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Best VPN Routers (2022 Edition)

Published June 11, 2023, 11:20 p.m. by Jerald Waisoki

Here are our best VPN router picks for 2022!

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Get a good VPN-capable router. A VPN-enabled router will broadcast a signal that’s already encrypted and safe. With that in mind, we’ve prepared a list of the best VPN router options available to you in 2022.

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0:00 Intro

0:17 Why use a VPN router

0:55 1 - GL iNet 300N-V2 “Mango”

1:35 2 - ASUS routers

2:27 3 - Invizbox 2

3:23 4 - Synology RT2600ac

4:07 5 - Make your own router

4:37 Outro

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looking to secure every device in your

home with a vpn with the help of a

router you clicked on the right video

because today i'll show you the top five

best routers for a vpn let's get right

into it

but first should you even think about

setting up a vpn on your router well

that's a great question as i have

mentioned in the intro of this video a

vpn router will secure every device

that's connected to it you don't even

have to have a vpn app installed your

devices will be automatically secured

when you connect to the vpn router's

wi-fi network that is extremely

convenient can you imagine how much time

it would take to set up a vpn for each

device individually the only issue with

vpn routers is that you may not know

which router to buy or which one would

be best for you so let's get into our

top 5 and help you get the best one

let's start with our first pick the gl

inet mt300n b2 mini smart router also

known as mango it's an excellent choice

for when you need something small and

mobile in fact it's so small that you

can even fit it in your pocket meaning

that it's great for travelers but in my

opinion its greatest strength is the

price which is only 30 us dollars on

amazon setting up surprise on it is also

super easy as it supports open vpn and

wire guard protocols that being said

it's worth mentioning that its speed

isn't great and it only has one external

lan port but if you don't need to

connect a lot of devices via ethernet

then it's totally worth picking up next

let's talk about the asus routers which

in my opinion are a great option for the

majority of folks out there asus has

been making routers for a while now so

they definitely have a lot of experience

in the networking industry their routers

are sleek have great firmware and they

are easy to use and set up instead of

giving you just one recommendation i'm

actually going to give you two in this

asus category for best overall value i

recommend getting either the asus


or asus rt-ac

models they range from around 60 to 80

us dollars depending on sales and

promotions at the time both of them

however are dual band have four lan

ports and are vpn ready because they

support openvpn whether you're gaming or

streaming asus will provide you with a

great network experience

the next router on our list is the

fastest and the easiest one to set up

and that is the invis box 2 vpn router

so why is it the easiest one to set up

that is because it has substrate vpn

already configured so you just need to

log in with your surftrac user

credentials and you're ready to go it's

also extremely powerful rocking a quad

core arm processor and a whopping one

gigabyte of ram which you might think is

not a lot but in routers it would be

actually surprising to see even 256 megs

of ram so one gig is definitely a lot

you will have absolutely no problems

reaching high vpn speeds with this

router similar to the gl inet 300 it's

also super small and easy to travel with

however invisibox 2 only has one lan

port which can be limiting for bigger

network setups but all in all if you

want a no fuss buy and forget solution

then definitely check out the invisibox

2 vpn router second to last router on

our list is the synology rt2600 ac if

you have a more complex network setup

and need to access more advanced

features then this is the router for you

it's a powerful dual band gigabit router

with great vpn support synology also

allows you to set up surprise via

openvpn and has a ton of other features

like extensive parental controls

bandwidth traffic monitoring wi-fi

management and many others this router

is also a good option if you plan to use

synology nas for file storage as they

work seamlessly together

last but not least it has great support

though it can be a bit pricey at 200 us

dollars but again if you are more of an

advanced user then it's definitely worth

a look speaking of advanced if you have

an older pc that you no longer use and

is just collecting dust then why not

turn it into a powerful router oh wait

uh what now that's right all routers are

essentially just computers with

additional ethernet ports at a reduced

physical size so if we take an old

desktop pc we can quite easily turn it

into a router and have it manage all of

our network

i will show you how to do that in a

future video so definitely get

subscribed and not miss it and that is

all for this video thank you so much for

watching if you enjoyed press that like

button subscribe to our youtube channel

and oh here are two more videos that i

think you'll like but that is all from

me take care




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