Dec. 1, 2023

The Marvels Trailer Reaction + Movie News + Movie Reviews + Q&A

Published May 15, 2023, 5:20 a.m. by Monica Louis

The Marvels trailer reaction Movie news Movie reviews QA by Adam Does Movies

The Marvels is a highly anticipated movie that is set to release in the near future. The trailer for the movie was recently released and has caused quite a stir among fans of the superhero genre.

The trailer opens up with a scene of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in his Iron Man suit flying through the air. He then lands on top of a building and we see that he is in New York City. The next scene shows Captain America (Chris Evans) fighting some bad guys. We then see Spider-Man (Tom Holland) swinging through the city.

The trailer then cuts to a scene where we see Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) fighting some bad guys. We then see Captain America and Iron Man talking to each other. The next scene shows Thor (Chris Hemsworth) fighting some bad guys. We then see the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) smashing some stuff.

The trailer then cuts to a scene where we see Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) talking to someone on the phone. He then hangs up and we see that he is in a Helicarrier. We then see a scene where Captain America is talking to someone. The next scene shows Black Widow and Captain America fighting some bad guys.

The trailer then cuts to a scene where we see Iron Man and Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) talking to each other. The next scene shows Thor and Hulk fighting each other. We then see a scene where Nick Fury is talking to someone. The next scene shows Spider-Man and Iron Man fighting each other.

The trailer then cuts to a scene where we see Captain America and Black Widow fighting some bad guys. We then see a scene where Doctor Strange is talking to someone. The next scene shows Thor, Hulk, and Doctor Strange fighting each other. The trailer then ends with a scene of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, and Nick Fury standing together.

The Marvels is sure to be an amazing movie and fans are already highly anticipating its release.

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had we were firing on all cylinders and

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Master Sergeant how does it sound

how is it going give me good news

I stand by

I changed video settings before the

stream and I think that's what screwed

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still laggy says Rob k

what is it what is going on

that's so bizarre I don't know if it's

because I'm shooting at a higher quality


everything's plugged in and accounted

for it sounds good says guy but the

audio is not streaming we can work

through this I just I don't like that

I don't like that but um the good news

is even if it's leggy live

what I record onto the actual camera and

the audio will be synced up so it's

going to be leggy for this conversation

that just sucks though I don't want that

I really don't want that

how to stop camera let's say video video

and audio

leg stream labs

I don't want a video

okay let's see this let's see what this


this is how you this is how you


fix audio delay by adding sync offset

Begin by launching OBS gear icon

tap the gear

add a negative offset to your audio


okay well let's let's try it

Yeti mic

it's under Advanced Audio properties


so I see a sync offset

I could try a negative two maybe

that might be too aggressive

let's start with the negative two and

see if that does anything

all right we got a negative offset of

minus two I'm looking at the wrong


is it better


is it better with the offset of minus

two I guess I can look myself

all right we got a negative offset Jesus


nope it's still off I can see

yeah Vinnie this is like the old old

times olden days

when we'd watch me troubleshoot for an

hour and a half

let's try a plus two and see if that

does something

testing plus two

I don't know what the I'm doing

I hear any audio where's my audio


Plus testing plus two

I don't know what the I'm doing

it didn't do anything

that didn't do anything uh

Ariana fox has never caught alive and

she picked just the perfect one

oh God damn

oh Vinnie says he feels like it's closer


it doesn't look like it

let's try five

Ariana fox has never caught alive

okay do we get any audio fixing

can't even talk the idea is so bad that

it's making me not able to

I can't speak I'm out of I'm out of


the idea is so bad that it's making

it speak

amount of sentences

it's close it's it's still off by a few


but I feel like it got a little better

so that was at a four

I shouldn't have to with it that

much though right

yeah uh Kai Kenzo Kenzo we've done the

we've done the twitch game we know that

there's no that's not any better for me

Vinnie I just completely went crazy with

it I put it to like 100 just now

we've done this we've done the switch

game we know that's not any better for


completely quite crazy with

God I'm gonna watch this stupid video

offset the audio to the video Let's


to that one as well let's go you guys

got piercings all over


click on that and you can see here in

the advanced settings that these five

channels are the same five channels as

I've got here in the mixer and all you

need to do is come over to the sync

offset in milliseconds part here and

just change these see for me this works

perfectly on to 20 milliseconds this is

what I found works for me it might be

different for you it might be like 100

milliseconds but what I would do is

start off with 220. now you might be

thinking Leon well how am I actually

going to know when I fixed it

oh yeah

shut up Leon I do this live I'm gonna

have time to around with testing

off off live what are you talking about

dude okay so I was maybe doing this


maybe not I'm not really sure let's


I actually think I was doing it right we

just was approaching it from a different

yeah there's different ways to get to

the same

same thing

220 he says

okay we're trying 220.

we're gonna see what that does

uh buddy on YouTube told me 220 is the

right answer I called him and he said

Adam you're going to want 220.

let's listen

okay we're trying 220.

I'm still off from this

buddy on YouTube told me 220 is the

right answer I called him and he said

Adam you're going to want 220.

let's listen


that didn't change Leanne's a liar

and a coward

he said the camera right

do you say the audio is supposed to be

delayed or the camera was supposed to be

delay it'd have to be the audio

yeah what am I talking about


I feel like we're not really making any

progress but we'll keep at it

because that's what we do

the offset of 220 was trash let's try an

offset of six


let's just go nuts with it

let's go nuts I have to unfortunately

keep talking just so I can test this out

by the time it gets figured out I'll be

off to bed


so I can figure it out

it doesn't seem like it's changing at

all is it just me is it just me or it

doesn't it doesn't seem like it's

changing in the slightest

the other issue is maybe it won't

okay it's like a it's like a second off

do we do we dare bump it

do we dare bump it to 700

oh Jesus perfect


I'm on my soda's almost gone

two seconds says master sergeant


yeah it's still up I don't know if you


I don't know if it's Gonna Change live

or if I have to stop and keep you know

keep doing it here's the deal

I can record

I'm gonna have to end the stream and


no that won't work is if I hit

record while I'm not streaming then it's

not taking in the the leg and all that

so this has to be done live how do

people do this normally

private I could do a private stream I


let's just play Let's drop it to 900.

just to see if this is changing at all

I'm just I just have to tickle my fancy

here and see what's going on

well Douglas the problem is resetting

the stream I already did it once and it

didn't make a difference

I want to see it

I want to see if it makes a difference

okay now it seems like I'm quite a bit

further behind right

so maybe it is maybe it is actually

doing something

if that's the case

let's take this this thing up to a


let's take this up to a thousand

yeah that was like four seconds

that seemed like four seconds

okay we're at a thousand

hang on your dicks

oh that seems closer

guys I think that's closer

let's go

a thousand could you imagine

can you imagine this

we are at 2 000 ladies and germs

2 000.

holy I think we did it

four thousand wait I think we did it


oh man

oh man it's gone again again it

It's Gonna be Me perfectly in sync


maybe Leon meant 2020.

maybe that's what happened


you know never give up that's the bottom

line never give up on your dreams kids

the stream started at 10. on the DOT

it's 10


45 minutes

how do I leave this stream up even

if someone's gonna come to this later

you know because you can access past

streams and they're gonna be like what

the hell is going on

how embarrassing

how embarrassing

but what do you do it's a live show

it's a live show

oh okay

we got stuff to do we got work to do


yeah peaches peaches peaches peaches

peaches peaches

we uh have stuff to do and I lost my


because the everything has just been

chaos just pure uncut chaos

I don't think I can have the trailer

plane while I react to it but we've all

seen it uh because YouTube will say

that's a copyright claim that's a strike

on the channel you can't show the video

trailer in its entirety we're taking


so I think what we're gonna do is I'm

just gonna kind of watch this and make

comments that we're gonna put in a video

for the channel and you're gonna just be

along for the ride if that sounds okay

and then when I'm done with this little

ranty review

uh we'll talk about it in the chat

so I'm gonna actually look over here

because this is the recording camera if

I haven't made that clear yet

if I haven't made that Billy Crystal


let me get the audio recording

file new audio

oh me it's showing two Yeti mics


tickle it a little bit test okay it's

definitely that one

not down here okay

audio is recording

camera is recording

people are chatting

Master Sergeant with a five dollar Super

Chat absolutely impressed by everything

that just happened I'm impressed too

can you put those time markers on the

stream ask Vinnie yeah I can I can I can

put uh a chapter in I probably won't but

I can

if I remember

okay let's um

feel free to watch the trailer

on your own in a separate browser tab if

you want but here here we go I'm going

to describe what's happening after I do

an intro

everything has led up to this the

trailer event of the century

mcu's back we have the Marvels a

somewhat sequel to Captain Marvel a

quasi Disney plus sequel to Miss Marvel

the TV show and another sequel to that

Monaco oh I almost got through it

and yet kind of a third sequel to that


and kind of yet another sequence

I'm all flustered now

and also kind of a sequel to One

Division because we have three different

characters two of which we're on Disney

Plus shows one of which was in a movie

in a bunch of other movies we have the

Marvels here this was a long intro for

something that's pretty immediate

damn it this was too long of an intro

people are going to turn away

let's let's restart let's let's catch

our breath hey there's a trailer for the

Marvels out in case you haven't heard

from 500 other people I have nothing

interesting to say in this intro kind of

like how the trailer has nothing

interesting to say let's talk about it


I don't think my belt is on properly

all right


what the hell are you doing

jump Point perimeter

I'm gonna get you some readings Fury

hello hello


the trailer opens with a shot of space

and Nick Fury back again he's been in 3

000 Marvel movies now let's keep him

going keep those checks rolling in for

Samuel L Jackson he is bankable damn it

and he always will be he's walking

around with a fresh eye patch and he's

talking to Rambo who's going out into

the cold depths of space into some sort

of a Quantum field I don't know what

things are so I just I'm gonna say

Quantum field she likes to touch I

noticed in one division she couldn't

help herself she's constantly touching

weird things that shouldn't be touched

it's kind of like oh look at the

electrical storm this seems like

something I should just put my hand on

or put my finger in get up get up

get a poking stick get something to just

reach out don't just jump in guns

blazing well she does next thing you

know bam she's back out but it's not her

it's Kamala Khan

that's the young one from the Disney

Plus show that people probably started

and didn't finish like my family because

most the Disney Plus shows suck let's


it's the Young

okay I have

now I do want to say something this

actress that plays Kamala Khan I

actually dig her I think she's very fun

very likable very Charming I just don't

like the show the writing was very bad

the effects were very campy it didn't

hold my interest it felt like something

that should have been a movie and not

stretched out an entire seven or eight

episodes whatever the thing ended up

being again we walked away at like

episode three or four

and I actually like all three of these

actresses I did finish Wanda Vision very

solid show from beginning to end got a

little silly at the end but that's okay

and Brie Larson America's sweetheart

she has developed

and then there's Bree and then there's

Bria and then there's Brie Larson

America's sweetheart she has

she has single-handedly started a

Renaissance on YouTube a few years back

which has turned into a cottage industry

of douchebags that are angry about Brie

Larson saying literally anything

these channels who will remain nameless

and some of my viewers actually follow

and watch which that's fine as long as

you're still watching me it's all good

whatever you want to glean from them uh

whatever information or brilliant

nuggets of advice or opinion they are

sliming out of their mouths onto the

computer screen by all means ingest it

maybe don't really ingest it though

because it can be harmful especially

when every single one of their videos is

Kathleen Kennedy sucks Brie Larson is

the literal devil I just I don't

understand the appeal and I I don't and

I don't want to keep bringing them up

because I've purged them from my life

yet somehow they always walk back in

someone shares the thumbnail of all

their outrageous YouTube videos where

they're pissed off and then the movies

woke everything's woke what the hell is


someone please explain to me what it is

black people in movies


any sort of idea what's the agenda by

the way what's the Disney agenda what's

the Hollywood agenda making everyone


making everyone gay but I I don't get

and what and for what profit

what people don't realize is large

companies corporations don't give a

about any of it

they just look at the generational

wealth they look at what's coming down

the pipeline and they cater to it so oh

we see things trending this way we see

people are more into this now so we're

gonna Market to those people it's not

deep it's not complicated there's not

some underground secret cabal that's

like puppeteering this whole underground

movement that's now out of the Shadows

revealing the agenda which is to make a

new Little Mermaid movie but with a

black actress

you shouldn't be upset

that they change the actress's skin

color because it's a skin color you

should be upset that they keep remaking

their Classic Movies

worse that's the insult that's the part

that pisses me off we already have the

gold standard the best they can do is

make a movie not suck it's never better

unless of course they completely change

it like they did with the Jungle Book

now I realize this is a Marvel's trailer

but I had to get that off my dick

I had to say my piece these people don't

go away

and I can't ignore them but

unfortunately they're in my space so the

people come to the comments and they

just yell woke and they yell all sorts

of stuff that has no bearing on the

quality of a film and it doesn't add to

any conversation like it just leads to

nothing it's like how do you respond to

that it's woke okay

congratulations what do you want me to


as for this trailer

I was gonna break it down but why it's a

teaser trailer Marvel is incredibly good

at putting these out they know what

they're doing they have an iconic song

from the 90s or the 80s or early 2000s

something that gets people to to get out

of their seats and nod their head we

have Beastie Boys here Intergalactic

Planetary this song is so


it was a great song it's been played to

death it's in a lot of different things

and here we are again uh first

impression on this trailer I think it

looks very fun

I think it looks very childish and

that's not bad I just saw the Mario

movie had a great time it's very dumb

plot makes very little sense it's it

doesn't matter

you know the type of movie you're gonna

get the type of movie The Promise and

that was it

the problem I have is that the Marvel

movies have kind of sucked lately for me

Ant-Man and the WASP Quantum shittium or

Quantum shitty or whatever it's called

not good not good

Thor love and Thunder

maybe worse I don't know it's I don't

want to watch either of them ever again

and now we have this one which I will

say effects wise looks a little better

they still have very colorful effects

that's the look that they're going for

with all these movies except for

ironically Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3

which seems a little darker in tone

that was kind of the one it felt like

all of these other movies were mimicking

now it's again James Gunn's like yeah we

don't want to be like what Marvel is we

like I like to do my own thing and it's

usually the right thing

um I just don't really have anything bad

or good to say about this it just looks

like a light fluffy Affair the first

Captain Marvel movie is mediocre at best

I don't like it very much but I can

watch it I don't want to watch it

there's so many other movies to watch

but it is a watchable film not not

terrible Brie Larson she got a bad

script she's a good actress she's

smoking hot I don't care what anyone

says I'm pretty damn sure most of these

channels out there these angry guys that

are upset about everything

um by the way the go won't go broke

thing makes no sense

because Disney

has a lot of money

apparently everything they make is woke

so what uh the new Nintendo movie with

peach was woke it's like the number one

highest grossing animated movie already

of this year and I think maybe has the

highest box office for an animated movie

full stop it already beat Frozen two so

which is it

so walk is it not



this trailer was solid it had me

interested I think these three leads

play off each other really well Brie

Larson is in a tank top at the end and

I'm all in

and yes I'm a happily married man I can

still find other women attractive my

wife finds very a lot of men attractive

just not me but that's for another time

what else


yes my point was I think a lot of these

guys have a soft on for Brie Larson I'd

say a hard-on but I don't think they can

get it up because most the time they're

upset or crying

so but I just can't imagine physically

that that being a thing for them so they

have a soft on for and I respect that in

the sense but in another sense it's

really sad

the Marvels looks great no the Marvel

doesn't look great the Marvels looks

good I like the sh the Marvels looks

good I like the transfer of power thing

they're doing kind of reminded me of

Fantastic Four two Rise of the Silver

Surfer if you remember that when they

all power swapped that's what we have

going here I think this is going to be

done a little better though

again Marvel puts out great trailers it

remains to be seen if they can keep the

promise of what they're going for here

which is clearly a funner time at the

movies a little less serious

but hopefully there's still some heart

hopefully there's still a solid story

and uh I'll be happy

I don't I don't ask for much

get in get out with the movie Let me

enjoy it and let me let me move on with

my date

all right I want to hear from you though

let me know in the comments your

thoughts on all of this rambling

nonsense like the video if you had a

good time subscribe if you haven't I

post tons of movie and TV show reviews

every single week if you're upset about

what I said about your favorite Channel

over there

I just we have different opinions and

that's okay that's okay all right

hopefully I catch you next time take


sling one down

boom save it

the Marvel's trailer

let's see if anybody's still in the chat

or if they're all upset with me now

uh Dennis says if you don't hear the

entertainment Industries anti-white

rhetoric then you're not listening

Dennis that might be so they're they're

I mean there's definitely groups of

Hollywood Elites

you know making their little case like

white men suck blah blah blah blah again

at the end of the day it's all about

Trends if Hollywood sees a way to make

money off of villainizing the white man

for a few movies

that's that's on them

as it stands though

you look month after month it's a white


at the box office leading okay John Wick

4 just completely dominated they're

probably gonna make more Mario

completely dominated that's a that's a

white dude

uh top gun Maverick last year freaking

explodes Tom Cruise everything he comes

out with his gold I just don't see like

I get what people are saying with some

of the rhetoric

but it's definitely not something that's

changing Hollywood there's still making

the white dude lead movies they're not

going anywhere

love your work make the refinements and

you'll and you be YouTube Gold says

ambient wave I miss the refinements

you're talking about

good faith tip look at the camera for

your reactions uh ambient wave I don't

know if you caught the beginning but I'm

I have a second this is not the primary

camera right here I'm actually talking

to into a nicer camera this is the

stream camera this is the nice camera

I can't stream from the nice camera is

what I'm getting at

Vinnie says I can't say that I agree

with everything you say but the Marvel's

trailer looks fun uh please Vinnie

educate me I'd love to I'd love to hear

what I said that was incorrect

uh Simon let's careful for the spoilers


and yeah

I'll air quote that because

okay next on the list

actually I should ask if there's any

I I should ask if there's any other

movie news you want me to cover before I

jump into the movie reviews

yeah Ariana foxy does look like a Disney

plus movie that is a very good point

that's why I said it looks very childish

looks like a kid's film which is okay

strong female leads in there

I should probably add that right I

should probably add people people like

when I do that

it's kind of fun

it's better when Khaleesi Grimes does it

the big takeaway many people will notice

from this trailer is it's Shock full of

strong female leads


and quite frankly

it's about

there's that there's also that that

lovable cat from the first film is also

back and it looks like he brought the

entire Litter with him how fantastic

for children

it looks like a Disney plus movie too

the coloring the poppiness and I'm not

necessarily and I'm not necessarily

saying that's bad I do wonder how this

is going to do box office wise because

the first Captain Marvel was wedged

between Infinity war and end game

this doesn't have that to play off

instead it has Ant-Man and the WASP

which underperformed by quite a bit for

Disney so this is the one that's really

going to have to elevate things um

they're standing on their own let's see

if uh let's see if the girls can get it



all right we added a little bit more

sauce to that one

uh Corey Johnson asked if I saw 65.

Corey yeah I did did you see my review

of it from a few weeks ago

it says no

my guess is no

thoughts on the upcoming fast ten


um I have no fast 10 looks like trash

but the last fast or fast nine was awful

I thought that movie was awful

10 looks even dumber I think they say

family in the trailer three times in

just the trailer come on

what movies are you going to see next in

the theater well I did come out with

that April

you know what I don't think I did come

out with that April video because I

filmed it on a different live stream

and I didn't like how that live stream


because I didn't record it off of the

the main camera so I didn't use any of

that stuff I had like a fun section

where I said all the movies I was

excited for April and there was a good

chunk of movies on that list this week

is Renfield or reinfeld it has nothing

to do with Seinfeld believe it or not

it's a vampire movie with Nicholas Cage

and Nicholas Holt double Nicholas double

double the fun that looks fun

uh fast10 does have my girl Brie Larson

in it yes we'll see it looks like trash

uh Michael's happy about the haircut


that's good it's good to hear

a little little wilder than I I like but

it'll grow out it'll get better

I have a feeling that fast X trailer

said family more than three times it's

possible Michael

Shane Oakwood says you look shorter than

I thought

oh Shane Shane knows me Shane's my


Shane's my brother from another mother

thoughts on the Evil Dead rise and it's

pronounced Renfield okay thank you for

the pronunciation I'll still get it

wrong but Renfield I at least I have it

here for now

uh you know what I'm honestly bummed out

that I didn't put that video out

with my April movies coming out because

it was solid and I had a lot to say

about those movies and now I don't want

to be redundant but Evil Dead rise looks

really cool

why the haircut says Kenzo


oh cancel I love you

love you dude


I could go for some Anya Taylor Joy


it's just the cameras up high I could

move it down but honestly at this point

I don't want to touch anything I'm just

scared to touch anything

uh Bruce says Adam I love your shirt

yeah it's from

oh it's from Disney World

it was from Epcot I think

the Lindsay bought it for me Lindsay and

the kids when I was off I don't know

flirting with Minnie Mouse or something

they came out with it

it's solid you know the the Pizza Planet

truck is in pretty much every Pixar

movie that's a fact that pretty much

everyone knows because we all have

access to those videos where they say

did you know the Pizza Planet truck is

in the background here here here here

uh Lindsay in the comments my wife uh

talking about the hair experience yet no

Lindsay I didn't talk about the hair

experience because I'm trying to avoid

showing them what went wrong and now

you've you've basically thrown me under

the bus

uh essentially what happened was the

hair stylist the barber if you must

she went a little fast and loose with

the cut and really up my hair

I mean

for one it should be longer on the side

it's like really short and for two now

I'm gonna point it out and you're just

all gonna have to know you're all going

to see this now

but if I go over

you can see how she cut the line

and then oh what's this let me just gash

up into here and then have this little

hangover effect

like what the did you do so

thankfully when I'm back here and I'm

kind of at an angle you don't really see

it but that's what I'm living through

right now and maybe that's uh an Adam

Rance video for the second Channel

Adam after dark which I I need to post

some content to

thankfully my hair grows out very fast

so it shouldn't be a problem

thoughts on the new Christopher Nolan

movie Oppenheimer

said Oppenheimer or Oppenheimer I think

it's openheimer

yeah I think um I love Christopher Nolan

movies I think it's going to be good

I think it's gonna be a good time and

Tennant I didn't I didn't love tenant

but I I kind of dug it it's definitely

his worst

Corey asked if I have any aspirations to

make my own film in the future yeah I do

I do

uh and Lindsay yells at me to to write

scripts and whatnot but I just I just

honestly don't know what to say

I don't know I don't know how to get

started I feel like gotta keep growing

the YouTube channel to the Chris

stuckman level and then I can milk all

the money from you guys to to fund a


come out with that movie

if something Grove wasn't it

Cottage Grove OR

something Lane

I don't I don't know what it is

she cut a channel in your hair yeah it's

it's the hard it's the hot well that

part's intentional I did that last time

too by a more competent Barber

uh I can't it's a hard it's a hard um I

can't remember the term

but yeah they cut in and then it looks

cool when they do it right and when they

do it wrong it looks like what I have

Adam you don't just cover movies or

shows do you do you have a channel for

video games Douglas I don't

I I had I have a private Channel Adam

Olinger that has like 300 videos on

there and there are video game videos as

well that's for patreons and YouTube

join members at the one dollar and up so

you're you're welcome to join there and

see some of those there was like E3

parodies I did some video game uh versus

videos Halo 2 versus 3 kind of just

random I had movie feuds for a long time

so there was some video game feuds I did

uh that they were pretty fun

but yeah I don't I don't really do any

of that anymore I'm just focused on

growing the main Channel right now

Shelby Oaks that's what it was thank you


uh thoughts on the new spider-verse

movie coming out I'm very excited for it

I love the last into the spider-verse

and this is a two-parter I think that

they're gonna they're gonna do great

things very excited

you are made for live streams my bro

your energy is great for it thank you

ambient wave I appreciate that we'll

keep getting better you know once we get

the audio syncing issues figured out we

can start maybe getting some overlays

and all sorts of whiz-bangery if this

keeps going well for now though it's

just it's just like an intimate

one-on-one conversation

Adam has your channel always been this

size no I actually started out with zero


thank you for the question


uh no this is the highest subscriber

count like I didn't I didn't lose

subscribers over time I I grew

I want to say my third or fourth year

doing it is when the channel really took

off when movie feuds was really being

pushed by YouTube

those videos were getting anywhere from

I would say the average was

thirty thousand views for movie feuds

videos and then some of them have like a

million views we got three of them that

have a million I think that Frozen

versus Tangled has three million plus

it's just terrible too but the concept

was solid it was all about the concept

I can't watch any of those videos

anymore they're all pretty terrible but

back in the day there was some good

production put in and effort and I think

people appreciated that at some point

YouTube's just like ah we we have enough

we've had enough for this so I stopped

doing it and then the channel definitely

had a a bad lull for a couple years

where I wasn't posting near as much and

then when I did post they posted random

stuff like the cringe or or a rant video

there was like seven different shows

going on so people were like yeah I

didn't subscribe for this and then they

just walked away but the last year plus

this year we've we've been seeing some

good growth I focused on doing one main

show which is just Adam does movies

movie reviews and uh yeah we're seeing

some good progress finally


thoughts on the Barbie movie coming up


uh yeah it looks honestly

it looks okay

I like Margot Robbie I like baby goose

Ryan Gosling and the director is

interesting she did I think Little Women


God she does she does kind of like

snarky movies kind of quirky irreverent

if you must I think it'll be okay I

don't think it's gonna do well

in fact I think it's probably gonna bomb

but I appreciate it being different it

looks it looks very different and that

could be a glorious disaster or it could

be fun we'll see I'll be there

uh M Crockett says I miss the cringe I

miss the cringe too I love the cringe it

was on it was honestly my favorite show

to do and to watch back it was the only

show I produced where I could watch it

and laugh my ass off at myself usually I

watch my stuff I'm like okay that was

fine that was a decent episode but the

cringe I I thought it was funny as hell

the rest of YouTube not so much it just

didn't it didn't do my channel any

favors and every time I uploaded one I

actually lost subscribers

people were confused by it because they

subbed for me talking about how much the

Matrix Force sucks

and so then they see that and then they

see the cringe where I'm like I love

this movie

uh it doesn't play off each other well

if you don't realize it's satire and

there's not really anywhere on my

channel where it says hey I do sad Tire

videos and you know real reviews they

clashes too much for people I used to

treat my channel

like a like a TV channel where there

would be different shows that you could

watch well people don't like that they

want one show one show to watch and when

you start introducing other ones and I

work the same way on YouTube I don't

watch a lot of YouTube but the people I

follow I expect them to come out with

certain content and when they post other

content that isn't that thing I start to

get annoyed it's like uh yeah I don't I

don't want this what the hell and I was

really bad about it like I wouldn't just

do one cringe episode in a row sometimes

I do like three before I got to a

regular review sometimes it'd be like

three cringe episodes a Carside review a

nerds and players like all these random

things a movie feuds and so yeah when

you have different buckets of people

that are subscribing for different

buckets of things

you have a very bad base of people which

is why I have 69 000 subscribers but do


the numbers closer to like 4 000 as far

as I'm concerned 4 000 people that now

have jumped in and are like I know what

you're gonna get I know what you're

gonna give me let's go

uh as far as the cringe I do have the

second Channel Adam after dark that was

going to be a playground of more

I wanted to make a more like Tick Tock

friendly YouTube short friendly content

where you could easily cut them into

sections so they were more like

observational humor stuff

but I can do anything there I mean it

only has like 600 subscribers it's still

very much in its infancy so maybe the

cringe gets a third Channel maybe the

cringe goes there I I don't really know

honestly I just I have to get this

channel moving in a solid Direction

before I can really put a bunch of

energy into something else

uh Shane's asking what pizza planet is

uh Shane Pizza Planet is a fictitious

pizza shop in Toy Story

and it's since been a running Easter egg

in other Pixar films and most of them

you can find a Pizza Planet truck you

probably know this and are just tugging

me along but there's the answer for you

are the movie theaters you go to really

all that bad experience or is this just

for the videos

guy asks me that Lindsay if she's still

watching I don't know she can attest

she's been to only a few movies here

in South Carolina and the two times

she's gone there was a person vaping now

funny story I've only had two

experiences with people vaping in the

theater and both times Lindsay was with

so she had really bad luck

I would say there hasn't really been a

bad theater experience until just

recently with uh with bless when we went

and Gabby when we went to

um air which I ranted about in that

video but prior to that I had probably

two or three months straight

probably because people weren't really

going to movies where it was it was

clear sailing the movie experience was

great people were respectful granted

there was only seven or eight people in

the theater I like to go Thursday night

at a pretty late movie like a nine

o'clock not a lot of people going to

movies at nine o'clock on a Thursday and

that's when the new releases come out

and most people don't realize that

either they think big new releases come

out on Fridays

back in the day back in the back in the

Dizz for slang

the movies would start at 1201 because

you had to be on Friday so they would do

that 1201 showing hit that Friday sweet

spot and people would line up for hours

to go to movies I remember lining up to

go to Star Wars I remember lining up to

go to the Matrix movies Lord of the

Rings they were fun experiences they

don't do that anymore now they're like

we'll release it at two o'clock on a

Thursday afternoon

so much of the spectacle in the

pageantry is gone

probably because movies go to streaming

services in like three months

thoughts on the Resident Evil yeah I

know I don't care I don't like any of

those I shouldn't say I don't like I

don't care about any of the Resident

Evil animated stuff that's on Netflix or

wherever it ends up getting shot out it

looks a little too campy I like the

Resident Evil games but I hate the

stories they they go way too South for

me I I like it contained Simple Story

I don't want these shadow agencies all

over the place and weird stuff going on

it doesn't work


Corey asks are there any other movie

reviewers you would like to collaborate

with in the future

it's always been a dream of mine to

collaborate with red letter media I'm

pretty sure they don't know I exist I've

tried reaching out to him years ago via

Twitter and whatever whatever means I

could find to Jay and Mike but yeah to

no avail

I think red letter media would be really

fun to go on but uh yeah Tony from hack

the movies we've collaborated quite a

bit it would be fun to get out to his

place and actually shoot on location I

think that would be a good time

um I always found Avery Joe to be kind

of fun I don't know what he's like as a

person but he seems like a chill dude it

would be cool to to meet up with him and

do something but again these guys are

all quite a bit larger than my channel

feel like you really have to be in that

upper echelon to even really reach out

to these guys because they probably get

hit up by a ton of different companies

and people on a day-to-day so you just

get lost in the in the kerfuffle


the why files guy said he hated doing

YouTube shorts but once he started

putting out quick one minute content he

saw his numbers grow exponentially on

his channel yes Michael that's a great

point and actually my daughter

I've been teaching her how to edit and

she is going to be doing the YouTube

shorts for me and I'm going to pay her a

little bit of money each week if if she

can if she does them and she will she's

a very hard worker

uh Olivia's fantastic so the goal is for

her to make a few shorts every day to

put on Tick Tock and YouTube and see how

they do obviously I will be selecting

which videos she edits some of them

aren't quite as appropriate as others

for the most part I keep the channel

relatively clean compared to how it used

to be past years

but we'll see that's going to start on

Monday she's gonna be my wife is part of

this too she actually she's like the

manager now she's got the schedule for

her to get the shorts out she's yelling

at me to do these lives really Lindsay's

been the driving Factor here mainly

because I don't think she wants to work

and that's fair that's fair because of

her disease it's hard for her to work so

yeah we're we're trying things out

Mila Jovovich in that first Resident

Evil movie though wow yeah the first

Resident Evil movies is schlocky but

that it's pretty fun everything after

was a complete dumpster fire

weekly schedule type of things doesn't

work question mark like normal review on

Monday's sub requests on Tuesday cringe

release on Thursday movie reposter or

trailer react on Saturday however it

gives yeah

I mean that's kind of what I wanted to

do a long time ago but I have a hard


like scheduling things like that I just

don't work that way so

I wouldn't mind doing movie posters

again I keep going back and forth on it

they are more work I uh

and I don't think that they bring the

views in

I don't know I go back and forth with it

it's it's really hard because YouTube

really does want you to be just one

thing and one thing only

and this seems to make the most sense


movies come out every week

so there's new content plus there's old

movies to talk about plus patreon I have

that 30 mithril tier where I will review

a movie for you and that's been going


it's also on YouTube as well

um so those are things that I am working

on and I think they're doing okay

ambient wave says you could easily do a

few hours of twitch uh kick live stream

engage with fans in Q a with

subscription Super Chat goals

uh Corey says I think you could

definitely work with rlm well I mean I

don't know how Corey if you know

something I don't ambient wave with the

three dollar euro Super Chat thank you

ambient wave

Over the Rainbow says it's a good woman

you have there sir yeah she she I'll

keep her I'll keep her around

uh I have not seen the Paddington movie

I have heard from several people that

it's really good it's a tear jerker it's

fantastic I haven't had time to sit down

and watch Paddington I think they have a

third one on the way if I'm not mistaken

uh no I never watched it I I've always

wanted to pull the trigger but I just

can't I don't have the motivation when

there's so many other things on my plate

uh Master Sergeant says it was the

posters that attracted me

I know

I know master sergeant

I don't know what to say I mean we can


we can try them we can try doing them I

don't think that would hurt the channel

per se

could I do it in this format though like

I have posters behind me which I need to

update they're again they're my sons

that I stole from him

put a poster right here on the side or

do I pull down I got the green screen

set up I can easily like move this for

the green screen and then just have a

white background with the poster next to

me but make it very

simplistic very clean


and do that Weekly

because I do think I do think the

posters are something unique for the

channel and I'm unique to talk about

them because of my graphic arts


my real job

combat veteran reacts lost patreon and

started his own web page still using the

patreon pay hierarchy and was able to

cut out the middleman yeah Michael

Lindsay has been yelling at me to set up

a website

and just move all the the patreon stuff

over there

and I can build it from beginning to end

that's not the problem the problem is I

just don't see

so you pay for the hosting you pay for

the site so you're dropping 300 into it

basically right out of the gates then

you have a reoccurring monthly fee of a

hundred some bucks to renew the domain

um and then you have to set up like

stripe or PayPal for the memberships and

they're gonna take a little fee

I don't know what the percentage is if

it's like five percent three percent

some I really don't know what it is at

this point plus managing the website

building it out so that it's pulling in

recent YouTube videos having some sort

of uh messaging board on there

um because patreon has all that stuff

built in

you know you can you can you can

communicate with people so I'd have to

have like a Blog section or something

it's just it's a it's a lot of work to

set it up right

and I don't really like to half-ass

things so I don't know it's it's sticky

it's very sticky

uh Rocky McFly with the 999 Super Chat I

appreciate it Rocky you could have asked

a question if you're giving super chats

by the way uh you feel free to ask a

question that'll for sure get answered

just kind of chillaxing right now I'm I

got to do two reviews here still

for Polar Express and hard candy two

movies that I know are definitely on

everyone's mind right now

uh Kenzo says the Mario movie was great

it was great should I do a rant on

people should I do a rant on the Rotten

Tomatoes Mario thing or is that already

kind of irrelevant to do

I didn't even put my review on Rotten

Tomatoes I should give it my positive

review to pump that thing up a little


because right now it's at 57 by critics

that's insane what is the other what's

the old Mario Brothers movie at

it's got to be worse 29 okay at least

it's and the audience scores 29 too



that's amazing

that's so low 15 amps

uh Corey says I believe if you also made

30 second reviews for YouTube shorts in

addition to regular reviews it would

definitely help direct people to your


yeah Corey I was doing that for a while

I have a decent amount of YouTube shorts

but again they were going out maybe

twice a week at the most what I'm

hearing is you've got to put out like

two or three or five a day especially on

Tick Tock because there's so much

going out all the time in order to even

get favor with the algorithm and to show

up in people's feeds you just have to

have content constantly which sucks

because I've always in the past been

like it's quality that I want it's

quality that's going to drive people to

the channel but that is not how the

games played at all anymore it's all

just quantity

saw Polar Express for Christmas time

save Polar Express for Christmas time

yeah I know but it's a patreon request I

guess I could go to him and ask if he

has something that he wants to

um do in the meantime

I guess I could do that

Polar Express age like a five fine devil

egg Polar Express is weird man I just

re-watched it so that I could do the

review and I remember thinking it was

weird when I saw it in theaters but man

what a bizarre film

I can't even say I hate it it's just so


did you already watch the Marvel's

trailer I was expecting way more strong

female leads still not hyped for it at

all though which is kind of

disappointing yeah I didn't mind it I I

think MCO mcu's bread and butter is

making good trailers and again they they

did so they made a decent trailer I

don't really care to see it but I will

I I think it looks more interesting than

I thought it was going to I'll say that

I like that it's not so dramatic and

sensationalized it seems more small

scale and silly

Mario review thing is overdone however

talk about Jack Black's sexy single I

think that's overdone more than the uh

than the Mario rage but I think you're

right they're both kind of played out


we just watched our favorite Easter

movie Adam tell them what we showed the

kids for the first time on Easter Sunday

oh that's Lindsay yeah that's true

yeah for Easter we watched uh misery

with the family me my wife and my two

kids we watch Misery with Kathy Bates

I didn't even realize at the time that

she actually wears a cross and she she

is like a very religious woman so it was

actually extra funny that that's what we

picked it had nothing to do with Easter

we just

my son Connor is getting a little older

and he thinks it's edgy to watch R-rated

stuff so I'm trying to like find ones

that he can watch that aren't like

horrible and I guess misery came to mind

uh The Dark Knight says hi what's up

Adam does movies really dig your movie

reviews very funny and entertaining

thank you Dark Knight

uh I can never say this name aritra I

wish someone some patreon requested Adam

to watch The Animated DreamWorks

Masterpiece Prince of Egypt for Easter

you know I've heard from several people

that Prince of Egypt's really good I

like the other DreamWorks one I have not

seen Prince of Egypt I've saw the other

one Road to El Dorado I really enjoy

that film that's fun

will you be reviewing Transformers

movies in honor of the new one Kenzo

that's actually a really good idea we

should have a Transformers Marathon

please remind when's the new one come


Transformers rise of the beasts

Transformers rise of the Beast not to be

confused with Terminator 3 rise of the

Machines or The Dark Knight Rises or

Rise of the Planet of the Apes or

a million other Rise movies

there's there's a guard the Rise of the


there's other ones Mercury Rising that

doesn't count we're done

Transformers rise of the beasts

comes out in June

May June okay so we got so in may we

should really try to do that that's a

great idea Kenzo we should try and may

to do that

Ambien says the live stream content like

this I think will boost you doing

forward nothing crazy maybe once twice a

week on top of your main content to

engage with fans yeah ambient that's the

goal is to do this Tuesday and Friday

or Friday's the for sure

the the week is in flux but Tuesday

night seems to be a good night to do it

Prince of Egypt slaps go watch

it says Ariana Fox okay how about this

how about I ask

how about I ask the patreon who


I gotta see who it is it's so it's a

it's a good guy it's a guy that's been

like supporting the channel for a long


so I'm sure he'd be cool with this let

me ask him if he'll sub out

uh Polar Express for Prince of Egypt

we'll see if he goes for it okay let me

let me see where he's at in this God

damn where's my notes

Drive Google

just hang tight I gotta find

here we go

okay Owen Manning let me look up Owen


you slippery minks oh and where are you

there he is

Owen was just talking about you on the

live stream

would you mind subbing out Polar Express

for Prince of Egypt

people are saying it's amazing and Polar


would be good to save for the holidays

thoughts question mark

okay we'll see if he bites maybe he's

watching right now I don't know I don't

think he is


I know you don't do long-form essay

videos like you did on screen Ranch but

I've always hated how there's always a

new Shadow organization after we just

defeated the last new Shadow

organization I know Emmanuel

everything's the same everything's a

shadow shed organization

oh God

oh David says Owen is lordship one

really why why didn't I why don't I know


I don't remember anything

the lordship always is on lordship's

always watching on Twitch so I'm

surprised he's not here

uh yeah Lindsay I know boss I know I can

give him two he actually gets four for

the year if he stays with me on patreon

he gets he gets up to four for the

mithril membership I know what I'm doing

I know what I'm doing

okay it's 11 40. I should probably at

least get the hard candy review done for

who the Vin

Vin wanted hard candy I should probably

review it quick

because then at least we have

two videos filmed for the rest of the

week so that gives us Wednesday and

Thursday videos and then Thursday we

have Renfield for Friday so we have the

next three days mapped out that's

perfect got the Marvel's trailer for

tomorrow hard candy

and then something for everyone okay

then then where you at here you are

what what do you want to be known as I

just put Vin down that can't be right

Vin had recommended by the way the most

obscure movie on the planet thankfully

when I asked him if he would mind

changing it to something at least a

little bit more known

hard candy was fine for me I've seen

that movie before I just rewatched it

today that that's a much better choice I

still think it's pretty pretty obscure

but it's better than Beyond the Black


I don't even I don't I still don't know

what it is I tried looking it up I'm

like what the be on the black


uh so he was a very good sport about it

so shout out to Vin for

um changing it Corey Johnson with the

499 powerful super chat thanks for all

the great content Adam really enjoyed

the stream best of luck to you and the


thank you Corey Ambien says I feel like

you need to stool ambient well usually I

don't do these like long

q a sessions usually I'm I'm focused and

I'm filming stuff so I like to be able

to move I like to be spry

I need it I do need to move my legs are

getting sore I'm gonna pass out

Rob asked if I've shown my son the 1980s

blob movie rated R hijinks I should

watch that again I remember thinking the

blob was kind of creepy when I was a kid

so we should definitely watch that

Rocky McFly asks if I've seen the movie

sing Street I've never heard of sing

Street Rocky I've never heard of it

this coke is gone

I like to fill it with like this much

ice so it keeps me from drinking a lot

of soda but then I'm really depressed

when I don't have any soda left again

the streams sponsored by Parker is


thanks Parkers

if you grew out of goatee you could go

as Tony Stark's cousin Gus Stark uh yeah

I can't grow hair on my face that's the


Rob says what about Evil Dead rise

midnight review release or immediately

after you see it

when does Evil Dead rise come out I

thought Renfield was this week

Evil Dead

rise release date

April 21st so that's not until next week

that's that's next Thursday

is there like a special showing or that

I don't know about

okay we have to do this hard candy

review so

stick around if you want we're gonna

make this a relatively quick review and

then we can chat a little bit longer and

then we'll call it we'll call it a day

we'll call it a we'll call it a Tina Fey

let me bring up IMDb for this gem this

is going to be fun because it stars

how do you how do you do this I'd love

to know from the the new gen

the film stars Elliott page

14 years old

at the time was known as the dead name I

I believe is what the kids say it's a

dead name you're not supposed to say it

whatever I don't care I don't care about

any of this

it's just weird because it's Elliott


as a girl character in hard candy

maybe I just say page and ignore all the

just be like page stars as

Haley Stark

Oh weird

what in the hell okay so on IMDb

this is interesting

the top cast it says Elliott page but

then it says the character he's playing

is Haley Stark in parentheses as Ellen


what in the hell

so Elliot page

I I I'm absolutely confused by how that

semantically works Elliot page is

playing two characters

so like the uh Tropic Thunder you're

playing a dude playing another dude it's

disguised as a black dude or something

I don't even know how to approach this

damn it Vin

you Sly dog

Hey Jillian page I don't know anymore

I'm just gonna I'm just gonna point

blank say what it says on IMDb and

that's gonna be it that's not that's not

what I care about we're here for movies

oh my God okay

we are gonna record this please

recording the audio file new audio


I'm going to be not looking at you now

I'm going to be looking at this camera

so if people jump in the chat now and

they're like why isn't he looking at the

camera you can say he is and then just

leave it at that

leave it at that


how do I start this

I feel like I was lied to the movie hard

candy features no hard candy not a

single piece of goodness for your mouth

in the entire film I was looking for

like a breath mint a Tic Tac something

no hard candy instead

it's something much worse

why don't you describe this as

what what what do we describe this is

instead what I got was a


instead what I got was a stomach

churning Thriller for the whole family

to not watch because it's intense this

is a not all ages Affair let's quickly

talk about hard candy


this video review comes from Vin over at Adam doesmovies had he not

recommended this movie there's not a

chance in hell I would have talked about

it I did see hard candy back in the day

I thought it was pretty solid

it was fun going back all these years

later with fresh eyes Hungry Eyes if you

will like the song

Hungry Eyes I had to I had to it's a

different experience when you're adult

but still a stomach churning one all


but still a tough watch all the same

let's Dive In

David Slade he did 30 Days of Night I

think is that the movie


30 Days of Night director David Slade

and writer Brian Wilson

director David Slade and writer Brian

Nelson team up again after doing 30 Days

of Night solid film for this hard candy

it's for my nose

my grandma would say if your nose itches

someone is talking bad about you

I think that's probably true

this is a good old-fashioned bottle

episode you know one of those movies

where it kind of takes place in one

isolated location typically with only a

couple of people you have movies like

phone booth buried and now here we are

with hard candy

the movie stars Patrick Wilson who I've

been told I kind of look like from time

to time also Kevin feige I've been told

I look like Brad Pitt I've been told I

look like Chris

the movie stars Patrick Wilson who I've

been told I've looked like once or twice

I've also been told I look like Kevin

feige Kevin feige Kevin feige

can't say his name Kevin feige

the movie stars Patrick Wilson who I'm

told I'm look can't talk

the movie stars Patrick Wilson who I've

been told I look like from time to time

along with Kevin feige and Adam Sandler

and Chris Pratt and Ryan Reynolds it's a

very bizarre hodgepodge of people how

could I look like all of these people

doesn't make any sense


it also Stars Elliot page as Ellen

God Haley it also Stars Elliot page as

Ellen Page playing Haley Stark that's

not confusing but that's what IMDb says

so I'll go with it

uh Haley Stark has no relation to any of

the Stark family from Game of Thrones

which is disappointing but it makes

sense this came out quite a while before

the books or movies actually I don't

know about the books movies Haley

Stark has no relation to the Stark

family from Game of Thrones which is

disappointing but I don't know what I

was thinking

Sandra O's also in this for four minutes

nice check for her she can go back to

Gray's Anatomy that's pretty much the

entire cast

I don't want to give away the ghost

which I don't know if this is

I don't want to give away the goat with

the story I don't know if that's even an

expression but I'm expressing it but I

will say this

you should check out hard candy not

because it's a fun experience or a wild

time but because it's an interesting one

it's a premise about a predator

becoming the hunted a hunter being

stalked and laid down and put in his


this Haley character this Haley Stark

she's more than meets the eye no she's

not a Transformer no she's not an

Autobot oh my God

it's not a Transformer that's

that's funny

I cannot say that


um what was I gonna say

Haley is it

this Haley Stark character is more than

meets the eye I know she's not an

Autobot she's a Decepticon though and

this guy's gonna find out that he

flirted with the wrong girl over text


this is kind of your when did this come

out this has to be early 2000s yeah of


this has your early 2000 stank all over

it it's got the shaky cam the intense

look everything's moving frantically

there's scenes where I have no idea

what's going on with the camera I think

the director was just throwing it he's

just like action hits Elliot in the head

oh keep going do stuff move around

she'll just be like picking up a cup and

the camera's just like all over the


but uh but at the same time it works

this movie is frantic it is intense even

when it's slow and there's just this

dialogue between the two characters it's

really just gives you a disgusting

feeling a sick feeling which is what I

really enjoy about watching movies you

know what throughout the entirety of

mid-summer I was just sitting here with

a gut ache like oh my God why why am I

watching this and why do I want to

re-watch it

I don't want to re-watch hard candy I've

seen it twice so I guess that really has

no marriage but it's been a long time I

forgot I had to refresh my memory

it visually looks solid shaky Cam's not

obnoxious it only happens when it needs

to when there is a little bit of action

in a somewhat slow moving Affair but I

never found myself bored it moves at a

good clip it's got good framing some

really pretty cinematography a nice

looming soundtrack in the background and

really solid performances

Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson acting like he's getting

his balls ripped off is maybe the best

acting I've seen

Patrick Wilson pretending that he's

getting his balls cut off is honestly

amazing it's it's some of the best

acting I've ever seen hands down and

it's disgusting that he didn't win or at

least up for some awards for this film

uh the ball

the castration the castration

um the cast The castration award at the

Oscars was sadly missing that year

I don't really know if I have anything

else to say about it

don't pre the film presents moral

dilemmas moral conjuries and it makes

you ask the question like what's the


what's the point of this revenge porn

style flick is it worth it to get back

at someone like that is it even really


to make a pedophile or someone in a

disgusting position take a look in the

mirror and then attack them for it is

that really gonna rehabilitate future

people is it really doing anything but

being a ugly Revenge story and that's

the thing that people can look at and

have a conversation about certainly more

than like secret life of pets

I mean granted they're they're not

really similar genres to begin with but

you get what I'm saying there's a

conversation to be had when you watch a

movie like this it pulls at you a little

bit it makes you think about things

through a different lens and I

appreciate the uh request so thank you

VIN this was my hard candy review

uh it's it's a decent film it's a decent

film I can't say I love it I certainly

didn't hate it it's just uh it's worth a

watch it's worth checking out it won't

be for everyone but uh definitely was

for Vin so thank you sir like this video

if you had a good time please subscribe

if you're new here I post tons of movie

reviews every week not they're not

always chasing the trends either they're

not always the big hotness sometimes

they're just from

Generations ago they're from people just

like you making requests on patreon or

on YouTube join I appreciate it all

right hopefully I'll see you next time

take care

bears oh Owen uh own many actually

uh okay

um Owen Manning got back to me already

on patreon

he's he's uh he's putting the kibosh

he's putting the kibosh on

Prince of Egypt

he is throwing out a

audible is that the term an audible

Megamind he's saying Megamind putting

Polar Express to the side he's never

seen Prince of Egypt so he doesn't want

to make the request I respect that if

you really want to see Prince of Egypt

maybe put your money where your mouth is

become a through member for one month

it's 30 bucks

um but Megamind is in play now and I do

remember enjoying Megamind I would

rewatch it of course for the review but

I think that that's that's a happy

middle ground we can find save Polar

Express for the Christmas time get a

little bit more views out of it

bring mega mind into the mix

oh I'm still recording I gotta stop the

recording on this

what was this called a hard candy

Strangers With Candy

Adam is clearly not aware of the chat

topics no I have no idea what's going on

in the chat I'm sure it's brilliant

I always thought Prince of Egypt was a

Disney movie it is not

is Lindsay taking over the chat after

after dominating it last time


maybe maybe she just does the stream

maybe we just go there with it


um let's do a little bit of q a and then

I'm gonna call it it's already almost

noon or midnight noon it's already

almost midnight

oh Prince of Egypt was DreamWorks did I

did I say something wrong or are you

talking to someone else in the chat

still recording the discussion should be

the post-credits scene of your review

others Owen Owen's in the chat now


this conversation here oh and we didn't

have to we didn't have to go to patreon

oh and I I'm gonna update you to

Megamind then and we'll save Polar

Express for uh the holiday if that's


and you don't oh and you don't have to

support me all the way until the holiday

you you got both of them locked in

let me let me uh

update that


and we'll move Polar Express down at the

bottom here

and then I'll have to watch Polar

Express for like the third or fourth

time when we get closer



arita Das just given Owen a hard time uh

I'm not sure I'm saying that name right


it's so hard to see on this computer and

my vision is shaky a retro yeah


did you create your intro song no it's a

YouTube YouTube has like trying to find

one that that fit well

and I'm sure at some point they're gonna

make it they're gonna make it copyright

so I'll get screwed on all my old videos

they'll just start flagging them

uh no Lindsay I'm okay I'm about to wrap

this up

Adam have you seen all the Lego movies

if so how would you rank them I have

seen them all I would say Lego movies

number one Lego Batman

Lego Ninjago and then Lego Movie two I

thought was atrociously bad

Lego Batman is really good I I thought

the Lego Batman when they kind of

brought in all the other stuff was a

little bizarre and a little premature to

bring in like the Gremlins and Lord of

the Rings and stuff it didn't feel like

something that should have been in that


but it's solid still it's really fun but

I think Lego movie is still the best

that's all of them right there's only

four Lego type movies

that I mean if you're counting the

theatrical ones not all the million like

little TV shorts and movie spin-offs on

on Netflix

are you a fan of HK action movies is

that Hong Kong

uh I don't know if I I don't know I

don't think so I don't think I've seen


thoughts on Shanghai Noon versus Rush



I like both of them quite a bit I

haven't seen Shanghai Noon in a long

time I saw rush hour not that long ago

with the family

I think we watched all three of them

second one is I think second one was my


I remember Shanghai Noon being fun and

good and Shanghai Knights being kind of


little two Charlie Chapman a little too


Adam wakes up one day to find the

channel decimated three videos remaining

updated video on a mithril promotion and

a movie boss he forgot to delete


uh David I just started using readers

I wouldn't say they're they're it's a

very part-time thing I only use them

when I read to Connor at night

it's not good I noticed and I don't know

if it's the reader's fault I think it's

the reader's fault because

when I use the readers obviously the

words are really close when I took them

off today I was reading Aragon and the

words were like super blurry like really

way more blurry than they'd ever been

before and I feel like my vision's gone

progressively worse quickly I don't know

if it's because I'm getting used to

those readers when I read or what but uh

it's not good

have you seen the Ninjago show or only

the movie The Early seasons of the show

are much better my kids watch Ninjago I

think most of it if not all they really

like the show

I didn't like the movie none of us liked

the movie very much it's watchable but

not very good

I have not seen the shows

random but I thought Charlie Day's voice

fit Luigi really well I agree oh and I I

like I like Charlie day he kind of has a

comical voice so it works for Luigi for


the listening

the listening fat says I wish Ryan

Johnson would make more Star Wars

uh I think I I wouldn't mind him

directing more Star Wars I don't want

him to write more Star Wars but he has a

very good eye for like visually The Last

Jedi is beautiful

hate the script

on your upcoming website for mithril

subscription with your quick wit and

cultural refs love to see you do movie


yeah the uh

oh Owen says two high prescriptions can

make stuff blurry yeah Owen I have a

high prescription reader I didn't get my

eyes tested I just bought what was ever

at CVS and I think that was probably a

mistake and I should probably not be

wearing them anymore until I get my eyes

actually checked out

furry alpaca free alpaca ass Adam was

popping uh not much we're just kind of

winding down for alpaca with this stream

was shot out of a cannon with 45 minutes

of technical flourish the thing was just

a nightmare had to restart the stream

complete chaos ensued we finally figured

it out after 45 minutes and a restart of

the stream so not good not a not a great

showing but I think we kind of turned it

around in the second half

you need prescription readers the

magnifier glasses you can buy at stores

will hurt you over time yeah Master

Sergeant I'm starting to learn that very

quickly I've only been using the

magnifiers for a couple weeks and it

seems like it's really taken a toll

already so I better stop using them

uh internet guy with a two dollar Super


sure it's crap but didn't mind the

Marvel's trailer internet guy I well we

we're in agreement I actually thought

the trailer was fine but Marvel puts out

good trailers

we don't have to hate it just because

it's uh

seems like it would be something you

should hate it it looks it looks good I

like all the actresses

I like that it's looks silly like it's

having a good time it's not so serious

we'll we'll see we'll see

Vinnie really liked the 45 minute intro

so that's good at least someone did I

want to watch the borns since they're on

Netflix the kicker is one leaving on

April 30th and it's the last one

is it worth rushing to get to oh and I

don't I don't honestly know if I saw the

last Bourne movie because it was Jason

Bourne right there was the born identity

the born

Supremacy The Bourne Ultimatum and then

I think they made one quite a bit later

and I think it was just called Jason


I don't I don't think I've seen Jason

Bourne I know I uh I honestly don't


I think I ranked him at one point so

maybe it did

it was a million years ago it might have

the ranking might not have even included


laser on the eyes is very nice had a few

family members done it uh oldest was 68

and worked well after two years I've

heard that the lasek's good I don't know

if I'm there yet

um maybe I am

if the chum ever did movie reaction bids

what movies would we want him to react

to Michael the problem with movie

reaction videos is they all get


YouTube Flags them like it's their job

I used to do

uh very funny movie reactions some

people may remember these where I would

do a real reaction I would have a fake

reaction and I would have like the

the movie and then another one I

switched it up a lot

um they were never just like basic


so you had my real reaction which was

typically me just watching and barely

moving because that's how I watch movie

trailers like a normal person then I'd

have like the Khaleesi Grime style fake

one where it was like what yes and then

I'd have the cynical guy who was pissed

about everything and it was all

happening in tandem

it was pretty fun but they always got

flagged every time

furry alpaca with it with a 199 Super

Chat thank you sir I appreciate that

didn't see the last born apparently the

universe hated it it was very Matrix

Four oof that's not good

uh have you heard about the new Star

Wars Trilogy what are your thoughts on

the last trilogy The Dark Knight from

what uh I just did a stream on Friday

and it was all about the announcements

it's not a new Trilogy per se it's three

new movies that are all independent at

least that's what they're saying right

now I talked about them I put out a

video actually on it I think a couple

days ago

maybe yesterday two days ago I think

it's two days ago I put out a video

about all the Star Wars stuff I don't

really care

Star Wars means very little to me at

this point but I will give any movie a

chance as long as it's interesting and

uh yeah we'll see we'll go from there I

like some of the stuff I'm hearing


I like that uh who's the who's the

director now I'm forgetting the Logan

director is doing one of the Old

Republic movies

for getting his name

but uh yeah that one could be solid just

because I like him as a director

what games are you currently playing on

the PlayStation asked Mike I'm currently

playing Hogwarts Legacy I'm loving it

I don't get very much time to play it

unfortunately but that's definitely uh

something I'm enjoying a lot there are

some pretty bad bugs in it game breaking

bugs I lost like 45 minutes just

recently because for some reason the flu

powder stations that are all over the

map stopped working and I couldn't like

turn day to night anymore it was just

really weird stuff so I had to go back

to a manual save that thankfully I had

been doing in order to get access again

and then it and now it's been fine but

yeah there's been some very weird I've

had two or three

uh missions break in the Middle where

I've had to reset the mission and that

that's kind of unacceptable

James Mangold thank you David for


superwotto asked do you think the new

indie movie looks good

uh you know I have a soft spot for

Indiana Jones movies I don't know if I

would say it looks good

doesn't look bad it looks interesting

I'm kind of intrigued where they're

gonna go with it

how they're going to make it look even

semi plausible that Harrison Ford is

doing anything at his age I think he's

in his late 70s

maybe early 80s I I generally don't know

obviously they're they're silly

Adventure films they're pulpy

they're serialized they're supposed to

be you know over the top

um so I don't really care if I see

Harrison Ford punching a dude and the

guy goes flying under a tank or

something that's that's all well and

done the issue I'm having is making me

even believe that it's happening you

know filming it in a way that it looks

good I will say the de-aging stuff is

solid it looks really damn good from the


uh I'm optimistic

I don't hate it I don't hate Indiana

Jones for near as much as everyone else

Crystal Skull

granted I've never watched it again I

watched it one time in theaters and was

like well that was that was okay

uh there's some really terrible spots in

it but it's kind of like Jurassic Park 3

to me where Jurassic Park 3 is very

stupid but it's got dinosaurs and it

runs really quick so I'm okay with the

like really really idiotic moments like

the Allen talking Raptor I can forgive I

can look past it

Indiana Jones has the like monkey

swinging scene a couple others I just

looked past it and I can find something

new and to enjoy

uh Dark Knight with a two dollar Super

Chat followed by a master sergeant with

a go to bed five dollar scolding me and

I probably should I do have some work to

do still for my real job I have one

thing I have to push live

uh I was supposed to do it earlier today

but we'll get it done we'll get it done

the the the company knows that I I work

very late hours so they're like it's due

at the end of the day and for you that

might be Monday morning at one in the


oh and Manning says the trailers have

only shown the same Clips a train from

the past a horse in the subway in a cave

nothing too crazy yeah Owen I mean I'm

honestly I joked about this on a podcast

with bless a while back when we were

going to attempt to do a podcast and

failed miserably like a lot of my stuff


I joked that they're gonna have time

travel in it and he's gonna end up going

back to the iconic moments from the

other Indiana Jones films

I'm not so sure that's not gonna be the


he might be going back to that Boulder

he might be he might be back to the

future this sort of thing

which could be okay but it's Nostalgia

bait you know

uh yeah

internet guy two dollar Super Chat isn't

Cinema dead since now it's all Global


I don't know I can't I couldn't tell you

anything about that it's obviously not

dead I I ate my words which is funny I

have the video I wouldn't pull the video

but I I did a video if you remember

about Avatar 2 bombing I was concerned

it would bomb so I titled it something

salacious like Avatar 2 is gonna bomb

and yeah I get all the the

um James Cameron butt boys like oh how

do you feel now Avatar 2 is the number

one highest grossing movie Jackass I bet

you feel stupid haha hello LOL it's like

no I'm fine I was concerned that the

theaters were gonna die and Avatar 2 was

gonna be that final nail in the coffin

that wasn't going to get anyone to go

and it was going to bomb I wanted Avatar

2 to do really well so that theaters

continue to be a thing even though I

didn't actually like Avatar 2 I posted

this video before I saw the movie and I

wanted people to go

so I'm not the person to ask when it

comes to predicting things I've

predicted some pretty movie knowledge

like a Grace Randolph who pulls

everything out of her ass or you know

who whoever else

I'm just a dude who likes movies and

tries to stay focused on movies

YouTube isn't the pool it's the diving

board the platform that you can use to

dive into your own pool five years ago

it was the pool but now we're into the

age of CNN and MTV Michael I I agree

with you but a solo website

I just I don't see it would have to be

pretty long term goal to even make

Revenue off of your own website so

driving traffic to your website because

you maybe have exclusive videos is going

to take a long time and you can't

monetize your website unless you have a

bunch of content on there I tried to do

a YouTube website years ago where I

would just pull in the YouTube videos

and the descriptions I would manually

feed in there

uh Google analytics has none of that

they're like no you're not doing that

you have to have a Blog with unique

content it's got to have this much words

it's got to be this many pages before

we'll even put ads on your website

so I just don't see how in any like

realistic way I could build it out drive

so many people there that it would be

worth it and I don't want to put out a

bunch of like movie articles

every day like did you hear about Mario

like I'm not a Collider

um yeah I just I I could totally see it

just from the to like cut out the

middleman patreon stuff that's all well

and good but there is a lot of upfront

cost and ongoing Cost Plus like I said

building out message boards and building

out some of that other stuff that you

would need to communicate with people

Mission Impossible seven should be great

I've loved the franchise ever since mi3

yeah I agree superwotto I am super

stoked for that movie and I think is

that a two-parter as well I'm pretty

sure it is dead reckoning part one

can't go to bed because I feel like I'm

quitting on him 50 years old 50 year

olds are tired too and I can't imagine

I'm gonna stop just the comments keep

coming in I feel like I need to uh talk

to him

like alien alien Edge just says hello

Adam like he's just jumping into the mix

and now I have to abandon him

okay we uh we should call it a day if my

wife's still up she's gonna be mad at me

she's gonna scold me so I should get to


and um I appreciate uh all the support

this was fun it was more of a

Carefree conversation I didn't get a lot

accomplished as far as filming videos

but we did get two done we did get two

and that's really the goal here and then

just to have conversations about movies

which we can keep in mind for Friday

that maybe we'll have more uh more of

this like free-flowing dialogue so maybe

queue up questions you have for Friday

if you have anything you want to ask

about a movie property a franchise

whatever we'll make it happen and I'm

sure plenty of news will come out by

then as well so we can cover some of

that stuff thank you guys for watching

sorry about the tech difficulties

starting out but we got there we had a


there would have been a hype train if we

were on Twitch but we're not which is

unfortunate but uh the families here on

YouTube right now so that's where I want

to be thanks for watching and uh

hopefully I catch you Friday for another



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