May 21, 2024

Most VPN Reviews are Not Legit. Here's why.

Published June 12, 2023, 9:20 a.m. by Naomi Charles

In this video, I give my opinions on why most reviews of VPNs you will find are not legit.


00:00 Introduction

00:06 Why am I different?

01:50 Affiliate farms on Youtube Owned by 1 Person

06:00 Are VPN review websites legit?

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what if I told you guys most VPN reviews

are not legitimate at least in my

opinion now guys I've been doing VPN

reviews for a long time pretty much 70

years and I've reviewed almost every

single one if you don't believe me go

ahead and search on the channel you'll

see more than a thousand videos on vpns

reviewing every single one discussing

the different pros and cons of each one

comparing it against each other but when

you see most other people talking about

vpns they don't really have many videos

on them diving into specifically what

makes each one good or bad or if they

have a lot of videos about vpns there's

not actually going to be any review

system that looks at each VPN with the

same criteria and that's what we do here

on this channel but on other channels or

other content on the internet that

simply is not true additionally guys

here on my channel uh we have no

sponsored ads no ads on any YouTube

videos like no ads just at all I don't

make any AD Revenue here on YouTube at

all not only that but my rating system

is driven by the community itself I

interact with my community on Discord

which you could join right up here I

talk to them every day discussing vpns

and other privacy tools or even just

stuff like video games now I kind of

want to discuss you know some of the

other content on the internet and why I

don't think those reviews are legitimate

like mine are like I said in the

beginning we have a rating system here

you could find it by going to if you click on this

little link here you can see the rating

system itself each VPN is rated by the

same exact metrics scored by the same

exact criteria and this rating system is

actually updated every year

um depending on what my community thinks

I should add to it so yeah pretty good

but if we take a look at some of the

other uh stuff on YouTube for example

let's go ahead and look at and see you

know what kind of stuff is going on uh

so whatever it is this one is ranked

number one right now on YouTube for

nordvpn let's go ahead and look at this


um so one thing I did want to mention is

that a lot of these channels I've found

on YouTube and I've made videos before

is a lot of these kind of VPN related

channels are kind of what I would call

at an affiliate Farm they're not really

uh they're just kind of like a company

hired some content creators on Fiverr or

something like that to make videos on

specific products that make a lot of

money and that's kind of what I think

this one is at least in my opinion

um and a lot of them are actually owned

by the same people and use the same

voices I'm not quite sure if this guy I

guess this guy is the current one you

can see him right here but if we go back

like far enough uh it's someone else

let's see if we could listen to the

audio as well how's it going everybody

welcome back and today so I've heard

this guy before he's like kind of more

Middle Eastern looking with longer hair

welcome to geekman and in this channel

we cover all types of VPN and but then

there's like some other completely

different guy hello guys welcome back

and no to the I think it might be maybe

the guy here hey guys what it does sound

like him

um so that's this channel in my opinion

this channel is not legitimate in terms

of hello guys the actual good VPN

reviews it's just promoting Express Nord

and surf shark

um there's not really I don't think

there's a really a website all the

videos are just scripted um as you can

see here you know who knows none of them

have any engagement there's uh but tons

of like views but no actual comments you

know if you look at something like I

don't know this was made a month ago

I'll be surprised even if it has like

any comments nope so it has like how do

these videos get so many views and don't

have any comments uh kind of suspicious

to me 394 likes 1.6 000 views no

comments and just the same thing again

promoting the same through VPN so that's

that channel

um we can take another look at something

uh like Panda Tech okay so it's the same

guy here again you could see it from the

thumbnail uh the same exact guy just a

completely different Channel doing the

same exact thing let's see if it's surf

shark Express and Nord there you go same

thing same script no comments so you

could start to kind of get an idea here

of why in my opinion these are not

legitimate reviews and if we go back far

enough here I I bet so this guy is

really here on this channel but again

it's just some other random guy and I

bet here if we listen to it it's going

to be the the guy with the voice like I


how's it going everybody welcome here it

is so yeah it's the same guy so a lot of

these channels popping up on YouTube

search results are you know the same

channel and they're just kind of like

affiliate Farms we have another one geek

man is the same one so so far we have

how's it going everybody you can hear

the same voice welcome back and some of

you guys have been asking does

um 1.9 K views no engagement no comments

same vpns nor to express probably surf

shark in there as well so three channels

owned by the same person using the same

person promoting the team products so

yeah you can see what's going on here in


um at VPN Pro uh is like a different one

uh I I don't think it's associated with

the other ones uh it's it's heavily

focused on Nord and surf shark

specifically in Atlas VPN all

companies owned by the same product and

you'll be find a lot of similarities

between VPN Pro and Cyber News really

promotes Tesla net products nor surf

shark Atlas VPN and of course hostinger

which is owned by uh of course Tesla as

well so there's a lot of similarities

between VPN Pro and Cyber News

um so yeah we could take a look at some

of the other channels we have anonymous

browsing which is hosting a lot of

videos same guy so we have four channels

owned by the same guy using the same guy

and let's see if it's the same guy's

voice which is not his face how's it

going everybody welcome back so

so yeah you could probably get an idea

of what's going on here on YouTube uh

honestly just affiliate Farms out of the

Wazoo it speaks for themselves using the

same guys same voices same promoted vpns

as you can see Express Nord and search

so these things are clogging up the

search results definitely hurting uh

kind of getting my honest content to you

guys which is a shame if you guys find

any of these channels suspicious feel

free to report them at least in your

opinion so guys what about some of the

other content on the internet uh what

about some of the stuff that's not just

like affiliate forms per se well we have

some other kind of reputable services in

some ways and this could be

controversial uh first up let's take a

look at privacy guys now I'm somewhat

friendly with the guy who owns this

website his name is Jonah Aragon

so this one's primarily recommending

ivpn malva and proton VPN

um so it's the the rating system here is

primarily like

um based on you know how privacy

friendly it is it doesn't really take

into account

um pricing or streaming compatibility it

also kind of looks at things on terms of

like an on paper kind of thing so if a

if a VPN is like open source

um audited

um and that's pretty much as much as it

needs to like kind of get on here but

personally to me I just kind of disagree

with some of this methodology for

example you know they they Mark accept

cash as a like feature

um but it's funny because like why would

you ever want to send cash into one of

these companies you know thinking about

mailing cash it just seems so outdated I

even saw a guy talking about it he sent

in his cash and he's been waiting for a

while now just to get a subscription

honestly not really so much a feature

um Additionally you know there are other

vpns that accept Monero and stuff like

that and you know 41 country support

isn't that good neither is 35 ideally

you want at least 50 countries supported

like something like proton but a lot of

these metrics in my opinion are just a

little bit spotty you know even proton

doesn't have port forwarding so you know

some of these things like independent

audits you know this is something that I

kind of disagree with personally

ironically I do kind of agree with uh

jager's take the CEO of windscribe he

says here that audits by most of these

firms are total they are used

exclusively for marketing q53 doesn't do

no logging audits because they feel same

way we asked Big Five firms a single

audit these most of these vpns use kind

of the same firms they audit a single

server and the scope is laughable they

prove nothing other than given the

information was provided to us a single

server the following things are true is

there proof that all servers are run on

the same configuration or that didn't

change the next day no that is not trust

is required basing Common Sense trumps

all this throwing logs costs money and

we open ourselves to liability by

storing logs if not logging is cheaper

and this risky why on Earth would a

company engage in logging despite what

they publicly Fame it makes zero sense

and I actually do kind of agree with

that so putting so much emphasis on a

metric like um these audits in my

opinion is not really that important

that said I do think it's somewhat

important and can be a extra bonus of

trust for a VPN to show that they want

to do this which is why it is like 1.5

points in my tier list system but saying

that this is more important than

something like price in my opinion is

just kind of doesn't make sense or even

something like streaming compatibility

or even having the ability to have

dedicated IPS and stuff like that uh it

just doesn't make sense to me as a

rating system so I do recommend I I do

recommend proton in my channel uh it is

a good VPN it's not too expensive long

term if you get a long-term package and

it has good streaming compatibility but

I my opinion ivpn very expensive doesn't

work streaming it has a limited server

Network movad can get expensive long

term limited server network doesn't work

with streaming so these vpns kind of do

have their cons but those kind of things

aren't really mentioned here so my

opinion the criteria system isn't quite

as comprehensive now this one is

actually interesting because privacy

guides where like volunteers helping the

creator of this website the creator of

this website kind of went AFK for a year

due to mental health issues

um the team kind of like had a rebellion

against this guy took his subreddit

um and kind of took the idea of his

website and that's kind of what privacy

guys is today and then what happened

after that is the guy that privacy tools

was like you know all this drama

you just kind of completely sold out his

website at least in my opinion just kind

of recommending the same run-of-the-mill

vpns you see on those YouTube channels I

was discussing surf shark Nord and some

of those things that are high

commissions the sky clear is just trying

to make some money with his website I

was kind of friendly with him at one

point I don't know exactly what happened

but we ended up blocking each other I

think he was defending all things

secured on YouTube which I'm not a huge

fan of because he just recommends

expressvpn those products that I don't

find you know that day to day that

appealing um but yeah that's kind of

this one his VPN system here he doesn't

really have a rating system either

and you know this is kind of like the

worst case scenario what would happen is

one of these websites you know they run

non-profit for five five years and then

they decide they want to make money and

then they just kind of abandon their

former criteria and just list this nor

surfshark and express now before this

guy had done this his ratings were

almost exactly like privacy guides and

then he just kind of changed them

arbitrarily with no reason at all and in

fact there was a lot of controversy

around it anyways guys those are some of

my opinions on some of the VPN content

out there you know we have other things


um if you look up best VPN in Google or

something like that you'll see something

like I don't know Tom's guide but these

things like I said are more similar to

the YouTube affiliate forms in my


Express Nord and surf shark pretty much

the same exact three vpns all very high

commission paying vpns

and these websites don't really have any

objective criteria any rating tables

anything like that they just kind of

pick vpns arbitrarily at least in my

opinion anyways guys those are my

opinions here on the channel let me know

what you think down in the comments down

below and I'll see you again very soon

member stick with Tom spark reviews on

the VPN tier list


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