May 22, 2024

EPIC FULL TIME SCENES as Manchester City win the UEFA Champions League 🏆 BLUE MOON RISING 🔵

Published June 12, 2023, 1:20 a.m. by Liam Bradley

Manchester City win the Champions League for the first time in their history! #ChampionsLeague #UCLFinal #ManchesterCity

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once twice three times the champion

champions of Europe finally history made

in Istanbul the treble complete the

greatest story in club history has an

ending of what a final chapter Roger

with the goal Anderson with two

outstanding moments of Pep Guardiola is

a European Champion again there's a blue

moon shining over Europe tonight and

Manchester City are the kings of the

continent this elusive trophy is finally

theirs and they've done it here in

Istanbul yeah congratulations to

Manchester City what a treble

and those fans behind the behind the

goal and around the ground can breathe

jolian can breathe exiting goal is just

collapse to the grounds we're not even

talking about that last save

unbelievable moment for them and their

families amazing

inspirational iconic Immortal more words

that could be used to describe this

moment that a long time coming and if

you're going to win your first win it in

a travel leading season

it's history you've just witnessed

history the crestfall and the

interplayers but the Manchester City

players have done what seemed like the

impossible do you know what I asked Noel

Gallagher iconic songwriter a Manchester

City supporter man and boy to sum up

what this moment feels like for him

and he said there have been so many

nights when these fans have traveled

home from Europe battered bruised beaten

and conquered but not this time because

tonight the Manchester rain will taste

like champagne oh

what a quote

what a quote that is he couldn't be here

to witnessed this fantastic moment

to be fair about that he wasn't at the

QPR game either

last weekend yeah maybe maybe yeah stay

away just send quotes through never

coming to a game again I mean jolian

just sum up what this means we're gonna

get some reaction as soon as we can

there's Kelly's down there the moment we

can bring you Manchester City reaction

we will but so many players have gone

before so many have tried and failed

it's been a journey it's been a process

and it leads to this and this is so

special it's so hard to sum up here

fortunate enough to win things and when

you win things with players it creates a

Bund that is for forever and this group

of players will be connected for the

rest of their lives they will be so

close regardless of when their despair

or depart this club they will be so

close forever listen get yourself down

there you can't sit up here any longer

you've got to be down there with

the players of your former Club go and

enjoy your night Julian's gonna join the

team down there pitch side Steve and I

are going to wait for the Trophy

presentation rodri with maybe the most

important goal in the history of

Manchester City and the two stage that

Edison made will never ever ever be

forgotten Manchester City of the

European Champions they've won the

treble they've become immortal Jake take

it away

oh thank you very much Steve Darren look

at that shot there

Pep Guardiola accused the emotional

disappointment Devastation for the

interplayers and their supporters but

Manchester City have had to wait for

this for years they had to work for it

tonight the goal was special the saves

were brilliant

and they finally win the Champions

League in the season when it delivers

them the treble

they will go down in history at this

football club immortal

statues Galore they've heard it listen

this team have played football brand of

football that around the world is looked

down has admired uh this has been a

project and a process for a long time

many years now Pep Guardiola coming in

but these players have produced some

football that has been out of this world

individually but as a collective this

team will go down in history obviously

they deserve to a fantastic team and

they've dug deep when they needed to and

they've been able to play both sides of

the game and I think that's been a

difference between this this Manchester

City team to pass ones they can pass

they can play the fairy tale football

but also when need be they can dig in

roll their sleeves up and fight through

games as well

balances everything at this team there's

Smiles on faces there's celebrations

from the city players but there's also

tears as well this means so much to this

football club and to those individuals

100 I think like real mentioned is a

process is the structure that they

brought into the into the club and to be

fair you know I'm happy that I kept

seeing players like fernandinho and

older players you know that made

everything possible from the beginning


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