May 21, 2024

Marvel Producer Promises To Keep Ruining Movies With Identity Politics

Published June 12, 2023, 9:20 p.m. by Bethany


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what's up geeks and gamers it's jeremy

coming to you with another video and

today we are talking about marvel


victoria alonso the brave and stunning

victoria alonso letting you know

that we are going to get more lgbtq

representation in the marvel cinematic


it takes time ladies and gentlemen it

takes time

but after over a decade and 20-something


and i can't even remember how many

television series

we're finally going to do it because why


it is politically convenient that's why

because now it's so much more acceptable

to do it

especially in the world of twitter

therefore marvel is going to be brave

and stunning finally when it's

convenient for them

that is the world we are living in

uh marvel studios producer victoria

alonso promises

more lgbtq characters in the marvel

cinematic universe

marvel studios producer victoria alonso

recently promised that more lgbtq

characters will be arriving in the

marvel cinematic universe in the near


uh alonso spoke with variety's mark

malkin during the black widow fan

premiere in hollywood and

asked if there would be more lgbtq

representation coming into the mcu

after the company revealed that loki was

genderfluid and of course

of course variety asked that question of

course variety

asked that question um

alonzo answered it takes time we have

so many stories that we can tell we will

empower those that

are we're not changing anything we're

just showing the world

who these people are and who these

characters are

the producer continued there's a lot we


coming up and i think will be

representative of the world of today

really gonna be representative of the

world of today

interesting choice of words that you say

so can that mean that you're going to


representation for trump voters

just curious about that because it's all

about representing the world of today

right so 75 million americans voted for

donald j

trump and i would assume that when you

say it's going to represent the world of

today that's what you mean right

along with everything else that you deem

is part of the world of today

i i'm sure that's happening i'm sure

that's happening

now again to be clear i'm using sarcasm

i don't want trump supporters in the

marvel cinematic universe

i'm pointing out how when they say we

want to represent the world of today

what they really mean is that we want to

paint the narrative of what

we say is the world of today and they

will pick and choose

what they claim is the world of today

they're not really worried about the

world of today or representing the world

of the

today they're worried about pushing

their own narrative

so no i don't want trump supporters in


not ever interested in that but i also

don't want the left-wing agenda pushed

into it

and they use these buzzwords about


and looking like the real world that's

not really what they are talking about

they're talking about

their warped hollywood world and we all

know that

uh so the next time you hear somebody

say we need more representation

ask them does that include trump

supporters just curious

just curious like when you say you need

representation at lucasfilm

representation at the marvel cinematic

universe at the mcu

at disney does that mean that you should

have trump supporters represented as


or is it the representation that you're


to frame around your warped world view

because we all know what it means we all

know what it means

and that's the beauty of pointing out

their hypocrisy

however she did the caveat we're not

going to nail it on the first movie or

the second movie or the third movie good


how many how many times do you need

we're not going to nail it on the first

movie or the second or the third

or the first show or the second but we

will do our best

to consistently try to represent do you

know what she's saying right here

she's essentially saying we know this

crowd of sjws is never happy

and they're gonna be offended by

everything because this is how it works

they scream about representation you

then give them their representation

then they complain about how the

representation was portrayed

because that's how it always goes it's

an endless rabbit hole

of victimization they never stop being


ever they will always find a reason to

be offended

victoria alonso one of these social

justice weirdos

is acknowledging that um

as for loki being genderfluid alonzo

claimed it wasn't a big deal

she said i have to be honest with you

it's not a big deal it is what it is

when it suits the character

we're not going to do it because it's

politically correct or incorrect it is

what it is

really then why is it that loki hasn't

been this

in the marvel cinematic universe for all

of these years

why is it that you censor things when

it's in china or

other places that don't accept those

things why do you censor these

things for those countries

because of the politically convenient

ways that you are maneuvering things at

your company

this is why no one believes

these people at these studios because

they are trash and they are lying to you

um let me see let me see there's no

other way to put this alonzo is straight

up lying to malkin marvel studios does

not follow their

comics to the t and they haven't uh only

uh one only needs to look at the race

swapped yeah no i mean they

oh yeah that's right there was one more

line here uh don't forget we follow our

comics we try to follow them quite to

the t

so in the comics this is who he was

because continuity matters when it fits

the agenda ladies and gentlemen

continuity matters when it fits the

agenda um

so of course she's lying again to be

clear this person right here

uh victoria alonso is the same person

who had a problem with the x-men

name because it's outdated ladies and


it's outdated i don't know where the

future is going alongside told nuke the

fridge nuke the fridge

uh that's uh louis lecka shout out to

louis lecka

it's funny that people call it x-men

there's a lot of female superheroes in

that x-men group

so i don't think it's out there so i

think it's outdated this is the person

that is making decisions at the marvel

cinematic universe

as a producer um so yeah i mean it's a


it's another joke these people

don't care about you they don't care

about these characters

they don't care about continuity or lore

or anything they hate you they hate

everything you stand for even if you

agree with them they still hate you

all they want is to use you to their

advantage if

they can build a narrative around your

race and your gender

as long as they can build a narrative

around your race and your gender

they will use you someone like me they

hate me

they hate jeremy from geeks and gamers

because he's a trump supporter ladies

and gentlemen

well yeah i am and i'm not going to

apologize for it and the more you try to

weaponize my political opinion

the more i'm just going to be standing

there and

be proud of that because that is how

hollywood operates

they try to weaponize political opinions

whether they are pro or uh anti

this that or the other they will

weaponize it so if you

are a lgbt person or if you're a

non-white dude

or if you're female and as long as you

can have a narrative built around your

identity hollywood loves you

but the moment you have an opinion they

don't like

they will go after you they will trash

you the other day

and i will not name the channel um yeah

i saw

it somebody sent me a video and this

channel is just going after me he's

really intimidated by

women he's really intimidated by


and i look and this channel

had videos where they were going after

candace owens

brandon tatum lauren chin and i'm like

sounds to me like you have a problem

with women

and black people that don't line up with

your narrative how dare you

how dare you challenge a woman's opinion

but it's okay for them to challenge a

woman's opinion when that woman doesn't

line up with

their narrative it's okay for them to

challenge a black person

as long as that black person doesn't

agree with them because that

is how they view the world they will

white knight for women and black people

but the second they see a woman or a

black person that

doesn't line up with their narrative

they will attack them

that's the type of people these weirdos


so i have no faith in the marvel

cinematic universe moving forward

i very much enjoyed in game um i didn't

love it as much as infinity war but i

was fine with it i liked the

and it was a good closure on the marvel

cinematic universe

what we have now is not the marvel's

cinematic universe it is not

it all it is that in name only but the

marvel cinematic universe right now

is disney star wars it's just not

what you want it to be or what you think

it should be based on the history of it

the mcu in this phase is no longer

representative of anything we have seen

in the past this is political pandering

just like disney star wars and people

just have to accept that

we are where we are and it's time to

just call it like it is so

you guys have a great day thank you very

much for checking out this video check

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do appreciate that check us out on

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have a great day and we will talk to you



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