April 22, 2024

Part 1 trying every food from the TV show Shark Tank...one of the top products ever? #shorts

Published June 11, 2023, 7:21 p.m. by Courtney

This is the Pizza Cupcake from Shark Tank review. I am reviewing every food product from Shark Tank to find the best Shark Tank pitch ever. Join my journey as I rank the best and worst Shark Tank food products and ideas. This should be a fun product review series. YouTube is awesome! We love Shark Tank. Episode 11: Pizza Cupcake review. Episode 1 in my other series was the Scrub Daddy sponge from Shark Tank!

#shorts #sharktank

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I'm trying to find the best food ever

invented from the TV show Shark Tank

part one the pizza cupcake right now

Pizza cupcake is gonna be number one on

the list but as the series goes on see

if anything can top it they made a deal

with L'Oreal and on the show all the

sharks literally couldn't believe how

good these were really good amazing good

so these are probably in every Walmart I

think so you can go get them today if

they are good let's go find out all

right let's get them out of here one

pepperoni on each one open these things


oh I'll get back in there four five six

I'm in the oven here we go 10 to 12

minutes all right I forgot let's take

them out okay see what the hype's all


the dough is it's like a croissant kind

of feeling good


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