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Top 10 #DDD Videos of ALL Time with Guy Fieri | Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives | Food Network

Published June 11, 2023, 7:21 p.m. by Courtney

From lobster ravioli to shrimp covered in CORNDOG batter, these are the top 10 #ddd videos of ALL TIME!

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Visit the spots:

Joey's Kitchen in Lahaina, HI:

Pinky's Westside Grill in Charlotte, NC:

Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q in Atlanta, GA:

Broke Da Mouth Grindz in Kailua-Kona, HI:

Pingala Cafe in Burlington, VT:

Rino's Place in Boston, MA:

Grammy's Goodies in Wheat Ridge, CO:

Florence's restaurant in Oklahoma City:

Pizzeria Lola in Minneapolis, MN:

Hobo's BBQ in Temecula, CA:

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top 10 #ddd Videos of ALL Time | food Network

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so i'm here in lahaina in a strip mall here to  check out a joint called joey's joey something  

and what do you think they serve no they're not  serving cheesesteaks not hot dogs not burgers  

no it's not an all-american diner with that name  nope it's filipino asian fusion i didn't see that  

one coming this is joey's kitchen aurora crispy  patta it engages all the senses it's crispy it's  

aromatic the sauce that comes in it that's what  makes it different i've never tried pixie before  

whatever he does i love it crispy pate is  something that you don't see every day it's  

crispy on the outside it's really juicy on the  inside do you buy these by the pound by the foot  

this has got part of the shank i just don't see  pigs feet in this form very often we got a water  

going here just to get some funk out of there we  put the garlic onions palm vinegar and vinegar  

you think of that one baking powder just to give  tenderize a little bit more okay salt peppercorn  

sea sauce lemongrass how long are these gonna  go in the water four to five hours you'll pull  

out all the impurities put it into a strainer  to let them kind of congeal dry it in the oven  

at 200 degrees for 30 minutes next we're doing  the sao sauna is that a filipino sauce yes i'm  

already speaking the language very good soy sauce  spice vinegar they have turmeric chilies and stuff  

like that fish sauce rice wine vinegar garlic  wine chilies green onions hawaiian sea salt  

i just have that as a cold soup salty and  spicy i need more of that in my life what  

do we have next shop the kimchi kimchi is not  filipino it's not but you know you live in  

hawaii everybody like eat kimchi all right so we  have cabbage salted salt pulls out some moisture  

rinse with hot water this is a garlic and  onions puree kimchi chili powder all of it  

all of it you're an animal fish sauce do you own a  fish sauce company and some vinegar i could start  

sous chef in here i could work the third tuesday  of next month you're hired okay i'm in now we let  

it sit for three four days just let it ferment  a little bit i got a little kick in there buddy  

what's the next step here tanim tam chili's  tinim dim minion cooking vinegar oil garlic  

salads ginger sushi peppers big shishito fan  water vinegar wait wait fish sauce oh yes fresh  

cracked black pepper and a little sea salt it's  gonna sit there until all the liquid evaporated  

that's the garnish that goes on top ready to  fry this pig's foot yes sir that is monster dude

the shishito's dynamite

that crunch right there that gigantic chicharron  see that's the key drying it out in the oven  

there's tons of flavor connected to all  those bones so tender and it's so moist

the dipping sauce i need by the  gal now i had the game changer  

and the kimchi refreshing that ballot that's  the winner bite right there look at that  

if you're completely jonesing right now at  home you should be you drive too fast mad  

cause you lost i am mad because i lost so we're  on the west side of charlotte north carolina now  

you remember the penguin everybody remembers  the penguin well it closed but the guy greg  

opened up a new joint over here on the west side  and you know what this is pinkie's west side grill


the people the energy the food is good love it i'm  here about three or four times a week this used to  

be an old garage that worked on volkswagens  that's why there's a volkswagen on the roof  

this old garage switched gears from  cars to cooking in 2010 when chef and  

owner greg otten cruised over from a legendary  local spot it was about eight years ago that  

we met you at the penguin in a funky little  joint and a great time that place is closed  

things have changed to see how you reopen it's  bigger it's badder it's faster than it was  

it's everything from oh i just want a salad or  a fat hamburger with everything on it triple g  

in the window triple g has three patties it's got  slaw chili mustard and american cheese and why do  

you call it the triple g burger because it was  triple g volkswagen repair yeah i thought when  

you called this the triple g burger it was guys  grocery games even in charlotte's got to be about  

guys all right what do you got buddy we are making  our house-made chili for the triple g burger got  

it 80 20 ground beef water going in yellow onion  fresh garlic a lot of garlic that's a good thing  

chili powder black pepper seasoning salt coriander  hot sauce cumin okay so this all cooks down then  

you add the tomato paste cook it up and this  will be the chili that's going on top of the  

triple g burger let's cook are you just gonna get  right into the cooking part of this ready to cook  

this is it the triple g burger this is what we've  been waiting for huh this is what this place was  

found three five ounce patties stack them up  baby stack them a go oh my we've got the pound  

of meat three pieces of cheese house southern slaw  mustard chopped onions and then the chili [Music]  

put this on top i want to see you do this i  don't know how to do this all right here we go

get after that [Music] greg i'm telling you it's  fantastic you're attacking this thing it's like  

a coyote got a hold of it triple g sir it's a  sloppy piece of equipment but it's delicious and  

filling shrimp tacos up it's just great food great  atmosphere and it's just a wonderful energy that's  

here greg brings up things that you would think  what and and when you taste it it's just fantastic  

corn dog shrimp up corn dog shrimp is delicious  the corn dog batter is sweet and then the shrimp  

tend to be a little bit salty it's just good okay  what are we making next we are making the batter  

for the corn dog shrimp dipsy dog corn dog mix  that's very old school a lot of fairs and circuses  

and stuff like that use it we're gonna go in with  the water then we're gonna jump on it with a whisk  

all right so see how nice and creamy that is  so it'll really coat to that shrimp here we go

21-25 shrimp grab them by the tail by the  tail dump them in okay got to set them in  

there nice and easy float them in and let it  go that's so it doesn't just sink to the bottom  

but there you go whoa corn dog shrimp  are ready to go perfect then baby zarch  

proud of yourself on these aren't  you yes get in after it oh yeah  

they're so good it tastes like a corndog sweet  crunchy batter straight from the fair straight  

from the straight from the fair not salty the  corn dog shrimp is something i've never had  

and i'll be back to pinkies weekly because  they're so good corn dog shrimp the breading  

they use on there with the shrimp inside it's  extra sweet it's always fresh shrimp it's great  

stuff ding dong chicken up all the food is  right on it's all around a good experience  

i have a cousin named pinky and his real name is  greg so pinky greg i mean this was meant to be  

so i'm here in atlanta georgia and i am looking  for what exactly some real deal barbecue you know  

what it is guys with this crepe 502 in here we  just got to bump the timing up a little bit that's  

all it is so you call your buddy rutledge who  knows a lot about cars and a ton about barbecue  

this is the real deal this is the real deal  this is fox brothers barbecue smug wings he's  

up in the window fox builders is probably the best  barbecue i've ever had all right play it up just  

one of those places you got to come to pork blade  up in the window run it it's legit texas barbecue  

and they nailed it they are jonathan and justin  fox just your everyday barbecue loving texan twin  

brothers how'd you guys get this started we pretty  much just started cooking in our backyard for our  

friends and in 2007 they moved from backyard  parties into a massive business we smoked  

probably 10 000 pounds of pork and brisket a week  are there no other restaurants are we in are we  

we on an island pretty much it's now it's that  good hey you put good food out there people come  

which includes a big fan of what these twins are  turning out my buddy top gear host rutledge wood  

it is the best barbecue in atlanta hands down box  brothers burger up in the window the fox brothers  

burger is a mouthful it's sort of a misnomer  to call it a burger it's not a burger at all  

it's brisket you can tell it's just smoked all day  on the hickory your hair smells like it when you  

leave and that's how you know you're at a good  bbq joint all right let's get after it this is  

a certified angus beef just trimmed down this  fat just a little bit now we're gonna season  

our brisket with our salt and pepper seasoning  risk it with salt and pepper that is as texas  

as a cup now we're gonna go with smoker we're  gonna go the smoker great we cook it overnight  

10 to 12 hours at 200 205 degrees basically as low  as it'll go yep let's go so now what are we into  

our homemade barbecue sauce bring it doctor we got  a homemade ketchup we got some vinegar distilled  

white yep next up hot sauce anybody particular  texas pete yeah there you go well texas maiden  

carolina texas pete made in carolina used in  atlanta yeah makes sense next up black pepper  

granulated garlic black strap molasses yep okay  brown sugar worcestershire sauce chili powder  

is that silent grunting yeah that's what we do in  the south when you like something you just go mmm  

onion powder onion powder and last but not least  

salt just let it come at the tip and  simmer for about 30 40 minutes beautiful  

what are we making now we're making pimento  cheese let's get into it cheddar cheese pepper  

jack cheese you know what if you're going to try  it i just feel like i should try it too get right  

in there pimentos a little pepper and for some  heat cayenne pepper mix it up by hand let's make  

a patty for our fox brothers burger [Music] all  right let's make a burger so we're gonna take this  

oh my gosh that's good get after it zorro we got  some of our house made jalapeno mayo right here  

pimento cheese patty and we're gonna take this  beautiful thing and throw it under the salamander  

we gotta hurry up and get this burger out before  rutledge eats all of the other brisket the rubbish  

i'm sorry here we go hit it take our toasted bun  we got some of our peppered bacon couple pickles  

tomato onion that's a chopped beef sandwich call  it a burger call it burger i like it [Music]  

oh that's a great burger you're just like cleaning  up over there like a lion that just ate a gazelle  

i don't know what happened i went after mine it's  super tender brisket when you chop that brisket  

up you get a chance to incorporate that fat yeah  so it makes it even a little bit more anxious but  

adding the pimento cheese and adding the veggies  on top of it brings that burger element to it

that's fox brothers right there damn  man come on uh that's full speed man  

that's all throttle no bottle man  that is just getting it done [Music]  

i love bringing triple d to the islands  man i've been to oahu i've been to maui  

i've been to molokai finally i make it to the  big island of hawaii so what do i do when i  

come here i'm looking for some locals food  that is if you're looking for some filipino  

hawaiian american twist oh i got your joint  it's right here it broke the mount grinds

three minutes on the burgers food  is always delicious and on point  

locomoc already coconut mouth grinds is a favorite  here in kona because they provide a lot of local  

favorites pork adobo plate coming right up every  time you come here you're going to get good food  

the service is great and i love the owners that  would be husband and wife robin ganir and gene  

nguyen who are mashing up down home food with  some far away flavors we make filipino hawaiian  

american food with a twist of my style where'd  you learn to cook my my family they they come  

from a cooking background um but it's you know  the backyard boogie right with the dance move  

i went to oahu got some uh schooling came back  and did your own gig yeah it's a new style of  

cooking hawaiian food garlic foodie coffee chicken  furikake chicken is so awesome it is like taking  

the best piece of southern fried chicken and  upping it up a notch the sauce is like a sweet  

garlicky sauce that is like amazing first we're  gonna start with the marinade for the chicken  

yes sir soy sauce a little bit of brown sugar two  teaspoons or four pounds white sugar black pepper  

a mess of garlic a mess of garlic woody cocky  so you got the dried seaweed and the sesame  

seeds yeah that's it bring it to a boil for three  minutes yeah we're gonna marinate the chicken in  

this no we're gonna de-fry it first we're gonna  deep fry the chicken and put this on it yeah  

boneless but skin on chicken thighs dusted in  the flour a little bit of granulated garlic yeah  

now our chicken is ready to fry 12 to 15 minutes  what temperatures are fire 350 in hawaii we say  

tree 350. next up chili pepper water hawaiian rock  salt minced garlic sriracha sweet chili sauce and  

hawaiian chili peppers get that with an immersion  blender and where's this sauce gonna go it goes  

on everything this is going to give you the tang  the sweet and the sweet it'll make you dance you  

don't want to see that chicken fries up boom it's  done and we're just going to dip it into the sauce

you just cut it up like so  three thighs load it up chef  

just give it a extra drizzle  on top put it cook it [Music]  

that's how you get it done right there is this  more filipino or more hawaiian that's more of  

like a hawaiian local that's my kind of food  right there all right the crunch of the chicken  

outstanding like over the top the sweet that  you're getting from the dip with the soy brown  

sugar and the garlic it's great but it's the  contrast that you get from the chili water

makes it sing you ain't wearing  board shorts after you eat this  

you know mumo [Laughter] the garlic furikake  chicken the chicken is absolutely incredible  

the sauce has this syrupy flavor to it with a real  sweet vacuum it's super tender on the inside it's  

really crunchy yeah yeah yeah it's like a luau  in your mouth dancers and everything so i'm here  

in burlington vermont to check out a joint where  this guy's getting such a claim people are saying  

that he should be the driver of the vegan bust  of flavor town this is pingala runner wrap please  

the crunch wraps this ooey gooey mess of  awesomeness with the beans the queso and the rice  

inside this crunchy flour tortilla that's just  toasted and grilled to perfection what are we  

gonna make first we're gonna do the crunchwrap  we get our chili going sunflower seed oil some  

fresh garlic mirepoix serranos so everything  that we love about a good chili chili powder  

cumin smoked paprika cinnamon some salt a little  brown sugar sweat that all together okay now add  

the tomatoes organic tomato paste tamari gives  a lot of depth flannels i get metal with lentil  

yeah sentimental lentil black beans all right so  how long i'm gonna let this cook down for an hour  

hour and a half what's up next not avocado mash  so we're gonna make some herb oil fresh garlic raw  

onion rosemary grape sage tarragon parsley salt  i'm gonna get this going emulsify with the oil  

and it's ready to go in the processor with the  chickpeas and the peas nutritional yeast and  

then last secret ingredient here a little lemon  extract blend this down okay take our herb oil  

voila look at it from here and tell me it's not  avocado [Music] bro the texture is spot-on can i  

get this with some chips yeah man that probably  isn't the top five greatest vegetarian vegan  

items i've ever had in my life oh let's  make some cashew cheese i'm willing to learn  

we'll start with some soaked cashews sweet  potato puree nutritional yeast you got it  

cayenne oregano garlic powder some turmeric great  color from that little salt pepper and lemon juice  

and hot water you want to let this roll for a  little bit till it gets nice and smooth and creamy

it's outstanding it's creamy it's not over salty  it's not overpowering love the little bit of the  

lemon and the great thing is that little spice in  there yeah what's left oat milk cheese so boiling  

water adding our rolled oats in how long is this  gonna cook three to five minutes we're gonna get  

right in there nutritional yeast again turmeric  some garlic powder a little salt a lemon juice  

a little oil a little immersion blender action  start adding in our tapioca flour tighten it up  

dude i'm so impressed let's build  this thing i'm dying all right  

tortilla oat cheese brown rice just seasoned  up a little special got chili cashew cheese a  

couple crunchy tortillas that we just toasted in  the oven not avocado mash tomato some scallion  

cilantro some pickled jalapeno i'm not sure where  this is going it's going right in there we just  

fold it up and press this on a panini press  30 seconds 45 seconds there's your crunchwrap

bro it's outstanding the textures the seasoning  the fake avocado yeah probably was the foundation  

of me getting my mind blown  i mean out of vegetarian  

vegan dishes i've had in my life this is  easily in the top five if not top three

i would ground anybody who doesn't think they  like vegetarian vegan to come down here and try  

this it's remarkable get on a plane and come to  vermont remarkable crunchwrap i need a runner if  

you're a cheese lover this is the one to go to  it's just comforting it's really yummy now you  

watch triple d you know i love italian food it's  got to be handmade it's got to be homemade it's  

got to be the real deal and from what the locals  tell me reno's place is all that from diablo

so is second generation owner tony disenzo jim  scampi up were you born in italy one really  

migrated here with my family in 85. my parents  bought the business we're ready to retire  

like 94 and i've had it ever since i have a  lobster ravioli the ravioli is made fresh just  

very delicious all right what are we making first  boss okay we're gonna boil some lobsters okay for  

our lobster raviolis we have two lobsters about a  pound and a half each is your water seasoned yeah  

a little salt drop them in there for about 15  minutes 10 15 minutes okay when these get done  

we'll get started yeah we're going to sharpen them  in our ice bath should we stop the cooking process  

okay now we're going to take all the meat out of  the tail of the pasta this is for the filling yes  

all right so we get all the lobster meat out and  the legs also we're going to roll out the legs  

yes this is actually going to be quite comical  his big hands are this get after it boss squeeze  

it all the meat right out of it look at that like  lobster sausage that meat is super sweet and super  

tasty a lot of work for a little lobster so this  gets us the bowl of lobster now we chop it up  

a little saute on it some mixture version of olive  oil some shallots where do you get your olive oil  

from italy of course we got the chopped up lobster  meat there we go okay little fresh parsley italian  

parsley yes salt pepper and that's all she wrote  yeah pull it off the heat let it cool down about a  

half an hour somebody's got a trap can't we just  eat it like that i know it's delicious okay you  

ready go we're gonna make altering fresh ferbata  where are you getting the ricotta from from italy  

also good you have like a tram that goes back and  forth nothing but the best a parmesan restaurant  

some parsley sauce pepper i chilled lobster meat  all right brother just fold it i like to leave it  

chunky yes no i want some texture none of this  pureed stuff no i want chunk a lot there you go  

that's right so we got this ready next thing is  making the pasta exactly yes please will we eat  

soon yes we will yes killing me the flour make  the well we're gonna add our eggs we make pasta  

at home quite a bit my boys and i this is how my  grandmother taught me my mother how we do it add  

the eggs then a little salt for the extra virgin  olive oil because our pitchfork is in the shop  

we're gonna whip the eggs with this each time he  mixes it around a little bit more flour catches  

in incorporating into the eggs now it's kind of  like pasty but you stop folding in the flour and  

now just as much flour will stick to it as it can  and do you do all the prep and everything in this  

little kitchen yes we're making a sheeted pasta  we want to gently do this so you start this on the  

largest number exactly and we're going to work our  way down to like two and a half wow look at this  

there should be music to this right now this  should be a video when i get towards the end we're  

gonna fold it and make it a little bit more wider  better consistency so it really fits inside of the  

ravioli exactly there you go put a flower right  on top of the mold just press it in a little bit  

because that's where the filling's gonna go in wow  you don't skimp on the filling nope i just want  

you to see this that right there is plenty but  that is how much he puts in a ravioli over here  

crazy now we do another sheet yup right on top  press down to the two pasta's sealed together  

flip it over one two take the mold off and then  cut it with the dough cutter see where the ridges  

are then what we do is press them on all sides  make sure that they seal there's no air in these  

they hit a little flour put them on a sheet tray  what we'll do is we'll freeze them they'll seal  

even better and then you're off to go we're  going to make the lobster riville sauce now  

fantastic some extra virgin olive oil shallots  lobster meat seriously yup salt pepper let that  

sweat a little bit next we'll add our brandy oh  that would happen yeah that's a that's what i  

have yes that's what it is once it's done flaming  long tomato sauce heavy cream butter take some  

fresh basil now we're gonna let it reduce we're  gonna put this onto the 15 step ravioli but in  

eight ravioli he's pulling harder for about two  and a half minutes want to have this on a simmer  

boil not a rapid boil so you don't beat these  things up exactly grab these you're floating  

yes let them drain add in their sauce now a little  pretty cheese parmigiano-reggiano here comes the  

monster meal just drop them right in there lobster  ravioli i can feel the firmness of the pasta hmm  

oh that's ridiculous i don't know if i should hug  you or kidnap you to california i heard about this  

family that started off in the fair business and  then they went and opened a restaurant this is  

grammy's goodies coming to this place is like  going to your grandma's house because grammy's  

is actually filled with grandma's recipes which  vickie quarter her husband jeff and their kids  

first started selling at festivals and when  business boomed they expanded to a full-fledged  

restaurant jeff's original cannoli i feel like  all the food here is larger than life sauce and  

lasagna have you seen lasagna that big not before  no it's the cheesiest lasagna you'll ever eat what  

are we starting with my grandmother's sunday sauce  olive oil pork ribs and neck bones any prosciute  

no how did you know what that was because i'm  italian you call it pursuit in denver call it  

prosciutto because i'm not from new york garlic  salt what's up next she made us put everything in  

the sauce in trees because it blessed the sauce  bothered one garlic sun holy ghost that's a lot  

of garlic that's the perfect amount of garlic  i thought so too that's what i meant to say  

onion parsley what about the father and the son  i'm saying it to myself oh i want to be in on it  

crushed tomatoes fresh basil black pepper and  salt tomato paste goes in in a lot of water  

and how long is this going to cook about three  hours what's up next nana's meatballs is nanna  

different than grammy no i called her grammy  my kids called her nana it's half pork half  

ground beef mix it together now she taught you  these recipes by you standing next to her did  

she just throw you right in the mix she had  horrible arthritis oh really was her hands  

chopped onions soft bread crumbs basil garlic  you guys love your garlic parsley romano cheese  

salt black pepper and eggs how many meatballs  would this make about that treasure okay good  

they're about a third of a pound oh we're really  coating the pan up huh so we're not just gonna  

bake them we're gonna also give a little pan fry  350 degrees how long 15 minutes next up whole milk  

ricotta cheese black pepper eggs fresh parsley  mozzarella provolone blend and romano cheese  

how many layers are you making probably six  okay just shout it out when you know the answer  

you make me so nervous i'm just standing here  talking granted i'm questioning the place of my  

origin well that we know is just a gigantic farce  did you see after trying to kick me on triple d  

all right vic let's see it olive oil we line our  noodles up it's gotta be seven by seven it's gotta  

be seven by seven sauce about half the cheese on  this layer how much of the sausage is going in  

there all of it that's a lot of sausage the family  that makes it has been in business for a hundred  

years they were friends with my grandma got it  noodles again sauce again cheese again meatballs  

oh this should be an interesting number a lot  of meatballs well that can't be the real way vic  

i think i'm being told a story 12. okay how many  do i have in there now i have no clue me either  

provolone noodles how long is this gonna bake four  years about three hours whoa that is a monster  

well the parsley made it healthier yeah  eat your vegetables one small bite for man

so i know that this is the lasagna portion for the  entire family lots of ricotta delicious meatballs  

tender pasta dynamite sauce you make this  roll yourself also yes well i'm gonna tell  

you what this is old school american italian  exactly the kind of lasagna i would expect to  

go get a grammy's house [Applause] been about 12  years since we first came to okc and we went to  

leo's barbecue where he made that strawberry  cake and he made the ribs you remember that  

all that was good but i can't figure out how i  missed a joint that's been doing it for 67 years  

they've been doing this country cooking  and they're getting known now for something  

called yam fried chicken oh that's right  up my alley this is florence's restaurant

smothered pork chops there's no place like  florence is in the heartland i have chicken and  

dumplings country classic just like my grandmother  would have fixed back in the day when we were kids  

how'd you find this place man this place has been  around since the 50s which is when florence kemp  

started cooking up her brand of southern comfort  here at the age of 20 and she's still stirring the  

pot with the help of her daughter victoria how  many generations of families do you get coming  

through here we see fourth generation customers  it's gonna make you feel fantastic yes i was born  

and raised in the south and when i came here  i knew i'd found the mecca fried rib appetizer  

the fried ribs are really a unique kind of  experience it's a light breading it's not  

too thick the barbecue sauce is amazing  what are we gonna make today fried ribs  

like pork ribs yes how'd you know that's my middle  name guy fried ribs fieti how do you want to start  

we cut these ribs so these are spare ribs or st  louis style ribs has this uh fried rib always  

been on the menu no my dad used to live with me  and he got old and i have to go home and try to  

fix his dinner and so this is something i could  fix quick he was 105. holy moly so we go from the  

lemon juice and vinegar into the water now this  is gonna brine for a day the longest day is better  

the longer the better so when it gets  done we put the salt and pepper on it  

now we're going to make the house used in pot  fried ribs freshly strawberry flour this is  

the salt corn starch there we go baking powder  pepper and then we put that all over the ribs  

yes okay then we grind ribs for 15 minutes how  many come with an order florence three or four who  

makes the laws around here oh my daughter thinks  that she's the mother now and i'm the daughter  

are we going to serve these with anything barbecue  sauce okay i'm falling in the lead i know you're  

the boss i like that take this water and pour it  in okay i'm gonna do put the water in the pot okay  

then we're gonna put all of these dry ingredients  the sugar looks like a little onion powder  

so a little barbecue spice okay a little  cumin a little mustard uh we are a team  

look at us go flow oh yeah liquid  smoke water or really bad moonshine

now we'll go ketchup we'll  let this cook down and then  

when the ribs come out we'll get  them with the sauce looking good

that's tasty

not too much batter nice and juicy  i think the key was that you soaked  

them in the vinegar got a nice little  flavor from that how you like that sauce  

oh there's good tang in that sauce ma'am  thank you i'm gonna have more fried ribs  

fry with appetizer enjoy it's already a good rib  but when you put that batter on top of it it just  

takes it over the top everybody should try a fried  rib right fine chicken right now in the hot grease  

your local food writer what is it about florence  the world moves really fast but it doesn't here  

florence is always here i mean it's an inspiration  for how good you can get if you take the time to  

do it that long when they ask what do you want i  said i want your yam fried chicken you've never  

tasted something that is so moist so good and so  flavorful what are we making now yeah i'm fried  

chicken i don't know what yam fried chicken means  so i'm just gonna follow you i'm gonna first take  

it and season it with salt and pepper and then  we also have a little seasoning in the flour too  

how old are those dutch ovens there foreign of  them i don't think i've ever heard of anybody  

wearing out a dutch oven i think you probably  wore out some people that have worked here i  

think they've been people that come to work here  and that have had to go retire and you're still  

working yes and they ask me all the time when  i'm gonna retire i don't think that's gonna  

happen not soon i hope some of the people that  work here told me that you once a while you quit  

i didn't met him i was i don't work anymore and  where do you go nowhere oh i gotta try that i quit  

and we're gonna make candy yams out of these bunch  of cookiems put all of this sugar in there it's  

a lot of sugar ma'am you're in for a treat add  some butter after a while it'll turn into syrup  

anything else we're gonna serve with this we got  green cauldrons yes i'm going to put these in the  

pot and then i'll pour all this water in baking  soda there's the sugar salt chicken stock to put  

all that stock in they're going to cook about an  hour and a half plain old fried chicken chicken's  

good for me but now we're going yam fried chicken  we've already put our yams on the parade okay  

take the collard greens okay good right in the  sauce you go now you try that all right [Music]  

you invented that yes delicious you really season  your chicken well there's a lot of flavor in that  

pot i love collard greens nice and tender  not mushy perfectly cooked chicken tender  

candied yams and you packaged deal fantastic i  need that yam fried chicken amazing tender and  

juicy on the inside the yam sauce just made it  so delicious and how about the collards i have  

them every time i come here and i come here from  two or three times a week fried chicken i needed  

it 15 minutes ago i'm right behind so in okc  this is a must-go-to absolutely you have to try  

it all your taste buds are just going to come  alive at one time you're a big personality you  

walk softly and carry a big stick yes i do yes  i do i resemble that remark thank you very much  

for having me i really appreciate it thank you  watch out for florence she quit she'll be back  

did you know they have one of the only  copper-covered wood-fired french pizza  

ovens a la penol at this place where they're  doing off-the-hook pizza this is pizzeria lola

a lot of unusual flavors machironi  up i'm a chicago boy i know my pizza  

this is right up there with the best in  chicago there's attitude in every single pizza  

sliced and served up by owner ann kim who grew  up learning to cook from her korean grandma  

before discovering another passion a little later  in life margarita i lived in new york for seven  

years spent most of it while i was in college  eating pizza now she's back home in minnesota  

topping artisan crust with savory ingredients but  she's also got her eye on the fm dial and rocking  

a classic here's your myceroni it's just kind of  like a meat overload is that where it's from yeah

how are we going to start the dough make a  poolish for me it's all about the dough and  

the slow rise and the fermentation let's  see it first thing we're going to do is  

add some water a teeny bit of yeast and then the  flour now we mix this up yup for about five or  

six minutes until it's nicely incorporated no  lumps and then we let it sit about 17 hours in  

the basement make one for today that we're  gonna use for tomorrow yep exactly take it  

okay poolish is ready yes oh if they made cologne  this should be the guy fieri brand of cologne  

oh the pooh we're gonna dump the poolish in look  at that next we're gonna add italian flour and  

then some more yeast some cold water and last  some italian sea salt we're gonna let this proof  

up yes and now we'll mix her up [Music] 10 minutes  the key is to mix it just enough you don't want to  

get the glutens too stretchy and tight cover  it up let it sit for about 10 minutes cut it  

into nine ounce dough balls put it into a dough  tray and then put it in the cooler overnight so  

this isn't a 24-hour dough this is a 48-hour  house it's a two-day process oh it's gonna  

really nice yeasty flavor oh yeah i wanted to  open a bakery yeah we call it the yeasty boys  

i like it west coast minnesota so give me  the rundown what are we making we're making  

our house-made fennel sausage we have ground  berkshire pork we add toasted fennel seeds  

fresh chopped garlic chili flake salt and freshly  ground pepper should we grind ourselves of course  

you have to yup and you're saying all the  things it's like music we massage the pork  

this is gonna make a happy pizza and then  we're just gonna flatten it out a little bit

400 degrees 15-20 minutes yup got it next  up our house red sauce start off with some  

fresh ground california tomatoes stanislaus yes  how'd you guess from cali yeah oh yeah west side  

and then stanislaus red pear tomatoes tomato puree  salt dried basil dried oregano granulated garlic a  

little bit of onion powder whisker i wish i could  get some of this to go next up let's make a my  

cerone no throw no that's just for show you don't  believe centrifugal force has anything played in  

it maybe but you know this is just a nine-inch  pizza oh okay well the house red sauce wisconsin  

mozzarella fennel sausage that we made earlier  natural casing pepperoni bypass adios stick it in  

the oven so we're running the deck right around  what'd you say between 550 600 okay they cooked  

fast you don't have to wait long for a pizza pie  here still a final crisp on it oh yeah all right

look at that right there look how thin that is

we got this heirloom pork with the real  fat and the real flavor and the fennels  

rocking this a lot of people say oh sausage  and pepperoni i've had that all the time  

this is way beyond your everyday pizza  joint on the corner sausage and pepperoni  

you gotta try this one it's the most  heightened delicious pepperoni sausage  

pizza you've ever had you're like this is  what pepperoni is supposed to taste [Music]  

so like say that you're two hours east  of los angeles and an hour north of san  

diego and four hours southwest of  las vegas where does that have you  

right in the middle of the wine country  of temecula and you're saying to yourself  

i need a place to eat oh you got to  check this out this is hobo's barbecue

that is so good this place is just outstanding  it's the best barbecue i've had in southern  

california all right let's pull this everyone's  gonna tell you that al is a great guy i mean he  

would give anybody the shirt off his back  literally al borta had mad success in the  

t-shirt business and then his late wife holly  convinced him to open up a restaurant she loved  

the barbecue so much she wanted to do a barbecue  restaurant and that was it polly loved girl's  

barbecue triple d joint and you know gorilla you  know the great benny lynn all because of you i've  

known al for quite a while you're a great fan of  food you tasted barbecue from all over the country  

and this is what you put together hobos it's a lot  different than your average barbecue place what  

are we gonna make this is gonna be our house rub  all right let's get into it so we're gonna have  

raw sugar brown sugar coaster salt paprika black  pepper turmeric for color cocoa powder garlic  

cinnamon it's a lot of cinnamon out crazy like  that espresso cumin now what are we gonna use  

this on our brisket sandwich is our big guy a  lumberjack the lumberjack sandwich is delicious  

it's got the brisket on it it's got the potato  salad it's a hearty sandwich that's a big brisket  

that's certified angus beef and that's pretty high  in barbecue buddy it's got great fat you got great  

flavor so we're gonna dry rub this yeah all right  so we're gonna go to the old hickory smoker we do  

12 hours at 200 degrees okay and then we crank it  up to 275 for another four hours all right so what  

are we making now big al potatoes all dressing  okay mayo apple cider vinegar black pepper there  

we go onion powder okay celery salt this is  parsley excellent garlic powder dijon mustard  

it's a nice fortified mayo cooked potatoes boiled  red bell pepper jalapenos jalapenos they're seeded  

and deveined so no spicy cilantro roasted garlic  nice call there kosher salt fresh black pepper  

and then we finish it off with our house  dustin all right nice looking brisket nice bark  

look at this fat right here that right there  is where all that flavor is that is really good  

we're gonna use thin slices a little bit easier  to eat a sandwich so the potato salad roasts good  

the house made pickles a little potato dressing  and sriracha for a little cake what's it  

did you just eat off my plate ow a little bit  oh my goodness are we going to have a talk

i need a napkin oh thanks hand  

i get so much richness and good smoke from the  brisket itself but i get a little bit of that  

spicy acid from the sriracha and then i get to  taste that pickle and the contrast between the  

hot meat and the cold potato salad on the  crispy bun all plays together really well

that's a lights out sandwich i mean really  like a dynamite legit sandwich thank you

the meat by itself is incredible it's just really  tender i really like the potato salad you get a  

whole bunch of flavor profiles while you're  eating sitting here with a ufc great this is  

dan henderson and his daughter danny i've known  al for a long time i love the sandwiches and the  

pulled pork is awesome here too which is just one  of the meats going into the lasagna wait a second  

lasagna at a barbecue joint i've never had lasagna  like this before in my life it's like a meat pie  

it's like the perfect combination of it italian  lasagna and barbecue so we're brining chicken for  

what barbecue lasagna ow we just did great and  now you're gonna make me lasagna everyone seems  

to love it it's very good we'll see hot water  so the sugar kind of melted down a little bit  

salt fresh garlic okay red chili flake some thyme  cold water down before the chicken goes in so it  

doesn't start to cook the chicken how long you  left this brine 24 hours bring it out dry rub it  

into the smoker and how long is it gonna go in the  smoker about four hours what temp 225. shred it  

and now we're gonna make barbecue lasagna yes we  are oh that's gonna be good i'll put the sauce on  

the bottom to keep it from sticking we got noodles  that have been cooked off and we'll start building  

our layers do cool pork first you think that's  enough pork i was kidding yes one more sauce okay  

so we're gonna glue it all together with some  cheese another layer there you go put a little  

sauce on it our second layer is gonna be the whole  chicken that's all my favorite food groups in it  

top layer spicy cajun sausage that's been cooked  and rendered down meal like this looks like you're  

gonna be feeding ufc fighters we decorated  every one of these initials a couple hearts  

we wrap it it's gonna go in the oven for an  hour i can't wait to see this here we go i'll  

give you a normal sized piece you got a ton of  protein good amount of cheese and a lot of noodle  

ow buddy i'm a day it's exactly what you want  when you want some pasta you want some barbecue  

because that right there shouldn't work for a lot  

of reasons because of how big it  is and how much flavor there is  

but it is really good you got enough meat in  there but not too much just done in balance

that is true indulging dude well done it's richer  and heartier and just has a really good flavor  

i didn't know what to expect eating uh  barbecued lasagna but it's phenomenal  

it's really good you want the best barbecue  in town you go to whole books absolutely  

enjoy you guys nicely done buddy  you killed it thank you very much  

i'm impressed that's an honor i'm proud  of you man that's really good thank you



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