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Top 10 Gangster TV Series

Published June 11, 2023, 8:21 p.m. by Monica Louis

If you want to know more about organized crime in gangster tv shows you should definitely watch our picks for the best Gangster TV Series.

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TV Shows in this Ranking:

10. Power (2014-2020): (00:26)

9. narcos: Mexico (2018-): (01:13)

8. Sons of Anarchy (2008-2014): (02:06)

7. Boardwalk Empire (2010–2014): (03:02)

6. gomorrah (2014–2021): (04:00)

5. undercover (2011–2016): (04:50)

4. narcos (2015–2017): (05:38)

3. Peaky Blinders (2013- ): (06:36)

2. The Wire (2002–2008): (07:31)

1. The Sopranos (1999–2007): (09:13)

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if you want to know more about organized

crime you should definitely watch our

picks for the best gangster TV shows

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number 10.

so what you need well look man I don't

know if you heard someone's been hitting

our crew driving [ __ ] left and

right power is a crime drama television

series created by Courtney a Kemp to

leave your former past of violence

behind you have to go through its heart

first dreaming of becoming a legitimate

businessman and owner of a nightclub

ruthless and Powerful drug dealer James

St Patrick wants to leave violence

behind aiming to balance both lives at

once he is constantly ducking police

trouble while trying to manage a failing

marriage and a troubled relationship

with his loved ones well you know I

trust the people before and been burned

I hear that well words out I gotta move

on this [ __ ] today or I gotta warn my

hands bro say no more keep the phone

close all right all right

number nine

narcos Mexico


narcos Mexico is a crime drama

television series created by Chris

brancato dramatizing The Haunting real

life events that led to the cruel

uprising of drugs and gangs in South

America narcos Mexico is the spin-off

series that perfectly captures The

Haunting Spirit of the original as well

as adding new Thrills to it when a DEA

agent decides to take on a new post and

leave California he soon learns the hard

way that the drug war is about to



number eight

I hear these Nazi thugs

Sons of Anarchy is an action crime drama

television series created by Kurt Sutter

this rather unconventional depiction of

drug wars and excessive crime scenes

follows a young but Uprising biker in

one of the most dangerous and respected

biker gangs calling themselves Sons of

Anarchy business is not only about

driving but drugs guns and gang wars

caught up in the middle of such a war

young biker Jax must question the life

he chose when confronted with his

personal life got nothing on SoundCloud

New Horizon Terror that ends here and

next time it won't be a piece of [ __ ]

car I'm draining fluid flow you're

threatening a federal agent

you threatening you

go away

it's my last warning

number seven

Boardwalk Empire it sounds to me like

you're asking for a favor I'm asking to

make a deal

I need a man with your political reach

to quash the indictment Boardwalk Empire

is a period crime drama television

series created by Terence winter

focusing on Enoch Nucky Thompson a

political figure who Rises to prominence

and later would control Atlantic City

and New Jersey the series explores the

1920s and 1930s while being inspired by

real life events Nucky interacts with

several historical characters on his

journey to Glory starting when

prohibition is at its rise we witness

how several not quite legal forces build

up their empire and the victims they

make along the way that could be

arranged what

we're talking

in exchange for what

one million in cash

number six

Gamora is an Italian crime drama

television series created by Roberto

saviano the criminal underworld is about

to be revolutionized or be destroyed in

a gang Civil War as the head of a major

Clan dies his Empire is split into the

Old Guard and the young guard both

fighting for power over the family in

one of the largest cities in Italy as

several members find themselves on the

front lines protecting the family

becomes everything as the war is about

to come to a destructive end


number five

I'm getting ahead man I'm moving up in

the world

what's that

undercover is a Bulgarian crime drama

television series created by Dimitar

matovsky inspired by Cult director

Martin Scorsese The Departed undercover

is a fresh take on the criminal

underworld and the mafia seen Through

The Eyes of a specially trained agent on

his mission of infiltration but as the

stakes rise and the challenge is to

become part of the family get harder he

has to decide between morality and

Mission especially when the boss's Girl

Sonny gets involved the doe from prisons

running out

you have anything

nothing bro try

something small

to move around the bus has shut himself

up he doesn't want anyone new

number four

narcos is a crime drama television

series created by Chris brancato back

when drug dealers wore flip-flops and

looked like hippies things were easy for

detective Steve Murphy but not anymore

this dark and gritty show follows the

chronicles of real life events of the

late 80s drug kingpins like Pablo

Escobar with realistic but horrifying

violence we encounter the world of

unbelievable efforts of law enforcements

trying to shoot them right in the head

but the war against cocaine is not easy

especially in a world of drug lords


number three

peaky blinders the easy oldies you're

the thickest I'm told the boss is called

Tommy and I'm guessing that's you

because you're looking me up Mandela I'm

a [ __ ] tart

peaky blinders is a period crime drama

television series created by Stephen

Knight following the famous gangster

Thomas Shelby over several years peaky

blinders explores his relationships his

business and his Twisted mind

set in England in 1919 several months

after the end of World War One the story

centers around the peaky blinders gang

and its fight against the governmental

forces that try to wipe out crime in

Birmingham but unexpectedly the

organization will span out to become a

large self-working organism you [ __ ]

Gypsy scum what live off the wall

pensions and his poor thou Garrison line

with those that's your level I and Billy


number two

yo they coming back

fire is a crime drama television series

created by David Simon this classic

exploration of corrupt politics drug

wars and urban crime becomes famous

through its diverse interpretation of

modern crime drama throughout several

seasons we explore a variety of dark

literary themes in society and politics

we get to know the urban life portrayed

in police fights questionable

bureaucracy the usage of news and how

all that affects the educational system

but it's not only about crime it's how

the people of Baltimore live together

you get down on that floor stay there

you're here you hear me boy




before we unveil TV show number one here

are some honorable mentions make a

decision don't be a [ __ ] and play Both


the kid is in until I say he isn't and

the next one of you to say a word will

not get his share of this job not a

penny look at me

what else can I do


Apples because soldiers

it's a hierarchy

is that organization

that organization that got them where

they are today

but we

we've always been disorganized

number one

The Sopranos are you in the mafia

am I in the what whatever you want to

call it organized crime

The Sopranos is a crime drama television

series created by David chase unleashing

a new era of quality driven television

and forming the Decades of TV shows to

come The Sopranos is a dark and twisted

Mafia journey following the family's

head but business isn't what it once was

and leader Tony Soprano is struggling

under depression and panic attacks we

see Tony at work at home and in therapy

moments of black comedy intersperse this

aggressive drama with adult language and

extreme violence look it's impossible

for me to talk to a psychiatrist

any thoughts at all on why you blacked


I don't know

stress Maybe

do you agree with our list please let us

know in the comments if you want to know

more about a particular TV show in this

list you can check out our links in the

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