July 14, 2024

Hammond and May use the DIY Bond Car's Gadgets | Top Gear at the Movies - Part 3

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Agent hammond and Agent may must foil a trio of bad guys in cheap cars with their super modified Range rover. With puns as good as theirs what could possibly go wrong?

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DVD special, never broadcast on TV, in which richard hammond and james may search for the best movie scenes connected with cars and re-enacting them in their own special way.

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so here we are driving along being

pursued by some baddies

and you can always spot them in a

Christmas DVD such as this one because

they'll be driving very cheap

second-hand cars rovers and Monday's

generally that way we don't waste too

much money when they come to a sticky

end yeah and here he comes now

yep roba now in his mind he's gonna be

thinking he's in for a nice day's work

get out maybe shoot out eyes out or

sprays with machine-gun fire that sort

of thing but not today





go on then say it as long as I can do

the next one all right then you got a

pretty warm reception


hang on a minute agent Hammond I can see

from my monitor that there's another one

on our tail cut down yes it is

he's holding back you see because he

thinks that way he would avoid our flame

toe but that's not gonna help him as it

turns out because I'm going to deploy a

guided missile

and once

staring onto targets

oh yeah go right go on that right guys

on a bit of a roll nice work agent main

world domination ends there

Oh actually wouldn't be too hasty here

comes another one where


always in a Saab it is a Saab

sophisticated proven do you think he's a

graphic designer with ambitions to end

all humanity an architect that's turned

that either way not a problem for us

today because if I press this oil slick

dispensing device yeah


now he's a slippery customer nice I'll

finish him up a bit of flamethrower as

well just a share we mean business

I don't Saul used to do that actually

tonight very good not really on the skid

I wouldn't do all and flamethrower at

the same oh you're right that's





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