May 22, 2024

"I'm Going To Miami Now With Messi!" 😂 Sergio Aguero Joins The Crew & Causes Carnage!

Published June 12, 2023, 1:20 a.m. by Liam Bradley

Sergio Aguero joins the crew and causes carnage! #UCLFinal #ChampionsLeague #SergioAguero

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hey congratulations well done

congratulations so

the best player he won the best player

but you don't think Sergio you know

he said he said he wasn't good today he

said that well the goal was important

it's a winner so how do you feel man how

do you feel about this

I'm so happy because

for me I love to see this so for that


you know the last champion league Willow

so now I'm so happy because finally

is before man city

um I have been told to apologize for the

language I think we can excuse it given

the circumstances I'd love a word for

the Manchester City fans from you who

were so good to you for so long a

special night for the fans isn't it


he was very proud about being here as

well because he's one of the players

that started off everything and I he

feels just privileged about the whole

process and he now gets emotional to

remember that the whole thing and

obviously two years ago they lost the

final they were disappointed but they

bounced back they're here again finally

winning it and it shows that the whole

process was was well worth it wonderful

uh Sergio thank you very much uh and

thank you thank you for translating I

may have something okay thank you enough

for everyone and thank you for the Man

City and I love City

see you lion

forget English

I'm going to Miami now we may see you



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