July 14, 2024

Best Easy VPN App for Android Open Any Website from Any Location

Published June 12, 2023, 8:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Free & Use to Easy VPN App for Android phone & tablet.


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so guys today I'm going to talk about a

VPN for Android VPN means watch twelve

product Network it helps you to browse

block content in your country and it's

also hide your IP address and location

so you don't need to do any hard setting

for this you don't need to create a

Vivian setup in Android form there's a

simpler and best app available in Google

Play Store called a pair of V VPN so

just download and install this app to a

device and you are good to go

let's open this app of error libyan and

tap on connect wait for it it will

attempt to connect to server' okay the

colors change is green which means

you're connected as I don't need a

little a key icon in your notification

from here you can change your region

tap on change engine and select your

country right now this country is only a

level so I'm going to Canada

okay switching to Canada or way for it

okay done you are connected to Kara so

now you can use or open any web site

like YouTube any other website which is

blocked in your country so it will use

another longer issue and if you want to

close this VPN service just open the you

can app here click on three lines and

simply turn on turn office and that is

if we can read now so that is very easy

and simple to use

app for Android users thank for watching

see next video please like share and

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