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Published June 12, 2023, 8:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

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thank you




thank you

wow all right here this is a how to

grill a T-Bone steak inside of a

watermelon we've got our campfire going

wow this is actually heating up that

watermelon to give us a very very sweet

flavored steak nice it's right inside of

here and it actually takes very very

short amount of time because we've been

heating up this watermelon you've seen

how long this uh campfire has been going

so this watermelon has been over it for

a while now and we are just now so right

now inside that uh if you're just tuning

in we've got a watermelon hanging from a

couple of coat hangers here okay I've

got a face shield on because as we get

close to the end here

uh these side rinds here are going to

start to get weak but we're going to

pull out this steak so you can see

everything that is going on right yeah

let's see how it's cooking

excellent okay so we're going to take a

look wow this


the lead sprinkler was a simple yet

diabolical device it consisted of a

hollow metal ball attached to a handle

the ball had multiple small holes

through which molten lead or boiling oil

could be poured the torturer would heat

the ball filling it with the Searing


once the lead sprinkler was heated and

filled the torturer would manipulate it

to cause the boiling oil to dribble onto

the victim's body the Searing liquid

would cause severe burns leading to







follow me

follow me to the place where the sun

meets the moon we're all our differences

Fall Away Life Starts from space where

rhythm in life are one in the same




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