June 23, 2024

FAMiLY MOViE PARTY with ORANGE!! Rainbow Ghosts inside our House? Adley & Niko setup for new movies

Published June 12, 2023, 6:20 a.m. by Jerald Waisoki

DIY purple carpet party in our basement🎬💜

LET'S BE FRIENDS -- https://goo.gl/a7ctjJ

HEY EVERYBODY!! Today we are having a movie party to celebrate that our movie "A for adley: Lost in the Movies" is coming out on YouTube! But we have to wait for our supplies to get here that we ordered from aforadley.com! When there was finally a knock at the door, me and niko ran to see who it was! It was the mail man Delivery Dad he's the mailman who always delivers our packages! He had our lost in the movies bags with all of our supplies for us to have a purple carpet party inside our house! So we all headed to the basement to set up our movie theater! We each had a different job: Mom got the snacks, Dad set up the ticket scanner, niko helped set up the seats, and I colored the movie poster to hang up! After we were each done with out jobs it was almost time to start the movie, but then there was another knock on the door. It was delivery dad again! This time he was delivering some blue and pink monkey buddies for Mom, and some Lost in the Movies cuddly blankets for all of us! NOW it was time to start the movie... but I remembered something... the move isn't even OUT yet! It doesn't come out until June 23rd! We were trying to think of what else we could watch when we heard a noise from the closet! It was something coming through the portal from the portal house! The door swung open and the little orange Rainbow Ghost walked out! Dad was super scared but we showed him that Orange is actually a nice Rainbow Ghost! We asked if it would like to watch a move with us and it nodded "Yes" so we decided to watch the Rainbow ghosts movie" rather than A for adley: Lost in the movies!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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- I can't find a place to scan it.

- Are you sure?

- Oh there it is!

Boop, boop boop, boop boop boop.

I scanned a hundred scans.

So you are,

allowed to invite a hundred people if you want to.

(Dad gasps)

- Do you want come to our movie?



I got lots a bags to deliver. Anyone home?


- I remember you.

- I know you.

And you. Just need you to sign right here.

(Bags crash to floor)


- Alright have the best day - Bye.

ever bye.

- Eww!

- Uh, hi. - Hi!

- Who was at the door?

- Let's go open them downstairs,

where we're gonna set up the movie.

- [Niko] Yeah!

- Should we have a movie party?

- [All] Yeah!

- We'll have our own purple carpet party at our house.

- Yeah, but it's kind of a mess down there.

- Guess what? I'm the big bad wolf

and I'm gonna blow your house down.

- I destroy the house and make a bigger mess.

- We can use these to make our movie theater.

- Yeah!

- Oh look,

we needa show you. Dad taped this so no one can get in.

- Uh, yeah, I did.

I literally had to tape it shut

'cause the kids kept tryna go back to the portal house.

- Oh wow. They're golden tickets taking me into the movie.

- No! Do not get lost in the movies.

- Wanna listen to these music?

We're gonna have a purple carpet movie!

My plates back here.

- Oh no.

- I need to go on a secret mission.

- Good luck. You got it?

(Dad screams) (plates crash)

- We got a problem, I lost the movie theater remote.

Hey, gimme that remote. Stop that boy!

- Hey guys, we forgot to turn the lights off.

- What was that?

Ah, why is there a rainbow ghost inside our house?

This is not good.

- What? Aw!

- No, no, no, no, don't. No, no, no, no, stop.

He's friendly.

- Are you sure it's nice?

- Mhm it's a good rainbow ghost.

- You touched it!

You don't even know how many there are

because now there's like a orange

and a yellow one and that's just.

- There's a hundred!

- What if there's literally a hundred rainbow ghosts?

- 1,000,000.


- That is a movie I would not want to be lost in.

- But, Dad, what if the orange and yellow ones are nice.

What if they are nice?

- Yeah, right.

And what if rattlesnakes are your best friends?

Delivery Dad, I'm a delivery Dad.

Never sad 'cause I'm a delivery Dad.

Five lost in the movies for Adley and Niko?


- Is she dancing on your head?

- Why did you take my hat?

I did not know that you stole my hat right there.

- I dunno why I took your hat.

(knocking on door)

I'll get it.

- Did you guys hear that?

- Yeah, I'll get it.

- I think someone's at the door.

- Yeah, I'll go see.


- Delivery. I got some lost in the movies bags.

I delivered a lot of these this month.

There must be some sorta new movie premiere

or something going on.

Adley lost in the movies.



I got lots of bags to deliver. Anyone home?

Oh, there they come.

- It's those kids. - Hi.

- Hey.

- I remember you.

- I know you and you.

Did you order these bags?

- Yep.

- Five of them?

- Yeah.

- Alright. - I'll carry one.

- Hold on. Just need you to sign right here.

(bags crash)

Okay. Hey, I delivered 'em fair and square.

Sign right here, please.

- I will.

- 'K.

- What's up with these bags?

I've been delivering tons of them this month.

- Oh, we're, doing a new movie on YouTube

and so we need these movie bags

to make like our own movie theater.

- That is awesome!

I'm gonna get one of those movie bags for myself.

- Huh? - Maybe invite a date over,

watch a new movie, you know,

delivery Dad stuff.

- Okay. Bye.

- Okay. Oh, thank you.


- I'll sign it too.

- Yeah, please sign right there.

Alright. Hey, it was good to see you again.

If I didn't have so many deliveries today,

I'd stick around and watch that movie with ya.

- Yeah.


Have the best day ever. - Here

- I already delivered this. Here, it's yours.

Alright, - Bye.

- have the best day ever, bye.

- See ya!

- Thank you. Bye.

- Ew!

- Hi. - What?

- Who was at the door?

- Ew that's-

the delivery man.

- What did he deliver?

- He delivered our new bags.

- The movie bags!

Yes. This one's mine.

- This one's mine. - Can we open them?

- Let's go open them downstairs,

where we gonna set up the movie.

- Yeah! - Should we have

a movie party?

- [All] Yeah!

- Let's watch the lost in the movies with our new bags.

- Yeah let's go.

- Movie party. Movie party.

- Even the bags are soft.

- Guys, look, this is how I wear my bag.

Oh yeah, headin' to the movies.

- This is how I wear my bag.

- Oh yeah, headin' to the movies.

We should make a movie theater!

- [All] Yeah.

- You guys down?

- Yeah.

- We'll have our own purple carpet party at our house.

- Yeah. But it's kind of a mess down there.

- We need to clean up here. That's for sure.

It's okay. It's comfy stuff.

Let's clean up and we can build a movie theater.

- But this is my house.

- Guess what? I'm the big bad wolf

and I'm gonna blow your house down.

- I destroy the house and make a bigger mess.

- We can use these to make our movie theater.

- [Adley] Yeah.

- [Niko] Yeah.

- But first we needa clean up.

- Yeah. - Clean up, clean up.

- Oh look, we needa show you,

Dad taped this so no one can get in.

- Yeah, I did.

No more portal. I do not like that.

That's the most dangerous.

Everyone's grounded from the portal. The whole thing.


I literally had to tape it shut

'cause the kids kept trying to go back to the portal house.

You don't even know what those rainbow ghosts are.

- Rainbow ghosts, rainbow ghosts.

- And why do they sound like this?

(Dad makes ghost noise)

It's so icky.

- I can hear 'em go

(Adley makes ghost noise)

- And we don't even know how many there are because now

there's like a orange and a yellow one and that's just.

- There's a hundred.

- What if there's literally a hundred rainbow ghosts?

- 1,000,000.


- [Dad] That is a movie I would not want be lost in.

- But, Dad what if the orange and yellow ones are nice?

What if they are nice?

- Yeah, right.

And what if rattlesnakes are your best friends?

- [Adley] Save me.

- Ah, save Adley.

- I wanna be squished!

- No.

- [Mom] Ow, watch out.

- Okay, Dad will start building the movie theater.

You guys open up the bags.

- [Mom] These bags are so soft.

- Oh look, there's a key chain.

- [Mom] Ooh, fun!

- There's a key chain? I wanna- wait, where's my bag?

- Wait, I know exactly-

- I lost my bag. Oh.

- Niko this is my bag, get your own bag.

- Where's my bag?

- Over there.

- Get me my bag.

- There's your bag.

- Yeah.

- Oh, that's so cute.

Okay. That's a way good idea.

I'm gonna clip mine to ma britches.

- I'm gonna clip mine to my keys later.

- Oh yeah, look where I put mine.

- Niko,

Niko, we needa color some posters for the movie.

- Yeah. And don't lose your golden ticket

'cause we gotta have like a ticket scan.

- Oh yeah!

- Oh, look at these crayons.

- Oh wow. They're Golden Tickets taking me into the movie.

- No! Do not get lost in the movies.

- I'm gonna get lost in the movies, hiya!

- [Dad] No Niko!

- A sign that says-

- You kids are grounded from getting lost in movies

and portal houses. Okay?

- But those are fun things.

- Oh, my coloring book.

There's me. No, that's Navey.

There's me. There's Adley, there's Nave.

- At our purple carpet party we did for the movie launch,

we had these coloring books and crayons

so everyone could color

- Uh, Dad.

- And now you guys can color too.

It's like - Uh, Dad.

- you're having your own purple carpet party.

- Dad.

- What? What's up?

- Wanna listen to these music?

- Ooh!

- I made up a song,

we're gonna have a purple carpet movie.

- A purple party movie.

- And look, I found Mom kissing Nave.

- [All] Aww.

- I bet 'cause she ate a puff.

- Yeah.

- And I'm coloring a movie poster.

- Hey guys, you wanna play tic-tac toe?

- Ooh tic-tac, I wanna play tic-tac toe.

I'm gon' be purple.

- I'm gon' be the orange.

- Dun dun dun.

- I'm being the orange rainbow ghost.

- I'm gonna be the purple rainbow ghost.

- I'll be X.

- Okay. I'll be ghosts.

- Actually.

- What?

- I'll be a orange ghost.

(Dad gasps)

- I'll be a purple ghost and we'll see who wins.

It's a portal tic-tac toe. Oh, that is good, Niko.

Alright. I'm gonna put my purple rainbow ghost right here.

Actually, this is looking more like blue and he's hungry.

Um num num. Where are you gonna go?

- Right here.

- Okay. - Wait, Dad,

actually since you're blue,

you're gonna win because you can eat orange.

- Yeah, I'm just gonna eat orange if I get hungry.

I'm working on this-

- Should I use tan for the popcorn

or should I use yellow for the popcorn?

- Depends, do you want buttered popcorn or not buttered?

- Buttered popcorn.

- Dad I'm done. It's your turn.

- Alright, let's see.

Ooh, let me go right here.

So I can get three in a row and eat the win. Hahaha.

- Dad, did you notice anything?

I just won.

(Dad gasps)

- Three rainbow ghosts in a row?

You beat me! How are you so smart?

I shoulda gone somewhere else.

This is, in the movie I show up to the vet

and I'm late for my job and my boss gets mad at me.

- And that's me.

- Yeah, she's my boss.

I got lots of bosses. This is my movie boss.

This is my real boss. And this is my Minecraft boss.

- [Mom] Yep.

- I did tan and yellow.

So it looks like popcorn that's buttery.

- Ooh. That is very creative.

I'm gonna get you some scissors and tape.

So you can cut that out.

- I'm done with my babies.

- Ooh, they're so cute.

- [Mom] Aww.

- That reminds me of the nursery rhymes.

- [Mom] They're so cute! - Oh, I love it.

Old McDonald had some babies.

Alright, I'll be right back.

- E-I-E-I-O. And on that farm he had some puppies.

E-I-E-I-O. With a ruff ruff here and a ruff ruff there.


- [Mom] You know what else we need?

- What?

- We probably need some snacks.

- Oh yeah. Do you wanna go grab the snacks?

- [Mom] Okay, I'll get some snacks going.

I'm gonna get some snacks.

- [Dad] Whoa.

- [Mom] Ah,

- You scared me.


Do you know where like the ticket scanner thing is?

- I think it might be in the toy room.

- We can use anything to scan tickets.

We just gotta use our imagination. What about

this for a ticket scanner? Or my iPad?

Look, Adley drew a rocket ship with us in it on my iPad.

And that's the space station animation monkey.

Oh, and do you like my nails?

I went to Adley's hair salon and got 'em done.

- Claire and Adley's hair salon.

- Okay. Claire and Adley's hair salon.

- Mhm.

- That's why I look so handsome

is 'cause I recently went to the hair salon.

- Show 'em the back.

- No!

- Show 'em. Show 'em. Show 'em. Show 'em.

- Adley kinda cut my hair without me knowing.

Look at the back.

- [Adley] It's so short.

- [Dad] Where's my hair right here I can't even grab it.

- [Niko] Let's cut Dad's hair again!

- [Dad] What? - [Adley] No.

- No, Niko!

New rule.

- No more cutting Dad's hair without asking.

- No cutting anyone's hair without asking.

- Yeah, I told ya. - That was pretty funny

for the video.

And Mom told me that was your plan all along

and that she said yes.

- Yes.

- How about this for a ticket scanner?

Look, they can come in, like scan your ticket.

Or how do you use this ticket scanner?

- So you have to go like this

and we can pretend that it pops up like a red light.

- Yeah, like pop.

- So find, find, find, find, find there it is!

Boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop.

There you go.

- 'Kay. I'll set up the scanner.

Mom's getting treats ready.

Tell me when your posters are ready.

Excuse me, coming through snack counter. Right here.

So right as they come in, they can get snacks. Ah!

What snacks would you like? And we can put 'em up here.

Wait, who's gonna work at this movie theater?

- I will. - I will.

- You guys are working here?

- [Niko] Yeah. - Are you also gonna

watch the movie?

- [Adley] Yep.

- Are you guys so excited?

We haven't seen the movie since the movie theater.

So this is gonna be fun. Ooh, I like that.

And we'll put snacks here.

- Wait, I know where to sit.

- [Dad] Where?

Oh! You makin' a seat?

- I'm making a seat.

- Alright, I'm gonna come practice scan my gold ticket.

- Hey Dad can you move?

(Dad screams)

- Don't step on the crayons. Alright, ready?

Oh, is this the movie theater?

Hello? There's no posters.

I don't even know if this is the movie theater.

- Right here!

- Hello? Does anyone know where the movie theater is?

- Right behind you.

- Oh.

Oh, you guys should really put some posters up in here.

- [Adley] Yeah we're try-

- I have my gold ticket.

Where did,

wasn't there an employee right here?

- Oh, he's under the table. He does that to everyone.

- What? Hello? Is anyone down there?

- Oh, are you here to watch A for Adley movie?

- Yes, I am. Can you scan my ticket please?

- Yeah, how do I get?

- Is this how you always scan tickets?

- Yes. This is.

- Okay. Hey, careful with this. It's golden.

- Boop.

- Alright, thank you.

Where's my seat?

Uh, your movie theater looks like it's kind of a mess.

- Yeah, that's cause you're 'posed to help us.

- Oh, you want me to work here?

- Yeah.

- Alright. Well, what are you gonna gimme if I work here

- Money.

- Alright.

- [Mom] Hey, I got the snacks.

- Crown.

- Perfect.

Hi, I work here now.

- You're 'posed to put them right here.

- [Dad] Oh, hi. I work here. I know what to do.

Just put those- - Got cheese and crackers,

- String cheese and crackers. - Cookies, fruit snacks,


Hey, you're supposed to purchase them.

- I work here now.

- Oh, here do you want blue or green?

- Um.

- You'll take green.

- He beat me in tic-tac toe and stole my plate.

(Dad gasps)

- Just need to hang up the posters.

- A hippopotamus.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

- [Mom] Niko! How did you fall for that?

- [Dad] Oh, sometimes there's hippopotamuses

in our movie theater.

You never know. Maybe Zootopia is playing.

Do you like my nails? - Zootopia?!

- I did 'em special for the movie premiere.

I went to a hair salon.

- So, what hair salon?

- It's Adley's hair salon.

- Oh, I need to go there.

- Yeah, it's fabulous. - Guys!

- Is it hard to make an appointment?

- Uh, guys? - I didn't make an appointment

I just showed up.

- Really? - Yeah.

- Wow.

- My plates back here.

- Oh, no. - I need to go on

a secret mission.

- Good luck. Pop up some intense music.

(intense music)


You got it?

(plates crash) (Dad screams)

Employees, we need help!

We need a rescue mission.

- You work here. Go clean it up.

- Ugh. Come on.

- I can't do it.

- You got it.

Alright, let's start the movie now maybe.

- We still need to make the seats.

- Oh, why did I work here?

I should have just been a customer.

(Niko screams)

- A grape, it touched my toe.

I know a way to clean up.

- How?

- Just eat it.

- Ooh! I'll clean up all of these grapes then.

- [Mom] Hey, you gotta share.

- We're cleaning, I work here.

- Alright. Right here. My babies.

- Done, coming.

- [Dad] Hey boss, you wanna grape?

- Uh, yeah, sure.

(Dad laughing)

You need to help us make the seats and clean up.

- Ooh, I know what I can help us do. Tricks.

- Hey Mom.

- No, you have to help us clean up and make the seats.

- Hey, assistant?

- Yeah? - Which one's the pink monkey?

And which one is the blue one?

- The pink one usually has a heart nose.

So which one has a heart nose?

- Oh, that one.

- Okay. That one's the pink one and that one's the blue one.

We should work on coloring our whole books too,

while we watch the movie.

- [Adley] Yeah.

- I like that idea.

- Oh, we need to make seats.

(Dad gasps)

- Right on seats. Where do we wanna sit?

- I need-

(Adley screams)


- [Dad] Saved ya.

- Half my body's not saved.

- Saved the other half.

I'm gonna sit up here so I have a perfect view.

- I'm gonna make a double-decker. Awesome movie seat.

Right there.

- Ooh, I like that.

- It's gonna be awesome!

- Fancy. Ooh, a footrest.

- No, not your- - Thank you.

- Not your footrest. That's my seat.

- Oh! There's my footrest.

- Nice. Ooh, Niko's getting a front row seat right there.

Does anyone know where the movie theater remote is?

- Niko! Are you serious?

(Niko laughing)

Oh, you got the best seat in the house.

- Except he can't move, he's gonna fall.

- I don't like this.

I'm part of the movie theater safety team,

and that is not approved.

- [Niko] Wait. - You can have one.

- What?

- Where is the

- What? - Glue.

- The what?

- The glue. - The glue?

You're gonna glue yourself to your seat.

- No, the little this.

- Oh! There you go. Extra soft cushion.

- No I need, I was using that.

- Okay. Okay. There you go.

There's probably more somewhere.

Alright. Should we scan our tickets and start this movie?

Wait, wheres the movie theater remote control?

There it is.

- There's the movie theater. I have everybody's ticket.

Niko ticket.

Don't get lost.

- Actually, I will get lost.

- Who's scanning them?

- My snack has sprinkles on it.

- Which employee is scanning?

- Guys I'm the ticket scanner.

Did you hear me?

- [Dad] Oh!

- First-

- Wait, are we coming down right now?

- Oh, not yet.

Just two minutes.

- Okay. Two minutes.

- Hmm. I'm pretty sure this is the right place.

Yep, this is the right place.

- This is where the- okay, the movies are here.

(Dad gasps)

They must've eaten puffs.

- Scan the ticket. Boop. Boop boop. Done.

Ticket, please.

- I heard these gold tickets have

just a little bit of magic in them. Is it true?

- True.

Oh, there it's beep. Beep beep, beep beep beep.

Got it. Hmm.

- What?

- I can't seem to find it on your ticket.

- Oh, wait, try mine. - Are you sure?

- Try mine, try mine.

- No, no. Keep trying mine.

I don't wanna miss the movie.

No, keep trying mine.

- Oh, yours is good.

- Yes, I made it.

- Please find my scanner.

- Oh, it's right there, I didn't see it. Boop.

- Yes!

- You're taking all the crackers.

- I'm gonna go do another grape order up upstairs

really quick, I'll be right back.

- [Niko] Let's eat his crackers.

- [Mom] This is a comfy spot.

- I wanna sit right here.

- Yum.

- Ew. Your toes cannot be by my food.

Ah! So relaxing.

(Dad knocking)

- Hello? I need to get in.

- Scan it by yourself.

- I have to scan it. Okay.

How does this work? You just do this and-

It didn't work.

- I'll help.

- It's not scanning.

- This is Mom's ticket.

- Oops. Try this one.

- This is Niko's ticket.

- Double oops. Try this one.

- This is my ticket.

- Triple oops. Try that one.

- I think. Yep. This is your ticket but,

I can't find a place to scan it.

- You sure?

- Yep.

- It scanned once. It's gotta work.

- It's not there anymore.

- No, it's already scanned. You just gotta try.

- Oh there it is! Boop. Boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop.

- And guess what?

Grapes and cantelope. Oh yeah.

- I scanned a hundred scans.

So you are allowed to invite a hundred people

if you want to.

(Dad gasps)

- Do you wanna come to our movie?

Well, you're invited 'cause I have 100 extra tickets.

Or you can just watch it on Adley's YouTube.

- Or boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop.

- Wait, that's my ticket.

- A hundred million more than a hundred million.

A hundred thousand more than a hundred thousand.

- You're all invited to A for Adley Lost at the Movies.

It's on Adley's YouTube channel.

The whole world's invited.

- [Adley] Yeah.

- We've gotta make a comfy little spot.

Find the movie on Adley's YouTube.

- [Mom] Sir.

- Order a bag full of fun stuff,

- [Adley] Sir.

- rescue the employees who keep getting stuck,

Okay. Where's the movie remote? Here it is.

- I got, oh! I still got this.

- I'm turning on this movie.

- I got all the crackers.

- Alright, I just have one more delivery

and then I'll hop back in.

Delivery Dad, Delivery Dad.

He's never sad he's Delivery Dad.

So many deliveries. I already delivered to this house today.

Alright. Monkey buddies and blankets.



- Is that someone at the door?

- Did you guys hear that?

Is that the movie theater or the house?

- Let's go check it out.

- Wait, I just found my food.

Hold on. I thought we were gonna see the movie.

I'm back. I guess you did two orders, but that's okay.

- [Adley] Who's here? Who's here? Gotta answer the door.

- Hello!

- [Adley] Hi.

- I'm back. Did you guys order some monkey buddies?

- [Adley] Mom, we already have those.

- Who send these are for you?

Hello monkey buddies. - Oh, they're for you.

- We're gonna watch the movie together.

- And then these blankets,

- Oh yeah. - The lost

in the movies blankets.

- I thought you got some blankets.

- Alright. - Thanks Mom.

- Yeah, you're welcome.

- It said there was four, is there supposed to be a,

- Oh yeah.

- Okay. And then if you guys could just sign right here.

A little heart?

- [Niko] A heart!

- I like that. Well thank you.

(Dad clears his throat)

My pen.

- [Niko] Yeah.

- He stole my pen.

Go get my pen!

- Oh, I'll get it back for you.

- Okay thanks.

So have you guys watched the movie yet?

- No. We're just about to.

- Oh, nice.

- [Mom] Here you go.

- Oh, there's my pen.

- Oh. I think the movie's about to start, guys.

- Thank you. Alright.

- The movie's about to start, let's go.

- Enjoy your movie.

- Thank you so much sir. - See ya.

- Bye.

- Delivery Dad, Delivery Dad.

He's never sad he's Delivery Dad.

Wait, where'd my delivery truck go? Hey!

I'm a cheese walrus.

- [Mom] Dad!

- Look.

My tusks.

I'm a cheese walrus.

Let's start the movie.

- [Mom] Okay well I got blankets for everybody.

- Hey, those are my cheeses.

You got blankets? Wait, there's another delivery?

- [Adley] I got one for you.

- How many deliveries have we had today?

- I have no idea.

- [Niko] Let's get comfy.

I might (indistinct)

- Hey, my blankie.

- I don't like being comfy, I like to be like this.

Oh yeah.

That's comfy.

- Monkey buddy. We're gonna watch the show.

(Mom making monkey noises)

- Oh no. Where's the remote?

We got a problem. I lost the movie theater remote.

Hey, give me that remote.

Stop that boy.

- You forgot to turn the lights off.

(Dad gasps)

- Oh yeah. Hit the lights.

We need to set the mood.

Make sure its nice and dark.

Oh yeah. Ooh, put that down.

- Okay.

- What was that?

- Ah! Why is there a rainbow ghost inside our house?

This is not good.

- No. Okay, we gotta push it back in.

- No, no, no, no.

Stop, she's friendly!

Come on. Hi.

You wanna watch a movie with us? Come on.

- [Dad] No. She can't watch a movie with us.

She's a rainbow ghost.

- It's okay. Don't be scared.

- I am scared.

- Dad, scoot over.

- Sitting on the her spot.

- I'll scoot all the way over here.

Are you sure it's nice?

- It's a good rainbow ghost.

- You touched it!

- Alright, so I guess a rainbow ghost

is gonna watch the movie with us.

- Uh, we got one little problem.

- What? - [Mom] Do you think

she's cold? Should we put the blanket on her?

- No. She's literally sitting on the remote.

- Just grab it.

- No, it's right there.

Careful. Alright we're just gonna watch a movie as a family.

- Yeah, that'll be fun.

- This is gonna be fun.

- Nobody get lost in the movies.

Nobody chase anyone and pull 'em into any scary portals.

- Oh wait, Dad.

Isn't the movie not out yet?

- It's not. It's out June 23rd.

- You're right!

- It's almost out.

- We could watch the rainbow ghost movie.

- A rainbow ghost movie?

- [Mom and Dad] Yeah!

- Mhm.

- Do you wanna, maybe watch a rainbow ghost movie?

- That would be good. - [Mom] That's a yes?

- I think that's a yes.

- Okay. Do you know the other rainbow ghosts?

- [Mom] She does.

- I think it's her family.

- Really?

Let's watch all of 'em.

- Yeah.

- We're just gonna play these rainbow ghost shows

really quick. And you're just gonna be nice

and not pull us into the portal, right?

- She is nice.

- She is nice.

- Have you heard how the other rainbows ghosts are like

(Dad makes rainbow ghost noise)

And they chase you around and they just wanna-

- I spent like a whole night there.

I've watched them. I think they're nice.

- Remember the first thing. Keep them happy.

Keep them happy. They just wanna play with us.

- So if we're nice to 'em, they're nice to us?

- [Mom and Adley] Maybe.

- Should we do a countdown?

- Yeah.

Five - Three

- 4,

5, - 3,

- 4, - No, 3.

- 6,





[All Cheer]

- Oh, hi everyone.

I'm building a queen chair and 'cause I am the queen.

(french horn)

Oh, there we go.

- Here's your crown.

- Thank you, my servant Niko.

- And here are your monkey buddies you requested.

- Thank you.

- Is there anything else you need from us Queen Adley?

- I don't think so, except that crown.

- Niko get the crown, she dropped it.

- I'll put my monkeys right there.

I am the queen.

- Is there anything you would like Queen?

- Bring me some flowers.

- Flowers? Yes.

Oh, good idea Niko. Those flowers? Or these flowers?

- Ah! There's a spider. - Which flowers

does the queen want?

- These flowers.

- There's a Spider man in there.

- Those are not flowers. That is a plant.

- Oh yeah. She probably doesn't want this.

- Thank you Niko for getting me flowers.

Smell's so good. - [Dad] Queen?

- Yes? - Can we tell 'em

'bout the portal we found last night?

- The portal? Yeah, let's do it. Here, catch the flowers.

- Ah! Don't throw flowers.

- My chair! Oh, rest in peace chair.

- Okay, last night-

- I got the queen hat, I got the queen hat.

- Oh yeah. Queen Niko.

- You're the king.

- You're a king.

- I'm a king.

- So, last night were playing and we found this portal.

And like, whoa, should we go in? And we're like, no.

So we saved it to do it with you guys.

- Is it still purple?

- Yeah, it's still purple.

- It's still glowing.

Have you guys ever seen one of these in your house?

- I think it's a portal.

- But where does it go? - I'm not scared.

I'm going.

- [Dad] Niko, are you sure about this?

- Niko wait!

(all scream)

- [Adley] Niko!

- Oh, no! Who's going after him?

- I guess I have to be brave.

- Are you sure about this?

- Niko I'm coming! Be brave, be brave.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- I'm coming after you.

Are you okay?

- [All] Whoa, whoa.

- [Niko] Whoa whoa.

- [Dad] Whoa whoa.

- [Adley] Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Where are we?

- I don't know.

- Are we in the closet?

- No.

- I think we're inside the portal.

- No. - There's a door.

- There's a door.

- Let's leave the portal.

- Dat means, were not inside the portal still.

- Wait, so we're out of the portal?

- [Adley] Yeah. Let's see.

- But where would we be in the?

- Ah! Portal.

- Portal house?

There's bricks.

- Wait, we're in like a house, but with like a portal in it.

- Okay, leave this door open

so we can go back through the portal and not get lost.

What'd you see?

- [Niko] I saw- - [Adley] It's balloons!

- [Niko] Balloons!

- [Dad] Balloons?

- [Adley] Wait, what are these?

- [Dad] Wait, what are these?

There's things everywhere!

- [Adley] Come on. Dad, what are these?

Hold on, we gotta make something.

It's a message.

- It's a message? What kind of message?

- What does it say?

- What does it say?

She's putting it together.

- It says happy. We need another half.

I found it.

- Here's a yellow one.

- Here's a yellow one.

What does it say?

- [Dad and Adley] Happy.

Keep them.

- Happy, keep them?

- Happy, keep them?

- Oh! - What does that mean?

- Keep them happy.

- Keep them happy!

- Keep them happy.

- Let's see! - Who's them?

- I dunno.

- Maybe.

- I dunno. - What was that?

I heard like a,

(Adley smacks couch)

- That was,

- [Dad] That was you.

- No, I- - That was,

- You guys are trying to creep me out.

- I'm a little bit scared.

- I said that. I said,


Wait, are you?

- But I've seen one of these before in like movies.

- [Niko] I literally see marshmallows.

- What? - Marshmallows?

- [Niko] Yeah!

(Dad gasps)

- Guys, what's that? - What?

- [Dad] What the-

(Dad screams)

Kids, get down, get down, get down.

- Get down, get down.

I gotta get in the blanket.

- [Dad] Shh! Stop moving, its gonna see you.

(ghost noise)

- Is it gone?

- I think so.

- Guys,

we gotta get back to that portal and get home.

- But,

- I do not wanna be here.

- Okay.

Come on let's go.

- Let's go.

- [Niko] Lemme see.

(door slams)

(Dad gasps)

I think they just shut the portal.

- They can't shut the portal.

- Hurry up get outta here.

Let's go. Let's go.

Come on, come on, come on.

It's right there stop.

Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.

- Statue.

- Stop.

(ghost noises)

She heard us, shh!

- Statue.


- Shh, Daddy!

(ghost noises)

- Okay it's gone. We gotta get in the portal and get home.

Let's get out of here.

- Okay. I think I know who, I think I know what this means.

- I don't care what that means. Let's get out of here.

- It says keep them happy. - Let's go home.

Maybe we have to keep the ghost happy.

- I don't wanna keep the ghost happy. I wanna go home.

Let's go.

- Okay, let's go, fine. - I wanna keep

the ghost happy.

- No, let's get outta here. Come on.

(Adley gasps)

- They locked it.

I think we have to keep,

- Guys, if we keep the ghost happy, they might not,

they might like us.

- Yeah, I think if we keep the ghost happy-

- How do you even know if these ghosts are nice?

Let's just get home.

- Dad stop, it's locked. Be quiet.

- What'd you hear?


Someone's sleeping. Who's sleeping?

- I need, wait, what color are the locks?

Let's look at the colors of the locks.

- Okay, so, we have, two blue, purple and pink.

Two blue, purple.

- Two blue, purple, and pink.

Oh, and then this is like

a big rainbow hook.

- And then we have the big rainbow hook.

- Okay, we need to find keys. Let's look.

- Okay, be quiet, don't wake them.

- I see it! Up there.

- Are you kidding?

(ghost yawns)

- I can't reach.

- Can you pull it?

(chains rattle)

(ghost snores)

He's moving! Come here. Ah! Go, go, go, go.

- [Adley] Where do we go?

- [Dad] Go back here. Niko, where are you?

Where's Niko? We need to find Niko.

(Dad gasps)

There's Niko. Adley are you okay?

- [Adley] Yeah, I'm a statue.

- Okay, everyone come meet over here by me.

We found one of the keys. We can't make noise.

It seems like that ghost is sleepy.

And if you wake it up, it tries to-

(clashing sound)

Oh that scared me.

Yeah. Okay.

There's two ghosts. What color were they.

- Wait, I only saw, there's green and purple.

- The purple one's sleepy.

And the green one just creeps around.

- The green one. When we were laying against the wall,

it didn't see us.

- Really? Maybe it doesn't see and it just walks around.

- Yeah. Maybe it's kind of like. Can't see like its-

- Wait, where's your brother?

- He's over there.

- [Dad] Oh, he's still under there.

Good hiding spot Niko.

- Let's grab these pillows.

And if they wake them up, we can hit them and run away.

Shh! Come on Niko, let's go, okay.

- I think I know where two

keys are.

- Wait, you know where keys are? To get outta here.

- I got an idea.

- What?

- Look, we still have these locks.

We need to find all these colors.

I saw a pink key over there.

And let's go get 'em. I think the purple one's gone.

- Yeah, shh Niko. Let's sneak out.

- Look, there it is.

- Shh!

(ghost moans)

- I think that one likes marshmallow.

- That one likes to eat.

Sorry. Ah! Shh!

He's distracted by eating.

- I think he'll like those marshmallows.

And we can distract him

by throwing the marshmallows over there.

- Are you sure about this? She's doing it.

Okay, Niko, she's gonna distract the ghost with marshmallows

we gotta go get - Hey ghostie!

Want some marshmallows, here's some marshmallows. Ah!

- Over here, over here.

He'll be distracted over there for now.

- Okay, there you go Adley. Let's go.

- Run guys, run.

I got it.

- Okay, shh.

Let's check it out. What color was it?

- Pink.

- This'll work. Other way, flip it.

Oh, he's coming, shh! Come on. Shh!


- Niko, are you coming?

- Get over here, shh, don't move.

- He's gone.

- Okay, do that pink lock and maybe we can go home.

Maybe we don't need all the colors. We just need one. Hurry!

- Okay. I'm hurrying!

We did it!

- We got it!

We can go home. Let's go!

- I'm still getting locked up.

- It's still locked.

- I think we need to do all the colors.

- All the colors?

- We still have four more to go. That's not that much.

- But where are the other keys?

- Let's go look.

- No, it's scary.

- Come on. We just gotta be careful.

- Shh, Niko did you see any keys?

- Maybe there's some by the marshmallows.

Wait, have we gone upstairs yet?

- No. Do you think we have to?

Okay, let's go upstairs.

Okay. Are you ready?


- Wait, what's that?

- What?

- It's a puzzle piece.

- Why would there be a puzzle piece on the stairs?

- Maybe it's a clue.

Okay, let's keep this in our clue basket.

This can be our clue basket.

- [Dad] That's humongous! We can't just bring that

everywhere with us.

Put it in your pocket.

- Oh yeah, in my pocket.

- Geez. A clue basket.

- I forgot that I had a pocket, 'kay.

- Okay. Look for more clues.

There could be more.

- More marshmallows!

- More marshmallows?

(Dad gasps)

- Let's put some of these marshmallows in our pockets.

- Just in case they come.

- Wait, Dad, look, there's a piece over there.

- Where?

- Right there! A puzzle.

- Another puzzle piece. Okay, put it in your pocket.

- Where is the puzzle piece?

Niko. Right there.

- [Adley] There's another one. Grab it Niko!

- Nice. Niko found one. What's on it?

- An orange?

- I don't know. Okay, here's one.

- Put it in my pocket.

- Do you want marshmallows to keep you safe?

- Yeah.

- Okay, let's go. - Let's do this.

- Alright.

- We're tough.

- We're tough kinda.

- Guys, look.

- Oh, 'nother puzzle piece.

And lights, even better!


Shh! There's one's sleeping.

Let's go this way.

(Adley gasps)

Puzzle piece, puzzle piece.

- Niko look there's one over there.

- There's a ghost in there.

Okay give me that puzzle piece.

Put it in your pocket.

How are we gonna get that puzzle piece?

Oh, shh, there's a ghost.

Do you think there's a key in there?

- I think let's go.

- Do you think there's a key in there?

- Yeah.

- Maybe. - I'm goin' in.

- You're goin' in.

(ghost noise)

(Adley screams)

- What happened?

- He was dancing and then he just chased me.

- Maybe you have to sneak really quietly. Stay quiet.

(Adley screams)

Okay, what could we do when he keeps chasing us?

- Maybe we have to dance?

- Yeah, 'cause he keeps dancing.

Maybe we have to dance. We already figured that out.

And what if Niko stands right there

and then you distract the ghost while I look for the key.

- I have to distract the ghost?

- Yeah.

- Why doesn't Niko distract the ghost?

- Okay, fine. You and Niko can both distract it.

I think he doesn't get you if you dance 'cause he dances.

Wait, let me test.

- What?

(disco music)

- The key! There's the key. Yeah, I'm coming.

- Okay. She's dancing and the ghost isn't getting her.

So did it work?

- Yes, it works. So I think the plan,

you guys distract him and dance while I go get the key.


- We got this.

- [All] Teamwork on three.

1, 2, 3. Teamwork.

- Let's go. - Let's do it.

- Dance, I'm dancing, oh yeah!

Distract the ghost, woo yeah. Oh it's shake it's booty.

Ghost look over here!

Dancin' on the bed. Dancin' on the bed.

Dancin' on the bed.

Keep dancin'.



Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance.

Oh, we're just dancing.

Oh, my legs are kinda tired.

I might dance over here.

- [Adley] See ya.

(Dad screams)

- Okay, we got a key.

- We got a key. Let's go put it in the lock.

- Guys? Marshmallows, throw marshmallows!

- [Adley] Marshmallows.

- [Dad] Over there.

- Look at the marshmallows, look at the marshmallows.

- [Dad] Let's go, let's go, let's go!

- In there, ahh!

- [Dad] Let's go, we got the next key. Come on Niko!

Good job everybody. We did it. We're going home!

- Woo!

- We are outta here.

- Put it in. - Oh, all right.



- So we need a blue key and a green key,

and a rainbow key I think.

- A rainbow. So we need three more keys?

Has anyone seen any?

- No.

- The puzzle pieces.

Did we get 'em all?

- Umm, I think so.

- Let's start to put it together maybe, right here.

- Yeah. - Okay.

- No, puzzles are my thing.

- Look! No, puzzles are my thing.

- Puzzles are kind of Niko's thing. He knows what to do.

Oh, nice!

- Nice. Wait, hold on.

- Okay. We have like two wheels kind of. Here maybe.

Yeah, it does.

What is that?

- Ferris wheels.

- Wheels. - What?

- I know - What?

- Ferris wheels.

- Wait. - Oh, wheels?

- A bike. - Ferris wheels.

- A bike.

- Oh, Ferris wheels or a bike.

- What if it's a different car?

- We need more puzzle pieces to figured out.

- 'Kay, let's go.

Okay. Where'd we get the puzzle pieces on the rails?

- We gotta look around.

- Okay, let's look on the rails and be careful.

- Look at any metal- - I see one.

- Where?

Oh, right there.

Okay, let's go sneak and get it.

Did you find any more?

- I found two.

Hurry. Let's go. Come on.

- 'Kay, let's put this together.

Where does this go?

- Yes!

Wait yeah.

- Yeah.

Okay. We need one more piece.

- Hold on.

It's a bike.

- Okay, it's a bike.

- There must be a key by a bike.

- Have you guys seen any bikes?

- No.

- Better go look for one.

- Let's go. - There's gotta be keys

up there somewhere.

- Bike. ' Kay by a bike. 'Kay by a bike.

- Shh! Take marshmallows in case we need to throw 'em.

- I already got like 5.

- Shh!


(Ghost yawns)

Look around for a bike or something.

- Is there a bike in there?

No bike.

Whoa, Spider man.

- I see something.

(coins clanging)

- Did you hear that?

- I know how to open it.

- It's a key.

- No. Are you serious?

You're not busting the Spider-man.

- Well then how are we gonna open it?

- I don't know.

- Looks like we have to bust it.

- But what if the ghost wakes up?

- It's fine. I'm nervous.

Look, Niko you break it.

(Niko giggles)

It's a baby toy.

- It's a baby toy?

- Yeah.

I just say, I just heard it rattle.

- Do you really think it's in here, hold on maybe we can

just get it out.

- [Niko] Guys!

- Dance, dance, dance.

(disco music)

- [Adley] Hi guys, it's a party right?

- Dancin'.

Dance, dance.

Shut the door. Shut the door. Sheesh!

That was scary.

- Hey, I'm so scared.

- It's the only way to get the key.

- This is Thor's hammer.

- I'm sorry Spider-Man,

we need to hit you with Thor's hammer.

- We love you Spider-Man.

I wanna stand back.

- What if it wakes up the purple one?

- [Adley] We'll just be extra quiet.

(Spider-Man breaks)

- Adley!

Is there a key in there at least?

Oh, we got the green key!

- [Adley] Woo!

- Okay, let's get outta here. Let's go.

- Never come in this room again.

- [Dad] Get back in, get back in, get back in.

Adley, Adley, Adley!

- Not the dance ghost. Why were you dancing?

- I dunno.

- Okay.

Didn't we say we were never gonna come in this room again?

- Yes. Let's go.

- Okay. Wait.

We gotta wait for the purple ghost to fall asleep.

- He's asleep.

- Marshmallows in case we see the blue ghost.

And then we can give him something to eat.

- We got the last key. I'm gonna put it in my pocket.

- Here's marshmallows. Just in case.

- I'll see if the coast is clear.

- Okay.

- It's clear. Let's go.

- [Dad] Are you sure?

Let's go.

- Hey, look at the marshmallows, go over there.

- [Dad] Oh this way, this way.

Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance.

- [Adley] Don't go down there!

- In here. Go, go, go, go.

What do we do?

Okay. What are we gonna do?

- [Adley] We just run for it. Go.

- [Dad] Go.

- Run for it!

- Run for it to the back.

- [Adley] Whoa!

(ghost snoring)

- Shh! Don't wake him up, don't wake him up.

- [Adley] We made it.

- Okay, what key did we get?

- Green.

- Green. Come on.

We're almost there.

We're so close. Yes!

Oh no, it's still locked.

We need two more locks.

Did anyone see where the blue ones were?

Niko, did you see where the blue one was?

- [Niko] I think you-

- [Adley] Run!

(Dad screams)

- Go upstairs, go upstairs. Go, go.

(Adley screaming)

Go this way.

Wait, hide, hide, hide. Shh! Shh!

Adley get in here.


(ghost noises)

(ghost snoring)

Alright, let's sneak out this way.

Come on, through the couch.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Stay over there.

'Kay let's go upstairs.

Guys! The bike picture. We almost forgot it.

- Dad, quiet!

(Dad screams)

- [Dad] Back in here?


I did not see any keys.

Are there any rooms we haven't been in yet?

- I don't know.

- We gotta check all the rooms.

I don't even know what this house is.

It's some weird portal house.

- Wait the room by the dancing room.

- There's a room by the dancing room?

- We have to check it out.

- Okay, should we go that way?

- Let's go.

- Let's do it.


- Dance, dance.

- Okay. Whoa!

- [Adley] Whoa!

- This room's awesome. There's a slide!

- [Adley] I'm going down the slide.

- Maybe there's a key up here.

I don't see one.

- Is there a key on the slide? I'll check.

- [Dad] You check.

- Wee!

No key here.

Oh, behind the bed?

- [Niko] It better not be on the bed.

- Look!

- What?

Oh, that's kind of cool.

- No wait, don't touch.

Maybe it's for a challenge.

- Yeah. Is this a trap?

- I'm going in.

- Are you sure about this?

What if one of the rainbow ghosts come?

You're gonna be trapped in there.

- I'm goin' lookin' for the key. Its worth it.

- Okay, Niko, get in there and look for the key.

Find that key.

There's gotta be one in here somewhere.

- [Adley] Dad, did it fall off the bed?

- I don't know. Maybe there's not even a key in here.

Maybe it's a trap.

- I wanna get out.

- Oh, you wanna get out?

- Yeah.

- 'Kay.


(ghost yawning)


(ghost snoring)


What are you doing?

Where's Niko?

- He's over there.

Where are these keys?

- Come on!


- [Adley] I heard something.

- Where?

- I found it!

- You got it? Is it a key?

- It's the rainbow one.

(ghost yawning)

- Let's get outta here. She found the key.

- Let's go guys.

- Go, go, go, go, go.

(all screaming)

This way. Go, go, go, go, go.

(ghost noises)

(all screaming)

- Oh, I'm dancing.

- [Dad] Adley!

- Keep dancin'.

Dad we have to do the blue one first it's not working.

- [Dad] Over here.

- I'm coming.

- [Dad] Over here.

It didn't work?

- Yeah, it didn't work.

We need to do the blue one first. It's probably upstairs.

- Niko, have you seen the, where's Niko?

- He's right there.

- Oh!

- Guys we haven't used the bike clue yet.

- Let's go look for a bike.

- Wait, let's go.

- Okay, let's go. Come on.

- Always dance. Just in case the pink one

should pop out of anywhere.


(ghost snoring)

(ghost noise)

- Adley, are you okay?

- Sh!

(ghost noises)

- Sorry.

Hey, over here. Over here. Hi!

(Adley screaming)

(ghost noises)

- I'm dancing. No!

'Kay pretend to be a pillow.

(ghost noises)

It's just a pillow.

(ghost noises)

(disco music)

- D'ya find anything?

- Dad, I got. I thought something.

- What?

- What if the bike is just a drawing,

like what if it's a drawing on the mirror in the bathroom?

- What if it's like a drawing

or a piece of art or somethin'?

- [Niko] Wait, wait, wait, I saw a bike earlier.

- What? Where'd you see a bike?

- I saw, it's downstairs on the shelf.

- A bike?

- Yeah, the bike.

It's a bike of the picture.

- Oh, like a little bike?

- Yeah, it's a bike of the picture.

- But the ghosts are down there. The rainbow ghosts.

- Well just all, whenever a green or a blue looks at you.


- Wait, get marshmallows in case there's a blue one.

(ghost noises)


- The green can't see you.

If you freeze.

(ghost noises)

Just freeze.

(ghost noises)

(Adley laughs)

- Gotta get back.

- Okay let's go. Let's go, let's go.

That worked.

Niko, come on, it worked.

- Freeze. Dance.

- Dance, dance. - [Adley] Now freeze.

- DDR.

- [Adley] Freeze!

- [Dad] We need marshmallows.

Niko go throw these and distract 'em.

- [Adley] Hey look a little marshmallow.

(ghost noises)

Up there you got it, up there if you want it.

Hey, you. Behind you.

(Adley screams)

Oh, look.

Come here, come here little one.

There's marshmallows.

Guys, it's safe. Come on.

- [Dad] Okay. Let's go, let's go, let's go.

- All you have to do now is dance.

(disco music)

This way.

- Where'd you see the bike?

- I see it.

- I'll turn on the lights. There we got light.

- [Adley] Found it.

- Where?

- On this bike.

- There was a bike. Niko was right.

Niko's distracting the ghost. 'Kay, we're almost there.

Get it. Oh. We're outta here. Let's go.

Wait, where's the rainbow key?

- Purple has it!

- Ah! Run!

(Adley screams)

Niko this way.

(ghost noises)

Go. Go. Go, go, go.

(ghost noises)

- [Adley] I think we have to wait,

- [Dad] Marshmallows.

- We have to wait 'til purple falls asleep.

- Okay. Everyone hide. Everyone hide.

(ghost noises)

- Lock.


Oh green!

(ghost noises)

Look, there's some children in there for you.

In there. Go in there.

Ba bye.

Dad it's safe to come out.

Got rid of all of them.

- Yes, we're gonna win!

Oh yeah, we just-

(all screaming)

- It's okay, it's okay. I just need your key, I just need,

(ghost yawns)

your key.

(ghost snores)

I got it!

- Shh!

Nobody, nope come on let's go Niko!

(ghost noises)

(Adley screams)

We're escaping let's roll. Let's get outta here.

(ghost noises)

Bye portal House. We're outta here.

Open it. Open it. Open it.

- You guys go. I'm staying.

- No, let's get outta here.

I'm not letting you stay. We're going.

We'll come back another day.

We gotta go.

- Whoa.

We're home!

- We made it.

- I wanna stay. I feel like we need to help the ghosts.

- No, we need to be safe at home.

- No, we're not.

- Guys, oh my God! The dogs have been barking like crazy.

- That was crazy.

- Why are the dogs barking?

What happened?

- They're not.

- We're home. They're not barking.

- Wait.

Where are the dogs at? - Where are the dogs?

Olive, Koopa.

- Olive, Koopa.

- They're not upstairs?

- No. They were barking so loud down here.

- Olive, Koopa.

- What? What's wrong?

- Do you think?

- Yeah, I think.

- What? Tell me.

- [Dad and Adley] The portal.

- What portal?

- Oh no! Olive. - There's a portal behind you,

We left it open.

- [Dad] The dogs, maybe went through.

- They're in there?

- Yeah.

- Olive, Koopa.

- Don't go in there! - No!

- Ah, shoot. Okay.

- I'll go after her I think.

- No Niko. You need to stay home.

That's too dangerous.

Kids, you stay home.

I'll go get Mom.

- No I'm going.

- You watch your brother.

- [Niko] Wow.

- Oh no! Okay, but I don't want you to go back.

It's maybe dangerous.

We'll stay here. Nope, you cannot go in there bud.

I don't know if it's safe.

Here, vlog will you watch Niko?

- [Vlog] Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- You stay with the vlog.

- We gotta stay.

- I'ma go check on the girls. You guys just stay right here.

And I think girls, I'm coming!


- Where am I?

- Whoa!

- Adley? What is going on?

- We're in a portal.

- Dad?

- Why did you come back in here? There's-

- Shh! Listen.

(Olive barks)

- Olive?

- Koopa?

- I heard something.

- Did it sound like this?

(Dad makes ghost noise)

- 'Cause that's a rainbow ghost.

- No I heard the dogs.

Where are they?

- Shh! Watch out!

- Watch out for what?

- Rainbow ghosts.

- What?

- Okay, so we went here last time.

That's why we said we would find them.

'Cause we accidentally went in the portal.

There's rainbow ghosts and they make this sound like,

(Adley makes ghost noise)

- Are you sure that's not just the dogs?

- No - I think they're

- No, wait, that is the dogs. Olive, Koopa.

- Olive, Koopa.

- Olive?

- Koopa?

- Olive? Koopa?

- Don't shut that.

- What? - Keep that open.

That's our portal back home.

- Yeah they might lock it. - Okay.

- Look for Olive and Koopa.

- Olive! Koopa!

- [Dad and Adley] Shh!

- What?

(dogs barking)

It's just the dogs.

- [Mom] What are you guys doing?

- Shh. Don't!

- Again?

- Sorry.

Why'd they put light switches right there?

- I heard purple!

- Guys, we're looking for the dogs.

- No - Shh!

- There's rainbow ghosts looking for us.

- There's rainbow ghosts and they're trying to eat us.

- What do you mean ghosts?

- Just find Olive and Koopa, and get outta here.

(Adley gasps)

- I found it! I found their kennel.

- Where?

(Dad gasps)

Olive, Koopa!

- How did they get in there?

- Olive, Koopa, is that you?

Oh, it's Olive. Hi Koopa.

We're gonna get you guys out. Okay? Where's your- Adley?

- [Mom] Why are they locked up?

- No! - Not again!

- What do you mean?

- Oh it's okay Koopa.

We're gonna get you out.

- There used to be a entrance right here

but they put it that way and it's so heavy.

- I don't even care. I love these dogs.

- Wait who would lock them up? - We need the keys.

- The rainbow ghosts.

- We need the keys.

- Okay, let's just-

- What was that?

(ghost moans)

(Adley sneezes)

- Shh!

Don't go by him.

- He likes to eat!

- He's looking for marshmallows.

Shh! Come here!

He's gettin' in the fridge.

(ghost moans)

The fridge is locked.

Let's go look for the keys - Sneak around him!

- Shh! Let's just get outta here.

Let's go upstairs and look for keys.

- Look for keys?

How many of these ghosts are there?

- There's four.

- What?

- Someone's coming!

- Oh, shh!

Start dancing!

- Shake your booty.

- Wait!

- Dance!

- Hurry, dance he'll get you if you don't.

So that's pink he likes to dance.

He'll get you if you're not dancing.

- [Mom] Okay, I'm dancing.

- And that's blue. He'll get you,

- Guys, upstairs! Let's dance. - He just wants

to look for food.

- Shh!


(purple ghost yawns)

- Careful, hide.

- Wait til he's asleep. Shh! He's falling asleep.

- Why were purple's eyes sideways?

- He's asleep. Don't wake him up.

- He's the sleeping one? Okay.

- Right there.

We can't wake him up.

- Wait! We never went this way.

(ghost noise)

- I don't know about this.

- Adley, maybe don't go in there.

- Yeah, it's another portal.

- Another portal? No!

Let's not go in there.

(Mom screams)

- [Adley] Go in it, go in it, go in it!

- Okay. I guess we will go in here.

- Uh guys,

- What is going on?

- What's that picture?

- What picture?

- I think it has a rainbow ghost in it.

- What?

- It's a rainbow ghost and I can't see it.

- There's one right here too.

- There is?

- It's purple.

- Yeah, wait no.

- It's purple at the beach.

Yeah, it's purple 'cause look like the sleepy eyes.

- It's purple too.

It's purple, maybe we're in purple's room

and if we're in purple's room, there might be a purple key.

(Dad gasps)

- The purple key. Let's find it.

Or even look, there's nowhere to look in here.

- In here, in the bush.

- This place is empty. It doesn't even have pillows.

- Yeah. Doesn't purple like to sleep?

- Yeah, but he doesn't like to sleep with pillows.

- [Mom] There's no pillows.

Maybe that's why he is sleeping all around the house.

- He's just, yeah.

- He sleeps everywhere. But then we always wake him up.

- Wait, there's a room. We haven't gone in there.

- Should we go in?

- Yeah.

- Okay. Smallest first.

(Adley screams)

- Dad!

- [Dad] Is it okay?

- Yeah!

- Come in here.

- There's his pillow, right here.

- It's purple's clothes.

(all laugh)

- This is what purple wears?

Hey guys who am I?

I'm so tired. I want marshmallows.

Purple would not use white pillows.

- [Adley] Yeah.

- [Mom] You sure these are his?

- I don't think so.

Everything he has is purple.

- Let's go put this in his bed.

- Let's try it.

- Maybe we'll unlock a room.

- Oh maybe. Maybe that's how you unlock the purple key.

We just gotta make his bed.

- Wait, I saw a secret cupboard when I was walking.


- Maybe that's where the key is.

- Maybe it opens.

- I bet that opens.

- [Mom] Push on it.

- If we make his bed.

Hmm. I really bet if we just make his bed

and he falls asleep in it, then he'll be comfy

and the key will just appear or the drawer will just open.

That's how video games always work.

- [Mom] Okay.

- [Adley] Yeah, let's make his bed.

- Oh wait, this is a sheet.

The sheet needs to go on the bottom.

Here's the top.

- We're not ready for the top Mom.

- Okay.

- It's a ghost, how comfy does he need to be?

- Way comfy 'cause he's a sleeping ghost.

- [Mom] Oh, make this look cuter.

- Alright. Wait, we gotta leave so he can get in here.

Let's go look for another key

and then we'll come back and check.

And I bet he'll be a nice and asleep,

that will be open and we'll get a key.

- Okay. - Yes!

- Alright. - Whoa.

- Keep your eyes peeled.

- Purple's so silly.

- We can even go in it. How giant is this portal house?

- Dad, Purple visited a volcano.

- What?

That looks like the volcano on pirated island.

- Ohh!

- Shh!

- Don't break his stuff.

- Sorry.

(Dad gasps)

There's pink. Shh!

- Let's dance over to another room.

(ghost noise)


- We're in the laundry room?

Why'd you pick the smallest room?

- I don't know. He was right there.

- There's a treasure chest.

- Look inside.

I think, what're these? They look important.

- Yup.

- Water works.

- Water works.

(Dad gasps)

- Turn off the lights to the whole house and make it

more scary?

- No, we should turn 'em all on.

- Maybe it's in the laundry.

- Let's steal their laundry.

- It's, uh oh.

- Purple.

- I think that's purple's.

- He'd probably have a purple bed, not white.

I told you I said this is why.

- We better go fix that.

- Yeah.

- Let's go.

- [Dad and Mom] Shh!

- Why does purple just throw his clothes everywhere?

- Was that there before?

- That's, maybe that's for his bed.

- Yeah we need it.

But let's go put this one on.

- Leave the lights on.

- I'm sorry.

- [Adley] What are you doing purple?

He did not like the sheets!

(purple ghost yawning)

(purple ghost snoring)

- Go put that on the bed.

- [Adley] He did not like the sheets.

- Shh! Quieter next time.

- Dad look. Put me on your shoulders.

- Be careful.

- Shh!

(ghost noise)

- Dance! - It's pink, it's pink.

- Let's go.

- He's getting closer, go downstairs.

- Shh!

- Mom put this on the bed.

Are you okay? Shh.

(Mom screams)

(ghost noise)

- There's green, stay like a statue.

(chains rustling)

(Adley gasps)

We have to open the fridge to get.

Maybe there's a key in there like the blue key.

'Cause blue loves eating.

- Maybe his food's in there.

- Mom! Don't.

(ghost noises)

(chain rustling)

(ghost noise)

(Adley making ghost noise)

(ghost noise)

(Adley making ghost noise)

(chains rustling)

(ghost noise)

(chains rustling)

(ghost noises)

(chains rustling)

- [Adley] Dad!

- Shh!

- Let's open the fridge.

It needs a code - Oh, it's locked.

We need numbers. Look for four numbers.

- Okay.

- Four numbers.

(Adley screams)

Run Dad.

- Guys, I found a block.

- What?

- I don't know it's blue though.

- Does it have a number on it?

- F. It has a number.

- F's not a number.

- Oh.

- Is there nothing? Something else.

- Oh, a frog.

Wait, frog's not a number.

Star. Not a number.

- Six.

- Six. Wait, is that a number?

- Yeah.

- Yes.

- 'Kay one number's a six.

Go, go, go.

- We gotta find more blocks.

- I got six.

- Okay, look for more.

- Maybe it's six, six, three, five?

- Look up there.

- I see something.

- Did you guys find anything?

- I saw something on that top drawer.

- Was it a block?

- It could be. - I think.

- [Mom] We're coming dogs.


- Nope. Maybe on the bottom.

(Adley gasps)

A block! - We found another one.

- Dad another block.

- What number?

- Does it have a number?

- One.

- One. And what was the other number?

- Six.

- 16. What order do they go in?

- One, six, one.

- Ah! Sh.

- A clue!

- No, that's just a magnet tile.

- But it wasn't here last time. Dad.

- Are you sure?

- Put it on the clue table.

- Not here.

(Chains rustling)

- Sh!

Careful, we gotta be-

(Dad screams)

Go, go, go, go, go.

(Adley screams)

- You guys find- stop!

Two more numbers.

- The rainbow lock, they locked it.

Dad! Dad, look, they locked the door.

- No!

We have to find four keys and a rainbow key.

- [Mom and Adley] Oh!

- Niko. Dogs.

- I don't know how we're ever gonna get outta here.

- Us.

- Ah, wait, we gotta, we can't give up.

We gotta keep looking.

- I think we just have to give up,

- Hurry. Let's go upstairs.

- We haven't even found one key yet.

- Let's go Dad. Come on.

- Wait are we splitting up or are we sticking together?

- We're sticking together. - No. Split up.

Go on without me.

- [Adley] No, Dad.

- Give Niko my hat.

- What do you mean?

- Dad get up.

- I won't make it.

(ghost moan)

- What? - You'll will.

Come on.

- Hurry! Okay, I'll make it. Let's go.

(ghost noise)

(all screaming)

- Pretend to be asleep.

- Pretend to be asleep.

(ghost noise)

(Adley laughing)

- [Mom] Stop laughing!

(ghost noise)

(all screaming)

- [Dad] Girls are you okay?

(Dad screams)

(ghost noise)

(Adley giggles)

- Where did Dad go?

- Dad are you in here?

Not this one.

- Dad?



- Don't hurt me.

- [Mom] It's just us.

- Dad, the purple one stole your ghosts.

- You guys left me all alone in the portal house.

- You were so far away.

- You should not leave someone alone in the portal house.

- We were just in the right room right there.

- Alright, but we have good news.

- What?

- We found a clue and bad news.

- Wait, this matches my clue.

Come here. Look.

- You found a clue?

- I found this.


I think it's pink's music player and there were these shapes

and one of 'em, yeah look, a square.

Maybe if we get all the shapes,

there's a key - What was the blue one?

- Adley the one you found downstairs!

- Yeah.

- Let's go get it. And then we need two triangles.

I think that could be one of the keys.

- Let's go!

- Wait and keep an eye out for my hat. I lost it somewhere.

- Oh yeah, purple took it. I was going to say,

- He has it on his head.

- Purple.

- It's okay. You have tons at home.

Okay, let's go.

- Okay. - Or we could wait,

'til he falls asleep.

- Oh yeah.

- It's not worth it, it's just a hat.

- I loved that hat.

(Adley giggling)

- He kinda looks good with it though.

- That's good put it on the, I'll go get the one downstairs.

- Phew, found one. Does this go right there? Yup!

- Hey, here's the other one.

- Thanks.

- We just need one more triangle.

- [Mom] Do you see any in here?

- No. That would be too obvious.

The speaker player in here and then the clue in here.

(Dad gasps)

- Guys. - What?

- Speaking of too obvious,

did you look right above the clue?

- No.

(speaker player clicks) (Dad gasps)

- Did you hear that?

There should be a button somewhere.

It popped.

- [Dad and Adley] The key!

- The pink key. We only need three more.

- Let's go.

- Let's go help the dogs.

(speaker player crashes)

- Sorry!

(ghost noises)

(disco music)

Let's go get the dogs.

Olive, Koopa.

Still by the refrigerator.

Guys, we almost got you.

Heard you. Oh, I left my phone here.

Doggies. How are you?

We almost got you, don't worry.

Olive. Wait, where's Olive?

It's just Koopa.

- [Mom] She's right here.

- She's just right here.

- Oh. You guys are okay.

- Yeah!

- We're one lock closer. Three more.

Do you know how to count to three in dog?

That's all that's left.

- Bark, bark, bark.

- No. Ruff, bark, ruff.

- Bark, bark, bark.

- That's bird.

- [Mom] We gotta find the other keys guys.

- Don't worry, we're coming back.

- I love you Koopa.

(Dad gasps)

- Purple!

- What?

- Another sheet!

- Here I'll lift you up.


Be right back dogs. I love you.

- We need one more pillow.

(Dad gasps)

- Bike! - Ah.

- Nope. Not this time.

(Adley giggles)

They like bikes. Trust me.

- Okay.

- Oh, we haven't checked all the pillows.

Hiya, hiya.

(Adley laughing)

- I don't see 'em.

- [Mom] Guys, I don't think that they're gonna like that

we're gonna destroy their house.

- I don't see any key-

- Well these kind of look like marshmallows.

- No!

Let's go.

Gotta open up blue's fridge.

We need two more blocks for blue's fridge.

- [Mom] Guys, I found one.

- Number two.

Try the number. Oh.

He's coming this way, go, go, go.

- I'm baking.

- [Mom] Did you guys already look in here?

- Nope, but I haven't seen the dishwasher.

I found one!

- Oh! What is it?

- Nine

and I,


(loud crashing)

- [Mom and Dad] Adley!

(Adley screams)

- [Dad] Sh!

- What's the code?


I can't remember. It's A.

- No, the numbers!

- One.

- 'Kay.

- I need to go check.

- [Dad] Careful.

- It's

one, two.

- How do you know that's even in the right order?

- Six, nine.

- Try that.

- 1,


6, 9. What are you?

- Yeah that's what I did. Are you sure it's 6, 9?

- One.

- I don't remember.

- Go, go, go, go.

(All screaming)

- What do we do?

- [Adley] 1,2,6,9 why isn't it working?

- It's not working. - Did it work?

- [Mom and Adley] No!

- We have it right.

- Did you check all the cupboards?

- What do you mean? We got all the numbers.

- Yeah, but what order are they in?

That's what we don't know. - I don't know.

(Adley gasps)

- [Mom] What?

- A paper.

- What is that? - Orange, blue, purple, yellow


- Blue.

- Oh.

Do a lap, do a lap.

- Do a lap, do a lap.

Mommy come here.

- Where's the blocks? Where's Mom? Do another lap!

- [Mom] One. One.

- Orange, one.

- Need blue.

- [All] One.

- Wait, this one's orange too.

- Yellow.

- Yellow.

- Yellow nine.

- But there's colors on all these.

- Blue 6.


1 6 2 9.

Try 1 6 2 9.

- 1 6 2 9.

- Ah! 'nother lap.

- We'll open it for you blue!

- 6.

- [Mom and Adley] 2.

- Almost there.

- Pull it. - 9 pull it.

(Dad gasps)

We got it! Hurry.

(all gasp)

- A cake! - Marshmallows, a cake!

(blue ghost moans)

(Adley screams)

Well, he's happy to be eating food.

- He really likes marshmallows.

I see a marshmallow right there. Shh! Quiet.

- Blue! Here you want marshmallows? That way.

- Good job.

- It's gotta be in the cake. It's gotta be.

- You sure?

(Dad gasps)

- The cake has a key on it? Grab it. Grab it.

- It does.

- Blue's comin' back. Lap, lap, lap.



It says zero, zero seven. Double 0 seven.

A secret agent said this.

- No, no, no.

- What?

- It's blue.

See? B-L-O-O.

- Oh, it's an upside down key on a cake.

- You have to smack your face into it.

- No,

- We needa dig in it somehow.

- Dad, smack your face in it.

- It is pretty good.

I'm not smacking my face in. You smack your face in.

I don't think we have to smack our face to get the key.

- I think you need to eat the cake to get the key.

- That's a lot of cake.

Okay, I'll take a bite and see what happens.

- Me too.

- I didn't find a key.

- How does it taste though?

- Good. - Like a lot of frosting.

- Do you think-

- wait, maybe the key's in the cake.

- It is pretty good.

- Hey it is.

- But I'm not seeing a key.

(Dad gasps)

- A key!

- It was literally in the cake.

Don't eat the key!

We need to wash our hands and then rescue the dogs

- First we need to finish this cake.

(Adley laughing)

- Thank you.

- I have one more idea.

- What's your idea? Wait, where are you going?


- [Mom] Don't make him mad!

- Hiya!


- Go, go, go, go, go.

Why would you throw cake at Blue?

- 'Cause it was funny.

- He was pretty happy when he saw it.

Okay. The key's clean. We have the blue key.

The pink key. We only need two more keys.

We gotta get back to Niko.

- Let's go.

- Adley has school in the morning.

(ghost noise)

(Dad screams)

- Okay, okay, okay.

(Koopa whimpers)

Koopa shh!

- Okay go, go, go, go, go.

- [Dad] Okay.

- It's okay puppies,

- [Dad and Mom] We're almost there.

- What key is that? The blue.

- It's so frosted.

- Oh, we're so close Koopa.

- Do you wanna lick this key? Its frosting-ey.

- Okay, we only need two more.

We're almost there pups. What do we need? Purple's bed.

Where did I put his pillow?

I left his pillow in the bathroom. Let's get it.

- What?

- His pillow's in the bathroom.

I didn't leave the pillow in the bathroom.

I don't know where it- Ah! Stop with the lights.

- Just leave the lights on it's scary when it's off.

- Who puts lights right there?

- The pillow!

- [Dad] Get it.

- [Mom] Guys?

- I'll go this way.

- Okay let's go. 1, 2, go. Come on.

Go, go, go.

You dropped the pillow. - What if I get

some more marshmallows.

- [Dad] Oh, good idea.

- He's coming. He's coming. He's coming.

- [Adley] I got some marshmallows.

- [Mom] Go, go, go, go.

- Okay.

To purple's bedroom?

- Yeah. - Yeah.

- Okay.

- Okay we have all the fabrics. Now we just need,

- I think we have everything. Yeah.

Okay. Over there.

(ghost noise)

(all scream)

(disco music)

- Who's making the bed while I dance?

- That was weird okay.

- He's gone.

- Holy cow.

Are we doing this right way?

- Yeah.

- We got it.

Next sheet.

- Right here.

Here's the pillow Dad.

- Here's the pillow Adley.

(Adley laughs)

I have a feeling there's supposed to be two pillows.

- [Mom] There's only one ghost.

(ghost noise)

- Let's see.


- Statue!

- Phew!

- Let's go look for, let's see we got,

the blue key, the pink key, this one'll be the purple.

We just need green.

- Green.

- Where's green been?

- I saw lots of green balloons over by the swings.

- Oh yeah, the balloons.

- They were all colors.

Not just green.

- No. Look, there's more green ones than,

- 'Kay. Let's go.

- Let's go!

- Look for my hat too.

- There might be green,

this might be the green bag, right here.

- Do you think he likes balloons?

- Yeah. Maybe green likes balloons.

(Dad gasps)

- Guys! There's a key.

- No, there's a key in that one.

- Wait, what?

- Yeah, right here.

(balloon pops)

- Ow. - I found it.

- There's a key. I found the key.

Which one's the right key? - [Mom and Adley] Oh no!

- There's all the, there's like keys in every single one

and we have to find them.

- No, there's not a key in this one.

- No, there's a key in this one.

- Wait, the green ones have keys.

(balloon pops)

- Shh!

(ghost noise)

All the green-

(balloon pops)

(ghost noise)

(all scream)

Just open The green ones. The green ones have keys.

Shh! Stop, shh!

(ghost noise)

Okay. I don't think we found it yet.

(ghost noise)

(disco music)

- Wait guys look! This one's blue and it had a key in it!

(Mom screams)

- He's helping us dance.

- Wait.

(purple ghost yawns)

- Sh!

(Dad and Adley snore)

(Dad gasps)

- My hat!

How do we have so many keys

but none of them are the right one?

- Check in the blue balloons too.

'Cause this one's blue and it had a key in it.

- Okay. I feel like we popped all the green balloons.

- There's another one behind Adley.

(balloon pops)

- Oh!

- The key.

- Oh, the green key.

- Let's go.

- 'Kay. Let's get outta here.

(ghost noise)

(Adley screams)

(Mom screams)

- [Mom] Dad hurry!

- I'm comin'.

- [Mom] Really? Was that faster?

- Yes.


- You guys took forever.

- Dogs, we got you.

Is this the last one? No, we still need purple.

- Purple.

- We made his bed, maybe we're almost there.

Dogs, I think we almost got you.

We only got one more doggies.

- Purple. - Okay.

- Let's go see - The bed!

- if purple slept in his bed.

(ghost noise)

(Dad gasps)

- I pretended to be the ghost.

(disco music)

Dance guys, dance.

Yay it's a party! Woo!

Just gotta sneak past you.

- [Mom] He didn't like the bed.

That's because we need the other pillow.

(Dad gasps)

- I saw another-

I saw another purple pillow by the balloons.

Let's go.

- Where is it Dad?

- It was by the window. Oh! Right there in the corner.

- [Mom] Get it.

- I think that's the missing piece.


- Hurry before pink comes back.

- Shh!

- Careful. Shh.

- Alright, you guys hide and I'll wake him up.

I'm gettin' my hat back.


Give my hat back!

(ghost cheering)

(drawer creaking)

I think he's asleep. Did we do it?

- I think so.

- Did you guys hear that sound?

It sounded like something unlocked.

- Like creak.

- Yeah.

(Dad gasps)

- The key!

- Get it.

- Okay let's get outta here.

- Uh, guys?

- Marshmallows!

Go, go, go, go.

- Marshmallows!

Ooh! These are good marshmallows.

- Marshmallows!

- Marshmallows.

- Hurry, hurry, hurry.

- Let's get the dogs.

- Olive, Koopa we're coming.

- Open, open, open, open, open.

We're coming guys. We're comin'.

We got 'em.

Open it.

(Dad gasps)

We got you!

Oh, puppy.

- Dad!

- What?

- Olive are you okay?

- What is that?

- It's the thing that I think is the code.

(Dad gasps)

- The final rainbow key maybe. To get the dogs out of here.

What is it? - What does it say?

- What does it say?

- It says,

- Oh no, it's breaking.

- Okay. It says P O I L E V


Wait, maybe we have to spell something.

- Po le Poison?

(Dad gasps)

They're trying to poison us.

- No, they wouldn't.

- You think they're nice?

- M E M L E.

- No.

- T.

- [Dad and Mom] T Z.

- No. To

- [Mom and Dad] T S?

- No.

- [Mom and Dad] Tom.

- Tom. Tom. One of them is named Tom.

- No!

- [Mom and Dad] T Z, no T S no,

- To live.

To live.

- Toi!

- No wait, hold on.

- What?

(Adley laughing)

- Why are you laughing?

- To live?

- No.

- Toil-

- Toilet. Hehehe toilet.

- Ew! You need to go to the toilet?

(Adley laughing)

- Do you think the clue is toilet?

- The clue's toilet?

No the key to the portal's in the toilet.

- Yeah.

- Okay, let's check the toilet.

- Oh, please don't let-

- Careful dogs.

- Oh please don't let there be a key in there.

- I'm gonna grab the dogs I don't trust them.

(disco music)

(ghost noise)

- Yeah, yeah, yeah let's go!

We did it!


- [Mom] Look inside the toilet.

- [Dad] Ew.

- Maybe in the, ew not there!

- Ew! Okay.

(Dad gasps)

- Behind the toilet?

In the top.

- Ew.

- Wait, what's it in there?

- I don't know. Gross! - Yuck!

- [Mom] Is there another toilet in this house?

- Why would there?

(Dad and Adley gasp)

- Upstairs toilet.

- Yeah.

- Okay, let's go. Where's Koopa?

Koopa, do not go by yourself.

There's literally rainbow ghosts and they dance

and they sleep and they're kinda scary.


- Let's go.

(ghost noise)

Let's go.

- [Mom] Where's the other bathroom?

- In here.

- Is this the bathroom?

- Yeah.

- Okay.

- There's the sink.

You guys check the sinks I'll check the toilet.

- [Dad and Adley] Ugh.

- Not there.

- Oh!

- Ew! That one has poop on it.

- Seriously, these ghosts are weird.

- You have to open it.

- [Mom] Did you find the key?

- Yes. It's the rainbow key. Ugh!

- Mom, you're holding it.

- Okay.

- Let's get out of here.

Where's Koopa?

- Koopa!

- Koopa no!

- No.

Koopa, stay there. Stay there. Sh!

Koopa - Koopa come back here.

- Koopa! Stop! No!

(Adley screaming)

- I got him. I got him. Shh!

I got him, shh!

- [Mom] Hurry, hurry.

- Wait, the ghosts are scared of Koopa.

- Let's go, let's go. - [Mom] Marshmallows,


(all screaming)

- Go. - Wait, wait, wait, wait.

- Oh no! - Pink and purple.

- What do we do?

- What do we do? We're trapped.

- I have an idea. Take Olive.

- 'Kay.

- Guys, whatever you do, keep Olive safe.

- Come on.

- Come on. Let's go. We gotta get outta here.

- Mom where are you going?

- Wait. Okay let's go, let's go, let's go.

Where's the rainbow key?

- Rainbow ghosts over here.

(ghost noise)

- We gotta go, we gotta go.

(Mom screaming)

(ghost noises)

- [Dad] Come on, let's go.

Mom, we'll be back for you.

Hurry, let's go. - Mom!

- Mom, I love you.

(Dad and Adley screaming)

- Adley, you good?

- Yeah.

- Oh my God.

- We made out, Niko!

- What happened? - Dada!

- Wait, wait, wait.

Where's Jenny?

- Mom saved us. We need to,

- We need to go back and get her.

- We need to go back for her. Watch the dogs.

- Okay.

Oh no.

- Let's go.

Mom I'm coming!

- Jenny!

- Alright Mom. We're coming.

Are the rainbow ghosts here still?

- Nah, we'll be careful.

- Okay. Don't let the door shut behind us. Get Mom.

Get out. Go back home.

Normal happy family. Sell our house.

Flood the basement. Never go through this portal again.

- Sell our house? Why would we do that?

- We don't want our house.

This has been the craziest day of my whole life.

- We could just order someone to fix it.

- Okay. Hopefully. Let's get Mom.

I don't see any.

- 'Kay we're good.

- Blue? Pink?

- Dad wait, don't shut the door.

- Oh don't shut the door.

Oh yeah look, they can't shut it now.

- Why is he trying to get the marshmallows?

- Blue loves eating.

(Adley laughs)


Okay shh! Be very careful, sneak.

(ghost noise)

(Adley screams)

(ghost noise)

(heart beating)

This is not good. Do you know where Mom is?

- I think she might be upstairs.

- Adley?




What am I gonna do?


He does not like that.




He does not like that.

Ah, what am I gonna do?

- I think he's going upstairs.

- [Dad] Okay.

- Let's go.

- We gotta go upstairs, let's go look for Mom, shh.

- Dad! Again?

- Sorry.

- You've done that-

- Blue's right there.

- Dad, you've done that five times in a row now.

- I'm sorry.

Who puts light switches right there?

It's a weird spot for lights.

- The rainbow ghosts.

- Speaking of rainbow ghosts, there's blue.

- He's just trying to get the marshmallows.

All we need is to grab one.

Here, right there! - How are we supposed to get.


It's too tall.



Stop he's coming.

'Kay I got this.

Oh I almost had it! My hat.

I can't

- Me and Blue are both trying to get them.

- Speaking of blue!

Where are you going? Don't leave me!

- [Adley] I'm right here.

- What am I supposed to do?

Let's go upstairs. Where's-

(Dad screams)

- Blue's right there.

- Oh, good job!

- Oh Blue, I got you a marshmallow over there.

- Adley, you left me!

Let's go, let's go.

- Oh there's one right there.

- Grab it.

- Oh blue.

- Throw it over there.

Get another one.

- Hurry!

Blue here you go.

- Okay. Let's go. Where's my hat? You got it?

- Yeah. - Okay let's go.

(Dad and Adley scream)

(disco music)


Whoa, whoa, whoa.

(Adley laughs)

Shh! Dance.

- Dance, dance, dance.

(Adley laughs)

He's shakin' his booty.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Seriously. You're not even a little bit worried

about these rainbow ghosts?

- I just love to dance.

- Okay, well how are we gonna save Mom?

- Maybe there's clues down here.

- Let's start lookin'.

- I'm so


(Mom laughs)

I need to get outta here.



(disco music)

Nice pillow.


- There's literally nothing back there.

- Yep. There's nothing back there. I checked.

- I could have told you that.

Let's just get Mom and get out of here.

- Okay, let's go.

- I think she's upstairs

because all the rainbow ghosts seem to be down here

and that makes me wanna be upstairs.

- Yes.

- So let's go upstairs.

- Let's go.

(disco music)

- Let's go. - Dad!

- Why didn't you tell me there was a pink behind me?

- 'Cause I didn't see it.

- Pink. Better dance.

- Oh, I got a idea.

- This is your idea?

- Oh wait, wrong idea.

- What is this idea? Are you sure about this?

- Hiya.

- Okay.

I like that idea.

Yo, good idea.

- Thanks.

- 'Kay, let's be quiet.

Let's go. Wha-

- [Mom] Seriously!

- [Dad] Why did the lights just go out?

- [Adley] Did you hear that?

- [Dad] What?

- [Adley] It sounded like Mom.

- [Dad] Are you serious?

- [Adley] Yeah.

- [Dad] Okay. - [Adley] She's upstairs.

Shh quiet? They could be anywhere.


Why is all purple-ly now?

- Maybe it's all like purple portally

and sparkling and glittery

- Yeah, I don't like that. - And purple.

- It reminds me of rainbow ghosts.

I think the power's out.

- Your face is purple.

- Your face is purple.

(Adley laughs)

Let's get Mom and get outta here.

- Okay.

- Don't joke around at a time like this.

'Kay there could be a rainbow ghost on the stairs

so let's stay care- you're not a cat.

Come on, let's go.

(all scream)

(Dad gasps)

Mom, we rescued you.

- You guys are okay!

- You're safe!

Okay, - [Adley] Mommy!

- let's get out of here.

Guys, the portal's literally right here. It's open.

Let's get out of here.

- Go, go, go, go, go.

- [Dad] It's so dark. Do we just go in?

- [Mom] Yeah try.

- [Dad] Okay. I'm goin' home. Ow!

- [Adley] You okay in there?

- [Dad] No, the portal does not work. It's just a wall.

- [Adley] Oh no.

- [Mom] How do we get the portal back on out?

- The power's out.

- I just realized this.

- What?

- The purple portal

is in


- [Dad and Mom] What?

- We need to switch it so the lights go in the portal.

and the portal's not the lights.

We need to find the

- Find the power switch thingy.

We saw it in the rainbow ghost too.

We went up in the room with the washer and dryer

and there's the power switch.

- Yeah, we need to go up there. Let's go.

- Let's go, let's go.

- No guys, wait, wait, wait.

- Shh! Purple's up there. - I just escaped purple.

- Shh! Ah pink! Okay just go, just go, just go.

- Quiet, purple's up there.

- What you mean? Where?

- I had to escape from him.

- What're these for?

- That's how I escaped.

- What?

(all shhing)

Purple's right there.

- Oh!

(Adley laughing)

- Shh!

What're you? Stop! What're you doing? Shh!

- Purple kinda looks like teal in the dark.

(Adley giggles)

- [Dad and Mom] Shh!

- I don't care what color he looks, let's get outta here.

I think the electricity's in there.

- Okie.

- Wait, what if there's a ghost there?

- It's fine, there's no ghost in there.

(all gasp)

- Guys?

- [Dad] What?

- Look.

- [Mom] Whoa.

- Whoa. Okay. How do we- Be careful, these don't look-

- [Mom] Don't touch them.


- That shocks you.

- Are you okay?

- Careful.

- Ow!

- Adley!

Okay. You're too little for this.

- My sweater's glowing.

No, I got this.

- Adley, just let Dad do it, it's dangerous.

- Be careful.

- It's not.

- Ow. My butt.

(Adley laughs)

- Careful.

- I'm just gonna take a walk.

- No. You gotta stay here. You gotta be safe.

Dad be careful.

- I'm trying. Ow!


(Adley laughs)

It shocks you.

- [Mom] Be quiet.

- Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

(Adley laughs)

Ow. Ow. Ow.

That was not funny. It feels like a jellyfish.

- Are you okay?

- Are these rainbow ghosts part jellyfish? That sucked!

We got pow-

I don't know how to do that.

Okay, we've got power.

Oh. There's some sort of power switch.

I just gotta. That one there and then this one goes.

- [Mom] What do you see?

- It's like a puzzle or something.

- [Adley] I wanna see!

- I think it puts the ghosts. Shh!

Be careful. It's dangerous. I think it turns on the lights.

I just gotta put 'em all across.

- [Mom] Okay,

Dad, hurry.

- It's not working. Hold on, lemme get my light.


I don't know what's not working. They're,

what does lightning bolts mean?

- [Mom] Ooh, Harry Potter.

- How's that supposed to help me?

- [Mom] I don't know.

- Guys, purple's right there. Be quiet.

Maybe this one goes right here.

And they switch and

there's pictures. Music,


a Cheeto?


a cup.

- [Mom] A Cheeto?

- And the lightning bolts. No, lightning bolts are Zs.

Zs a Cheeto or a carrot? No, it's a carrot.

Zs, carrot, music and cup.

- [Mom] Okay they're symbols.

What else is there?

- I don't know the-

- [Adley] Rope?

- Rope? No, You gotta connect these, music.

Oh, pink likes music. So I'll do pink on music.

Oh no it sparked that worked out. It sparked.

Hold on, I got this. I just-

- Dad, Dad, Dad, I know it! - You do?

- Maybe it's the color of the rainbow ghosts where

like pink, she likes to dance.

Put it on the dancing.

- Oh.

- [Mom] Yeah.

- That's it. That's it. Good job. Okay, so pink.

I already did that. Pink is music.

Green is, what is? He's always looking at you.

Purple's. Oh, purple's sleep.

Okay. Purple's sleep.

Pink is dance. Who likes carrots?

- Okay, are you sure that's a carrot?

- Yes, of course. It's a carrot. It's like-

- I don't know.

- Maybe it's a hotdog?

- I think that-

- I don't know.

- I'm gonna go in there okay?

- I don't need help.

- Yeah, you do.

We need to get outta here and you're takin' forever.

- This is gonna work, watch.

- [Mom] Promise me you'll stay here, okay?

- Do not leave this spot. Stay here.

- No, you can't leave. Keep an eye out for ow.

Keep an eye out for rainbow ghosts.

- [Adley] I love you.

- Okay.

- [Mom] Okay. I'm coming.

- 'Kay. Come on. Be careful.

- I can do this. Easy peasy.

(Adley laughs)

(Mom screams)

- [Dad] Ow! - My leg!

- Are you okay?

- Yeah. - Get in. Get in.

Are you okay?

- Yeah. I'm fine.

- Where did it hit you?

- Just in my leg. I'm good.

- Okay.

- It didn't hurt that bad.

- [Dad] This is the carrot I was talking about.

- Wait, that's not a carrot.

That's like an eye thing that you look through.

- Oh, like a pirate telescope?

- Yes.

- So green is always looking, 'kay, switch those.

'Kay. And then that's, oh, that's a marshmallow!

- It's a marshmallow!

- Okay. It looked like a cup or something.

This should work.

- Okay. Ready?

- It worked! It worked we did it!

- Oh my gosh were going home!

- Adley were-

- Where's Adley?

- I dunno. You were watching her, she was-

- She was right there the whole time.

- You think the rainbow ghosts?

- Oh no!

- Where's Adley? - What're we gonna do?

- Let's go find her, hurry.

- Okay, we gotta get out here.

- Whoa.

- Why is this pillow here?

Move out of the way pillow!

Is any rainbow ghosts here?

Lemme check in the bathroom first. No.

- Mama. There's mama.

- Is there any rainbow ghosts over here?

(Niko and Navey screaming)

(door slams)

- Careful. - I'm coming Adley.

Ow, get off me.

- We're here get up.

- We made it.

- Hey, last time I was over here on this couch,

that's probably where she is.

Wait, we need a pillow.

- Why?

- Because, he doesn't like when you step on the ground.

- What?

- Grab a pillow.


(Mom gasps)

- Shh!

- Where's Adley?

- You said she'd be right there!

- That's where I was!

- Shh!

- Shh!

- That was you.

- No it was you.

- 'Kay, let's get out. Why do we need the pillows?

- 'Cause he doesn't like when we touch the carpet.

- Let's go find Adley.

- He's waking up go, go, go, go, go.

- Shh! Shut the door.

(Dad sighs)


- Adley?

- It's the middle of the night are Niko and Navey okay?


- What?

- There's a crossword puzzle.

I like these. No, this isn't a crossword puzzle.

What is it? A maze.

- Why are there mazes here?

- Do you have usually.

- A marker?

Hey, purple's my favorite color.

- Red's not mine.

- Not mine either.

Do you think we need to finish these?

- It says finish.

- Let's just do 'em and maybe then Adley will like appear.

- Okay.

- Or maybe we.

- You know what you do?

You start from the end.

- If you're a cheater. I start at the beginning.

- I'm not cheating. I'm trying to get outta here.

- Oh, the lights are on.

(Adley screams)

(ghost noise)

What is going on?

(ghost noise)

Okay not that way.

What am I gonna do? I'm surrounded by ghosts.

- I did it. I'm out. I'm out. I did it!

Now what? - Congratulations.

I don't know.

Is this just a distraction and they're tricking us?

- Do we have to do all of them?

- Maybe we have to do all of 'em.

I'm almost done with mine, except for I got kind lost.

- Hurry up!

- Oh, right here.

I did it. I did the- Yes. It's so good. Look.

- Still not Adley.

- I got in and I got out.

- Congratulations. Do your other one now.

- Are you seeing what I'm seeing?

- Red?

- Yeah. Look.





Maybe it's this one. Maybe we have to do all of them.

- Okay.

- Start.

- Hey look I'm done. - I'm done.

I finished.

- Me too.

- Teamwork.

- Does your say purple?

- No. Mine says, poo.

- Poo?


- It says boo!

- It's the rainbow talking. They're saying boo.

Like they're trying to scare us!

- It says book.

- Boo boo book. Book.

- Book red.

- Red book.

- Read a book.

Read books!

- Red. Red. Red. Red. Red book.

- Red book. Oh, like you already read the book?

- No. You got like, look for a red book.

There's some here.

Right here. Red book.

- Oh, red book. Read it.

(Mom and Dad gasp)

That's not Adley, but that's a rainbow key.

- Why do we have a rainbow key?

- We don't even need a rainbow key.

What if the door's closed? Someone closed the door.

If the door's closed, we're gonna need this.

- We're locked in?

- Maybe not, but we just need Adley.

- Hey, we gotta have fun, we got a rainbow key.

- But for some fun, that was just,

- Let's go find Adley.

- Adley?

- We're coming for ya.

(Dad gasps)

There she's is, there's pink. She's down there.

Adley. We're coming. We have a rainbow key.

- What are you doing?

- Crawling down to get Adley. Shh!

They're gonna see you. - I'm not crawling

down the stairs you crazy.

- Dad. Help.

- Okay, we're coming.

- Okay.

(ghost noises)

- Meet us at the portal if you can.

- Okay.

(disco music)

(Adley screams)

That was a close one! Dad I could use some help down here.

- I know we're coming to help right now. Okay.

There's too many ghosts. We gotta come up with a plan.

(ghost noises)

- It's not working.

- Maybe if we go down and we dance

and then while we're dancing,

you grab an Adley and I'll get - Okay.

- Pillows - Dad we're here to rescue you

- [Dad and Mom] What?

- Me and Navey.

- Navey what're you doing? Where did you guys come from?

- Navey are you okay?

- Thank you for coming to rescue us. Why are you here?


- Is that Niko and Navey?

- Shh! Don't tell the rainbow ghosts.

Keep distracting them.

- Were here to rescue you.

- Yeah well now we gotta rescue you. Look, Adley's stuck.

- We got an idea.

- You have an idea?

- What is it? - Yeah.

- Let's push the mat over there.

- What mat?

- The A for Adley mat over there.

- You found one?

- Yeah.

- Okay, let's go check out Adley, we got a plan,

we're coming.

- The plan is - What?

- we're gonna move the A for Adley

to block the rainbow ghosts out.

- Oh, I like that. 'Kay where's the mat?

Adley stay there. We're coming.

- Okay!

Think they're all gone!

(disco music)

(Adley screams)

Hurry up guys. I can't hold them off that much longer.

- 'Kay were coming.

(ghost noises)

- Oh look, yeah, he's right.

- 'Kay. Bring it over.

- Now what do we do?

- Adley we're here to rescue you.

- I like the idea Niko I'm coming.

(ghost noises)

- This way.

Okay, you get ready to shut it I'm gonna get marshmallows.

- I wanna get them've marshmallows.

- Get the marshmallows yeah, good idea.

- Here, throw these Navey.

- Yeah! Throw 'em over there.

- Rainbow ghosts. Come get marshmallows.

Okay. Shut it, shut it. Let's go.

Let's go, let's go.

(ghost noises)

- [Dad] They're trying.

Hurry unlock the door, lock the door.

- [Adley] Dad hurry, hurry.

- I'm trying. Are you sure this is the right key?

Hurry, 'kay.

- Unlock the door!

- I'm trying.

- Oh, it was upside down.

Okay. Sorry.

- Dad. - The key was upside down.

I got it now. It's a rainbow key. It's confusing.

Ah, come on.

- Dad?


- What the?

- Careful. Don't go over there.

Stop. Don't go over there kid.

Rainbow key, let's go. 'Kay rainbow key.

- More ghosts?

- I almost got it, it's jigglin'.

We're free. Okay, we're free guys.

- Wait he's like their size.

What are you doing family? Let's get outta here. No.

- No!

- Let's go, come on.

- Bye. - We got to get out of here

right now. Let's go!

- [Adley] Whoa.

- [All] Whoa.


- I think there's gonna be another one.

- I wonder what's gonna happen next.

- I don't know.

- Orange, do you know?


- Well,

- We should definitely not go back in that portal.

- We should get orange back to her home though.

- Ooh, I like that idea.

Okay, bye orange.

Have fun back in your portal far away from our house.

This way. Just in that portal.

- [Dad] Bye.

- Hey, do you wanna be friends?

Yeah, we're gonna be friends.


- [Mom] That was sweet Adley.

- Have fun!

- [Mom] Bye orange.

- [Dad] Is she gone?

Shut the door! Okay, shut the door.

Let's get all these in front of it.

There's no going back in there, ever.

- It's fine.

- It's not fine. It's said to be continued.

That means we're gonna get

sucked back into the portal somehow.

- I'm gonna open the door.

- No you're not. You are grounded from the portal house.

- Well, thanks for watching, bye!

- [Mom] Bye.

- Bye.

- Bye, bye, bye, bye bye.

- Hope you guys enjoy the movie June 23rd.

Adley gets lost in the movie, not the portal.

- Yes, thanks for watching, bye!


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