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Top 11 Inspirational Sports Movies on Netflix

Published June 12, 2023, 2:20 p.m. by Liam Bradley

The video is about 11 inspiring sports movies on Netflix. The list includes classic tales like "The Greatest Sports Movie Ever Made" and "The Partridge Family." It's a great way to spend an afternoon or evening and see some amazing sports movies that will make you feel inspired.

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hey there guys athleticism on screen

is always thrilling to watch but when it

comes to sports movies

there's nothing more motivational than

learning inspiring stories

about real life people in their

obstacles netflix has a vast collection

of awesome movies based on different

sports as well

today we're going to tell you about the

11 best sport movies you can stream on


right now before we get started please

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at number 11 we have happy gilmore a

failure hockey player enters a golf

tournament to save his grandmother's

house grandfather built this house with

his bare hands

my grandma's been here over 60 years you

can't take

will he win or will he be as

unsuccessful as he was with hockey

when you see adam sandler as the main

character you already know the comedy is

going to be top notch

however a sports movie with a comedic

pitch may sound weird at first

this was a commercial success almost

earning three times its initial budget

if you want to have a fun time watching

a sports movie give this one a go

number 10 glory road glory road is based

on the true glorious history of the


all-black basketball lineup playing for

the ncaa championship in 1966

racism and discrimination affected

people even in sports

josh lucas actually had to gain 43

pounds of weight to play the real life

coach dan haskins who went against the

odds for his team and broke the racial

barrier in the game

number nine jerry maguire what happens

when a successful sports agent hits the

rock bottom of his career

i came here to fire you jerry is he

going to give up or is he going to

bounce back with double force

with tom cruise as a lead role this

movie is the perfect rendition of sports

drama and romance it is still considered

one of the best sports movies to dates

not to mention the evergreen

unforgettable dialogues like

show me the money and you got me at


for its beautiful story and great

production jerry maguire managed to win

both audiences

in the critics arts while tom cruise won

the golden globe

for the lead role cuba gooding jr won

several awards including the oscar for

his supporting role

number eight soul surfer soul surfer is

the perfect example of how sheer will

and determination can make you overcome

any problem in your life

when a young surfer bethany lost an arm

due to a shark attack

her family and her faith kept her spirit

alive and kept motivating her to pursue

her dream again

as this movie was actually based on true

events you will be amazed to see how

tragic and uplifting this person's life

can be

most of the surfing scenes were done by

the original bethany hamilton

coming in at number seven we have coach

carter most people think a star school

athlete is always bound to shine

as a sportsman which is actually not the

case for all

coach carter knew it and therefore tried

to give his team all the options they

could try

this 2005 biographical drama movie will

teach you how nothing should be taken

for granted

because life in itself is unpredictable

samuel l jackson as coach carter has

done the perfect portrayal

he's a strict yet empathetic person

teachers ain't supposed to touch

students i'm not a teacher

i'm the new basketball coach this was

also shannon tatum's first movie

number six eddie the eagle eddie the

eagle is a biographical film based on

the ski jumper

michael edwards which demonstrates the

journey of michael becoming eddie the

eagle with time

while the major part of the movie was

fictional you will know how the

endearing and fun persona of eddie

turned him into britain's most lovable

ski jumper taryn egerton

hujackner christopher walken were

excellent in their respective roles

if you want a sports movie for a change

this one is for you

number five miracle well this movie

displays one of the greatest moments of

american history

the miracle on ice in which the u.s

hockey team defeated the four-time


team of russia kurt russell brilliantly

reprised the role of herb brooks

the legendary coach of the hockey team

he dedicatedly studied brooks to make


no details were missed this old-time

classic movie has been praised for

depicting the original events most


number four moneyball another real-life

movie based on sports

but this time it's about baseball

moneyball tells us how despite having a

small budget

the general manager billy bean used an

analytical and unique approach

to successfully assemble a terrific

baseball team

the casting of brad pitt jonah hill

chris pratt

and many others are just on points

you'll feel like witnessing the events


and learn about how a player is

evaluated for sports selection this

commercially successful movie earned

several awards

including six oscar nominations that


number three rush a sports movie list

with no racing films

seems pretty incomplete to me here comes

rush starring chris hemsworth as james


and daniel bruhl is nick lauda the two

world famous formula racers

in fact chris hemsworth was so

impressive in his audition

that he was cast immediately for the

role the movie majorly focuses on the

hunt lot of rivalry

and how it influenced their lives in

both positive and negative ways

this sleek and finely crafted movie has

earned praises from most of the critics

at number two we have million dollar

baby a lesser-known boxing professional

starts training as an amateur boxer

and what happens after that is what

million dollar baby is all about

the movie will hit you differently for

sure the casting of clint eastwood

hilary swank and morgan freeman has to

be one of the strongest points of this

masterpiece movie

swank even gained 20 pounds of muscle to

portray her boxing character

each of them won oscars for this movie

theaters have run

for this movie for almost six and a half


with numerous accolades this movie won

four academy awards

including the best actress and the best

supporting actor before we unveil our

pick for number one

we have a few honorable mentions down

below the waterboy

goon mean machine the football factory

bloodsport and bleed for this are some

of the other great movies about sports

worth special mentioning

number one raging bull have you ever

wondered how the uncontrollable nature

of a person

can actually destroy one's relation in

family life

based on professional boxer jake

lamotta's controversial and violent life

the raging bull is that one of a kind

movie directed by the great martin


despite its lukewarm reception at the

box office this modern classic is marked

as one of the greatest movies of

all time robert de niro plays the

character of lamada while joe pesci and

his brother turned manager de niro

gained 27 kilograms of weight to make

his acting more convincing

this movie won two academy awards with a

total of eight nominations on the 53rd

academy awards

that's it guys if you like this video

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