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Published June 12, 2023, 11:20 a.m. by Naomi Charles

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what is a brand endorsement or

sponsorship deal it's when an athlete is

paid to wear a particular brand and or

promote a product via social media

platforms Tick Tock Instagram Twitter

Etc take for example Neymar's

astronomical deal with puma in exchange

for having to wear the brand Neymar

earns money now what does Neymar have to

do he has to wear Pima boots wear Pima

tracksuits merch promote the brand as

much as reasonably possible and not be

seen wearing other brands or competing

Brands within reason now what's in it

for Puma well having an attachment to

one of the best footballers on planet

Earth allows them to sell merch to a

wider audience or potential Neymar fans

if you were on the fence about puma and

undecided on whether to buy Puma boots I

know that as a child if I wanted to

emulate Neymar's playing style I would

have probably bought the boots that he

wore on the premise that Neymar wears it

and he can do X skill so maybe I'd be

able to do the same I know it's how

simplistic and stupid but that's how the

lessons think sometimes



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