Dec. 7, 2023

How To Setup VPN for Roku Box

Published June 12, 2023, 8:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Here's how you can setup a VPN for roku Box. For more information, feel free to visit this page ➡️">vpn-on-roku-box/

roku offers a plethora of content from popular streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, but only for US residents. Use it with a VPN and you can access it from anywhere in the world.

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how to set up VPN for okuu similar to

Kodi Roku is a popular streaming player

that enables one-click access to us

based on demand streaming services such

as Netflix and Hulu with choices of 4k

or HD resolution and screen sizes from

24 to 65 inches roku TV puts your

entertainment all in one place in less

than $10 a month with one simple remote

however even with so many merits the

catch is that it is available for us

residents only tragic much not really

not if you use a VPN is your ticket out

of these location-based restrictions how

does it work

an IP address is your home address for

the online world a VPN masks your real

IP and replaces it with an anonymous VPN

IP from your desired location so the

next time you want to watch Roku outside

the US

simply connect to a US server and stream

away by doing so you can trick Roku into

thinking that the service is being

accessed from an authorised region and

stream without any restrictions how does

a VPN work with Roku Roku comes without

a default VPN client so the best way to

install a VPN on Roku is to connected to

a router that's already running a VPN

connection sounds daunting right it

isn't how to connect Roku box with VPN

router the process is a bit lengthy so

we have split it into three steps step 1

sign up for a VPN subscription sign up

for a paid and reliable VPN service it

is natively compatible with routers one

such example is pure VPN step 2

configure a router with VPN one cheap

subscribe to purevpn it's now time to

configure it with the router purevpn

supports almost all popular routers

including dd-wrt asus Belkin tomatoe

tp-link d-link the separate

configuration guides for all routers can

be found in the video description

connect Roku with the VPN router once

you've successfully configured router

with a VPN connect Roku with the VPN

router by following

these steps one restart your router and

connect with purevpn u.s. IP 2 on your

Mac or PC visit my Roku comm and choose

us as you're residing country 3 u.s. sip

codes have five digits and you need to

compose a zip code of five digits from

your own zip code related to your credit

card for perform a factory reset on the

Roku go to home screen press up select

settings select factory reset and select

yes 5 set up your Roku again with the

router and reconnect it to the network

Roku can serve as a one-stop solution

for your streaming needs use it with a

VPN so that you can access it outside

the u.s. from any location of your



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