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Top 10 Food Network Shows of All Time

Published June 11, 2023, 7:21 p.m. by Courtney

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These are the best food Network Shows of all time! TV shows like Beat Bobby Flay, The Pioneer Woman, Barefoot Contessa, food Network Star, cooking, Iron Chef America, Diners, Drive-Ins and Drives, Good Eats, chopped, Iron Chef America, and 30 Minute Meals have all been included on our list! What’s your favorite food Network show?

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welcome to Ms mojo and today we're

counting down our picks for the top ten

Food Network shows of all time

before we begin we publish new content

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this list we're looking at our favorite

shows to ever appear on the Food Network

my style of food is simple yet

scrumptious and all my recipes have to

be approved by Cowboys hungry kids and


number 10 beat Bobby Flay Iron Chef

Bobby Flay is a Food Network mainstay

and as of 2013 chefs from around the

country have gotten the chance to

compete against him and show their stuff


in the first round two aspiring chefs

must cook-off for the chance to battle

Bobby and their dishes are judged by two

celebrity guests in the second round the

visiting chefs named their signature

dish and Bobby has to try to outdo them

this time around the winner is picked by

culinary expert judges using a blind

taste test the ingredients you chose

accent the crab flavor beautifully

tomato toasted nuts the one big problem

that I have with this dish is that it's


as of midway through season 15 Bobby has

112 wins compared to 61 losses win or

lose he always delivers an entertaining

episode 45 minutes and your time starts

number 9 the Pioneer Woman I'm REE

Drummond I'm a writer blogger

photographer mother and I'm an

accidental country girl now based in

Pawhuska Oklahoma REE Drummond is a

big-city girl who fell in love with a

cowboy and moved out to live life on a

ranch her show is filmed in her own

kitchen and usually involves her cooking

down-home meals for her family friends

and ranch hands her specialties are

comfort foods and tex-mex dishes and

she's definitely not afraid of a little

cheese and butter everybody knows that

the very best part of a muffin is of

course the muffin top even if you are on

a strict diet watching her cook carb and

fat late meals is totally mesmerizing

and if you're not watching your figure

well prepare to get seriously inspired

so just like the other cookies so far

the next stage is to chill them then

bake them number 8 cutthroat kitchen

it's jam


many of the shows on the Food Network

focused on fine cuisine but this is not

one of them in cutthroat kitchen

contestants have to make their assigned

dishes while sabotaging each other with

extra challenges designed to make the

process more difficult players have to

bid on sabotages and all the money they

spend is taken out of their winnings

whether it's something straightforward

like having to wear a potato masher

strapped to your hand while cooking or

something completely insane like cooking

a meal in a ball pit this show never

stops being entertaining it's a

competition first and a cooking show

second and that's what makes it stand

out make them harvest all of their

ingredients from this block of ice the

only way to get them off is with these

number seven Food Network Star each of

you will be starring at a fully produced

pilot presentation of your very own show

the format of this competition show has

been altered significantly since its

inception in 2005 but through every

iteration it's been a blast to watch the

series has alternated between having

home viewers as the ones who voted on

which contestants should stay in the

game but they've since put more

importance on the judges opinions

different flavors developed as you eat

it and it kind of lingers and it

actually makes you want more originally

known as The Next Food Network Star the

title has been shortened to simply Food

Network Star though not every winner has

gone on to become a true star Guy Fieri

actually won the show's second season

and kick started his hugely successful

career guy


number six Barefoot Contessa so I love

the way this smells you can't really

smell the lemon so much in the zest -

Arten is one of the Food Network's most

beloved celebrity chefs and has carved

herself out anisha fans who can't get

enough of her high-end yet laid back

style on Barefoot Contessa everything

looks easy

whether it's harvesting herbs from the

garden of your East Hamptons home or

throwing a casual dinner party for your

friends and family without ever breaking

a sweat

honestly this show may be more

aspirational than anything else all the

vegetables are in the bottom the rough

line of pork on the top they cook

together it's not bad while Garten has

released several successful cookbooks we

watch her series more for the soothing

quality of the show rather than actual

cooking tips and they're gonna be crisp

on the outside and delicious on the

inside number five 30-minute meals

sometimes when I get into the kitchen

I'm a little like dr. Frankenstein

Rachael Ray is one of the world's most

well-known celebrity chefs and she made

a name for herself with this TV show

that ran for just over a decade from

2001 to 2012

what makes 30-minute meals different is

that Rachael Ray has no formal training

as a chef

she's just an enthusiastic home cook who

shares her tips and tricks for creating

easy yet delicious meals for your family

in almost no time at all we're gonna

grind these up and spice them up and put

them all over the outside of the pork

tenderloin don't wishes the show has

been criticized for occasionally

teaching viewers improper techniques but

the imperfections are what it's all

about man oh man oh man number four

diners drive-ins and dives

hi everybody I'm Guy Fieri and we're

rollin out headed for some of America's

greatest diners drive-ins and dives

Guy Fieri may be a divisive figure but

no matter how you feel about him you

can't deny that this show has an

appealing failsafe formula I'm not

kidding you I gotta take one more bite I

don't want to do this but I'm doing this

for you

Vianney and his crew drive around the

United States and pick out the greasiest

most creative and awesome dishes from

around the

taking you behind the scenes to see how

they're made Mexican food if you're a

fan of the show when you have a road

trip in your future people have made

maps that pinpoint all the diners

drive-ins and dives that Viet E has

visited over the years so whether you're

doing research or just in the mood for

some food porn guy has got you covered

you know what I need I need you riding

shotgun I'm on my way to flavortown

this is diners drive-ins and die

number-three Iron Chef America the time

has come for our gastronomical Battle

Royale based on the original Japanese

show Iron Chef Iron Chef America is

actually the second attempt to rework

the popular concept for us viewers

unlike its predecessor Iron Chef USA

however which was not well-received this

iteration was a success for many years

desserts in kitchen Stadium

competitors come to throw down with

designated Iron Chefs who are typically

Food Network Stars they're given either

an ingredient or theme to work with

while trying to unseat the resident chef

the skill level on this program is high

and so is the showmanship we love it

because it's so over-the-top and makes

us want to get into some serious kitchen

experimentation thank you guys very much

enjoy a wonderful one down four to go


number two good eats to hitch up your

appetite this is good eats

one of the most revolutionary and

essential food Network shows was also

one of the longest-running beloved hosts

Alton Brown debuted good eats in 1999

when he was dissatisfied with the

cooking shows available on TV in every

episode he would tackle a particular

food or concept and go in-depth about

the history of it and how to best

prepare it for any budding chef this is

probably one of the most informative

things you can watch even many years

later everything here qualifies as a

t-bone except maybe this guy and this

guy good news for fans of the show Brown

announced in 2017 that he would be

reviving the concept under the title

return of the eats its time before we

unveil our number one pick here are some

honorable mentions welcome to Food

Network Challenge food magicians today

we've got four of the top stylists in

the business here to battle it out for

$10,000 number one chopped four chefs

think they have what it takes to be the

chopped champion let's meet the concept

of this competition show is a simple one

and that is what makes it so addictive

on chopped there are four contestants

and three rounds in each round the chefs

are given a basket of ingredients that

they have to use prominently in their

dish being as creative as possible 30

minutes on the clock this time starting

now the judges are a rotating cast of

Food Network stars in the formula is one

that works because viewers have come to

know exactly what to expect true fans

know that you definitely don't have time

to make risotto in the appetizer round

and that if you want to use the ice

cream machine you better get there

quickly it never gets old we call you

back in someone will find out that they

are the Grand Champion Thank You chefs


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