May 21, 2024

Lionel Messi joins MLS Inter Miami soccer team

Published June 12, 2023, 1:20 p.m. by Bethany

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Lionel Messi has announced that he is joining MLS team Inter Miami after declining a reported $400 million offer from the Saudi Arabian government to play in their league. Yahoo Finance Live breaks down how the move has skyrocketed MLS ticket prices.

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we'll switch over to a player that

people are definitely excited about

right we'll build up the hype from

someone that always wears shorts so

Lionel Messi

the soccer player for Argentina saying

that he's gonna come to the MLS and play

for Miami that's spurring a reportedly

400 million dollar offer from the Saudis

actually to go over to their league now

this deal is not yet official but what's

been interesting to watch is the overall

hype we are seeing in MLS which is of

course now streamed on Apple TV plus so

we've been sort of watching it through

that lens as well interesting to look at

ticket prices today so Miami is

scheduled to come to New York in August

when they play the Red Bulls tickets are

going to be 430 to get in when Miami

comes when Lionel Messi's here if you

were to go a week earlier twenty dollars

twenty five dollars that's the messy

effect in two simple numbers of what he

wouldn't last for MLS

I don't know you don't know he has to

play well right because that's sort of

the thing here is he needs to still be

electrifying but Messi has been that

kind of soccer player that can have one

moment score a great goal and get people

in so I do think they could have that

and he's had an amazing career but he is

35 years old and that sort of raises the

question about you know why he took this

package over the money that the Saudis

threw right and can we talk a bit about

that some of the sweeteners that were

put in the brand Partnerships

potentially the Athletics reporting that

uh Apple's actually giving him some of

the revenue for that they're getting

from the dealership ownership after he

retires right and there's also a

potential sweetener from Adidas to come

over here too which is interesting

because Adidas really likes their MLS

partnership and I think Adidas also

wants maybe a better facing person to

lead their uh Partnerships in the U.S

because the last one didn't go so well

so maybe Messi can help them out with

becoming popular in the US again I mean

I think Apple's interesting because I do

think it's going to drive those

subscriptions to Apple TV plus Apple of

course signing that 10-year long uh pact

with that MLS Major League Soccer and

they've really been leaning into the

fact that they are the streamer where

you want to watch soccer whether it's

real life or whether it's fictional with

Ted lasso and even tallasso has featured

real-life soccer players Messi's manager

was featured on an episode so they've

sort of created this whole brand around

soccer and I I certainly think it's

going to help Drive subscriptions I

think it's going to help Drive

subscriptions but I think to the degree

how much is the big question here

because soccer has gone through many

iterations or so much excitement when

David Beckham came over that fizzled out

pretty quickly there's obviously a lot

of excitement surrounding Messi will

we'd still be talking about it we still

see anything like those numbers that we

just put up there over 400 for a ticket

probably not this year but I think it

will help Apple when you think about

what Messi is in Argentina think about

the videos we were showing of Messi

after they won that World Cup how

excited the people were I mean you look

at uh intermiami's Instagram followers

went from 1 million to five million wow

crazy if you can do that and you can

draw Mass massive Mass Appeal globally

because people just want to watch Messi

as long as he is playing I think it

might be bigger than we can fully

understand here in the US because quite

frankly soccer just isn't that big well

it's not at that level at what point

does MLS become a league that athletes

come to at their Prime that's a larger

discussion that I don't know if they're


guys I gotta leave it there


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