May 30, 2024

MOM HACKS ℠ | Movie Night! (Ep. 18)

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

16 Theatre-worthy hacks to make family movie night that much more special! We can't believe #12 worked as well as it did. From shortcut slushies to easy cleanup.. enjoy the show. =)

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yep it's gonna be a blockbuster night


reference outdated


make it official by tracing a coin

around the edges of cardstock and

cutting out to make the shape of a


poke holes along a line with a thumbtack

for a very satisfying

diy perforation

trouble reaching a consensus

insert aligned paper into a picture

frame write in the movie options with a

dry erase marker

glue or velcro an old fidget spinner

with a paper arrow and you've got a

smooth and suspenseful spin it takes so

long that is sure to make at least one

person happy


erase to reuse for any future family


blow up a pool floatie and cover with a

fitted sheet to create tiered seating

then take an empty cereal box

cover with duct tape

and cut out holes of various shapes add

popcorn goodies and optional decorations

for a great looking movie box to gnash

on home theater vibe check

for a less diy spill proof version try

using a serving tray with depth

speaking of snacks turn your kids art

easel into the ultimate concession stand

complete with a list of prices and

monopoly money three dollars thank you

ma'am bye-bye please have honcore do you

want butter on it yes and for this

homemade clarified butter combine one

cup of butter with a tablespoon of

cornstarch heat until it foams up

and pour over a coffee filter to strain

out the solids

use a dollar store soap dispenser to

pump it on like theaters do and you've

got one happy customer here's your


thank you

easily upgrade to gourmet dessert

popcorn by microwaving icing for 15


use a knife to drizzle it on for a treat

that will impress your guests or kids oh

that's good

bonus tip try eating popcorn with

chopsticks to avoid greasy fingers and

slow down the mindless munching

for another sweet movie favorite

add a quarter cup of coarse salt to a

ziploc bag of ice pour juice into a

smaller bag


and shake it up for two minutes

ta-da you've got theater-worthy slushies

that are so good so good

so good

lighting is everything try using binder

clips on suction cups to hang

inexpensive dark tablecloths for cozy

matinees and if it's too dark stick a

push light on an old headband and slide

onto your couch armchair for a clever

customized glow

little one getting wiggly slide a cut

pool noodle on a laundry basket they can

climb in for a cozy driving experience

that is quite simply

too cute

and finally for easy cleanup tuck a

fitted sheet around your couch you won't

have to worry about any spills

or greasy wipes when done gather up the

sheet like nothing ever happened

alright enjoy the show

now if only there was a hack to keep mom


hey guys don't forget to like and

subscribe when the movie's over


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