable boost in cognition and productivity, and make for a great addition to an energy drink or other Caffeine source.

They taste quite good and although they do have a funky smell, make for a nice way to change it up instead of your typical powders or pills. Due to them being gummies, of course you are going to be paying a little bit more, however it can be a nice product to have sitting around as an add-on for Caffeine when you are gaming or simply need to be more productive.


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with esports uh becoming more popular

and actually

to be honest more uh entertaining than

reels or traditional sports these days

uh there's gonna be a huge market for

these guys so to see new brands popping


almost every week now so we gave these

guys a shot and we're gonna let you know

if you like


what's up everybody g here vp of content

fitnessinformant.com here today for a

quick review

we are going to be looking at vpn

megabytes this is

a nootropic uh marketed towards gamers

and uh it actually comes in a gummy form

which is uh quite interesting

with esports uh becoming more popular

and actually

to be honest more entertaining than

reels or traditional sports these days

uh there's gonna be a huge market for

these guys so you see new brands popping


almost every week now so we gave these

guys a shot and we're gonna let you know

if we liked it or not

let's go so starting off with the

profile we're gonna say that

uh gummies are not the best delivery

system when you can when compared to a

capsule form or a powdered form

uh still we're going at it we're just

looking at the profile

first in green that we have here is 600

milligrams of alpha size

alpha size is a trademark form of uh

alpha gpc

this is a very high quality uh source of


nice to see them not use coding by

tartrate uh choline conversation in the

brain that is a neurotransmitter

probably the first ingredient that you

think of as a nootropic or for focus

uh 600 milligrams is a great dose so


props to them clinical dose in a gummy

that is

rare to see and nice to see so already

right there awesome next up we have

panics ginseng ginseng is one of those

ingredients that actually has a lot of

benefits to it

you typically see it in energy drinks

although they are usually under dosed in

them as it is uh ginseng has a lot of

anti-inflammatory properties antioxidant

properties uh with that said

in neutral pigs panics ginseng uh is

typically used for a way to

help with memory and you typically want

to do around 200 milligrams you get 100

milligrams in here so it's

it's at a lower dose than what you would

expect to see with that said

one of the games may still listen to

some effect especially if you use it

every day

so 100 milligrams uh there you go next

up we have another very popular


ginkgo biloba gingko is probably one of

the most popular ingredients for

nootropics as well it's actually

been used for a long time it actually

has quite some benefits to it be i i

would recommend going down the rabbit

hole with it very interesting

not only does it act as a neutral big it

helps with circulatory health provides

antioxidants uh

solvent green overall we like seeing it

in here you typically want around 100 to

200 milligrams per day you get 60

milligrams for four bites in here so

not uh at that 100 milligram threshold

still if you take it every day you might

still see some benefit

uh so we'd like to see that higher and

then finally you have lutein and

zeaxanthin as ludimax

2020. this is a trademarked ingredient

it contains both lutein and zeaxanthin

as i just said of course

uh these are simply there to help with

eye health with gamers

staring at a screen you know these crazy

fps that they get these days that's

going to strain your eyes

especially if you're sitting there for

eight plus hours a day playing which a

lot of gamers

actually do so uh this can certainly

help with the overall eye health you

still want to make sure you are

probably just wearing the blue light uh

glasses still we love the addition

you get a solid dose 20 milligrams of

the lutein four milligrams of the


and that's the profile very short very

quick straight to the point not overly

uh extensive still it does have some

solid greens like the alpha gpc

the ginkgos nice ginseng's nice and even

the blue light antioxidants are nice

seen there as well

of course with that said there's no

caffeine in here so this is a stem-free

option for you

if you really need a similar as you play

video games you can simply caffeine pill


dirt cheap if you want to add anything

else you can find a lot of single

ingredients are cheap to add to this

still on its own it does fine so that's

great did it work let's find out so we


four bytes every time we we played or

one or had to do some work

and really you do notice a boost in uh

focus pretty much

exactly what you'd expect out of a

capsule form out the gpc product

obviously not as powerful as something

that has a more comprehensive formula


you do get something out of it is your

kd gonna suddenly rise no but you're

gonna notice a boost in focus motivation

uh productivity if you take it even when

you're not gaming or if you're just

playing video games you're gonna notice

you play a little bit better or a little

bit more zoned in so it does

certainly work we also like pairing it

with caffeine whether that's an energy


maybe some tyrosine it does make for a

nice add-on to a simple energy drink as

you play

you can pretty much just see it as a

tasty add-on is it the strongest

gaming supplement out there no not by

any means but still it does

provide something in a tasty way with

that said how did it taste

uh we had the sour retro

berry i got two left here this is what

they look like

so they don't taste bad they're actually

not bad at all actually quite nice

i wish i could have more of these

there's a little bit of sugar in here

eight grams but if you're worried about

10 carbs in your diet or eight grams of

sugar you're overthinking it

most likely well they don't taste bad at

all they actually taste pretty good they

do have like a

like a smell almost like a rubbery like

smell to them it's not awful but you

you can certainly smell it it even has a

little bit of it in there in the taste


it doesn't really ruin it it still

tastes pretty damn good

not too hard to make a good tasting

product if you have eight grams of sugar

in there and obviously all the flavors

that they have we got to sample some of

the other ones

they're good as well sour retro berry is

a safe bet tastes great and yeah taste

is an issue here okay so you can get

this directly from the vpn website for

about 29.99 this will give you

16 total surveys if you use it that way

if you only need two bytes for the 300

milligrams of alpha gpc which is a fine

dose as well

uh you're gonna have 32 bytes if you use

coupon code format you do save 20

off so that'll bring it down quite a bit

not necessarily a bad deal

we would just expect a few more

ingredients obviously you are kind of

paying for the gummies for the delivery

system this is a much tastier option

obviously than capsule form which is

gonna be a lot cheaper but it doesn't

taste as good obviously

and powders are gonna be obviously

usually the best way to go especially

for value

still if you are looking for a gummy

something to add on something that's

tasty not another pill to swallow feel

like you're dying

this may be worth having a round not one

that we would use every day at that

price especially with

what else is out there still not the

worst option and the profile is a lot

better than what we have seen on this

new in this new esports gaming market

some of the profiles are absolutely


this isn't one of them so overall if you

are looking for a gummy

type of gaming product this might do

well it's not something we would take

every day but more something as a way to

add on to your

energy drink as you play or as a way to

boost your

like if you are drinking taking some

caffeine in during the day and you want

to be more productive

this may be something worth having

around still if you are looking for an

all-in-one gaming product

you might want to look at some of the

other formulas out there still

not the worst option out there by any

means and actually we are quite

impressed that they were able to get 600

milligrams in

gummies as well as some of the other

ingredients especially the lutein and

zeaxanthin that is cool

profile is good taste is good value is

more of a product that you'd keep around


on occasion not necessarily something

that you take every day still

kind of fun cool for more info be sure

to check out






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