May 30, 2024

UPDATE Microsoft confirms Windows 11 KB5026372 is causing VPN issues

Published June 12, 2023, 9:20 a.m. by Naomi Charles

Recently there were reports that the update is breaking VPN connections and that the update is failing to install, with error codes 0x800f081f and 80070002: Microsoft has now said that they are aware of the issue and are looking into it.

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hi brentick here where Tech is Made

Simple so a day or so ago I posted a


letting you know about issues with the

latest patch Tuesday update for Windows

11 22 H2

which was kb5026372

and I'll leave a link to that video down

below um but just to do a quick recap

for today's video um there were reports

that this update

um is breaking VPN connections and what

it's doing is it's causing um obviously

slow slow download and upload speeds if

you are using a VPN connection after

applying this update

and the update is also failing to

install and what's generating error

codes but you can check out that

information in that video

now there is some more information that

has come to light and just to let you

know um that

apparently the problems did start with

this update

kb5025305 which was

um the April 2023's optional bug fix

update they rolled out for Windows 11 22

H2 and as many of you would know

um a lot of the fixes and improvements

are carried over into the next batch

Tuesday update from the previous

optional update so it's no wonder that

um the issue started yet and then moved

into the the most recent Patch Tuesday

security update

now um some more information is that um

interestingly though

um the download and upload speeds are

not affected um if you are using a wired

connection only if you are using Wi-Fi

so that's something that we didn't know

previously so it's only affecting Wi-Fi

connections and not

um hardwired connections as I would call


and another thing is that although um

these issues are not mentioned by

Microsoft as a known issue on their

health dashboard

and Microsoft has mentioned to a

bleeping computer

which is an online media outlet that

they are aware of the issue and is

looking into it quote unquote so

although it's not a known issue

Microsoft has mentioned that there are

aware of this issue and are looking into

resolving the issue now at this stage as

I have mentioned previously um although

it's not

um advised because obviously um security


do bring important security fixes to the

operating system if the negatives are

outweighing the positives

and obviously you can always uninstall

the update and just make sure though

that you do pause the update as it will

try to reinstall itself after you've

uninstalled it that will resolve the

issue until um

Microsoft does roll out a fix and

um at this stage and we hope they do

that sooner than later because they

haven't said exactly when they are

rolling out a fix just that they are

looking into it but we hope that the fix

does roll out um sooner than later


um in the next optional bug fix update

for Windows 11 22 H2 which will

um start rolling out sometime next week

in the fourth week of this month May

and um obviously if anything does change

and um more information is um provided

I'll obviously post and let you guys

know so thanks for watching and I will

see you in the next one


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