July 22, 2024

This NEW model is WILD! 1st viewing of this mobile home manufacturer! Prefab House Tour

Published May 18, 2023, 1:20 p.m. by Naomi Charles

When you hear the word "adventure," what comes to mind? For some, it may be hiking through the woods or climbing a mountain. Others may envision themselves white-water rafting or bungee jumping. No matter what your idea of adventure is, one thing is for sure – if you're looking for an adventure, you'll find it at Chance's home World.

This mobile home manufacturer offers prefabricated homes that are unlike anything you've ever seen before. Each home is designed to be as unique as the person who will be living in it, and no two homes are alike. Whether you're looking for a small home to get away from it all or a large home that can accommodate your entire family, you'll find what you're looking for at Chance's home World.

One of the best things about these homes is that they're designed for adventure. If you've always wanted to live in a treehouse, there's a home for that. If you've always dreamed of living in a home that's built on stilts, there's a home for that, too. And if you've always wanted to live in a home that looks like it belongs in a fairytale, you'll find your perfect match at Chance's home World.

In addition to being designed for adventure, these homes are also built to withstand the elements. Whether you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions or you just want to be prepared for anything, you'll be able to rest assured knowing that your home can handle whatever comes its way.

If you're ready to start living the life of your dreams, visit Chance's home World today. You'll be glad you did.

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hello everyone thank you for clicking on

the video

y'all are not gonna be disappointed

what you're about to see trust me y'all

I walked in this home for the very first

time just a second ago and it has to be

one of the coolest layouts that I've

ever seen

I don't even know where to begin we're

gonna check it out this is a whole

manufacturer by Adventure homes I'm also

really excited because it's the first

time that I've got to tour any of their

homes and y'all stick around we'll talk

a lot more about them uh this home in

particular and we're going to be touring

the other models as well look at that

house down there

we're at the 2023

Louisville manufactured housing show

here in Louisville Kentucky

and man I'm I'm so grateful I'm able to

give you all kind of an exclusive look

at these homes that are coming out new

models I know we've already looked right

here but I do want to walk around the

back real quick show you we have a side

door here

uh the bath on this house is phenomenal

the kitchen is amazing the the actually

the living room set up as soon as you

walk in is like it's going to take your

breath away or it did mine I'm I'm still

trying to recover

what I wanted to show you back here

though look at those doors I guess I can

walk up here and just give you a little

look but don't be look don't be looking

through I just want you to look at them

that's a window there in that main bath

all right

it's getting a little late in the day

and uh I know what y'all want to do and

so that's what that's what I'm about to

make happen let's go ahead and head in I

do hope you're having a wonderful day my

goal with these tours is to show you

beautiful homes but also maybe make your

day just a little bit brighter so I hope

that happens y'all do me a favor and

drop a like if you will

on the video

don't forget to subscribe and

notification Bell if you enjoy these

types of Tours we've got some water

faucet there

now we've got our Shake vinyl around our

front door in our porch area here got us

an outside electrical outlet

plus we have a window right there at our

front door that is nice

here goes nothing

let's go




all right y'all this is one of them

homes if you're not sitting down now

would be a good time to do that

pause the video notchkin don't pause the

video just for you can rewind if you

need to we walk in we've got some coat

hangers here got some lockers

spot for your shoes there I'm gonna turn

around shut the door right here because

I want to give you a good look

very nice

I love the foyer area and then right

here to our left

is the living room

now I've kind of seen some uh similar

looks of this as far as like your

bedroom being off I mean your living

room being off to your right right here

but none of them's been this big like

think about it here's your marriage line

and it goes all the way back here plus

you still have your built-ins your

entertainment center

hope I'm I feel like I should be able to

get some floor plans and stuff

but the size of this living room is


and I'll be the first to say I know that

I say that a lot I'm like look this is


massive but there's no doubt about it

this home has a massive living room I

love the crown molding that you see

we've got some beams up there as well

our master bedrooms to the left we're

going to finish things up there because

gets pretty juicy I don't wanna don't

wanna get into all that just yet

I like you have this wall right here

though that kind of cuts off your front

door so you know a lot of y'all comment

say I hate when you walk in and in the

living room's right there you know so

this kind of changes that up a little


all right

we're gonna Ease on into the kitchen and

the dining area

I believe are y'all good all Hearts

clear okay we'll walk across this area

you got all this nice casing right here

I like the trim I've already told you

the crown molding but let me give you a

good shot of that

we're gonna walk in next up I want to

show you the kitchen

if you can dream it you can do it man

that's that's most definitely correct

I'm kind of having some reminiscent

moments as I'm here because I remember

when I came here in 2020 it was when the

channel just I just really started

getting some videos doing well and you

know I I remember telling my parents

when I was coming here and they were

like you're doing what now you're going

all the way to Louisville Kentucky to do

what like that you know not that they

didn't believe in me but they was just

like golly I got up here my truck broke


I don't know if I've ever told y'all

that but yes my truck broke down up here

in an area I've never been to

and I'm just I'm back here and it's

three years later

and think about all the homes that we've

toured all the videos I've been able to


really just all the different stuff that

we y'all watching and me have got to do

together it's amazing

all right that's all I'm gonna say

beautiful kitchen island

white cabinets with the darker

countertops right here now right here we

have a little bit of a brighter

countertop they have several different

options you'll see some of the other

homes that I do tour you'll see some of

those other options as well we have us a

pantry now they've got the door open and

you I do want to give just one quick

shot with that shut because I would like

to look at that personally maybe you

would like to see that as well

nice now let's open that back up

so it's not a walk-in Pantry but still

plenty of room you've got three racks

I noticed one thing right here is see

this comes out just a little bit so

you've you know you probably wouldn't

set a bar stool here but if you needed

an extra spot you know for say a kid has

a bunch of kids over you've got room


Whirlpool appliances

built-in microwave

let's take a look into one cabinet

we're gonna we're gonna be soft close on

those cabinets

electrical outlets all around this


I know I've kind of already brought you

around here but I was

rambling a little bit so I'm gonna slow


we got the white farmhouse sink with the

Springer faucet

what are y'all thinking about this floor


this dining area is very big as you can


and this is the inside look at those


I'm a uh I've really I didn't really

realize this until I started video homes

but I'm really into windows and into uh

you know stuff like this and and when I

see a house that's got a lot of Windows

or you know just a lot of glass in them

I'm attracted to that I don't know do

y'all like that

just notice the cabinets go all the way

to our ceiling

head down this direction

every day is an adventure

I see what you did there I see what you

did there

we got two bedrooms

let's start out with this one

oh wow

I hadn't been back in this section of

the home so we have

we have multiple baths back here

great size walk-in closet there yep we

got the Jack and Jill bath in between

these two bath bedrooms we've got double

sinks that's great plus we have nice

countertop space

I'm gonna say I haven't looked at the

floor plan but I'm gonna say you're with

from from this door to that door is a

little bit wider than what I had

typically seen when it comes to Jack and

Jill Bass because you usually don't have

that much room for countertop space and

double sinks

thank you

okay step into this bedroom

you're going to have that nice crown

molding in all these bedrooms as well

we'll come out of there we've got

another full bath right here uh actually

I was like you know what that may just

be a half bath when I've seen the uh

Jack and Jill but this is a full bath

it's going to make this house a three

bed three bath wow

I seen four bed three baths and I've

seen three bed two and a half baths I

don't think I've ever ever toured a

three bed three bath

very nice

this is that indoor that we see if

you're facing the house on the left side

one thing that I just thought about was

actually this is going to be a very big

house as you can tell

and it's only a three bedroom I love

touring those types of homes because

you've got all that other square footage

that you can do crazy things with and

wait till we get to the main bathroom

and you're gonna see what I'm talking

about for instance you know obviously if

you got several kids you need a four

bedroom you need a five bedroom then I

get that a lot of y'all are looking for

different things you know so I want to

try to provide a variety of content here

on the channel

Cadets above our washer and dryer very


cabinets over here countertop we've got

the sink but just in my personal opinion

as touring homes

I love when I see a big House's three

bedroom because you know you're about to

run into some wild stuff

okay y'all come with me

making my way downtown

has anybody told you that you're a

rather large

talking about the liver

that didn't come out right

walk into the main bedroom oh my gosh

they got the door

I tell you what since this is a very

special moment this is a very big show

I'm Gonna Leave the doors open and I'm

gonna give y'all a look at it but first

I've got to come right here

and I've got to show you this bedroom


because I know if I just got over there

pointed this way you would completely

bypass the look of this room this

beautiful bed

these nightstands

and love lives here

all right

enough enough enough here we go

there's more to see but I'm just going

to start there I'm just going to start


got these beautiful doors

we'll just leave them open

I showed you all the Pantry in there

shut so we'll just leave them up and

we'll come into here

and goodness gracious at all the room

that we have right here in front of us I

want to start out with our double sinks

in here as well

this looks a lot like what we've seen in

that Jack and Jill bath now I can't

guarantee I'm not I don't know for sure

if it's the exact same vanities and all

that but kind of reminds me a lot of

that we've got two different mirrors

lights above each one of those mirrors

of course


see this is what I'm talking about you

have a tub and a separate shower and you

have a huge closet but you still have

all of this room

I go back and forth on the type of home

that I would want if I was going to get

any of the homes that I tour

but now at this very moment I'm thinking

it's got to be a huge it's got to be a

big house and it's got to be only three

bedrooms that way all these other areas

can be extremely large

the stand-alone tub is beautiful I love

the design of this fiberglass tub I love

how I see how it comes up on each side

there's a lot of different options when

you get these tubs just in the general

public I don't know exactly what they're

going to offer here with Adventure but

I love the design of that one I think I

would be just fine with that we've got

those windows right there on each corner

now look at this


and we still gotta look at the closet

which is uh

in a class by itself

beautiful beautiful

okay let's head into the closet notice

we got some more cabinets right here we

do have

the commode area here we walk into the


you got this island in the middle of the

closet and then you've got all these

racks around here

try to give y'all a good good shot there

we go

beautiful hey y'all stick around I'm

going to gather some information that I

can share with you all about this

particular home and uh so stay tuned for

that and don't forget to subscribe and

notification Bell if you have not drop a

like if you will and I know this is one

of those videos y'all probably got

I'm sure you done shared with about five

people but if not please consider

sharing this video with someone thank

you so let's get into the outro of this

video and I know if you watched the last

tour I told you it's between two homes

and I was thinking about putting out

this is the one I went with and I would

tell you the other one was actually

their other home that I kind of showed

you right there for a walk-in now it's a

bigger home and it has some

wild wild stuff in it but I just feel

like this was the one I wanted to go

with and don't worry that one's coming

so stay tuned to the channel while I'm

thinking about that the videos come out

Tuesday Thursday and Saturday night 6 45

Central time now another tour has been

long so let's get into the information

in the description below I'll have more

information on this particular house I

want to stress to y'all we have our

website link in there that's what you

need to use if you want to get in

contact with someone about this home

City banking yourself finance and

pre-approvals all that plus we have our

members area where I'll take a deep dive

on all the homes that I tour and just

provide a lot more of the research that

I do on these particular homes

and then exclusive content that you

won't get anywhere else those links will

be in the description below before we go

over the information on pricing on this

particular home let me say that I also

got to go to a dealership while I was in

the area and so stay tuned for that

those will be those videos will be

coming as well and I honestly I don't

know I don't even know which homes

coming out Saturday I don't know if

it'll be one from there or one from the

show here however just wanted to mention

it while I was thinking about it and the

next video will be Saturday night like I

said 6 45 Central now let's get into the

pricing on this particular model

now this is the industry only show and

so obviously when it comes to the prices

and stuff all I can really provide is

what's been provided to me or what I'm

able to locate online okay so keep all

that in mind y'all know I'm not selling

these homes I'm just touring them for

y'all to see

now one thing when it comes to Adventure

they uh deliver their homes in a lot of

the nation I'm actually pop up this

picture that I found on their website

and you'll see that so when you realize

that pricing and everything has a has a

great range just because you know

they're in Indiana the plan is so if

they're shipping one all the way you

know on your West Coast there your

Freight stuff's going to be a lot more

you got two sections it's a big home

that sort of thing whereas if you're on

the East Coast there somewhere close to

Indiana you know obviously your pricing

is going to be a lot different I just

kind of want to help you all understand

all that and not you know if if when I

go to a dealership the pricing they gave

me that's pretty much what they're

selling the house for with with shows

like this it's just the way it is okay

but I was I did do some digging I did

find a dealership now they are on the

west coast and they were listing this

home for around the 205 range but just

keep in mind like I said it all depends

on where you're getting this home at the

county regulations you know exactly what

options you go with hopefully that'll

give you a good idea and that will be

for at the time of recording and you

know those prices and everything are

subject change at any time I'm about to

go ahead and step out thank you all so

much hey you know what you need to do

while I'm thinking about it right now

last thing I'll share here's what you

need to do

watch another tour

I figure I feel like some of y'all knew

I was about to say that do it you should

check out another home we got close to

600 on the channel I'll see you all

Saturday night see you


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