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VPN WiFi Router for ALL Devices | Hidden Router Review

Published June 11, 2023, 11:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Get your very own Hidden router here : https://hiddenrouter.com/fastest-vpn-router">vpn-router-in-existence?ref=6

In this video I show you a device that allows every wifi enabled device in your home to connect to a vpn. There are no downloads or apps required for it to work, it simply gives off a wifi signal that anything can connect to in seconds and everything else is already setup for you straight out of the box.

This WiFi router is very unique and I recommend you check this is out if you are in the market for a vpn service or in need of an upgrade to your current wifi router.

Hidden router : https://hiddenrouter.com/fastest-vpn-router">vpn-router-in-existence?ref=6

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what's up guys I got a new video for you

today and in this video I'm gonna be

showing you a device that gives you a

Wi-Fi signal for your whole home or

apartment with a built-in VPN connection

so by having this router that means

every single device in your house can

connect to it and have its own VPN

connection so we're talking game

consoles streaming devices phones

tablets laptops computers everything

that connects to Wi-Fi will have VPN so

I gotta say thank you to Hidden router

for sending this out to me and I hope

you guys enjoy the video so this device

is actually called the hidden router and

we're gonna open up the box and check it

out the first thing you get in the box

is instruction next thing in the box

this is obviously the power cord it

comes in two pieces here for having

international capabilities see this is

the American outlet plug just snaps in

like that the next thing is a cat6

Ethernet cable so this is the cable

you're gonna connect to your modem or

Wi-Fi router that you have already

that's giving you the internet access

and you're gonna connect the other side

of it into this device itself it's a

very small white square very simplistic

right away from the size of this thing I

can see it's very easy to travel with so

right here on the front if you guys can

see there is the reset button which is

much easier than those type of reset

buttons that are really tiny that need

like a pin to do this is a very nice

feature to have that little button so on

the back of it here you have what you

would usually see on a Wi-Fi router this

is for the power cable this port here is

going to be the one that you connect

this wire to that goes into your

existing router or modem so that this

can have internet access and create the

Wi-Fi signal the other two ports that

look exactly like it are for hard wiring

devices into this that may not have

Wi-Fi capabilities or you're doing that

because you want a faster connection so

you have two of those available for you

if you think

you need them the last thing is a USB

3.0 port and that's it for the physical

device so I'm gonna put everything

together for you guys hook it up to my

internet and show you how easy it is to

actually set this up okay guys so this

is my setup here it looks a little

complicated but it's actually very

simple over here on the right is the

cable modem that most of you would have

that is the box that your internet

service provider gives to that is

actually supplying the Internet now that

by itself does not have a Wi-Fi signal

for your devices to connect to so what

you do is hook up a Wi-Fi router like

this one and this thing gives you a

Wi-Fi signal for all of your devices to

connect without the need for hardwiring

into this box here so all I did to add

this to my setup was plug the ethernet

cable here into the back of this Wi-Fi

router here so now both of these are

producing a Wi-Fi signal for my devices

you don't have to have two of them

running like I do I'm gonna keep

everything set up like this so that if I

want to connect to the VPN I connect to

this one if I don't feel like having the

VPN for whatever reason I still have my

original so yeah the only setup that I

had to do was plug in a cable from this

box to this one and then plug in the

power cable in the outlet over there on

the instructions in the box that we saw

earlier it'll tell you what your signals

name is and also the default password

which you have the capabilities of

changing if you want so let me switch

over to my computer and show you guys

how you can connect to this and we're

also going to do some speed tests all

right here we go guys all you have to do

is go to your Wi-Fi connections so for

my Windows 10 computer that will be down

here and what you want to do is switch

your connection to the hidden router

option that's available so you'll see

that there's two options because this

router is a dual band router one of them

has the end technology and the other one

is AC I'm not going to get into what

that means right now but basically this

signal here is the five gigahertz band

and it's actually capable of faster


so I recommend connecting to that one so

you'll see these ones called Mac stream

are my original Wi-Fi signals that are

coming from the black Wi-Fi router you

all in the last clip so all I have to do

is click on to this one and hit connect

and you have to type in the password

which they give you on the sheet of

paper in the box all right so I'm on a

website right now called what is my IP

address com

I just finished connecting to the hidden

router over here as you can see and it's

definitely working the VPN is up and

running because it says that this is my

IP address here and that I'm located in

Matawan New Jersey and I'm definitely

not and it also changes the Internet

service provider to the VPN works

perfectly I had to do no extra steps at

all and this will work for all of my

devices so the next thing I want to do

is test how fast this connection is so

I'm going to switch over into the speed

test right now as you can see over here

I'm connected back on to the Mac Stream

Wi-Fi router which is the one without

the VPN okay so here are the results

I have a ping of 20 milliseconds a

download speed of fifteen point seven

eight megabits per second and my upload

speed right now is 2.0 two megabits per

second alright so this is without the

VPN now I'm going to switch over to the

VPN router and see how that goes all

right here we go for test number two

with the VPN connection so here are the

results we have a ping of 40

milliseconds a download speed of 15

point two oh eight and an upload speed

of one point eight nine the slight

difference between those two results is

miniscule you won't even notice a

difference so this is actually very good

for a VPN router it hardly affected my

speeds at all some other VPN providers

might split your speed in half and make

your internet drastically slower this I

won't even notice the difference if you

want to check these guys out I will have

a link in the description where you can

get one of these routers for yourself

you can look at the frequently asked

questions and read more about VPNs and

why you would benefit from having one so

yeah definitely go check these guys out

if you have any questions at all leave

them in a comment below thank you for

stopping by

I'll see you guys next time



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