April 15, 2024

🤑 Brady’s Billion Dollar NFT Play | #shorts #finance #tombrady

Published June 12, 2023, 1:20 p.m. by Bethany

Discover the latest on Tom Brady's massive NFT play and how it could make him a billionaire. Learn more about the financial world of sports and join the conversation with these hashtags: #nft #cryptocurrency #sports #investment #money #wealth #business #digitalassets #blockchain #successmindset


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Tom Brady is not just a football legend

he's also a successful businessman with

some impressive Investments to his name

his biggest investment to date is his

stake in autograph a company that

creates digital Collectibles using

blockchain technology autograph has

raised over 100 million dollars in

funding and is backed by several

high-profile investors including

DraftKings and Lionsgate with Brady's

Keen business sense and autographs

Cutting Edge technology the future looks

bright for this partnership in fact

autograph has already secured

Partnerships with major sports leagues

including the NFL MLB and NHL and is

valued at over 800 million dollars

making it one of the most promising

companies in the digital Collectibles



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