May 22, 2024

NEW Barbie The Movie Dolls! Margot Robbie & Ryan Gosling + MTM Body Swap

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

NEW Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling dolls from barbie the movie!! Like many others, I’m so excited for the new barbie movie coming out July 21st and today we are taking a look at some of the new dolls Mattel released based on the actors playing barbie and Ken! Comment below what you think of these dolls!

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today we're taking a look at the new

Barbie the movie dolls if you guys don't

already know Barbie the movie The live

action is coming out and I'm pretty

excited to say the very least so of

course Mattel came out with some Barbie

dolls that replicate the actors and some

of their looks from the movie they

actually came out with a whole bunch of

stuff inspired from the movie but these

two dolls are the only thing I managed

to get my hands on in time because

everything sold out so fast I really

wanted that pink Corvette like really

badly I also absolutely love the look of

the western dolls so I'm kind of sad I

didn't get my hands on those either but

today we're just gonna take a look at

the two I did manage to grab in time so

this is the Margot Robbie Barbie doll in

the pink dress and the box is pretty

straightforward and on the back there's

a picture of Margot Robbie the actress

for Barbie in the movie and enough

waiting around let's get her out of this


I always like to keep this packaging

because you never know when this clear

plastic is going to come in handy

why is this packaging always so

excessive okay here she is and for some

reason she is shedding a lot of hair and

this could definitely have been my fault

for not so carefully cutting the strings

around her hair but

um yeah that's just lovely

also if she's kind of appearing orange

on camera I'm not really sure what

that's about sometimes my camera likes

to act up so just try to ignore that

hopefully that won't last the whole

video because it's kind of bothering me

as for the doll she is very pretty and I

do like her face I have seen some people

complain that they don't like her face

mold and that she doesn't look like

Margot Robbie but let me know what you

guys think do you think she looks like

Margot Robbie I think I can definitely

see the resemblance it's not perfect but

I feel like they did a pretty good job

it could definitely be better but I'm

still not mad about it what I am mad

about though is for some reason there's

this shiny stuff on her face I don't

really know if you guys can see that but

it's definitely quite noticeable in

person it's all on her cheek and this

side of her face here so I might see if

I can try to kind of fix that later or

maybe just wipe it off okay yeah false

alarm it literally just wipes off like

nothing so that was that was me

overreacting it's fine I really do like

her dress and it is very accurate to the

photos that I've seen from the movie

It's kind of giving pink picnic

tablecloth Vibes and I'm here for it

don't get me wrong there's this little

buckle on the front here and I really

like the pleats as well on the bottom

she has a matching pink bow in her hair

and she does come with pink shoes but

they really don't like to say on as soon

as you touch them even a little bit

they're gone this might be like a weird

thing to point out or even notice but I

really like how they made her nostrils

actually now that I'm looking at them

one looks bigger than the other but my

point here is that they actually like go

inside her nose and make it look like an

actual nose you know what I mean if you

guys have seen any of my doll repaints

you'll know that I like to always darken

the nostrils to just make it more

realistic but this doll just comes with

like actual nostrils like I don't know

if that's weird to point out but I

really like it I won't lie I'm not a

huge fan of the jewelry it's very

plasticky and chunky and it is accurate

to this exact jewelry that she wears in

the movie but I just I don't like the

whole plasticky look of it and I

especially don't like when the earrings

come on the doll because if you take

them out then there's a huge gaping hole

left in their ear I prefer when I can

just Pierce them myself and then have a

much smaller much less noticeable hole

there but oh well and she does have the

matching bracelet as well I do really

like her hair and I like how it's pulled

back into that little bow there I'm not

sure how I feel about the bangs they're

very like flat cut which is not super

accurate to the actress in the movie but

I'm like wondering if I should try to

fluffing them up a bit or just leave

them kind of like stiff like that I

don't know okay now let's open up the


here's the doll and his surfboard I find

that really fun that he came with a

surfboard I don't know why the Margot

Robbie doll didn't come with anything

special but I do like that this was

included with him so this doll is

supposed to look like Ryan Gosling the

actor for Ken in the new movie and again

let me know what you guys think do we

think the doll looks similar to the

actor or not at all I can definitely see

the resemblance it's not perfect but

like again I'm not mad at it his hair is

definitely very stiff with product like

just listen to this

that's not going anywhere I am kind of

tempted to brush it out and see what

would happen but that could cause chaos

so for now I'm just gonna keep it in its


compacted stiff form I'm really liking

his outfit here I love the collared

shirt and I love the matching shorts and

just the pattern of it all too I I

really like it I also like that they

included these little buttons on the

front here too as for clothing I've

noticed that they definitely

oh oh my gosh

there's Pockets oh I was just about to

say that I noticed that they've stepped

up their game for the clothing on these


but this just brought it to a whole

another level let's see if these if

these could actually work if his arms oh

I don't know if it was supposed to bend

that much okay that is amazing that is

amazing if you guys know Barbie clothes

they usually don't come with a bunch of

details and especially not stuff like

Pockets so this is very exciting I'm

also only realizing now that he

literally had his hand tucked into his

pocket in the packaging and I guess I

just didn't see that somehow and he does

also come with these very basic and

simple white shoes which I'm actually

going to remove right now because I want

to test out this whole surfboard

situation so I think his feet can just

slide right into these

thingies here why is that not working

how it should work

okay I think just like that and there he

is on the surfboard I think that is

pretty fun I feel like the surfboard is

definitely pretty small to like how big

a surfboard should be compared to the

person but I'm not gonna complain too

much I think it just looks really cool

I'm really liking both of these dolls

but one of the first things I did notice

about them is their articulation I'm not

mad about the articulation but it could

definitely be better unfortunately I

didn't get a made to move body for the

Ken doll

but I did pick up one for the Margaret

Robbie doll

and I'm actually only now realizing that

this is not the best color match this

girl is definitely a bit darker yeah

that's not gonna work so it looks like

this redhead girl is getting sacrificed

today because that is a perfect match

sorry Mia I grabbed some boiling hot

water and because I don't want to risk

breaking any neck pegs today I'm gonna

put the doll's heads inside of a plastic

bag and into the water

oh wow that almost has overflowed and

went everywhere and I'm gonna let that

sit and soften up and I take them out

and now we're gonna remove their heads

that kind of messed up her bangs a

little bit there we're just gonna give

those a quick little re-trim

that one was a lot easier new head on

new body

okay why do I actually randomly like

this outfit a lot on her plus it's like

not making her look as orange on camera

but for now we're gonna put back on her

original dress and give her back her

jewelry even if I'm not the biggest fan

and for whatever reason the shoes fit

much better on this doll's feet

and they actually stay in place and I

don't even know why but something about

made to move bodies just make me so

happy so I like this doll even more now

let me know in the comments below what

you guys think of these new Barbie the

movie Barbie dolls and if you're gonna

consider purchasing them yourselves or

any of the other stuff from this new

collection and do let me know if you

think they look true to the actors that

play in the movie personally I think

they did a pretty good job with the

replication also let me know if you guys

want to see me make a Barbie the movie

themed doll room or basically just a

room that's very much the classic Barbie

look I feel like it'd be kind of fun so

comment below and let me know if you

guys want to see that thank you so much

for watching if you enjoyed today's

video don't forget to subscribe and turn

on notification Bell so you can become

part of the hashtag DD Squad love you

all and see you all in the next one bye

thank you


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