June 17, 2024

The Top 5 Best Sports Movies of All-Time

Published June 12, 2023, 2:20 p.m. by Liam Bradley

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that brings us to the fan question of

the week as always thanks for your

comments please keep these coming

from jchat 85. Jay chat what's a

football movie you'll stop on and watch

every time

I love sports movies man so I I mean you

could throw on just about any of them

and I'll I'll sit there and watch it I'm

a huge

I love love Little Giants man

absolutely love Little Giants the O'Shea

Brothers going at it

one yep you already know the sibling

rivalry man who's the the best in the

world and I felt like Puerto Rico

I can't see with this thing on


there's so many good liners the kids

absolutely killed it in that movie

um and I felt like Jason you were Kevin

O'Shea my entire life and I just

couldn't beat you at anything so that

one hits home for me as a kid but then

you gotta Remember the Titans who had an

All-Star cast uh Denzel Washington

absolutely killed that role

um in a very uh very

you know at least when I was in high

school that's when that one came out so

it was like driving like my love for for

just team and camaraderie and coming


um yeah and playing some football man uh

you could pitch in a mile but you can't

throw it

or you could you could throw them out

but you can't pitch in five yards I mean

there's just so many quotes from that



finally saw the white cornerback get


and remember the jokes yotes he's taking

my son out yeah

yeah yeah I mean that was a team move by

Gosling I mean yeah

it's all about uh how are we gonna win

this game you know for me I don't know I

think my favorite movie uh is probably

the program

it's over the top in the perfect way

um and touches on every facet of a

Collegiate and professional sports I

feel like when I went to college and

real I connected so much more when I

watched it again in college knowing that

it was a college football movie yeah

without a doubt outside of obviously the

the linebacker juicing up in the locker

room yeah Lattimore

you leading me on yeah there's some

really bad moments in that movie

30 pounds and an attitude to match oh

but without a doubt my favorite football

movie to watch like just guilty pleasure

is Waterboy I mean it's not even close

oh I mean Adam's the Sandman there's so

many great quotes Adam Sandler's great

uh but there's so many I mean it's just

it's probably the most quote my favorite

we still reference this whenever we're

getting too complicated as an offense

like we're like oh what if the demon

says this or this or that or what if I

go here I ought to I always think of the

quote of what he fakes to the right no

he fakes to the left

he thinks about faking he

I don't know where I am

your favorite the Winkler man who's my

favorite quote all right

we could be like Tiger Woods and his


your daddy

so many good ones sand man shout out to

Adam Sandler man all right oh another

one The Longest Yard

ooh another All-Star chest which one uh

the second one the second one I was

thinking yes I prefer I prefer the uh

the Burt Reynolds one personally well he

was at both but

yeah but he was this listen

the first one he was really I mean he

was the guy in the first one second one

he was a hero he was at the Adam Sandler

hero but he was

the Stone Cold Steve Austin

the second one was too much of like uh

it was like trying to be something too

big the first one was I'm telling you go

away I mean it's good I love the movie I

love Chris Rock Adam Sandler like I love

all these guys it's a great Cruise oh my

God there's so many of them man but the

first one really I love that movie

all right



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