July 22, 2024

We FOUND our UK DREAM Home!! but there's a problem *emotional*

Published May 18, 2023, 1:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

We found our UK dream home, but there's a problememotional by The ohana adventure.

It was love at first sight. We knew we had found our forever home. We put in an offer and it was accepted. We were thrilled!

However, there was a problem. The house was in need of some serious renovations. We were not prepared for this emotionally or financially.

We had to make a decision. Do we walk away from our dream home or do we take on the challenge and renovate it ourselves?

We decided to take on the challenge and renovate the house ourselves. It has been a lot of work but it has been so worth it. We have created our own little piece of paradise.

If you are thinking of renovating your own home, here are some things to consider:

1. Finances

Renovating a house is not cheap. You need to be prepared financially for unexpected costs. Make sure you have a realistic budget and stick to it.

2. Time

Renovating a house takes a lot of time and effort. If you are not prepared to put in the work, it is probably not the right decision for you.

3. emotional Preparation

Renovating a house can be a very emotional experience. There will be ups and downs. You need to be prepared for the roller coaster ride.

4. Support

Make sure you have a good support system in place. family and friends can be a great help during this time.

If you are considering renovating your own home, we hope you find our tips helpful. It is a lot of work but it is so rewarding. Good luck!

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today we fly across the world to find

our dream home in another country and we

also get some really bad news


you guys we are tired

we have not good seats on the place

first time in my life I've had like

legit bags under my eyes we just shoved

a bunch of stuff back into our bags so

that we can get going and here we are

back at the airport


it was such a long flight Jay slept

really good it was great as much as you

can while you're sitting straight up

with a numb butt I know we have one

house that has replied we are on the way

to go see it and we confirmed a few more

hopefully we'll get back to us on

showings all we're here doing here is

just looking at houses


would you like to come to my putting

green thank you

look at this place

sorry I'm walking the putting green and

I'm looking at this home she said I was

building 1860

1863 time period and I'm having the

hardest time because I never in my life


that I would be looking at a house

that was owned by the Earl and she said

Earl of Lincolnshire or something like

that but it hasn't really gotten into my

brain that I could own

it's called Ishmael

like I'm in my own fairy garden photos

are deceiving rooms are a little bit

smaller than I anticipated the kitchen

was huge I loved the kitchen there are

more sitting rooms quite more sitting

rooms there's quite more sitting rooms

so what do you guys think I that was

really cool I love all the plans

it was cool the putting green oh my gosh

I definitely love the house if I didn't

look at any of the other ones that's

definitely number one the rest of the

yard was on a hill but then it had a

massive green area next to the side yard

yeah but then like 30 different hiking

and biking trails from its parking lot

definitely definitely like something to

consider I think this one might be

making it into our tops

every room had its own bathroom because

it was an Airbnb that was that was a

little bit weird that every room had a

bathroom so that's the amazing heck of a

water bill from you kids yeah

okay we're coming up on house number two


this possibly be a boys room homes are

so amazing I don't even know how I'm

gonna choose but keep watching because

we have a big announcement and some

really bad news coming up and another

boy's room maybe


tree with the calendar

oh my goodness you can you can't see all

the cows oh my goodness

do you love it

I'd like to go out and see the garden



um we love I'm in love and I don't care

who knows it this is going to be the

hardest decision ever ever take all my


that was super cool

that goes around all the like but light

Windows oh my gosh yeah much bigger yard

that was really nice and a huge pass

through next to it too super far away

from anything like the teeny little

one-way roads to get into it

yeah yeah it was detached really nice

with like a climbing tree that went over

onto the river


we're at house number three we don't

have an appointment they won't get back

to us and so we just decided to drive by

and see it I think the number one

downfall is it's on this main road

lots of traffic back and forth so this

house we threw in it is top of our

budgets it's bigger than any other house

eight bedrooms like five baths or

something yeah I don't I don't love the

street honestly


rebuilding that garage that was built in

1820 and putting a very funny and doing

all that would be such a cool project

and the house is amazing it's grandiose

I don't think either me or the dogs

would like to live on me yeah I don't

like me yes it was like really fair if

we bought it I would turn it into a

haunted house


I'm not feeling this one


all right

house number three four four more

bunnies Okay this one has bunnies

there's bunnies everywhere you guys this

spells and smells like Adventure

this gazebo in the back is really cool

something wonderful about this house

look at this park right across the



I totally forgot to film I'm starving

and I want to talk and decide okay lots

to take back to the kids we're gonna get

their opinions next

across the house is really cool yeah

that was super awesome yeah but it's

because it had zero yard yeah

I didn't like it the Gazebo is pretty

cool actually like it had that like rope

swing thing yeah it was nice the house

was nice but I didn't say we we now we

won a yard we want a yard yeah that's

true our own personal space yeah


yeah so darling but it looks like it

needs a lot of work oh this must be the

utility room yep okay goes into the

kitchen kitchen okay this might be one

of the biggest kitchens that we've seen


whoa welcome you're in heaven

I think we found our dream home I sure

hope we can get this one oh my gosh we

have wanted a yard and a course Jace is


dying over the river I'm sure holy cow


look at all these views

my goodness oh another Lounge look at

this this is gonna be the living room

um there's some wear and tear we're

gonna definitely if this is it we

need and we need to get some wood for

that thing if we do yep wood burners I

like this one a lot it has a yard it has

a river and it has enough bedrooms it's

not huge it's in the middle of a

beautiful Farm like a huge beautiful

Farm but it's only a couple of minutes

away from a big town from town I like

that one a lot yeah it's awesome not as

fancy yeah as that first one when it

makes up in River but it has a river and

there's a room and a room in a room

I love how it has like so many big

living rooms and like big oh my gosh I'm

in love with the outdoors but it has

less bedrooms so you guys are gonna also

have to share we may not have any room

for like guests so whereas the first

house had so many rooms and a paddle

boarding while fishing though oh

sauce I'm looking at you but I'm talking

to them

you guys guess what we have some really

bad news it's not about our move is it

so the visa application got turned down

there is a little bit of a bright side

to this

we're still allowed to go for one year

but not three

so even more bad news we cannot purchase

a home we don't feel that we should

purchase a home if we're only going to

live there for one year and that kicks

out my favorite home yeah because it's

only a purchase I'm not gonna buy a home

if we're only there for a year but

luckily one of the houses that we looked

at did have an option to rent

and was one of the two houses that you

guys really love so that's good that's

really good bad news

we have to put in an application

we have a lot of family or we're

International those types of rental

applications don't get accepted very

often so you guys are gonna have to like

do some praying some fingers crossed

that we can get a vehicle that allows

the dog not out of the woods yet

yeah yeah

right thank you very much




okay yeah


go talk to the kids Shea looks very

interested because we have a camera out

and it's late at night and you call it

off the call I got off a call


you know that house with the river in

front yes

in the UK yes do you know Evie kind of

kind of yeah you boys know right yeah

you see pictures right we saw they just

accepted our application

and months and months of searching

and is a river that we can fish there's

a record and there's a huge yard we can

bring the dogs yes

and we can stand up paddle board the

river yeah oh my gosh we've been

stressing over this so much

glad we got this but now

a lot of work to do now we leave you for

a week and we have to fly back out to

get the house ready because it is not


here we go



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